Top 10 Best Tennis Shoes for Women in 2019 Reviews

The best way to enjoy tennis is by buying the best tennis shoes for women. You need shoes that will give you maximum stability, traction, traction and most of all comfortable. The best tennis shoes for women will bring out the best in you whether you are playing on grass, synthetic surface courts, hard tarmac courts or even the bare ground.

Tennis is a very intense game and buying shoes with shock absorbing capability will help in offering great support for the feet while protecting your sole and heels. Shoes are of the same or even bigger significance than a tennis racket. We have therefore sampled the best tennis shoes for women to cut the confusion. All the shoes we have chosen reduce the impact on your joints and knees. Let us first start on the key factors that we considered when we came up with the list.

Important Aspects to Bear in Mind before Purchasing Best Tennis Shoes for Women

i)Type of the foot

Every player has a particular kind of foot. Nature of the foot influence players walking style. Each tennis shoes is uniquely designed to fit a definite kind of foot. Know your foot well. Foot types include ideal, supinated and pronated. If you do not know the type of your feet, it is advisable that you check how your shoes wear off. Those with pronated shoes have their shoes work from the inside sole. On the other hand, supinated foot tears the shoes from the outside sole.

ii)Size of the Tennis Shoe

Best Tennis Shoes for Women are available in different sizes. The type of the shoes you are to invest on should fit your leg comfortable. Very tight shoes will cause a lot of pain leading to scars and joint problem. On the other hand, loose shoes will slip easily from the leg while playing. Comfortable tennis shoes should be of enough width and length. Also, it should provide proficient arch support.

iii)Playing style

There are different playing styles depending on the person and training procedure. Playing style will affect the way you play the field. There are two styles; baseline and the serve-and-volley. Baseline tennis players devote most time at the back. Also, baseline players encore a lot of lateral movement. Contrary to baseline players, serve-and-volley stays within the net hence they require playing shoes with armored toe caps and soles.

iv)Nature of the Court surface

Some playing surfaces scratch your shoes more than others. Concreted courts wear tennis shoes very fast than courts. When playing is such as court, invest on strong shoes made of durable materials such as canvas. If you playing on grass or clay courts, tennis shoes made of rubber can be appropriate.

v)Quality of the shoes

The quality of any shoes depends on the material used to manufacture it. Best Tennis Shoes for Women have different parts. Specific material is used to manufacture precise part of the shoe. Midsole provides comfort to your foot. They are mostly made of EVA and PU materials. The upper part of the shoes is made of durable materials such as leather and rubber. Its vamp is usually perforated for sufficient air flow in and out of the leg. The outsole offers support, traction, and stability. Toe guard is made of rubber.

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Best Tennis Shoes for Women in 2019

We have conducted thorough research comparing various types’ tennis shoes for women available in the market. Our primary concern was to evaluate the quality, price, and degree of comfort and the availability of the shoe. Here are the Top 10 Best Tennis Shoes for Women in 2019 Reviews. Consider them and you are assured that you will never regret.

10.Nike Women’s Wmns Zoom Vapor Tour

This shoe has the dynamic fit side wraps that enable it to fit perfectly just like a glove, and you will not have to worry that it will become loose during the quick-paced running. It also has the lateral midfoot to give you maximum flexibility enabling quick-paced action and for the mobility. The Phylon midsole offers additional protection and absorbs a lot of weight during the fast-paced action. This women’s tennis shoe comes in 1 color, hot pink/volt-pink power-black. Its price is a little bit high, though, but you are guaranteed of long service that this product offers you.


i)Good choice of materials to last longer.

ii)Perforated surface allows your foot to receive sufficient fresh air.


i)They are narrow for wide feet.

Best Tennis Shoes for Women

9.ASICS Women’s GEL-Resolution 5 Tennis Shoe

This Asics Women’s Gel – Resolution 5 Tennis Shoe has forefoot gel cushioning that enhance the comfort and a rubber sole. It also has AHAR high abrasion rubber outsole and is padded inside to assists in absorbing the shock on both your knees and feet. The interior lining also helps to keep your feet in place.  It features the upper mesh finish which enables maximum breathability for you not suffer during the hot conditions when you are playing under quick-paced conditions or on any surface type. You can get these women’s tennis shoes in 5 color choices on the market.


i)Its design features shock absorbing system for maximum comfort.

ii)Keeps your foot always dry.


i)The toe cap is too narrow.

Best Tennis Shoes for Women

8.ASICS Women’s Gel Solution Speed 2 Clay Tennis Shoe

This tennis shoe has a rubber sole, padded tongue, and memory-foam-lined collar and the synthetic and upper mesh finish ensure that it comfortably fit from the beginning. This shoe also features Solyte midsole and rearfoot and the forefoot gel systems of cushioning which enhances the comfort. These shoes have been rated by Tennis Magazine as the leading women’s gaming shoe making them be one of the greatest options for any player. With these shoes, you have a total of 7 color choices. Additionally, this product is available at a moderate price.


i)It has cushioning gel.

ii)Offers excellent ankle support.


i)It is not well perforated.

Best Tennis Shoes for Women

7.New Balance Women’s WC1005 Stability Tennis Shoe

If you want to get excellent performance, then this New Balance Women’s WC1005 Stability tennis shoe enables you to achieve that. It features the high-impact-absorbing design and S-Curve stability technology making this tennis shoe breathable and ideal for the long days on the court. This shoe has been made for traction and the lateral support that allows you to pivot, turn and stop on the dime for your mind to be focused on the ball only, not on the footing. It has been designed with a rubber sole, synthetic material, mesh to keep your foot cool and the padded collar to enhance your comfort while practicing and gaming. This shoe also has a high stability and is made in the USA.

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i)It features adequate cushioning

ii)Its synthetic material is well perforated.


i)It’s wide hence do not fit tennis players with small feet.

Best Tennis Shoes for Women

6.Twisted Women’s Floral Crochet Tennis Sneaker

With this tennis shoe, you get all the fun, the casual and the professional look that you need. Twisted Women’s Floral Crochet tennis sneaker is an original tennis sneaker that is ideal for any style. Additionally, you can make use of it to do tennis gaming. It has been made using the cotton canvas that helps to keep your feet extra light and fresh. The cushioned footbed allows you to be comfortable. It has been designed with a rubber sole, upper canvas, and the lace texture. This shoe is very soft, lightweight and is cushioned for your feet enhancing your comfort.


i)Suitable for nay playing style.

ii)Keeps your feet cool always.


i)Its upper part might wear off easily.

Best Tennis Shoes for Women

5.ASICS Women’s Gel-Game Point Tennis Shoe

The Asics women’s gel-game point tennis shoes prevent the shock for the fast paced running on all types of surfaces and gives a smooth transition. The solid outsole rubber has the lateral wraps which offer the exceptional quality finish and high traction level for you, not slip over the court. The solid rubber outsole is also non-marking. These shoes also feature the perforated toe box which allows ventilation. It is made of the synthetic upper leather that is very easy to clean. Additionally, these shoes are available at a lower price.


i)It is well manufactured to improve player’s comfort.

ii)Features proper ventilation.


i)The shoes do not look stylish.

Best Tennis Shoes for Women

4.Head Women’s Sprint Team Tennis Shoe

If you are searching for a featherweight tennis shoe that provides excellent performance and style when you are playing tennis, then you should give this tennis shoe a try. It features the micro-fit that ensures that both the mid-foot and heel snug and wide in the forefoot. This makes it an ideal tennis shoe for cheerleading. It is made using a 100% leather ad it has the synthetic sole. It has been designed such that the upper section has the breathable tongue and the quarter mesh inserts. The outsole has the TPU S hank and Hybrasion rubber compound. Its insole has the comfortable lining materials to enhance your comfort the more. It comes in white/gray/silver/white color.


i)It is stylish, comfortable and breathable.

ii)Fits most of the foot types.


i)It is made of medium quality materials.

Best Tennis Shoes for Women

3.Adidas Performance Women’s CC Rally Comp W Tennis Shoe

The Adidas Performance Women’s CC Rally Competition Tennis Shoe has a rubber sole and is made of a synthetic and upper mesh finish. They also have the internal support to offer you the lockdown stability that assists in making the fast players quicker. These tennis shoes also have the reinforced midsole to enable you to move quicker to get the ball. They are extremely featherweight shoes. The adiprene+ insert offers you additional support, forefoot propulsion and efficiency hence you do not have to worry about any injury when you are playing. The heel measures about 1.25 inches and the platform measure about 1.00 inches. It is available at a lower price.

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i)It looks so attractive.

ii)Ideal for well-furnished courts.


i)Wears off easily when used on a concrete court.

Best Tennis Shoes for Women

2.Adidas Performance Women’s Barricade Court W Tennis Shoe

With the Adidas Performance Women’s Barricade Court W tennis shoe, you can express your skills and passion in tennis gaming. It offers you great comfort that you require when you are playing tennis due to its extra soft material that keeps you cushioned at every step from the beginning till the end of the game. It has been designed with a rubber sole, synthetic, mesh, ventilated perforations, ultra-responsive adiprene, 3-stripes classic overlays and the foam cushioning. With the shock-absorbing adiprene technology, it decreases the impact to both knees and joints. The extended torsion system technology offers the support to your foot and gives both your heels and toes the movement freedom.


i)Its outer sole is made of rubber.

ii)Offers maximum comfort and flexibility to the toe.


i)The size indicated is not precise.

Best Tennis Shoes for Women

1.Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoe

The Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoe offers great evolution and performance elements from the classic T10, its predecessor. It has optimal durability and support with the ventilation that is improved. It has been designed with the TPU forefoot straps that give enhanced stability. This shoe also has RASH toe cap that offers abrasion protection, PRC 1000 outsole which provides exceptional durability and shock eraser midsole that attenuates impact. It also features the wishbone shank to improve the midfoot stability. It delivers with a wide toe box and is lightweight. Its upper is flexible enough and well ventilated for optimal comfort and breathability. The broad base ensures that this shoe is very stable. When it comes to the stability, this tennis shoe is one of the best available in the market.


i)Provides enough arch support.

ii)Has wide toe cap.


i)They are very expensive.

Best Tennis Shoes for Women


The shoes above are of high quality, stylish, lightweight and very comfortable. You can run, jump and change direction without putting any strain on you sole or knee. Their sock liners are perforated for moisture drainage and breathability. Do not invest money in shoes that will do you more harm than good. Choose the best tennis shoes for women from the list above, and you will thank me later. Happy shopping!

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