Top 10 Best Tea Kettles In 2019

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A popular beverage among millions worldwide, tea is a palatable elixir with several health benefits on the body.

The catechins and antioxidants that it comes with, for instance, improve physical endurance when working out or going about your everyday accessories.

The antioxidants that it comes with lower the risk of heart disease while its hydration properties and ability to lower the risk of a boatload of cancers has made its an acclaimed wonder drink in homes and restaurants.

If you enjoy drinking tea and looking to prepare a delicious cup or two on demand, one of the most important household accessory that can help is a well-designed teakettle.

Unlike in the past when individuals had to boil water manually to prepare tea, their automated systems have eased the process.

They are also food grade, prepare tea fast without leeching nutrients or affecting flavors, and have simple and easy to use designs with a plethora of safety features that lower the risk of injury.

For the best experience, however, the top 10 best tea kettles on this list are among the best.

10. KitchenAid KEK1722SX

KitchenAid KEK1722SX

Do you have a large family of tea lovers? Are you looking for a high capacity tea kettle that you can use to prepare several cups at a go without compromising quality and or safety?

KitchenAid KEK1722SX is a high-performance 1.7-litre electric tea kettle that will never disappoint you.

It is durable, has a naturally food-grade brushed stainless steel that does not stain nor affect flavors, and has a built in LED displays that eases usage at night.

The variable temperature settings on offer (122-212 degree Fahrenheit) allow you to prepare several types of tea (up to 250ml), while its clear window design allows you to monitor the progress of tea preparation.

You also get a sturdy soft grips handle that eases dispensation of contents, a convenient cord wrap that eliminates clutter during storage, and a 30-minute hold temperature feature that maintains the temperature of tea for up to 30 minutes when left on its base.

9. Melitta 40994

Melitta 40994

A popular brand of kettles worldwide, Melitta has manufactured several valuable products over the years with this 40994-model ranking among the best for preparing tea in both homes and commercial establishments.

It is durable, has a large 1.7-liter container, and a food-grade push button lid that opens easily for easier refilling and dispensation of prepared tea.

The dual water windows curved into its body are large, clear, and have LED backlighting that ease review at night.

The detachable base that it comes with allows for convenient cord-free serving, while its extra-large spout that it comes with offers better directional control when serving to avoid messes and lower the risk of burning recipients.

You also get a removable mesh filter that keeps solid off your cup of tea and a corrosion-proof stainless steel build that lasts long.

8. Bodum 11451-294US

Bodum 11451-294US

Designed for heavy-duty cooking, Bodum 11451-294US is a high capacity 17-ounce electric water kettle with a striking red theme that blends well in kitchens.

The high-density stainless steel used to manufacture its inner and outer surface is durable, rust resistant, and has a well-finished design that does not leach nutrients nor affect the taste of prepared tea in any way.

With an original, therefore, you will enjoy fresh and delicious tea every time without spending a hefty amount of money.

The large and exposed heating element that it comes with boils water in less than four minutes without compromising quality.

The BPA-free plastic lid that it comes with opens for easier refilling, while its cool touch handle is sturdy and eases dispensation. Bodum 11451-294US is affordable, easy to use, and recommended for daily usage.

7. Ovente KS96R

Ovente KS96R

Durable, red-themed, and with a food-grade stainless steel construction, Ovente KS96R is a professional-grade electric kettle that prepares 1.7-litres in one session.

It is affordable, cordless, and comes with a powerful 1000i-watt heating element that boils water up to 85% efficiently than most contemporary stovetop kettles.

The heating element is durable, made of highly conductive stainless steel, and has a concealed design that not only optimizes its efficiency, but also safety rating.

Apart from its durability and advanced heating element, many individuals also prefer this electric teakettle to other comparable models because of its easy to use and non-slip rotary (360-degrees) power base.

Its easy to clean and refill wide mouthed design is another major draw, while its plethora of valuable components (stay cool handle, clear level water gauge, and removable and washable spout filter) and advanced safety features boil-dry protection and auto shutoff) have earned it global acclaim.

6. Hamilton Beach 40894

Hamilton Beach 40894

For those shopping for new electric kettles and want valuable product that make tea preparation fun, Hamilton Beach 40894 is a well-designed stainless steel model that ranks among the top 10 best tea kettles in 2019 many reasons.

Its food-grade design and its ability to prepare up to 1.7 liters of tea per session, for instance, benefits avid tea drinkers.

The concealed 1500-watt heating element that it comes with has and auto shutoff feature and boil-dry protection for safety, while its light, portable, and cord-free design comes in handy during dispensation.

You also get a drip-free spout that prevents messes, a well-engineered electrical system that works faster than most stovetop kettles, and a rust and corrosion proof body that offers users value for years

5. Proctor Silex K2070YA

Proctor Silex K2070YA

Although smaller that some tea kettles reviewed on this list, Proctor Silex K2070YA is a dependable household accessory that prepares up to one liter of delicious tea per session.

It is electricity-powered, durable, and has a powerful 100-watt heating element that prepares tea faster and safer that most contemporary microwaves and stovetop kettles.

The high-density stainless steel used to manufacture it is naturally-food grade, while its power cord detached for easier pouring and cleaning.

The boil dry protection and auto shutoff feature that it comes with keep users and homes safe when preparing tea and other beverages, while its integrated water windows are large, transparent, and ease review of cooking progress instead of opening its lid.

4. Ovente KG83B

Ovente KG83B

Manufactured using a shatterproof borosilicate glass, Ovente KG83B is a 1.5-liter electric teakettle that combines both style and performance is a single package.

It is affordable, works as well as most stainless steel models, and has a low maintenance black theme that is easy to clean when dirty.

Measuring 8 x 6 x 9.3-inches, this tea kettle is space efficient.

Its compatibility with 110 and 120-volt electrical outlets is novel, while its concealed electrical outlet is not only efficient (85% more than most stovetops), but also has a plethora of safety features including boil dry protection and an auto shutoff feature.

You also get convenient cord storage that eliminates clutter, a convenient water level gauge, a cool touch handle, and Blue LED lighting.

3. T-fal BF6138 Balanced Living

T-fal BF6138 Balanced Living

T-fal BF6138 Balanced Living is a compact four-cup electric kettle with a powerful 1750-watt heating element that boosts its speed and efficiency when preparing tea and other types of beverages.

It is durable, has a variable temperature control system with an auto shutoff feature for safety, and has a compact 1-liter container that does not stain, lose nutrients, or affect the favor of tea and other beverages when in use.

The 360-base rotating base on offer detaches for cordless pouring.

The locking lid that it comes with boosts safety further, while its shiny black housing has a durable and cool-touch plastic housing that does not require a lot of effort to maintain.

You also get a level viewing window and a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Ovente KP72G

Ovente KP72G

Cordless and with an aesthetic green theme, Ovente KP72G Ovente KP72G is a dependable household accessory with a large 1.7-litre capacity, a stable and high-performance construction, and a well-engineered electrical system that works well with most standard 120-volt electrical outlets.

For those with space limitations, this kettle is space efficient.

It is power-efficient; has a concealed 1100-watt heating element with an integrated on and off switch, boil dry protection, and an automatic shutoff feature; and has a sturdy non-stick power base that swivels over a 360-degree orientation and detaches for hands-free dispensation.

As most Ovente kettles, it also has a transparent water level gauge, a removable and washable spout, a stay-cool handle, convenient cord storage, and a one-year limited manufacturer’s guarantee.

1. Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp

This PerfecTemp CPK-17 teakettle by Cuisinart tops our list of the best. It is stainless steel, electricity powered, and prepares up to 1.7 liters of delicious tea when in use.

The 110-volt 1500-watt stainless steel element that it comes with is premium grade.

The six preset heat settings allows yo to prepare different kinds of tea hassle-free, while its 360-degree swivel power base is stable and detaches for hands-free operation.

Other notable features are its comfortable and non-slip handle, auto shutoff and boil dry safety features, and the three-year limited warranty offered.

An original Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp will serve you excellently for many years.

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