Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers in 2019 Reviews

Turkey fryers are state of the art kitchen accessories that have made turkey preparation a simple and fun process. Featuring large non-stick pots, they accommodate and prepare large batches of turkey. They propane and electricity-powered designs are super-efficient; while the array of safety features that most models come with enable individuals to fry in peace and enjoy palatable meals every time. If you enjoy eating fried turkey and are tired of using an oven or the low-quality pans in your possession, we have reviewed the 10 best turkey fryers that deliver professional-grade results. They are durable and recommended for personal and professional use.

10. Waring TF250

Many avid chefs frown up electrical cooking accessories because of the unpredictability and wasteful nature. If you share a similar thought, a quality electrical turkey fryer such as Waring TF250 will change your mind. Perfect for deep-frying and deep-frying an array of foods (including turkey) its versatility is one of its major strengths. The power-efficient electrical element it uses cook fast and efficient, while its state of the art large capacity design is both stylish and durable. It never topples over nor compromises the safety of users in any way whilst in use. Waring TF250 also has a precise 99-minute countdown timer, an adjustable temperature system (175-375 degrees Fahrenheit), and a healthy oil-less cooking technology that dieticians appreciate.

9. Masterbuilt MB10

A popular turkey fryer for party lovers, outdoor cooking events often, Masterbuilt MB10 is a durable 10-quart fryer with several novel attributes. LP-powered, for instance, its portable design is ideal for camping and outdoor use in general. The premium aluminum port and solid steel stand (15-inches) that form part of its design are durable, while the free stainless steel thermometer individuals get is ideal for monitoring temperature on demand. When cooking, therefore, you will be able to make precise temperature measurements on demand. Masterbuilt MB10 has an impressive heat output of 58,000 BTU (at full power) and a 5-year warranty that covers all defects.

8. Cajun Injector

Cajun Injector is a propane-powered seafood and turkey fryer with a large 30-quart cooking pot that accommodates and cooks turkeys weighing up to 18 pounds. It also steams and boils efficiently courtesy of its premium design and the myriad of advanced features that buyers get. In addition to its quality pot, for instance, buyers get a wide and sturdy stand that secures it well on tabletops and countertops. Its UL certified design is safe for outdoor use, while the large bailing basket it comes with drains turkey well for a healthier dining experience. Buyers get a free cooking guide and detailed frying and steaming recipes with each new Cajun Injector turkey fryer bought.

7. Bayou Classic 1195

Never sacrifice quality or safety when buying a new turkey fryer for everyday use. To have a memorable experience without the foregoing challenges, Bayou Classic 1195 is a recommended equipment to use. Made of stainless steel, its 32-quart pot, for instance, is durable, naturally non-stick, and has a weighted design that heats fast and distributes well. Its burner (stainless steel) is also durable, while its one-piece welded frame (stainless steel) supports a lot of weight without losing its toppling or compromising the safety of users. Each package contains a free thermometer, a skewer set, and a perforated poultry rack for draining cooked turkey or chicken.

6. Bayou Classic 3066A

The heightened demand for palatable fried turkey in households and commercial settings has seen the development of several premium fryers. Bayou Classic 3066A, for instance, is a recommended everyday accessory with a large 30-quart stock pot that fits up to 18-pound birds. The stockpot is naturally BPA-free. It is also non-stick and has a rust proof finish that users find invaluable. For those that host outdoor parties, this gas powered turkey fryers is light and portable. Its cast iron and aluminum construction is perfect for outdoor use, while the 1-ounce seasoning injector and 12-inch thermometer offered free betters the experience of users further.

5. Brinkmann 815-4001-S

With Brinkmann 815-4001-S, turkey enthusiasts get a durable 30-quart turkey fryer with a 45,000 BTU cast iron stove that cooks fast and efficiently. Designed for outdoor use, this system has a durable and rust resistant construction that users appreciate. Weight (23 pounds) is on the lower side, while its plethora of safety features (including an over temperature gas sensor (with auto-shutoff)) makes it ideal for home use. In sweltering heat, you do not have to worry about its cylinder exploding and compromising the safety of chefs and individuals. You get a free seasoning injector (one-ounce) and a stainless steel thermometer (12-inch) with Brinkmann 815-4001-S.

4. Bayou Classic 1118

AS the Bayou Classic 3066A fryer reviewed, Bayou Classic 1118 delivers professional-grade cooking results when frying turkey and chicken. Measuring 32 quarts, its stainless steel stockpot it large, fast heating, and distributes heat well to eliminate hot and cold spots. Clean up is also simple courtesy of its wide-mouthed design, while its ability to steam and boil tamales, vegetables, and seafood is novel. Bayou Classic 1118 has a vented lid that prevents over pressurization and heavy duty handles that ease transportation and operation.

3. Masterbuilt Butterball 20100809

Popular in top 10 best turkey fryers in 2019 reviews, Masterbuilt Butterball 20100809 uses an oil-free electrical frying technology that is both power efficient and healthy. Ideal for both roasting and frying, its double walled construction is not only durable but also radiates and retains heat better for healthier cooking. Power output (1650-watts) is admirable, while the removable drain pan fitted on its base contains spills and messes well to keep work surfaces clean. If you enjoy smoked turkey, this fryer has a built-in wood chip box for flavoring.

2. Char-Broil the Big Easy

Over the years, the infrared cooking technology has grown in popularity globally because of its efficiency and safety. The healthy cooking experience individuals enjoy has also enhanced its reputation, particularly among health conscious individuals. Charbroil the Big Easy offers these benefits. A popular oil-less turkey fryer, its patented cooking technology works well without flaring, compromising flavors, or leeching juices. Operation is also easy, while its lightweight 30-pound design is portable and able to fry up to 16 pounds turkey.

1. Masterbuilt Butterball 23011114

Top on our list, Masterbuilt Butterball 23011114 is an extra-large indoor turkey fryer with a stylish stainless construction that lasts long. Electricity-powered, this fryer is convenient. Power output is precise and thermostat-controlled for optimal efficiency while the large stockpot and cooking basket offered better the cooking experience of users. It, for instance, fits and fries up to 20-pound turkey efficiently. Draining and cleaning is also easy with the help of its drain valve. The delicious recipes buyers get, on the other hand, are delicious.

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