Top 10 Best Travel Pillows Reviewed in 2022

Every traveler deserves comfort whether on the airplane, cars, buses or trains and if possible a good sleep. However, this is only possible if they get a perfect sleeping pillow. Otherwise, the journey will be so tiring and might end up with a stiff neck, headaches and shoulder pains. There is so many travel pillows in the market, and each is being advertised as the best, and it’s so confusing even for those who have owned one before. But, the trick is first to do a thorough research, read as many reviews as you can and even make phone calls to specific manufacturers if you have to.

This is important because it can be so frustrating to carry your travel pillow with you only for it to give you a nightmare of experience when you are too far to get another. A thorough research will help you understand the key features you should be looking for to get the best pillow and here are some of such features:

  • The Firm Adjustability: This ensures that you will be able to sleep all the time comfortably as you can always adjust the firmness in different situations.
  • Cover: First, the pillow should have a high-quality cover, should be removable and washable to ensure that you have a clean pillow all the time.
  • Interior material: Travel pillows made of high-quality memory form are always the best as they mold to your head or neck providing maximum support and comfort.
  • Carrying strap: How are you going to carry your pillow? The best pillow should have a strap to enable you to attach it to your luggage.
  • Warranty: Always go for a product with long warranties as this also indicates good quality and you will be sure to get a replacement or changes on your pillow at no cost even after some years.
  • Compactness: A compact travel pillow lasts longer and also makes it easy to carry.
  • Amount of support: How much support are you getting from your travel pillow? Neck, head, chin?
  • Multi-purpose pillow: Where else can you use this pillow apart from when traveling in an airplane?

Below is a list of the 10 best travel pillows reviewed in 2022. Read through, and we hope that you get what you are looking for.

10. Lewis N. Clark Travel Pillow, Polyester Made

Lewis N. Clark Travel Pillow, Polyester Made

The best thing that any traveler would get is a travel pillow with custom comfort, and this is what Lewis N. Clark offers you. Their travel pillow is designed to have a contoured shape that provides maximum comfort. This pillow is easy to adjust, and all you use is a few breaths to inflate it, and it deflates instantly. This is important as you can get it to the size you prefer then enjoy a comfortable sleep to your destination. The pillow supports your neck firmly to ensure that your head does not sway side-to-side and helps you avoid getting a stiff neck or shoulder pains.

With this pillow, you will sleep comfortably whether you are seated in the middle or at the window of the airplane. You can also use it when going for long road trips in your car, bus or trains. It also offers maximum support when used at home when watching movies, working on a computer or reading. The pillow features an anti-stress design that cradles your neck and head perfectly to offer optimal support. With this pillow, you will never worry about how to carry it as it folds down compactly to the desired size and comes with a storage case where you place it safely and carry it comfortably and effortlessly.


  • Made of polyester
  • Comes with a storage case
  • Folds down compactly for easy storage
  • Offers custom comfort as it has a contoured shape
  • It’s easy to adjust as it has an innovative valve that provides easy adjustability
  • It inflates effortlessly with just a few breaths. It also deflates instantly
  • It has an anti-stress design that cradles your neck and head perfectly


  • Isolated complaints of the pillow getting too firm after inflating but you can avoid this by deflating it a little to your desired firmness.

9. AirComfy Travel Pillow, Self Inflatable

AirComfy Travel Pillow, Self Inflatable

This is every traveler’s ideal travel neck pillow as it’s perfect for sleeping while on the go. It helps the user relax upright comfortably as it features a superior design that prevents unpleasant strains and kinks that result from tilting the neck sideways. What’s more is that AirComfy ensures that every user gets personalized comfort by creating an inflatable travel pillow. This is important because everyone is different and it’s only fair if they get adjustable pillows. This pillow self-inflates itself. All you do is open the air valve and wait for it to inflate to your desired size, and, you can also inflate it manually if you need it firmer.

Under the cover, you will find luxurious foam that supports you without any bouncy or hollow feeling. The pillow also features an expandable elastic band that holds your neck pillow firmly in place allowing you to move around and still have that comfortable placement. The pillow is ideal for both airplane use and everyday car pillow. It is very light-weight and is compressible thus easy to carry around and takes up a very small space. You can as well clip it onto the carry on as it has an attached carabiner.


  • Has a superior design to enable you to relax upright comfortably
  • Features larger packsack
  • Can be used as a lumbar back pillow for lower back support
  • Compressible and lightweight
  • Has an attached carabiner to clip to your carry on
  • Adjustable to personal preference
  • Self-inflatable
  • Has luxurious interior foam


  • Isolated complaints of users having a hard time getting all the air out (deflating) but the best way to do it is to open the air valve then start rolling your pillow shut (just as you would do a Fruit-Roll-Up) starting from the opposite end of the valve.

8. Aeris Travel Pillow, Memory Foam

Aeris Travel Pillow, Memory Foam

Aeris are known to manufacture quality products, and this travel pillow here is one of them. Everything about this pillow from material to the design makes it ideal for travelers who like a comfortable sleep during their trips. The memory foam used in this pillow is of the highest quality and as thus, it is highly responsive to provide excellent support. In addition, this pillow has a luxurious removable and machine washable velour cover enabling you to have a clean pillow all the time and keep the germs off.

This pillow has ventilation holes to prevent the formation of heat that mostly builds up in the ordinary memory foam pillows due to lack of airflow. One can, therefore, have the best sleep no matter where they are. Also, to prevent the disturbing odor found in most new memory foam products, these pillows are aerated for a minimum of 7 days thus you will receive your pillow without any traces of smell. The pillow is also versatile meaning it can be used on airplanes, cars, buses or trains. You can also use this pillow when at home to watch TV, study, read or nap.


  • Created with Memory foam to give maximum comfort
  • Comes with earplugs, sleeping mask, carry bag, velour cover, and adjustable toggles
  • High quality travel pillow
  • Has ventilation holes
  • Has ventilation holes to allow airflow to give you an amazing sleeping experience
  • Can perfectly be used for sleeping in cars, airplanes, trains and buses.
  • No odor from memory foam as the pillows are aerated after manufacturing, for 7 days, for any odor to dissipate


  • It’s a neck support pillow thus does not support the chin.

7. Crafty World Neck & Shoulder Travel Pillow, Memory Foam

Crafty World Neck & Shoulder Travel Pillow, Memory Foam

The Crafty World travel pillow is not only ideal for travelers who need a comfortable sleep but also for anyone suffering from chronic shoulder, neck, and upper back pain and this is scientifically tested. This pillow is a perfect companion for anyone traveling in cars, planes, buses, trains and more. You will experience a more relaxed trip because the pillow provides ultimate shoulder and neck support. You can also maximize your comfort when in the office or at home with this pillow even if you don’t travel because it is versatile.

For a perfect fit, you will never go wrong with this pillow as it created with high-quality thermo-sensitive memory foam that easily molds comfortably to your neck to provide a perfect fit. Its removable cover is made of super soft velour, and it is washable. You can, therefore, kiss travel discomforts goodbye as with this pillow you are guaranteed zero neck or shoulder pains.


  • The pillow offers a perfect comfort fit due to the thermo-sensitive memory foam
  • It is scientifically tested and proven to be a perfect pillow for anyone suffering from chronic shoulder, neck, and upper back pain
  • It is versatile. Can be used by travelers in buses, cars, trains, airplanes and more and can also be used to offer comfort at home and offices
  • Features a super soft removable and washable cover
  • It’s easy to carry


  • Isolated complaints of the pillow tending to push your head forward but this only happens if you fail to recline your seat to a position where your pillow feels comfortable.

6. Travelmate Travel Pillow, Memory Foam Neck Support

Travelmate Travel Pillow, Memory Foam Neck Support

It’s obvious that every travel pillow user has their preference when it comes to the pillow’s thickness and this might change from time to time under different circumstances. This is a concept that’s well understood by the TravelMate and they ensure that you are able to get maximum comfort from your pillow all the time. They ensure this by creating a unique design where one is able to adjust the pillows thickness with ease any time they need to. You can thus support your head and neck in whatever sitting passion you are in and in a perfect alignment.

The TravelMate pillow is made of high-quality memory foam, and this helps it mold perfectly on the user’s neck for maximum support and comfort. Its cover is zippered and washable in a washing machine thus you can always have a clean pillow whenever. The pillow also features a built-in elastic strap making it even easier to carry.


  • Its thickness is adjustable.
  • It contains a built-in insert that’s removable to allow you adjust its thickness to your personal preference
  • Made of high-quality memory foam
  • Provides perfect neck support
  • Multi-purpose travel pillow


  • Does not have support under the chin.

5. Cabeau Travel Pillow, Evolution Memory Foam Chin, Neck, And Head Support

Cabeau Travel Pillow, Evolution Memory Foam Chin, Neck, And Head Support

If you love traveling, then this is a must-have pillow. The best thing is that it does not only make sleeping comfortable but also ensures that your rest is undisturbed as it includes ear plugs. You will also never worry about your pillow getting wet because it includes a water repellent travel-bag and getting it in your luggage bag is easy as it’s made of memory foam thus easy to compress to the desired size. This pillow also has a strap that you can attach to your bag or luggage thus making it super easy to travel with.

The Cabeau travel pillow has a super soft, washable cover that makes cleaning very easy and this ensures that you get rid of any germs you might have collected throughout your travel. It’s also designed to have a flat back cushion and raised side supports to prevent and eliminate neck pain. It’s basically the most effective travel pillow for trains, long international flights, buses or road trips.


  • Includes ear plugs to prevent disturbance when resting and water-repellant bag
  • This is an Evolution Memory-Foam Pillow that compresses up to a quarter (1/4) its size
  • The pillow is perfect for travel in buses, road trips, trains and long international flights
  • Its cover is super soft and washable


  • The pillow is one-size-fits-all, and for this, there has been isolated complaints of some petite users being unable to wear their headphones and this neck pillow together.

4. Trtl Travel Pillow, Soft Neck Support, Machine Washable

Trtl Travel Pillow, Soft Neck Support, Machine Washable

This pillow here is all a traveler needs to complete their luggage packing. First, it is scientifically proven to be a long-haul flight neck pillow/support thus if you will be taking a long flight to your destination, you should consider adding one of these to your luggage. Second, this pillow will hold your neck in an ergonomic position as you rest to give you support and avoid the annoying neck pains. What’s more, this pillow performs better than your traditional u-shaped travel pillow. If you, like most travelers, have found some aspects of the u-shaped memory foam pillow that you didn’t like, Trtl just created a perfect replacement for it.

In terms of how to carry or pack this pillow, Trtl has made it even easier because it is half the size of the regular travel pillows and it weighs just 148 grams thus ensuring that you travel easy. Also, this pillow is designed to easily attach to your luggage, so you will never have to travel with separate luggage. With this pillow, you forget about getting a stiff neck and sore shoulders. You will also never have to lean against a car or airplane to get head support or during rest.


  • Perfect for long-haul flight and offers unbeatable neck support all through
  • When resting, this pillow holds your neck in ergonomic position
  • Travel easy: it is half the size of any travel pillow, and it is super lightweight
  • It easily attaches to your luggage


  • Suitable for 16 years old travelers and over.

3. Travelrest Travel Pillow, Patented, Ergonomic, and Adjustable For Cars, Airplanes

 Travelrest Travel Pillow, Patented, Ergonomic, and Adjustable For Cars, Airplanes

Do you yearn for a full lateral support while traveling in an airplane, buses, cars or trains? If yes, Travelrest pillow got you covered. This is the only pillow that fully supports your upper body thus making it easier for you to relax and fall asleep. With this pillow, you will get proper neck and head alignment. The pillow will ensure that your head does not fall forward and it is perfect for anyone with chronic pain.

It takes just a few breaths to inflate this pillow, and it instantly deflates which makes using and storing it so easy. You can also roll it to a very small size and pack it thus minimizing packing space. If you are a side sleeper, this is the pillow for you thanks to its patented ergonomic design. The pillow is also adjustable and multi-use. You can either position it down the side or across the torso. It’s wearable as a messenger bag and can also be tethered to the airline seat. It is ideal for both children and adults and perfect for use in airplanes, trains, buses, cars, backpacking, camping, airport terminals, wheelchairs and when watching TV.


  • It offers a full lateral support on the upper body
  • Gives a proper neck and head alignment
  • It is inflatable. Inflates easily and deflates easily
  • It’s adjustable and multi-use
  • It is washable and great for both children and adults
  • Compressible and super light-weight


  • If inflated before the cruising altitude you might think that it’s about to explode but this is basic physics and this does not mean that it has a bad design. Just inflate it after.

2. J Pillow Travel Pillow, Chin, Neck And Head Support

J Pillow Travel Pillow, Chin, Neck And Head Support

Well, when traveling, at home or the office three important parts of your body need support when relaxing, or sleeping; namely, your chin, neck and head and for the head it’s the back and side. For this reason, you will either need three different pillows for total comfort or just one super pillow that will give you all this and J Pillow does it for you. Whichever seat you take in a plane, train, bus or car, you will get the best support from it and you can never compare it to your standard travel pillow. However, you will get more from it if you take the window seat than any other seat for obvious reasons so keep this in mind when booking your flight.

Also, you will have the easiest time carrying your pillow as it has a strap that allows you attach it to your bag, mostly backpack and you move around with ease. It’s also totally washable. You just put the whole of it in the washing machine, and it comes out sparkling clean then you enjoy a really “fresh” sleep just like when it was new.


  • Easy to carry
  • Ultra hygienic. The whole pillow is washable
  • Can be used in various places: at home when relaxing (on the coach or when reading on your bed and when you are sleeping upright on the bed too), on cramped trains, planes cars or uses,
  • Genius design. It’s a chin, neck, and head support pillow
  • It keeps you from bonking your head on the plane/bus window


  • Most effective when one is seated on the window seat when in a plane than when at the aisle or middle seats though it’s still more effective than any regular travel pillows.

1. Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Neck Pillow

The Everlasting Comfort travel pillow lives up to its name and delivers maximum comfort to the user with its awesome build made of premium quality memory foam which is soft and cushy but supports the neck well. Aiding in your comfort along with the memory foam build is the orthopedic raised lobe design on either side of the pillow. It allows you to tilt your neck sideways to lean against the pillow for maximum comfort. This allows you to sleep peacefully and comfortably in your seat while you are traveling. The adjustable strap on the pillow allows you to get the perfect snug fit.

To add to your convenience is the plush removable velour cover comes with an easy open zip and is machine washable. It features a side pocket on the pillow to store your smartphone or other small accessories. Coming along with the neck pillow are a set of earplugs and an eye mask to cover your ears and eyes to block all noise and unwanted light so you can sleep peacefully.


  • High quality memory foam material
  • Orthopedic raised lobe design to comfortably tilt the neck to any side
  • Removable and washable velour cover
  • Adjustable straps to attain a secure fit
  • Side pocket to store cellphones and other accessories
  • Earplugs and eye mask for a peaceful sleep


  • Some users may find it too big and bulky to carry around

Conclusion: It’s one thing to get a travel pillow, and it’s entirely a different thing to get the best travel pillow. It takes efforts, time and patient to ensure that you get the best. You need more than a single day to do your research and land the best travel pillow so plan ahead of your traveling day. The above list of the top 10 best travel pillows reviewed in 2022 and features to consider will guide you through your search, and hopefully, you will experience the most comfortable sleep on your next travel. Also don’t forget to check these cool alarm clocks if you plan to wake up early for your travel adventure.

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