Top 10 Best Timing Automotive Lights Reviewed In 2021

An efficient engine will not only deliver superb performance but also save on fuel and maintenance costs. Every mechanic or individual would want to have the best tool for work to keep a check on the engine. Such a device must be convenient and comfortable to work. One of the ever-occurring problems with ignition systems is the timing problem. The issue not only shortens the lifespan of engines but also increases fuel consumption over time. To sort this error, you will need a timing light that will most effectively sort your problem. Below we have reviewed some of the best models in the market for you to consider.

Our Picks for Best Timing Automotive Lights in 2021

10. Dirautos Timing Light with Spark Plug Tester

Dirautos Timing Light with Spark Plug Tester

Diesel vehicles do not have a spark plug or a distributor but have carburetors. The Dirautos timing light and spark tester is one of the few tools in the market that works well in such engines. Besides, you may also use it to test spark plugs on gas engines with good results. It works with 12V battery-powered systems. The extended length of the lead cable ensures you can reach the farthest working point comfortably.

The pistol shape of this automotive timing light has a non-slip grip, which boosts the accuracy of people while aiming the timing mark. The ease of handling on day-to-day make this product is durable. Timing cars with this product is an easy and systematic process. Most people can handle its light and portable design with ease. Moreover, also included the package is a manual book for you or your mechanic.

Why We Like
  • Extended cable length
  • Light and portable design
  • Works in diesel and petrol engines
  • Ignition spark tester
Our Verdict

Dirautos is not your ordinary automotive timing light. Apart from timing your diesel or petrol engine, you can use it to test ignition spark as a bonus. You get a manual that covers all these procedures in detail.

9. Performance Tool W80578 Self-Powered Timing Light

Performance Tool W80578 Self-Powered Timing Light

Designed for use on powerboats, street rods, and race cars, the Performance tool W80578 is a self-powered timing light. It works on all gas engines and electric generators that have permanent magnets and can function well with rechargeable D-cell batteries. It is lightweight, and the inductive pickup is detachable and hence easy to carry, while its compact design does not clutter the trunk space of cars.

Its detachable inductive pickup has an extended cable for your comfort. The connecting terminal has easy to hook up features onto your ignition system. It is suitable for tuning up racecars, powerboats, outdoor equipment, and other gas engines. It is ideal for all types of mechanics and works for both imported and local ignition systems. Finally, it benefits people who may want to fix their cars personally.

Why We Like
  • Self-powered timer
  • Works in most cars
  • Light and portable design
  • Detachable inductive pickup
Our Verdict

Do you have a powerboat or car with timing issues? You can diagnose and repair the issue effortlessly with the help of the Performance Tool W80578 timing light. Apart from boats and cars, you can use it in street rods with good results. Its self-powered design accurate and has a long-lasting indicative pickup, which you can detach for storage or transport.

8. Actron CP7527 Inductive Timing Light

Actron CP7527 Inductive Timing Light

The highly engineered Actron CP7527 timing light is good at standard base timing. It utilizes an advanced technology to induce the right timing of any two-cycle ignition system effectively. You can always check your conventional or electronic ignition system timing with ease and any time with this model. Its all-metal inductive pickup and the ABS housing are durable. Its molded battery clips are of heat resistant material to keep your hands from burns and for easy plugging.

This timing light features a xenon flashlight that is bright enough even for daylight use. The lighting also makes it easy for you to read timing marks accurately. It is all inductive pickup has a one on and off touch control button. Whenever the spark plugs die, it utilizes the strobe light to maximize efficiency. Finally, Actron CP7527 is easy to use with both 6V and 12V automobile batteries in most brands of cars.

Why We Like
  • On/Off touch-control button
  • Bright Xenon flashlight
  • All-metal indicative pick up
  • Times electrical/conventional systems
Our Verdict

Actron CP7527 works well with conventional and electrical systems with little effort from users. It also has a long-lasting design with an all-metal indicative pickup and easy-to-use touch controls (on/off).

7. INNOVA 3551 Inductive Timing Light

INNOVA 3551 Inductive Timing Light

The INNOVA 3551 Inductive Timing Light works perfectly well with DIS, electronic, conventional, and computer-controlled ignition systems. It is also compatible with local and imported ignition systems. Other than checking on timing, this product is handy is testing a no-spark condition. It can also test electronic advance or retard situation and has a patented skip circuitry that is effective up to 9990 rotation per minute.

The slim and rotating barrel of this timer gives you a better view at the timing mark. It will also allow you to work under tight spaces comfortably. Whether you are a novice or professional mechanic, thus, you will love its versatility. Its housing is metallic and hence sturdy against high temperatures and hot surfaces of your engine. With detachable leads, it is quick to set up. It is compact for storage purposes. Its protective hand guard safeguards you from electrocution.

Why We Like
  • Checks timing and sparks
  • Protective handguard
  • Slender and rotating barrel
  • Long-lasting housing (metal)
Our Verdict

Do you have many engine misfires or hear a ticking noise from the timing belt of your engine? There is a high probability that your timing belt might be out of place. Fortunately, using the INNOVA 3551 timing light, you can make a definitive diagnosis easily. Its slender barrel design delivers accurate results in tight spaces. It also has a hand-guard for protection and a unique ability to check the sparking system of cars.

6. MSD Ignition 8992 Timing Light

MSD Ignition 8992 Timing Light

The MSD Ignition 8992 Timing Light works well with conventional computer directed and electric engines. It works on either imported or local ignition systems of cars, snowmobiles, and boats. Its removable lead cable is easy to store and set up, while its compatibility with third-party lead cables is ideal. You do not throw away the whole tool whenever its lead malfunctions, which is the case with many models.

This sturdy design will resist wear and tear from daily use. It features a heavy-duty and ABS shockproof and plastic housing. It is resistant to knocks from engine fans blades. The metal inductive pickup of this timing light allows consistent connection and protects it from heat damages. It has an intense strobe light that is visible even during daylight. It also provides stable timing readings. Additionally, this gadget is lightweight and convenient to use with one hand.

Why We Like
  • Detachable pickup (indicative)
  • Stable timing readings
  • Shockproof plastic (ABS)
  • Works in most engines
Our Verdict

Having a vehicle with beautiful car seat covers but does not ride right is a bad decision. Include the MSD Ignition 8992 to your car tools to be able to diagnose misfires and other signs of timing issues faster. Its shockproof design is durable, light, and easy to use, devoid of skill level.

5. PMD Products Timing Light

PMD Products Timing Light

Inclusion of a 60 degrees advance dial knob makes the PMD Products timing light one of the most sort gadget. Thus, it can time computer-controlled or conventional ignition system as well as check a no-spark plug. If you like to repair your car, this nifty tool will improve your success rate. While reading and adjusting timing in engines, for instance, it eliminates the need for a degree scale, which is hard to read.

The PMD Products timing belt has a clamp-on indicative pickup that is easy to set up and use. Each package has a detachable four-foot cable and free replaceable cable to give better comfort and maximum working distance. The xenon flashlight works perfectly on all rotations per minute, making it easy to read timing marks. Finally, its high impact ABS housing is resistant to knocks, and high temperatures, which makes PMD Products is a durable timer. If you own a car, a boat, or a mower with a 12V or 16V battery system, you can use it everyday issue-free.

Why We Like
  • The dial is easy to read
  • Durable ABS housing
  • Bright flashlight (Xenon)
  • Clamp-on indicative pickup
Our Verdict

Many people think that ignition timing is a professional job that should cost thousands of dollars. However, you can handle the process quickly with the help of this PMD Products timing light. Its clamp-on pickup is not only easy to use but also works well in most engines. Its ABS housing, on the other hand, withstands abuse in harsh engine environments.

4. INNOVA 3568 Digital Timing Light

INNOVA 3568 Digital Timing Light

The INNOVA 3568 Digital Timing Light is a unique design that meets all your timing needs. It has an illuminated digital LCD reading display with a split-screen. With this display, you can read the tachometer and advance functions at the same time. Therefore, it facilitates easier adjustments of the distributor, quicker and more accurately. This timing light works well with most domestic and imported ignition systems.

This timing is very adaptable to various working surface areas. Its barrel is slim enough to fit in tight spaces and can turn in any direction. It hence makes it easier to aim at the timing mark accurately. It also features a protective hand guard to facilitate one-hand operation and an inductive pickup. Its patented skip circuitry can test up to 9990RMP. Thus, it guarantees maximum fuel efficiency and high engine performance.

Why We Like
  • Quick and accurate system
  • Tests up to 9990RPM
  • Patented skip circuitry
  • Works well in tight spaces
Our Verdict

Using bulky timing lights in crowed engine bays is a challenge for many people. It is not impossible, though. With the help of a slim barrel digital timing light such as NNOVA 3568, you can handle such jobs easily. It is effective up to 9990 RPM and patented circuitry that is fast and accurate.

3. Sierra 18-9802 Timing Light

Sierra 18-9802 Timing Light

The Sierra 18-9802 doubles as a timing light and a flashlight. As a mechanic, you will not be worried about lights going off if the engine is running. The xenon bulb has a bright light that is visible in daylight to deliver a bright timing strobe. It is a long-lasting and functional automotive tool to own. This wired timer uses rechargeable D-cell batteries. Therefore, it is one of the best brands for use in race cars, marine boats, motorcycles, and other equipment with rear batteries.

Sierra 18-9802 is handy, reliable, and delivers accurate timing of up to 14000 rotation per minute. The readings are visible even in broad daylight, while its detachable inductive pick up is easy to hook onto most ignition system. Finally, Sierra 18-9802 is a user-friendly timing light, which is easy to operate irrespective of your mechanical skills.

Why We Like
  • Industry-leading warranty
  • Detachable inductive pickup
  • Built-in flashlight (bright)
  • Times up to 14000 RPM
Our Verdict

Sierra 18-9802 can time up to 14000 RPM, which makes it the most powerful timing light on our list. It also has a flashlight that boosts visibility and a detachable inductive pickup, which you can replace when worn.

2. ESI 130 Self – Powered Timing Light

ESI 130 Self - Powered Timing Light

Developed for, do it yourself individuals, car lovers and mechanics is the ESI 130 Self -powered timing light design. It works on both two and four-cycle engines. It features a super bright light for detailed viewing even during the day. Original models draw power from two D-cell batteries and thus, do not require a connection to 12V batteries.

It performs exceptionally well on marine engines, industrial engines snowmobiles and among others. It is accurate at up to 14k rotations per minute. This product is sturdy and can resist high temperatures because of its protective cover. It also connected with a four-foot lead cable. Hence, it makes it possible for you to comfortably work on tight spaces and have a clear view of the farthest ends. Unlike other similar product, this one is cheaper is it comes with own rechargeable batteries.

Why We Like
  • Times 2 and 3 cycle engines
  • Accurate to 14,000 RPM
  • Heat-resistant components
  • Long lead cable (four feet)
Our Verdict

ESI 130 is a self-powered timing light with a four-foot lead cable that is heat resistant. It is accurate up to 14000 RPM in 2-3 cylinder engines.

1. INNOVA 5568 Pro-Timing Light

INNOVA 5568 Pro-Timing Light

The best choice developed to deliver quality performance is the INNOVA 5568 Pro-timing light. It is the best a professional may choose because of its sturdy design and compatibility with most domestic and foreign ignition systems. At home or work, you can use it to check the timing of electronic, conventional, and computer-controlled systems accurately. It is user-friendly and easy for you to set up without the need for a mechanic. INNOVA 5568 plug-and-play system comes ready for use.

You will love the shockproof casing (plated ABS) of the INNOVA 5568 Pro-timing light. You will also like its detachable six-foot lead with an inductive pickup that can test up to 9990 RPM and backlighting. While diagnosing your car, you can read its screen quickly and accurately. Finally, INNOVA 5568 has a voltage tachometer and advance digital readouts that can check both two-cycle and four-cycle engines.

Why We Like
  • Detachable leads (6 feet)
  • Check two and four-cycle engines
  • Checks most ignition systems
  • Shockproof case (ABS plastic)
Our Verdict

With INNOVA 5568, timing 2 and cycle engines is a piece of cake. Its digital system is accurate and has heavy-duty parts that last for long.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Automotive Timing Lights


The engine of cars is a safety hazard for most people. It is hot and has electrical connections that can electrocute people if handled poorly. Keep this in mind when shopping for an automotive timing light. Can you maneuver it safely on your engine? If you have little space to work, buy a slim profile light that works well in such area. Moreover, brands with safety features such as handguards can prevent injuries.


Do you have a diesel or petrol engine? Does it have a two, three, or four-cylinder system? Which types of ignition (electric or conventional0 does it use? Once you have ascertained that your timing light is safe, check if it is compatible with your car. If you have a four-cylinder engine with a 14,000-RPM timing belt, do not buy a 2-cylinder timer that maxes at 9990 RPM. Instead, look for a timer that supports your type of engine.

Ease of Use

Avoid some of the expensive timing lights that complicate car diagnosis. You will be better off with a simple tool that is easy to use.

Conclusion: With our reviewed timing lights, evaluating the timing of a car that idles poorly or misfires often is easy. They also work well on boats and most 2-4 cycle engines and have quality components that last for long.