Top 10 Best Swingline Staplers Reviewed In 2019

Swingline is a very popular and quality committed brand which has manufactured a vast number of very functional stapler models. Various models may incorporate their distinctive useful features that benefit users. As such, if you need to by a great model by this incredibly appreciable brand, the following top 10 best Swingline staplers in 2019 reviews will do you a great service, providing many benefits in improved working efficiency, at home or in office. Read on to discover these select models.

10. Swingline Metal Fashion S7087831

Swingline Metal Fashion S7087831

It is another high performance stapler by Swingline with lots of benefits for its users. Using it, you get to accelerate your own projects in your office or home. It provides durable and effective stapling performance, making it provide awesome experience to you. It has a modern, stylish design, improving its appearance. It is a perfect stapler useful both at home and in office. It can staple up to 20 sheets at a go.

9. Swingline Stapler S7087875 Optima 70

Swingline Stapler S7087875 Optima 70

Optima 70 is among the best versions of the Swingline stapler line today. Effortless to use, it has an ergonomic handle supported by a soft-touch, comfortable material. It offers jam-free operation, while its QuickLoad magazine performance allows users have easy time loading it with staples, saving a lot of time. It has a great design with elegant finish inspire and ensure excellent and improved productivity.

8. Swingline LightTouch S7066402

Swingline LightTouch S7066402

The Swingline LightTouch S7066402 is another great quality stapler that features full-strip magazine that holds up to 210 staples. It is an efficient model requiring half the force needed to use a traditional stapler. It allows smooth, quiet, and consistent stapling experience. It has a professional design that ensures smooth and easy operation. It is ideal for low sheet counts, featuring a 20-sheet stapling capacity and soft grip surface in order to allow for a safe and comfortable handheld use. LightTouch S7066402 is made of durable plastic and integrates a duly functional metal mechanism.

7. Swingline Tot Stapler

Swingline Tot Stapler

This is a miniature stapler which delivers big power. It is a 12-sheet stapling capacity model that is ideal for the common stapling activities in office, at home, or school. Swingline Tot works with the standard size staples for great performance. It features strong plastic construction yet lightweight for great convenience and which holds up for long, even with daily abuse. It comes in several colors for you to choose your favorite. Its customers enjoy a full year warranty.

6. Swingline S7087842 Stapler Optima 40


It is a totally jam-free and compact stapler which is effortless to use. It provides excellent and powerful stapling performance and provides comfort and convenient handheld use by its cushion grip. It is made of long lasting materials and has quality construction for improved overall quality and performance. It comes backed by a 100 percent money-back assurance, boosting buyer confidence. It is quite liked for its optimum impressive performance.

5. Swingline S7077701 Desk Stapler

Swingline S7077701 Desk Stapler

It is a high capacity stapler that gets your workday well streamlined. With Swingline S7077701 Desk stapler you are able to staple between 2 and 60 sheets of papers effortlessly, excellently. No need changing your staple type or size. It is a durable and simple to use stapler requiring 30% less manual effort compared with traditional staplers. It is a good pick for efficiency in both desktop and home work use. It includes top quality 500 Swingline Optima High Capacity staples.

4. Swingline Stapler 747 Manual Stapler

Swingline Stapler 747 Manual Stapler

This is one more Swingline’s stapler available on the market. It is an eco-friendly standard model of stapler that is made of long lasting, 50% recycled quality material, providing a 15-sheet stapling capacity using Swingline S.F 4 staples. It performs excellently, and features functional antimicrobial protection to make it safe for shared workspace for it is bacteria repellent while fighting off bad odors, fungus, and mildew. Nicely contoured, it has a matte finish and accommodates a complete strip of 210 staples. It has a non-slip rubber base.

3. Swingline Heavy Duty Stapler S7039005

Swingline Heavy Duty Stapler S7039005

A bestseller on reputable online retailer shops like the Amazon, this is one of the most sought after, highest rated, and widely appreciated heavy-duty Swingline staplers. It offers as high as 160-sheet stapling capacity, providing high quality and versatile performance to all users. It helps you improve your working speed and productivity. Its precision staple alignment guide allows you to easily and neatly staple your papers. It is popular for its maximum performance and durability, truly a buy worth the money.

2. Swingline S7054501 Standard Stapler

Swingline S7054501 Standard Stapler

With a backing of countless high rated reviews from satisfied customers, this is a bestseller product on the Amazon today. It has the capacity to staple 20 sheets, which makes it an ideal pick for your stapling needs whether at home or in office. It has an open channel loading, supply indicator, durable metal build, a functional locking latch, and also jam-resistant system. It is a highly popular stapler for its strength and durability for supporting any of your stapling needs in the best way imaginable.

1. Swingline 44401 Commercial Desk Stapler

Swingline 44401 Commercial Desk Stapler

This stapler model from Swingline is doubtless top performer. Designed to offer superb desktop use, the 44401 Commercial Desk Stapler packs a great punch, able to perfectly staple up to 20-sheet papers fast and excellently in one stroke. It is durable, made of quality metal, and conveniently designed. Its integrated inner rail reduces the risk of staple jam while the positive locking latch ensures staples are safely and securely inserted in the ideal position. It is a good pick for use in any setting, and it is also ranked as a bestseller product on the Amazon today.

You are going to get a lot of benefits and support in your various stapling needs when you opt for any of the above highlighted top 10 best Swingline staplers in 2019 reviews, according to your individual needs. They are versatile and offer excellent performance, helping you speed up your performance and productivity.

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