Top 10 Best Survival Kits

It is quite an uncertain world out there, and you’re never sure what will happen the next minute. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to get prepared for any eventualities. And there’s no better way to do so than to get a survival kit. That way, you can increase your chances of survival when the unforeseen happens.

The challenge though remains in figuring out which item should feature in your kit. You should, thus, be very calculative when shopping for products that you may require in times of an emergency. We’ve got out of our way to compile this best survival kits list to help increase your chances of making your way out of a calamity in one piece.

10. HT-747 Emergency NOAA Weather Radio

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Nothing can be as inconveniencing as a power blackout. It is even worse when the weather is not so good. During such times, you don’t want your phone or other mobile devices going off. That’s where the handiness of the HT-747 weather radio comes in. With this kit;

You Have a Power Station in Your Hand

Yes, this is a true survival kit! It boasts and improved 1000mAh capacity to ensure that your smartphone stays charged whenever there’s no power. And because it can provide you with up to 10 hours of power, its reliability is not in question.

You Get up-to-the Minute Weather Updates

As its name suggests, the 1000mAh allows you to get disaster and weather alerts in your area. In essence, this means that you can know when to leave in case of an imminent catastrophe.

9. BlizeTec Survival Knife

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If you’re an adventurer, this is one of the best survival tools you can own. It features a drop-point blade with a serrated saw, a magnesium alloy fire starter, a bright LED flashlight. It also comes with a window breaker, a pocket clip, and a seatbelt cutter as well as a blade lock. It allows you to;

Be Ready, Always

The BlizeTec is a multipurpose survival knife that can prove useful in almost every other situation. You can use it for hunting, outdoor activities, hiking, and camping. With such dexterity, it is a must have item for emergency preparedness.

Enjoy Impeccable Convenience

The BlizeTec is compact. Thus, it is easy to carry and keep. It only measures 8.5 inches when open and only five inches when closed. Plus, its design is sleek and alluring.

8. Deluxe 2-Person Perfect Survival Kit

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A hot contender for the best survival kit 2019, this set comes with the essentials you need during an emergency. It features 24 pouches of water and 2,400 calories of food. And the best part is, the United States Guard approves it. Other items include;

Rechargeable Squeeze LED Flashlight

When disaster strikes (especially at night), you need a reliable source of light. This kit comes with a LED flashlight that doesn’t require extra batteries. Just squeeze the dynamo handle for sixty seconds and get up to 30 minutes of continuous light!

A Host of Other Essentials

This kit also comes with other items for survival including a signal mirror, compass, waterproof container, sleeping bags, ponchos and 40 waterproof matches. There’s also a washer bag and oxygen activated warmer packs.

7. MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit

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When you’re in the wildness, you’d better be sure that you can have something to eat. This cookware kit from MalloMe is what you need to make sure that happens. It comes with everything you need to cook and serve your next meal. It stands out due to its;

Remarkable Durability

The best survival kit should offer you years of service. The MalloMe sports high-quality FDA approved non-toxic aluminum. Besides, it can collapse into a small bundle whenever you need to storage it. It could as well be a perfect gift for your backpacking friends.

Value for Money

Just in case you’re wondering what this survival set contains, well here it is. It comes with a nonstick pot, a pot over, a nonstick pan, two BPA-free bowls and folding stainless steel spork. There’s also a wooden spoon spatula and a cleaning sponge as well as a nylon travel bag.

6. Survival GRENADE Emergency Key Chain

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If you’re on a tight budget, the Survival GRENADE survival kit is for you. But, don’t take the inexpensive price tag to mean less value. This set has everything you’d require to survive practically in any situation. We take a closer look;

Lifetime Quality

The Survival GRENADE will always be ready for use over the years. In fact, it can be the to-go-to emergency kit. Best of all, you can count it to help you sail you through any weather, altitude or other extreme conditions.

Eight Survival Tool

When we say that the GRENADE has everything you require in an emergency situation, we meant. It comes with a sharp eye knife, carabiner, several feet of paracord and cotton tinder. Add fishing tools and a magnesium fold lint and what you get is a complete survival kit.

5. Ready America Emergency Kit, 2-Person

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A set that has everything required to sustain two people for three days deserves mention among the best survival kits. As a matter of fact, this is the backup you need to stash in your car whenever you’re taking a road trip. It comes with;

Food, Water, and Emergency Blankets

It almost goes without saying that to survive in emergency situations, you need adequate energy levels. The only way to do this is to eat enough portions and drink water to stay hydrated. The Ready America does it one better – it comes with blankets to keep you warm.

Basic First Aid Kit

While this may not be the ultimate first aid kit, it has all the tools to ensure you attend to light injuries. You get a dust mask, nitrile glove, whistle, ponchos and tissue – pretty much everything you’d expect in a standard first aid set.

4. A2S Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak Series

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If you ever get lost in a forest, the A2S Paracord will sort you out. It is a five in one survival kit with a flint fire starter, high-quality compass, emergency whistle, and knife as well as a fire scrapper. It doesn’t stop there, the A2S is;

Fashionable and Functional

Judging by its construction, this kit certainly can come to your rescue in emergency situations. It sports military grade 55- paracord to guarantee usability. All its tools are easy to access and use too.

Superior Power and Versatility

The A2S Paracord will fit any wrist between 8 and 9 inches. The compass is embedded in buckle for secure wear. Meanwhile, it has undergone tests of 550 pounds to gauge its minimum breaking point. Be sure to use it in any situations that require the use of cordage or a strong rope.

3. Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask

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When diving underwater, you need to be sure of your safety. The Seaview is your best survival companion to help you breathe comfortably when snorkeling. It offers a 180° viewing area, which happens to be the biggest of any snorkel mask. That way, you can be sure that you will spot potentially dangerous sea creatures before they get to you. The Seaview 180° GoPro also features;

Dry Snorkel Technology

This stops salty water from getting into your mouth and by extension prevents you from gagging. Thus, you can spend more time enjoying your time under water and worrying less of possible risks.

Anti-Fog Design

A mask that’s always fogging up can be disastrous. The Seaview GoPro however, comes with a separate breathing chamber to allow airflow air from your visor. This helps eliminate fogging and keep you snorkeling longer.

2. Survivor Filter PRO

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In emergency situations, getting drinking water is one thing but ensuring that the water is safe is entirely different. The Filter PRO is that tool you need to reduce heavy metals and improve the taste of your drinking water. It most notable features include;

Super Fast Flow Rate

This unit can filter up to 17 ounces of water per minute. It also comes with a detailed user guide, an attachable cup, relatively larger tubing and up to 100,000-liter ultrafilter. You may use it directly from a fresh water source and pump the water into a portable hydration pack.

Triple Filtration

With the ability to filter water to 0.01 microns, the Survivor PRO ensures water at its purest form. Repeated tests show that it removes 99.9% of bacteria, staph, and viruses. It will also get rid of 99.5% of mercury, which is way beyond EPA recommendations for water filters.

1. 2-in-1 First Aid Kit

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A first aid kit comes in handy when in an emergency state. This one from Swiss Safe features 120 medical grade items in a compact, durable and flexible pack. At mere 1.2 pounds, you can take it anywhere from school to the workplace or outdoor adventure. It tops the list of the best survival kits because;

FDA Approved

This first aid kit sticks to the quality recommendation of the FDA. It is, therefore, safe for use. As a matter of fact, it is common in hospitals and used by doctors and nurses. In other words, it is a highly rated kit – one of the best on the market.

Comes With a Mini First Aid Kit

As the name suggests, this is a2 in 1first aid kit. It has a small pouch, lightweight mini kit, that includes CPR tools, gauze, bandages and sting relief pads as well as refill essentials. And the best part is, this smaller set can fit in your backpack, pocket or handbag.

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