Top 10 Best Travel Power Adapters in 2019 Reviews

Are you traveling abroad and wondering how you will charge your smartphone and other gadgets? Don’t worry as we have a collection of the best travel power adapters in the market. Travel adapters are small devices that your gadget to suit foreign electricity outlets. For example, American outlets ha an output power of 110 Volts while in Europe, most devices are supplied with 220 volts.

Moving from America to Europe or any other country with a different socket outlet and voltage without a power adapter is a nightmare you do not want to experience. For this reason, power adapter will solve your problem. In the world, we have power outlets; 110/125V and 220/240V. It is advisable to check power specifications for every device before purchasing it.

How to choose Best Travel Power Adapters

They are various travel power adapters available in the market hence quite confusing on how to choose. You are recommended to consider the following factors for you to get the best quality. Some of the factors to consider include;

a)The Cost of the Adapter

Best Travel Power Adapters are available at different prices. Most of the time the price is dependent on the quality of the product. Consider purchasing one that is within your means. Never at any point prefer poor quality products because are poor.

b)Power rating of the country you intend to visit

Every county has specific power ratings. Some countries have similar ratings, but others differ completely. People travel to different countries hence they should have different adapters to suit their needs. Universal charger adapter is best for those who are frequently traveling from one country to the other.


The strength of any device depends on the materials during its construction. Choose one made of durable materials.


Adapters accommodate a different number of adapters. Some accommodate up to 12 devices, 6 devices, and 4 devices among others. There are also different types of prongs that only work in certain countries. You find that the socket outlet configuration for Japan is different from the UK socket configuration hence you will need a different prong configuration for the two countries.

The Best Travel Power Adapters in 2019

Using the factors above, we set out to find the Top 10 Best Travel Power Adapters in 2019 Reviews. Our hard work paid off and we have come up with this list:

10.Insten Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug

This travel power adapter converts power outlet only when traveling to the other countries. It is compact and lightweight. With this adapter, you do not need to carry the plug extensions since you can flip the switch on the either side and get the plug that you want. You can also flip the plugs that are not in use back into your device and the ones you need to use sticks out. The most important thing to note about this power adapter is that it does not convert electrical voltage and output current. It is just the regular travel power adapter. You are not supposed to use this adapter with the high power appliances for example water heater and hair dryer.

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i)Work well in more than 150 countries including EU, AU, UK, US, CN and many others. This is very economical.

ii)Compact and lightweight hence best travel ware.


i)It does not convert one form of current and voltage to another form, but this is not the work on an adapter.

Best Travel Power Adapters

9.Power Bright PB-12 US to UK 3-Prong Travel Outlet Plug Adapter

You are required to stock up this convenient and affordable travel adapter if you want to travel to the United Kingdom from the United States or any other part of North America. This travel adapter is marketed and designed by Power Bright. This product is also portable, built to be durable and intuitive hence give you money value. This adapter doesn’t convert voltage hence should be used only with electronic appliances designed to work with 120 or 240 voltage. The electrical appliances and devices for example hairdryers have a toggle switch. This switch let you adapt them for usage with your electrical settings without any damage on them. You can plug this adapter in specific appliances and devices of North America to the power and use them with no danger.


i)A grounded system for earthing.

ii)Affordable for every citizen.


i)The plug becomes loose with time.

Best Travel Power Adapters

8.Ceptics 3 Outlet Travel Adapter Plug Type C

This adapter is an all-in-1 for individuals traveling around the continental Europe and parts of Asia. This 2-pronged adapter is grounded fully for the electric safety purposes. It has 2 round pins diameter 4mm which plug perfectly into the socket. This adapter accepts up to three electric powered devices where two are grounded outlets, and one is a ungrounded outlet. It has also been adapted to accept plugs from all countries except for the South Africa. Its new conductivity design, internal metal inclusion offers better conductivity of electric power while you are charging your devices. It has been made to withstand a maximum capacity up to 3000 watts electrical currents with a maximum voltage of 250 Volt and 13A.


i)Work best for curling Irons and laptops.

ii)Three output ports for better performance.


i)It does not hold well to some outlets such as in the US.

ii)Its functionality is limited. This is because it works to power outlets rated up to 240 volts.

Best Travel Power Adapters

7.Ceptics International Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter

This travel adapter plug ensures that your electronic devices are protected from high temperatures and surges. It also ensures that your devices are charged up. This set includes 5 Ceptics carefully calibrated, and high quality polarized adapter plugs. These plugs will perfectly suit all your charging needs. Each of the adapters is labeled with the country suitable for its use. You should know that these adapters do not convert voltage. Therefore you are supposed to check first if the voltage falls in the acceptable range before using it with individual appliances. The adapters have been designed to accept 2 prong polarized and standard sockets. This set comes with a convenient travel pouch for easy carriage and portability.

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i)Sold out at a low price that does not strain your income.

ii)Earth port protect your device from shock and too much current.


i)Cannot withstand heavy machine due to the low output current.

i)Does not fit most standard outlets in the world.

Best Travel Power Adapters

6.Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Travel Swivel Charger Surge Protector

This power adapter is perfect for an individual who travels internationally and the students who stay in dorms. It delivers with five charging outlets which allows you to charge many devices all at once, especially when you are in a hotel room where there is only one socket. This adapter also can rotate 360-degree freely which means that you can position it in any direction. The ingenious construction of this product protects your devices from voltage fluctuations, surges, and the spikes through all outlets. It also has a compact and lightweight design. This adapter is amongst the best travel power adapters you can get on the market.


i)Well designed to serve customers’ needs to satisfactory.

ii)Flexible as you can rotate it easily while connected to the socket.


i)Large hence it occupies ample storage space.

Best Travel Power Adapters

5.Travel Ready AC Power Travel Adapter Plug

This travel power adapter is best in fulfilling all needs of your traveling as it will help you to connect virtually any device, appliance or computer directly to local power settings. It will do this despite any inherent difference in the electrical standards. This device is also durable, adaptable and doesn’t have the moving parts. Additionally, its unique purple color makes it stand out and makes it easy to find it with less likelihood of leaving it behind. It has been designed with the dual ports which allow you to plug in 2 electrical devices at the same time to power. This adapter also has the surge protector. It is also lightweight, and you can carry it easily. Its main outlet has a universal design and is located at the front hence accepts all connector types.


i)Has two ports hence compatible with 2-pin chargers.

ii)Stunning purple looks attractive.


i)Some users might opt for another color such as white and black.

Best Travel Power Adapters

4.Travel Inspira Universal Adapter All in One Adaptor

This adapter plug is useful for both travelers and individuals who have to switch between various devices regularly. It features redesigned plug which is supposed to fit all the size prongs of the US plugs and three-pronged grounded type. It is also a host of various plugs around the globe. This device is an all-in-one adapter compacts solution hence it works with the five different input plugs built-in fuse protection and surge protection. You should note that this adapter doesn’t convert the voltage to match the specifications of your device. For the charging convenience of your portable device, this product has dual USB ports. This is, therefore, perfect for your iPhone, iPad and the cell phone chargers.


i)USB ports deliver consistent power that is safe for every gadget.

ii)Solid construction lasts for many years.


i)Live prongs lack enough protection hence you should be careful when using it.

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Best Travel Power Adapters

3.Ceptics GP-5PK International Travel Worldwide Plug Adapter Set

This universal travel adapter allows you to connect your devices to power whenever and wherever you go. It comes with 5 adapter plugs to enable you to plug your device to any power socket type. This package includes the Celtic’s Type B adapter, Celtic’s Type C, Celtic’s Type D, Celtic’s type E and F, Celtic’s Type G and Celtic’s Type L and finally Celtic Type I. With all the above, this adapter is very popular on the web. It comes with a fitting travel pouch which makes it even more convenient to buy it. This adapter is one of the best-selling travel adapters on the market.


i)12 pack set of different types makes this adapter very flexible and compatible.

ii)Perfect travel ware which works in many countries.


i)A separate surge protector is required to keep you devices save.

Best Travel Power Adapters

2.BESTEK 200W Travel Voltage Converter with 6A 4 USB Charging Ports

With this travel adapter, you can travel assured that your devices will not lack power unnecessarily. It gives you each solution you require to keep your electronic devices safe from the current surges. This adapter comes with four USB charging ports that are isolated from AC outlets for your devices’ safety, enabling you to charge four mobile devices at the same time. It also comes with a set of 3 international adapters which enables you to connect the converter to any wall socket. These adapters work well in over 150 countries. Its compact size with 5 feet detachable cable makes this adapter easy to pack and more portable. It also has many protection measures which help in protecting your device from surges, high temperature, over current and short-circuit.


i)Features protection mechanism that shields against overcharging and heat generation.

ii)USB ports are isolated from the adapter for more safety.

iii)Multi-purpose as it can support four devices at ago.


i)Some adapters in this list can support more than four devices at once.

Best Travel Power Adapters

1.Kensington K33117 International All-in-One Travel Plug Adapter

You can rely on this travel adapter always to give you the best for the innovative devices, accessories, and appliances. With this product, the company has proven their genius innovation again by providing this adapter which perfectly suits power requirements of your electronics. This product is an all-in-one unit that is used in more than 150 countries, major business destinations worldwide and leisure travel. It is a single unit that can be adapted to suit the available power settings perfectly. It also uses the slide-out plugs where all have been built in and due to that reason it offers no risk of losing any parts.


i)Work best in more than 150 countries.

ii)Incorporates 4 plug power adapter.


i)No USB port for faster charging.

Best Travel Power Adapters


Before buying any product, do a research of the voltage rating and the socket type of each country to ensure that you get the one that works perfectly. Our list has the best travel power adapters in the market and most of them are versatile hence you can use them in most countries. Happy shopping!

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