Top 10 Best Throw Blankets of 2022 – Reviews

If you are familiar with throw blankets, you will surely be aware that they’re not only supposed to provide warmth but an elegant outlook as well. Perhaps their greatest feature is how versatile they are when it comes to fitting into any decor.

In this regard, throw blankets can rightfully be considered multi-purpose fashion accessories to some extent, without neglecting their capacity to keep you warm at the same time.

With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best throw blankets out there and what to look for when shopping for one.

Best Throw Blankets of 2022

10Lush Decor Brookdale Sherpa Throw Blanket

GSMDo you want to enhance the décor of your room in an explicit manner? Go for the 60×0.1×50 inch Brookdale Sherpa blanket from Lush Decor. Among the key standout features is its fashionable spin which comes on a typically printed patchwork block.

It boasts diverse patterns such as floral, paisley, damask, and solid color themes to choose from. It is also made from a complete polyester-based material that offers an amazingly super soothing and cuddling feeling.

9Greenland Home Oxford Throws


GSMIf you are in search of a double-sided blanket, then this is it. It comes in two diverse colors on each side white and gray and material composition of polyester and cotton filling in equal measures and a polyester cover.

It has an ergonomic build that is not only super cuddly but is super comfortable and subsequently lightweight. Aside from its superior quality, this 15.2×13.5×3.8-inch blanket is also amazingly comfortable to an impressive standard.

Although relatively highly-priced, it’s easy-to-care material and machine-washable aspects make it an amazing option even for a child’s bed.

8Bedsure Knitted Throw Blanket


GSMThis particular throw blanket comprises 100% acrylic materials that make it both ultra-soft and lightweight. Moreover, besides being versatile for virtually any purpose, it also gives you the choice between Chevron and modern trellis patterns to enhance your home décor.

While most blankets loose shape over a relatively small period, this one has a characteristically fine weave that maintains perfect shape despite continuous multiple cleaning and use. Finally, although its stitching compromises on its aesthetic appearance, this 10x13x4-inch blanket has a typical easy-care design which does not allow pilling and fading.

7Chic Home Elana Shaggy Faux Fur Throw Blanket


GSMReward yourself with a wonderful relaxing experience with this uniquely designed Faux Fur Chic Home throw blanket. It is a perfect woven product at its core, one made from the finest materials to offer you an exceptionally plush feel and texture.

It has a micro mink ultra-plush fabric that offers cuddling and super soothing warmth and comfort for all types of weather. Although it only allows dry cleaning, this durable 19.5×18.5×6.5-inch blanket is a sturdily and beautifully designed option to consider no matter what you might use it for.

6Ottomanson Bed Blankets Bedspread Plush Cotton Throw


GSMAlthough relatively new on the market, this 65x50x0.2-inch Ottomanson cotton throw blanket offers a wonderful sleeping experience along with an equally interesting look. Aside from its room décor accentuating capacity, it also offers an impressive build quality. It is available in different color options such as ivory, beige, sage green and brown trellis to choose from.

Furthermore, this blanket is made from a high quality and long lasting material comprising cotton, acrylic, and polyester materials (60%. 30% and 10% respectively). Although considered somewhat thick and soft for a superior quality throw blanket, it is a durable blanket by all accounts.

5Chanasya Super Soft Fuzzy Throw Blanket


GSMIf you want a pleasurable, soothing and fulfilling experience from a blanket, then a typical faux throw one is the best choice. Why? Aside from not shrinking in any conditions, it also does not shed nor pill. With this 13×8.3×8-inch Chanasya fuzzy fur blanket, you get to experience the highest possible standard of smoothness and warmth.

It is also made from super fluffy and soft materials that retain heats to keep you warm and cozy throughout the night. Aside from boasting neutral colors that are easy to match and blend with accent pieces and room décor, it is both versatile and aesthetically pleasing to look at. Although unbleachable and not good with ironing, it is machine washable and made of quality polyester materials for good measure.

4Flannel Fleece Blanket Grey Throw Blanket


GSMFlannel Bedsure throw blanket is a sure standout when it comes to throw blankets. It is made from pure microfiber polyester material that is resistant to wrinkle and fade. Moreover, its plush boasts superior softness which gives a wonderful touch feeling. In addition to having a 260 GSM construction that makes it shed resistant, it is also surprisingly skin-friendly as well.

When talking about blankets, size is among the key factors to consider and this 10x12x4-inch blanket certainly doesn’t disappoint. At the same time, this blanket comes in a pleasant pattern and size to boost its overall value.

If you want a high quality, cozy, warm and soft experience, then this blanket can certainly do the trick. Finally, although it requires some special care when machine washing it, its pack of features and its fairly priced tag make it more than a bargain.

3Qbedding Microplush Fleece Blanket


GSMThis high-quality blanket comprises an ultra-soft plush construction that boosts your comfort and coziness wherever you might be. The fact that it is made entirely from complete polyester microfibers makes this particular blanket stand out for its anti-pill features.

With its softness and fuzziness, comfort is assured under any condition regardless of weather or temperature. Due to its blend of ultra-soft microfiber and 380 GSM materials, you are guaranteed a pilling and shedding-free experience that cheaper blankets simply cannot provide.

Furthermore, this blanket is well sized to completely cover you besides boasting a lightweight design that facilitates both its indoor and outdoor use.

2Chanasya Super Soft Fuzzy Fur Throw Blanket


GSMIf you want an elegant and luxurious throw blanket, then look no further than the Chanasya throw blanket. Even in the coldest of weather, this 13x9x7-inch fluffy fur, and super soft throw blanket is guaranteed to keep you cozy and warm.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that it is an aesthetically appealing blanket by all accounts, one with a surprisingly fashionable texture to accentuate its trendy look.

Moreover, the neutral color aspect of this blanket makes it an ideal addition to any room. Although it is not one to be ironed, it is still convenient since it is machine washable and easy to care for.

1Bedsure Sherpa Throw Blanket


GSMMade from complete polyester materials, this is an affordable and high-quality blanket that transforms your room to an inviting abode. It enjoys a surprisingly sturdy fluff fabric construction which is guaranteed to maintain your warmth even in harsh weather conditions.

The materials used in its making make it wrinkle-resistant with the reverse and top sides bound together for aesthetic purposes. Despite not auguring well with direct-heating, this 15x13x7-inch blanket is accompanied with straightforward instructions and a 30-day satisfaction money back guarantee that you are unlikely to need given its overall quality.

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