Top 10 Best Tape Gun in 2019 Reviews

We always need to seal, combine or bond items together whether in our homes or offices. To accomplish these tasks, we need to use tape. To make it easier to work with tapes, a tape gun is important as it will allow you to dispense the tape much faster and in a more convenient way. If you are in a busy packing warehouse or you are running a home business that requires items to be shipped all over the world, you will need the best tape gun to keep your business running smoothly.

Best Tape Guns in 2019

There are various tape guns in the market hence confusing for the customers to decide which tape gun is worth their money. We spent 60 hours doing extensive research on the best tape guns on the market. Our research was not in vain as we were able to come up with this list of the Top 10 Best Tape Gun in 2019 Reviews. By following our list, you will able to find the best tape gun that will serve you for many years to come. These tape guns are:

10.Uline H-150 Hand-Held 2-Inch Side Loading Industrial Tape Dispenser

This tape dispenser offers an excellent solution for your office, and there exist many reasons for this. One of the reasons is the fact that this tape gun is made of the metal and several parts are made of hard steel. This product comes with a small metal flap whose function is to stop the tension of the tape. It flips down very easily and allows the new roll get out smoothly. This gun also includes a metal cutter that is very sharp and the handle that is not hard to grip. It is very easy to use this tape gun, and you simply insert the tape from the side. The adjustable brake helps in controlling the tension.


i)It has a very sharp metal cutter.

ii)Purely made of metal to resist corrosion.

iii)Presence of extra-large handle for maximum comfort.


i)Large handle might inconvenience those with small hands.

Best Tape Gun

9.Scotch H180 Box Sealing Tape Dispenser

This sealing tape gun is one of the best tape guns available on the market. You can use this device faster, and it is comfortable. It has an adjustable brake positioned at the center of this gun that allows the control of the tension and delivery.  The system assists you to apply the tape and with no waste seamlessly. This tape gun is constructed of metal with the addition of the rigid plastic creating a rugged and durable device. Its pistol-grip design enables to operate with a single hand easily. It is also lightweight and used for box sealing, carton sealing, reinforcing, combining, and bundling operations.

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i)Pistol grip design allows single hand operation.

ii)The user can manipulate tape tension easily due to the presence of brakes.


i)Its sharp cutting edge might cause a lot of accidents.

Best Tape Gun

8.Tach-It MN2 2″ Wide Economical Tape Gun

The Tach-It MN2 2″ Wide Economical Tape Gun is made of all steel frame that has the adjustable brake. This tape gun is non-reversible and has the spring. It is also lightweight, and you can carry it very easily. You can use tapes that measure 2 inches wide or less. Additionally, this tape dispenser is long-lasting and is available at a lower price in the market currently. You can use this tape gun quickly and is very safe to be used by the older people who have knowledge on how to use it. It is suitable for all the general taping applications. It also has the heavy duty blade. You can purchase this product from Amazon.


i)The handle is well cushioned to prevent tension.

ii)Delivers excellent performance like those expensive tape guns yet it is available at low price.


i)It has no frills.

Best Tape Gun

7.Officemate 2-In-1 Recycled Tape Dispenser Heavy Duty Black

The Officemate Recycled 2-In-1 Heavy Duty Tape gun is very simple to use. Its heavy weighted base enables you to easily use one hand as it will be very stable.  It has the rubber feet that has been attached to the base making sure that it will stay in place. It holds a roll of a 2-Inch packaging tape and 0.75-inch tape. The tape gun is suitable for sample room, mail room, and shipping department. It also includes a compartment for holding pencils, pens, and scissors. It is of high-quality hence popular for many users.


i)It is made of eco-friendly materials that do not pollute the environment.

ii)Suitable for shipping offices and mail rooms.


i)Quite bulky.

Best Tape Gun

6.Duck Brand Foam Handle Standard Tape Gun

The Duck Company is popularly known for manufacturing the best tape guns. The Duck Brand provides the full line of tape guns packaging. This tape gun features the adjustable tension control knob that can be adjusted to offer smooth tape application and helps decrease the operator fatigue. This product also has the design that protects the blade safety, and it is very comfortable to use. It works with 2 inch wide tapes. The easy to thread design enables you to apply the tape smoothly. Due to its durable metal housing, it offers heavy duty performance. It also comes with 1 54-yard roll of clear tape.


i)Made of durable materials to withstand heavy works.

ii)It has extra sharp blades to cut wider tapes up to inches.


i)Quite expensive for those with a limited budget.

Best Tape Gun

5.Tartan Box Sealing Hand-Held HB902 Black Tape Dispenser

If you need to do taping or seal your box with just a single hand and still have the full control, then this dispenser suits you perfectly. It works with the tapes of up to 2 inches wide and the core of 3 inches. This tape gun is made of a long-lasting plastic. It is very comfortable to operate this hand-held dispenser, and you can control it easily. You can adjust the tension by your thumb to offer tight and secure seals. It is used for sealing carton, closing the box, reinforcing, combining and bundling operations. This is one of the best guns.

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i)Suitable for heavy duty tapes.

ii)Very easy to operate the dispenser. The tapes do not stick inside it.


i)It occupies large storage space.

Best Tape Gun

4.Tartan Box Sealing Pistol Grip HB903 Black Tape Dispenser

This tape gun is available at a very affordable price when you compare with the quality that it provides you. If you want to have good results with this device, then you are supposed to set the tension knob tight enough. This is done on the tape mounting wheel. If you don’t set it well, the tape gun tends to spin a little bit after you make a cut because it is too slack which then results into being stuck to spring arm. You can operate it with one hand, and its pistol-grip design enables easy application. It is made of plastic and metal which creates a durable product. It is also lightweight which makes it easy for you to carry.


i)This type of gun features compact construction with some of the parts made of plastic and other is made of durable metal.

ii)Its lightweight natures make it highly portable from one room to the other.


i)You need to extra cautious to achieve excellent performance.

Best Tape Gun

3.Zodaca Mini Desktop Tape Dispenser

This tape gun has a very beautiful outlook and comes in many colors for you to choose your favorite color. You can choose this product for your daily use at your home. It is lightweight but very stable. It also has a sharp saw tooth to cut your tape easily. The blade is corrosion-resistant, and so it does not rust easily.  It is not that easy to slip while pulling the tape, though. The tape dispenser is suitable for the tapes of Ü18mm wide. It measures 125 by 60 by 55 mm. This device is so cute and easy to carry. It is also affordable.


ii)Multi-purpose because it delivers great seal both at school and in the office.

iii)Looks so attractive.


i)It limited functionality as it is uniquely meant for packaging tapes.

Best Tape Gun

2.START International ZCM2000 Electronic Tape Dispenser

This electronic tape dispenser is made to apply and automatically cuts the tape. It is perfect for medium to high production industries. This tape gun uses tapes as from 0.28 to 2 inches wide and lengths from 0.79 to 39 inches. You can use the available 3 programs to dispense the tape with the use of this product. You can also set the length of the cut and automatic feed with the LED display panel and the push buttons. The pressure roller can be adjusted for the different tape gun thickness. This product is also available at a fair price.


i)The presence of programmable tape lengths eases your work. It also saves a lot of time.

ii)This tape gun makes use automatic feeding mechanism.


i)The push button is manually operated may stick with time.

Best Tape Gun

1.Duck Brand EZ Start Packaging Tape with Dispenser

The Duck Brand is popularly known for offering the best quality and useful tape guns. This brand delivers high quality and amazing value tape guns to the customers who are searching for convenient and friendly solutions to their problems. This tape gun is safe and very easy to use. It has been designed perfectly. It also includes a 2.6 mil thick packaging tape of the high performance. The EZ Start technology ensures that your gun unrolls easily and smoothly. With this product, you are guaranteed of not losing the tape end, and no tearing occurs. It also follows the postal regulations and provides temperature performance of wide range hence great for the post office. Its UV rays resistance makes it last longer and prevents the yellowing with time.

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i)Ideal for commercial sealing as in the factory because it withstands a high range of temperatures.

ii)Made from durable materials to last longer.


i)Some of the customers find it hard to work with this gun.

Best Tape Gun

Tape Gun Buying Guide

To help in buying the best tape gun, it is imperative to understand the type of tapes that exist in the market. They are:

Types of Tapes

Each tape gun works best for a particular type of tape. There are many types of tapes available for your project. They include;

i)Duct Tapes

They are available in many colors. It offers excellent adhesion. As the name suggest, these tapes are used to hold different parts of tubes together. Additionally, the versatile as you can use for a principal project.

ii)Electrical Tape

Like duct tapes, they are sold out in many colors. They commonly used for electrical purposes. Electrical tapes are made of Vinyl materials because vinyl are flexible and some may be UV resilient. It provides a firm seal. Also, it is waterproof hence electrical components are safe from shock generation. When used for marking wires it is advisable to use a tape of different colors. They provide excellent insulation.

iii)Carpet tapes

Carpet tapes are of two type; indoor and outdoor carpets. Most of the carpet tapes are supple and durable. The manufacturing company emphasizes to ensure customers satisfaction. They should be leak proof, moist and dirt resistant. They can extend their functionality to safeguards rugs.

iv)Masking Tape

Masking Tapes are accessible in different adhesive power. They are highly versatile as they can serve various purposes. Also, you can secure your painting using a masking tape. Some are engineered to accommodate rough surfaces while others are meant for delicate surfaces.

v)Mounting Tape

Both sides are adhesive. They are available in unique square pads. Majorly used for hanging items on the wall such as a mirror, posters among others.


We understand the vital role that a tape gun plays in our businesses and homes. For this reason, we took the time to look at the various tape guns on the market. Lucky for us, we also use tape guns for our business, and we were able to use our experience to select the best tape guns in the market. The above list is the ultimate guide in your quest to get the best and affordable tape gun in 2019. Happy shopping!


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