Top 10 Best Stopwatches Reviewed in 2021

If you are an athlete or a cook, it’s likely that at some point you might have used a stopwatch to time your activity. But even if you are not one, still you can use a stopwatch to time yourself and we will assist you in selecting the best ones out there.There are manual variants where you set the start and stop time manually and there are digital variants which are automatic and far more accurate.

Overtime, stopwatches have been improvised and today provide a range of other utilities like an alarm, calendar etc. We have reviewed here the ten best stopwatches in 2021. Read to find out the perfect one for you.

10. SportLine 480 Tough Timer Stopwatch

SportLine 480 Tough Timer Stopwatch

The Sportline 480 Timer Stopwatch from Sportline is a stopwatch made in the United States and has laser-tuned quartz crystal accuracy. This stopwatch boast unique features that include unlimited splits that enable one to operate single events and timed out events and a very certain 1/100th-second feature.

It has grid skin outer shell that makes it slip proof and shock resistant in case of a fall. In addition to this the Stopwatch is water resistant. It also has a digital tally counter that is used to monitor and take scores while at the same time recording attendance. This stopwatch has a large LCD that displays time and date making it easy to read. The SportLine stopwatch has a backlight that makes it visible to read at night.

For someone that lives in a rugged environment, where you are not so sure about the weather conditions this stopwatch is the best option for you.

If you’re looking for a stopwatch that is made to meet the demands of an active sports person, here is a great unit.


  • Easy to use and boasts an elegant look
  • Its durable due to its grid skin outer shell.
  • It is water and shock resistant and is also resistant to dust.
  • Has a laser tuned quartz that helps in giving accurate times.
  • Has a digital tally that helps in monitoring and taking attendance.
  • It also has a large display making it easy to read the timings.


9. Champion Sports Stopwatch

Champion Sports Stopwatch

The Champion stopwatch is easy to use simple stopwatch that has features that enable anyone using them time, keep time and comes with other key features that make you more productive. The water and shock resistant stop watch are very convenient as it enables a sports person to train and time themselves without having to worry about damage from falls or even when you are swimming.

This stopwatch comes with the option of a 12hr or a 24hr display, making it a great pick for coaches and runners. The great thing about this stopwatch is, it has multi-functions where it can be used as a daily alarm clock or an hourly chime. The Champion Stopwatch has a large digital display that has a 1/100 of a second precision and also a lap counter.

The stopwatch comes with very few modes making it very easy to use without having to go through the hustle of manually understanding which mode is used at what specific times. You can get this stop watch in whichever color that you prefer as it comes with various colors hence you are spoilt for choice.


  • Easy to use
  • The stop watch is quite affordable.
  • The stopwatch can be utilized in any kind of weather or situation as it is water and shock resistant.
  • Has a large display making it easy to see the digits
  • Convenient as it can be used as an alarm clock too.
  • It has a lap counter for the first 30 minutes.


  • May not be used in an exam setting as its chime has a continuous beep.

8. Ultrak 495 Memory Lap Timer

Ultrak 495 Memory Lap Timer

This 100 dual split lap timer by Ultrak is a favorite in the sports industry and has been manufactured in the United States. The Ultrak 495 Memory lap timer features a memory recall, which is a great feature, for active stopwatch users. For convenience and ease of use, this stopwatch boasts a large three-row display.

It comes in an attractive classic design that oozes its classic and chic look. It has a continuous display of events and time. The stopwatch as a ten hours measure and has a 1/100 dual split resolution. You can also use this stop watch as an alarm clock to enable you stick to your schedules and activities.

It also has a lithium battery that lasts up to five years that gives you backup for all your settings and alarms. This stopwatch can also be used in any kind of weather or place as it is water resistant making it very convenient for its users. In addition to this it has a stroke frequency that has a calendar and shows the time.


  • The stopwatch is easy to use and carry around as it has a cord that someone can place around their neck.
  • Has easy to use buttons and a clearly visible display.
  • Has a backup lithium battery that lasts for five years.
  • The stopwatch is very ideal for split races due to its dual split feature.
  • The stopwatch is accurate and durable.


  • The stopwatch has a slight snap and beep when operating it which is uncomfortable for some people.

7. Marathon ST083009 Adanac 4000 Digital Stopwatch

Marathon ST083009 Adanac 4000 Digital Stopwatch

The Marathon Digital Stopwatch boasts a lot of features that make this stopwatch famous amongst many athletes and exercise savvy people. The stopwatch boasts an impressive display of time and a calendar giving you convenience while operating the stopwatch. You also get the option of an alarm clock when you use this stopwatch.

The stopwatch has a split display mode that allows you to operate it while timing is still continuing. In addition to this, it has a lanyard nylon that makes it water and dust resistant. The stopwatch displays 1/100th seconds for about thirty minutes. It has a jumbo display as well making it visible and easy to use.

The Marathon Digital stopwatch has large grip buttons that make it easy to start, stop or even reset your stopwatch. In addition to this it boasts a rollover function that is automatic and as well as a timeout mode timing.


  • It has a large display that shows minutes and seconds and 1/100th seconds.
  • It is water and dust resistant.
  • Easy to use due to its large grip buttons.
  • It oozes a split mode functionality where different split modes can be utilized.
  • The stopwatch is very affordable
  • It is durable and functional at the same time.
  • It has a neck lanyard for convenience purposes.


  • May not be very visible in low lighting as it does not have a backlight.

6. Digital Professional Handheld Chronograph Sports Stopwatch

Digital Professional Handheld Chronograph Sports Stopwatch

This digital stopwatch stands out for its quality and user’s convenience. This is an ideal stopwatch for people that go for runs and need to time themselves. It can measure your time up to the last millisecond. You’ll also love the hourly chime and the ease of use. If you find it hard to use, there is a manual that gives you simple instructions on how to use it.

There is more to that, it is made with an alarm function, which comes in handy when you want to wake up or get an alert when doing something. Apart from the alarm clock feature, there is time display, so you don’t need a watch when using it. And the third display mode is the date time.

It is water resistant, making it usable when its raining or when swimming, during frost or snow. There is also an adjustable strap, which you can use on your wrist or neck, allowing you to self-time, when performing.


  • It is very economical and affordable for the user.
  • Has multi functions and can work as an alarm clock that keeps you on your schedule.
  • It will serve you for years, if taken care off.
  • Has an easy to use buttons.
  • The neck strap helps you in multitasking where you can still exercise while at the same time timing yourself.
  • It is water resistant


  • It lacks the timer function.

5. Travelwey Digital Stopwatch

Travelwey Digital Stopwatch

This stopwatch from the Travelwey brand is ideal for classroom activities, exercises, games or even coaching. It has a very comfortable to hold as it has a casing that is made from lightweight plastic. This also makes it very durable against falls and breakages.

The stopwatch is powered by a single button cell battery and boasts three buttons that are used for the functions of start, lap or reset. The lap time feature can be paused as the time continues to operate in the background. It also has other features that include an inbuilt alarm clock, time and a calendar which makes it very convenient for the user. In addition to this, it has an hourly chime that can be switched on and off for convenience purposes.

It takes very minimal presses to control this stopwatch making it very easy to operate. The stopwatch also has a wrist strap that is convenient for one when they are running as they can time themselves at the same time. The good thing about this stop watch is that it comes with a 60-Day Money Back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the way it functions and operates.


  • Easy to use and operate due to the minimal presses it requires to operate.
  • Very safe especially around children especially the battery as it is not easily removable due to the safe way the compartment is fastened.
  • It is very lightweight because of its plastic casing making very easy to carry on your wrist or neck when you go about your activities.
  • Money back Guarantee after 60 Days if you are not satisfied with the stopwatch.
  • It has a manual that has no frills making it easy to use


  • It does not have a countdown functionality.

4. ProCoach RS-013 Water Resistant Sports Stopwatch

ProCoach RS-013 Water Resistant Sports Stopwatch

Research shows that this is one of the favorite stopwatches by sport persons. There is a reason for this, it made with sports persons in mind. The Procoach Sports Stopwatch has a 1/100th split second timing functionality that enables one to accurately measure multiple events with absolute precision.

The stopwatch has three display modes. These modes enable you to be able to check the date; time and even set your alarm clock. Another best thing about this stopwatch is that it can be used in any kind of weather condition, whether it is during the rainy weather or snow, thanks to the water resistant feature. The large numbered display makes it visible for all kinds of eyesight

The ProCoach Stopwatch is also very light weighted. This makes it very ideal for athletes to time themselves while at the same time tracking their performance when either running or swimming. In addition to this it has an adjustable lanyard that can be used as a neck strap making it very convenient and easy to use when you are training.


  • It is light weighted and easy to use.
  • It is water resistant.
  • Has multiple display modes that show time and date.
  • It can function as an alarm clock as well.
  • It also has a split time feature making it easy to accurately measure many events simultaneously.
  • The numbers are large and are easily visible in their display
  • Very precise and reliable.


  • Sometimes when it is dark the display is not very visible.

3. Learning Resources Simple Stopwatch

Learning Resources Simple Stopwatch

One of the most popular stopwatches especially amongst the young children and teachers is the Learning Resources Stopwatch. This stopwatch stands out for its accurate levels and comes in fun and contemporary colors- this is key to children.

It is best for timed exercises when parents want to give time outs to their young ones or encourages fast clean ups. This stopwatch has been designed in such a way that it usable by children and grownups. Despite being simple, this simple stopwatch boasts an easy to read display.

It also has big functional buttons that are color-coded so that it is easy for children of all ages to operate it. In addition to this, it has only three buttons that are made strategically placed. The buttons are red for stop, green for go and yellow for clear. This is a fun stopwatch to use for toddlers of all ages.

The watch also tracks time in terms of minutes, seconds and 1/100th seconds. It operates on a single cell battery making it convenient to move around with as the battery lasts for long. Included in the stopwatch is lanyard that can be used as a wrist strap or a neck strap. The stopwatch does not have beeping sounds like other stopwatches making it ideal for your young ones.

This stopwatch is the best for teachers that want to track their lessons, teach the gym, parents that want to help their kids to start learning and a self-discipline teaching accessory for the children. It also makes an excellent present to give your children on special occasions.


  • The stop watch is easy to use as it just has three easy to use buttons that are simple to understand.
  • It is considered very safe as the battery is in a secured compartment that is not easy to remove.
  • Its large displays make it easy to read.
  • It is lightweight and convenient to use as it has a neck or wrist strap attached to it.


  • It lacks advanced features found in some high-end stopwatches.

2. Marathon Adanac 3000 Stopwatch Timer

Marathon Adanac 3000 Stopwatch Timer

The marathon stopwatches have passed the test of time and are today one of the most sought after brand, with numerous positive revises. The Marathon Adanac 3000 a great model from this brand of stopwatches. First, it is, accurate and compact than other Marathon models and very easy to use.

With its large display, this stopwatch has a good display of seconds, minutes and 1/100th second features. This also makes it easy to read your timer while going about your activities. The stopwatch has laser tuning that enables it to give accuracy on the 1/100th second.

It comes with split mode functionality where it can time single and multiple events. In addition to this it can freeze split while the other timing goes on. The Marathon Adanac 3000 has additional features that including display of the time, the calendar and also an alarm clock.

The stopwatch is also water resistant and can be used in any type of weather especially during rainy and snowy seasons. It is also dust resistant and has a durable casing that protects it from unnecessary breakages. It comes with a neck strap that ensures you multitask in training and at the same time monitoring your progress. This also makes it very convenient to use.


  • Reliable, accurate and impressive ease of use
  • The compact size of this stopwatch makes it comfortable and light weighted to use.
  • The stopwatch is also water and dust resistant making it easy to use in all types of weather.
  • It is also a durable, even when being used daily.
  • The stopwatch has a split mode functionality making it functional in all modes.
  • It has a large display that makes it easy to read.


  • The stopwatch lacks a countdown timer.

1. ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor-A601X Stopwatch

ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor-A601X Stopwatch

This stopwatch with an ergonomic design is one of the best and most sought stopwatches on the market because of its great performance, design, It boasts a number of features that makes it a great deal to stopwatch lovers.

It takes only cumulative splits, which show elapsed time to current events and all split times beginning to the end and not laps like other stopwatches. The release and split function makes it very accurate. It is available on 10 colors, so if you have a favorite color, you have the freedom to get the exact one.

The unit’s display indicates time and date and it has a timing interval of 1/100th seconds. You’ll also love the ACCUSPLIT Stopwatch feature of being water and shock resistant making it viable in any type of environment or weather.

The stopwatch operates on a two-button system where the right button functions as a start and stop button while the left one works as a split and release button. It also has a large digital magnum display that makes it easy to read and see.

This economical stopwatch has a long-lasting 5-year battery, so you don’t need to replace its battery; comparing it with other brands, this is a great feature, from this reputable brand.


  • It is easy to use, quite affordable & without a compromise on its features.
  • It has a digital display that makes it easily visible.
  • The stopwatch is water and shock resistant.
  • The stopwatch also has a long lasting battery that lasts up to five years.
  • It is available in many colors.
  • The ACCUSPLIT stopwatches have no-fail switches and snap instead of beep.
  • Its switches are also very precise and reliable for use.


  • It does not have a backlight thus it is hard to use it in the dark or in dim areas.

Conclusion: The above-reviewed stopwatches were carefully selected and researched according to the functionality, reliability and others unique features, which matter in a stopwatch. We also paid emphasis on customer’s reviews, to assess if the product is meeting the demands of the users. On top of that we also considered the roles played by stopwatches by different users. It is our hope that this reviews, leaves more enlightened about these critical devices, what to look for when shopping and the leading brands. Also check out these latest baseball bat bags we have reviewed.