Top 10 Best Street Soccer Balls of 2021 – Reviews

Billions of people around have played soccer casually at some point in their lives and hundreds of millions play it actively. It is by far the most popular sport in the world, so having the right gear for it is imperative regardless of your playing skill. While soccer is professionally played on a large pitch, millions of people around the world play it in the streets, which is where a specific type of ball is needed. You could, of course, play street soccer with a regular soccer ball, but be prepared to change the ball quite often on account of it getting damaged by the hard surface. So if you’re looking for a good street soccer ball, here are the ten best street soccer balls the market has to offer for you to choose from.

Best Street Soccer Balls – Top List

10Senda – Alegre Club (Fair Trade Certified)


buy from amazonSena-Alegre Club is a typical soccer ball with 32 panels adequately sewn together to enhance soccer play. Ideal for outdoor settings, this ball features among others 4 polyester layers and cotton hybrid that help it retain its characteristic shape and an inflatable bladder made from butyl for long-lasting and consistent pressure levels. What’s more, the panels are made using premium synthetic and the stitching is purely hand-stitched.

9Soccer Innovations Multicolor

TPU technology

buy from amazonThis Soccer Innovations soccer ball is made using dual technology provisions that makes this soccer ball not only waterproof but also weather-resistant. What’s more this ball is also designed using bladder material that restrains it from over expanding. Furthermore, besides boasting a textured material exterior that improves its durability, its graffiti design gives this ball a more stunning look while also delivering optimal results.

8Senda Street (Fair Trade Certified)


buy from amazonIt has a stunning design and comes with 32 panels that are adequately sewed together to produce an attractive and appealing sphere after its inflation. It boasts hand stitching which guarantees tighter and stronger seams. This blend of provisions makes this ball ideal for hard courts, rugged terrain, and concrete. It boasts a firmer grip as opposed to typical balls courtesy of its underlying rubberized materials. Finally, it is equipped with polyester material that gives it a perfectly spherical shape and a latex bladder (inflatable) that improve the ball’s surface tension.

7American Challenge All Terrain Soccer Ball


buy from amazonThis is an ideal street accessory that works well for any individual who wants to boost their individual soccer skills. It has been designed using an exclusive inner bladder which holds air better than the rest of the competition. With its smooth design, it solves the problems that come with ground moved impediments and panned challenges. With an extensive design that works well on all surfaces, this is the ball that will ensure you enjoy nothing but victory.

6Senda Futsal Soccer Ball

TPU technology

buy from amazonThis particular ball is one that is ideal for any type of training space but exceptionally good on futsal courts. It is made using rubber exterior subsequently imprinted Senda Street which makes it among the best balls in terms of low bounce. It caters for any types of tricks and styles courtesy of its excellent grip. Simply put, this ball guarantees you total dominance in any football arena.

5Senda Playa Beach Fair Trade Certified


buy from amazonSenda Playa makes the list courtesy of its impressive design features. Besides featuring minimized panel number, this all is also abrasion resistant and soft making it suitable for regular barefoot play as is popular with typical street soccer. Every panel is proficiently hand-stitched rendering it both durable and suitable adapted to survive the harshest play conditions. The ball comprises four layers of cotton hybrid and polyester linings placed between its underlying bladder and shell to aid the ball in not only retaining its original shape but also guaranteeing a nice bounce and kick.

4Adidas Performance off Pitch Sala FUTS


buy from amazon

This is a machine stitched soccer ball that features nylon-wound carcass which boasts its durability. It also comes with a characteristically low rebound which an advanced baseball contour, and an exclusive butyl bladder boating excellent air retention which helps it remain inflated for more extended periods. This Adidas ball boasts a unique futsal/sala size and is the official Futsal soccer ball as recommended by FIFA and UEFA.

3American Brasilia Soccer Ball

TPU technologyfootball
buy from amazonAmerican Brasilia Soccer Ball comes with an excellent soft-touch design that not only assures you of fantastic fun play but even confidence in your playtime. The ball features an exclusive thermoformed seam which shells it both for accuracy and smooth control. Its underlying bladder material comprises butyl and as such keeps the ball inflated for quite a long time to help you enjoy playtime. Moreover, its TPU technology renders this play accessory more durable compared to other typical soccer balls. Finally, it also features a complete 30-day money back guarantee plus a one-year manufacturer warranty.

2KixFriction Soccer Training Ball

TPU technologybuy from amazonThis is a premium grade soccer ball that helps you improve your skills by building enhanced and more aggressive ball passing and enhanced goal kick power. Because of the charming design, it is ideal for strengthening excellent foot skills. It also helps you have a more accurate and robust strike since when kicked through the air, it only goes about half the average distance.

1Ultra-Durable Soccer Ball (One World Play Project)


buy from amazonThis is an ultra-durable ball that stays in shape and inflated for long periods of time. It is crafted to suit any playing conditions also allowing play on turf and grass too. It is difficult to differentiate it from typical balls unless when you kick it to experience both its accuracy and toughness. It comes in diverse sizes from size 4 (youth) to size 55 (adult). It also helps grow the society since with every purchase; you sponsor youth from less fortunate communities across the globe.

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Street Soccer Ball Buying Guide


Fun and intuitive, soccer is actively played by almost a billion people worldwide, regardless of their skill level, age, or gender. Depending on where you are geographically, certain soccer accessories might work better than others, with balls being by far the most important. A good soccer ball can make all the difference in the world in the right environment, especially if you and your friends are trying to not only have fun but to also improve your level. For that, you need a soccer ball to match. Let us point out that street soccer balls come in all shapes and sizes, which is why you need to pay close attention to the details when buying one.

Type Of Ball

First of all, you want to ensure that you’re getting the ball that best suits your environment and playing surface. While you could, in theory, use a regular grass ball for street soccer, you have to expect the ball to get damaged much faster due to its smooth exterior. For this reason, you want to make sure that your ball of choice has a hard exterior and that it possesses all the properties of a traditional soccer ball.


It might sound silly, but always make sure you’re getting a perfectly spherical ball. Some balls, even those made by reputable manufacturers, have certain flaws in construction, the type that make them bounce slightly sideways every time they hit the ground. In an effort to ensure that you’re getting a good one, pay close attention to the edges in front of a light source and maybe even compare its curvature with other perfectly spherical objects in the room.


No matter how limited your options may be, don’t just pick up any ball you find, that’s a sure way of ending up with a flat ball in no time. Always look for certified balls because they’re by far the most durable balls the market has to offer. In order to get certified, soccer balls have to pass a series of trials to ensure they’re in the right condition to be played with, which is why you should opt for certified balls even when they’re a bit more expensive.


Speaking of expensive balls, we should definitely point out that when it comes to soccer balls, the pricier a ball gets the more likely it will offer a performance to match. This is particularly accurate when describing balls made by reputable manufacturers who usually make their high-end balls of sturdier materials than your average ball. It should also be noted that the price of soccer balls differs according to their specifications, with high-end grass balls being a bit more expensive than practice or street soccer balls.


Like we said, an outdoor match ball differs in construction from indoor and street soccer balls. Usually, street soccer balls are much harder on the exterior and they often comprise an interior chamber that can be inflated or deflated depending on your needs. The construction of a ball is usually reflected in its price so don’t expect to pay less for a street soccer ball than on a beach ball for example.


We already established that construction plays a major role when it comes to soccer balls, but what exactly are we supposed to look for? First of all, plastic balls are usually the first to break and go flat, no matter how careful you are or what surface you’re using them on. These balls are fairly cheap and their cheapness is usually reflected in their other properties, like having an awkward bounce or being too light to be kicked hard. We found that nylon-based exteriors are best at protecting a ball’s structure, so look for nylon or nylon derivates when choosing a street soccer ball.


Another thing to consider is the intended purpose for you buying a specific ball. The reason we say this is because practice balls tend to be not only differently made than playing balls but also differently priced. With a practice ball, you get almost all the benefit of a playing ball, albeit slightly smaller or made from a lighter exterior material. You should also consider how often you’ll be playing with it and what surface because depending on the ball you might get one that bounces well on hard and soft surfaces alike.


Last but not least, make sure to get a good warranty for the ball of your choice, especially if you’re not entirely sure about how it performs. With renowned manufacturers, you always get a decent warranty, one that can even be extended on demand. This is certainly something to look into if you’ve spent an awful lot on a high-end soccer ball. Having said that, if you constantly play on a hard surface, then you should definitely look for a ball that comes with a long warranty.