Top 10 Best Toilet Plungers in 2019 Reviews

Are you having a hard time getting rid of toilet clogs? Maybe you are not doing it right or more importantly you are using a wrong toilet plunger. There is no need to waste time trying to unclog block toilets using sub-standard toilet plungers that always results in a leaking toilet. They are various toilet plungers are available in the market. The consumer is supposed to compare various plungers available so as to choose the best toilet plungers out of them. Take great caution not to choose the wrong plunger.
There are two major types of Plungers;

a. Sink Plungers
This type cannot form appropriate seal for efficient suction in the toilet. It is ideal for bathtubs, bathroom sink alongside and kitchen sink.

b. Flange plungers
This kind is uniquely designed to for tight seal for unclogging toilets. It can be adjusted to serve the function of a sink plungers.

The following are guidelines on how to correctly use the plunger so as to achieve the desirable suction pressure;
i) Always keep the plungers vertically straight. Keeping the plunger at titled angle is not advisable. This is because it cannot generate enough suction force.

ii) Ensure the plunger cup is vacuum. If you leave air it will act as a shock absorber reducing the unclogging force. Allow water to fill the cup so as to generate sufficient cup.

iii) Ensure the plunger is fully submerged. This ensures ample suction pressure is generated. Avoid flushing the toilet drain to increase water quantity.

iv) It is always advisable never to use the plungers preceding use of toxic cleaning agents.

It would be helpful is you reflect on the succeeding factors to choose a plunger that serve your needs. Ensure the price assigned to the product is reasonable. Superb quality plungers are of great advantage since they are durable. The quality depends highly on the materials used by the manufactures. The nozzle should be strong enough. Nozzle durability is determined by number of times used alongside with nature of the unclogged surface.

Our Top 10 Best Toilet Plungers in 2019 Reviews are listed considering the above factors harmonizing with their availability in today’s market.

10.Kleen Freak Antibacterial Toilet Plunger and Plunger Holder

This plunger features anti-microbial protection which ensure odor-causing bacterial is fully eliminated. This prevents harboring of molds and mildews that are very dangerous to humankind. It has a tray that absorbs excess water ensuring the floor is clean and always dry. This minimizes slipping within the toilet area. Outstanding rubber cap having tiered ridges creating tight seal for better performance.

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No contaminated water is left inside the cup. On purchase, plunger holder is include to house the plunger when it is out of use for further hygiene practices. It is multi-functional. You can use at kitchen and bathrooms but never at a time use one plunger for both areas simultaneously.

i) Features anti-bacterial germ guard.
ii) Reliable plunging power.

i) Highly priced.

Best Toilet Plungers

9.Neiko 60166A Heavy Duty All-Angle Power Toilet Plunger

This plunger unclog the toiled very effortlessly. It is very versatile as its suction cup is compatible with various kinds and sizes of toilet drains. The four step cup ensures supreme pressure is generated. This cup is made of rubber so that it creates tight seal within the drain. Its handle is made of durable aluminum. This guarantees rust proof, lightweight handle. Additionally, the handle has got a hole at far end for secure hanging. The plunger edges are smooth having no ridges. This ensures that no water remains inside the cup. It can be used at home or in commercial areas.

i) Good choice of material including aluminum handle prevent unnecessary rusting.
ii) Work with most toilet drains.

i) It has no cover base to absorb dripping water.

Best Toilet Plungers

8.Plunger Johnny Jolter JJR-304 Toilet Plunger

Plunger Johnny Jolter JJR-304 Toilet Plunger uses water to unclog the toilet drains. It is made of engineered plastics. The plunger is design to last for decades. It is very easy to assemble the plunger ready for working. Little energy is applied, just a push and the sinks clogs are cleared. It provide prominent pressure for effective restoration of the drain into its usual function. After use, the product dissembles readily for thorough cleaning. Keep save to avoid unnecessary breakage. Its adaptable bowl is compatible with most of the toilet drains with different sizes. The ergonomically design boosts its performance.

i) Available in blue and black colors giving the consumer variety to choose from.
ii) Multi-functional as it can be used for commercial or household purposes.
iii) High quality yet very cheap.

i)    It is very flimsy.

Best Toilet Plungers

7.Korky 99-4A Max Performance Plunger

This toilet plunger is made from high quality materials. Its ergonomic design allows the plunger to fit most of the bowl shaped toilet drain. The cup is made of non-marking rubber to ensure the drain is perfect sealed. This is very important as there is no leakage thus sufficient suction force is attained. Little energy is used while unclogging. It is of comfortable height for easy working. The plunger last longer. Its manufacturing is based is United States due to availability of materials alongside with advanced technology. The head is highly flexible so that you can plunge at rare angled parts. This ensure thorough unclogging.

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i) Huge rubber cup.
ii) Plastic handle is ideal for proper use.

i) It may not work with all kinds of toilets.

Korky 99-4A Max Performance Plunger, Small, Black

6.Molla 780 Patented All-Angle Plunger

Molla 780 Toilet Plunger is made from extraordinary quality materials thus durable. It guarantees enough plunging pressure that release one from stress of clogged toilets drains. The manufacturers designed the plunger to successfully unclog at various angles. It work well for tough to reach clogs. Diminutive energy is applied thus there is minimal straining during work. The rubber cup having tiered ridges creates a close-fitting seal. The handle is made of strong aluminum to ensure supreme forced downwards for better plunging. Available in the market at reasonable price. After use, the plunger is very easy to clean as it awaits next use.

i) It works in all angles.
ii) Light-weight.

i)    The pole is made of plastic.

Best Toilet Plungers

5.Blue Donuts Toilet Plunger with Powder Coated Finish

This plunger works very fast saving on one’s resourceful time. This conveniences the consumer because there is no need of employing someone to plunge your toilet. It includes commercial rubber cup. This cup is perfect for all kinds of clog. Well designed to last for decades. The price assigned is friendly to most of the users. After every use, it is always advisable to wash the plunger so as to boost its lifespan. It is a great value product that guarantees high performance. It is coated using unique formulate to minimize chances of scratching.

i) Reliable manufactures offering 25-year guaranteed warranty.
ii) Plunges at various angles.

i) it is very small.
ii) Containers are in-built leading to tiresome cleaning.

Best Toilet Plungers

4.Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush Caddy Set

This product is distinctively designed to ease clogging of toilets. It features rubber handle to reduce tension especially if the plunger is to be used for commercial purposes. The caddy included is compatible with turbo plunger and circular bowl brush. Additionally, the caddy features stable non-slip base. Its extensive length offers maximum comfort while working. The slim design ensures the plunger occupy minimal storage space. It is versatile as it can also be used to ease obstruct in our bathrooms. The caddy set is beautifully designed hence very appealing to the consumers. Delivers excellent performance.

i) Cleaning brush is included.
ii) Good value product.

i) Non-adhesive grip.

Best Toilet Plungers

3.OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger

OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger is constructed using modern technology. It is harmonious to most toilets even the low flush. The product features plane surface that is very stress-free to carry along. The canister is included for sanitary and appropriate storage. To add, the canister bottom has in-built drip tray that hold excess water allowing it to evaporate away at faster rate. It is very hygienic due to its ridge free design that enhance its cleanliness. This plunger is very easy to use with canister opening automatically when the plunger is raised up. Furthermore, the product is made from durable materials that are highly resistant to corrosion.

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i) It has a canister that keep the plunger safely when not in used to avoid its contact with other households in the store.
ii) Well designed.

i) It is much bigger.

Best Toilet Plungers

2.Master Plunger MP500 with Air Release Valve

This plungers is a great choice for bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, toilet drains and also garbage disposal. Its outstanding patent design improves its plunging power. It has 3-level nozzle for overwhelming seal. The plunger is flexible hence can plunge up to hard-o-access parts of the drains. It features air release valve that hinder overflowing. It is black in color hence with time there is no discoloration. Manufactures provides lifetime warranty. This guarantees that the plunger is of high quality. Provides adorable plunging force that flushes very fast.

i) High quality bellows design.
ii) Air release mechanism improves its performance.

i) Available in only one color, black hence variety to suit customers’ choice is limited.

Best Toilet Plungers

1.PlumbCraft Heavy Duty Toilet Plunger

This heavy duty plunger sturdily clears the toilet clogs with less effort. Its advance bellow design ensures superior water displacement allowing the plunger to generate sufficient force. It features humble grip handle for comfortable unclogging. Perfect choice for all kinds of toilet drains. It has being in the market for years yet still ranked the best due its adorable features. The sleek design ensures it occupy little storage space. It has 15 inches handle which very adoptive to most of the users. The cup measure 5.75 inches diameter.

i) Adjustable so it can be used as a traditional Plunger.
ii) It include a cleaning brush and a caddy set.

i) Its handle is pointed.
ii) The plunger displays remained debris.

Best Toilet Plungers

These are the Best Toilet Plungers in 2019 Reviews that are not only affordable but they are also top rated toilet plungers. Get one of these and you will never have a hard time dealing with toilet clogs.

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