Top 10 Best Steering Wheel Covers Reviewed In 2021

A cover for your vehicle’s steering wheel can have a bearing on how comfortable your ride has been. The best steering wheel covers protect your steering wheel from dust and damage, lend comfort to your hands and lend an elegant look to your car’s interiors. And if you are that kind of person who is often behind the wheels, then you should definitely go for this all important accessory. We have reviewed here the ten best steering wheel covers 2021, available in the market right now.

Read more to find out which are the best ones you can lay your hands on.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying A Steering Wheel Cover

  • The used materials’ quality: This determines how comfortable the cover will be and its durability
  • Fitting: A proper fitting cover makes all the difference in your steering wheel
  • Price: There are so many great and affordable covers in the market so do your research before ordering
  • Heat/cold resistance, water/sweat resistance: This ensures that you have the best driving experience ever no matter the changes in environment
  • Breathability of the materials used and softness: The more breathable and soft the material is, the more comfortable your cover feels.

10. SPG Outdoors Steering Wheel Cover, Browning 2-grip, Universal Camo

 SPG Outdoors Steering Wheel Cover, Browning 2-grip, Universal Camo

This steering wheel is a Browning version, and it works exactly as described. It is made of high-quality fabric, that gives it a soft touch making all your driving super comfortable and it is odour resistant so that you will avoid all the annoyance of irritating smells. About durability, for this cover, it is unbeatable considering that it features a reinforced interior ring giving it a long-lasting durability. It will give you a great service and for a long time.

This cover also features two built-in rubberized secure grips for an improved handling. This makes your driving safer as you will have an easy time controlling the car. When driving in hot temperatures, you will have a good time driving as the material used in construction is breathable thus keeps your hands sweat-free and ensures that the wheel remains at the right temperature. This is also the case when driving in cold temperatures. Your hands are protected because the fabric used is cold resistant.


  • Fits like a glove
  • Very attractive and well-built
  • Features a soft touch
  • It is odourless
  • Has a durable interior ring
  • Keeps your hands protected from both cold and hot driving
  • Has built-in hand grips


  • Isolated complaints of some buyers were having a hard time installing the cover but if this happens, you can just use some elbow grease, and it will take you less than a minute


This is a super tight steering wheel cover. It does not change its position on your steering wheel or slip. It does what it is meant to do, and it is totally odourless apart from some smell of a new rubber that fades away quickly after installation.

9. Custom Accessories 35710P Steering Wheel Cover with Chrome Trim and Woodgrain Design

Custom Accessories 35710P Steering Wheel Cover with Chrome Trim and Woodgrain Design

The main purpose of getting a steering wheel cover is to add comfort for all weather conditions and fashion for the overall car appearance, and this cover here helps you achieve all this and more. The cover is a universal fit for all steering wheels between 14-12” to 15-1/2” as it features a rubber core that allows for universal fitting. This makes it easy to get a cover that will give your wheel a snug fit helping you avoid all the hassles of receiving and returning a cover because it is too big or struggling to slip it on because it is too small.

Even from the picture, you can tell that you will be receiving a stylish cover as it features a soft black leatherette fabric with wood grain to give it a classy style ideal for any vehicle. Give your car a luxurious look and a super comfortable feel by getting yourself this cover.


  • Luxurious looking cover
  • Designed for both classic style and comfort
  • Holds up great
  • Does not fade in the sun
  • It is super durable
  • It is a universal fit for cars whose steering wheels are between 14-15 inches in diameter
  • It is easy to install and feels really comfortable in your hands


  • Isolated complaints of some people taking too long to fit it on but once done, you will never regret buying it


To give your vehicle a stylish look and add on driving comfort get this cover. It is well-built, stylishly designed and fits perfectly. It’s all you need to enjoy both short and long distance driving.

8. Unique Imports Steering Wheel Cover, Premium Carbon Fiber Accent, Water Resistant

Unique Imports Steering Wheel Cover, Premium Carbon Fiber Accent, Water Resistant

For an amazing grip and perfect fit, this is here is the cover you should get yourself. Its installation is super easy, and once in, it totally gives your steering wheel a totally new feel. It is a small size (14.5”-15”), so before buying one, you should know the size of your steering wheel to avoid frustrations. The cover is made from high-quality and durable PVC vinyl materials, so you are sure that you are getting a good product just by looking at the type of the material use. And, the best thing is that these materials are eco-friendly and they are double stitched and sealed to add on durability.

Once you own one, you will use it for a long time before you get a need to change it. This cover keeps your hands at the right temperature whether it’s cold or hot as it is breathable to keep a constant airflow and cold resistant. When it comes to its colours, they are properly moulded in making sure that they will never fade or discolour thus keeping your steering wheel looking new for a long time.


  • The cover is made from high-quality and durable PVC vinyl materials
  • Its colours are moulded in to make sure that they will not fade or discolour
  • The materials used are ECO-FRIENDLY
  • Offers Premium Durability because the material is double stitched and sealed
  • Protects your hands from cold and hot temperatures


  • Because it is small sized, it is limited in terms of the variety of steering wheels that it can fit


This is an eco-friendly steering wheel cover, and it is made with all high-quality materials that give you the best durability. Given that the colours are properly moulded in, this cover will remain new for a long time thus adding to the overall look of your car.

7. D8 Steering Wheel Cover, Universal Fit Leather, Small Size (11-1/2”-12-1/2” Diameter)

 D8 Steering Wheel Cover, Universal Fit Leather, Small Size

If a “factory” look is what you want to add to your steering wheel, then go the D8 Steering Wheel Cover, Universal Fit Leather, Small Size. The leather is perforated with subtle red stitches to give it a classy look that complements your car as a whole. Some people might find the red stitches disturbing, but you don’t have to forgo such a good product just because of mare stitches. You can just flip your cover to make the stitches face backwards the gauges. As long as you get the right size for your wheel, this cover will be so easy to slip on and give the best driving experience.

Most people worry about the smell when it comes to buying a new steering wheel cover, but with this, the smell is not crazily a lot and it fades away sooner than you would expect. The leather feels nice in your hands as you drive and the extra padding at the bottom and the top of the wheel makes it even more comfortable.


  • It’s a universal fit for most cars and SUVs
  • It is made from high-quality leather material
  • It adds good bulk to old steering wheels and better grip to new ones
  • It has a clean design
  • The leather is perforated for more comfort
  • Features a great red stitching pattern


  • It smells for the first few days after installation but the smells pretty quickly


This is a great small size steering wheel cover. It has extra padding at both the top and bottom that makes it feel more comfortable in your hands. It also features a clean design with a great red stitching pattern.

6. PlastiColor Jeep 006478R01 Steering Wheel Cover

PlastiColor Jeep 006478R01 Steering Wheel Cover

IF you want to give a sense of sportiness to your Jeep, then PlastiColor Jeep 006478R01 Steering Wheel Cover is one way of doing it. Unlike the hard steering wheel covers that your driving experience even worse than when driving without one, this cover here is super soft and makes you enjoy every minute of driving. The manufacturer of this cover aimed at eliminating a common problem in steering wheel covers, the rubber odour, and they did this perfectly. It has a snug fitting and never slips. This adds to a more comfortable driving and easy time controlling your car.

The cover also has an added thickness to improve grip while preventing hand fatigue. If you are into long distance driving, this should be your must-have item as it will give you the best time driving. The cover features molded-in colours that do not fade or discolour even after years of using it which makes it keep looking new no matter how long you use it. It is a great deal to use as a new cover or for covering up your worn out steering wheel.


  • No rubber odour
  • Has an added thickness to improve grip while preventing hand fatigue
  • It adds to style, functioning and protection of your steering wheel
  • Provides an anti-slipping snug fit
  • Features molded-in colours
  • Great quality that does not fade or discolour


  • This cover does not cover the entire circumference of your steering wheel’s grip, but it is not supposed to


For all sporty-look lovers, this is the best deal for a steering wheel cover you can get. It is affordably priced and made for durability. It is totally odourless and provides a firm and comfortable grip for safe driving.

5. Lemonbest® C0196, 106 CM Universal Steering Wheel Cover, Stitch On Wrap


Does the thought of a DIY steering wheel cover excite you? If so, this manufacturer gives you a chance to bond with your car by letting you do a bit of cover sewing to complete the process of getting a perfect steering wheel cover. You don’t need any prior experience in sewing to sew your cover as it is super easy and the holes are pre-drilled and all you do is get the thread in the provided needle then start sewing. Most buyers like this cover because it takes you just a few minutes to sew and you end up with a custom made cover. You will love the sewing process and be proud of yourself for helping complete a great process of making an amazing cover.

When it comes to the cover itself, it is made for durability using the super soft PU leather material to give your hands a softer feeling while driving and it is also durable thus giving a great service for a long time. The PU leather material is also breathable to ensure that you do have sweaty palms and fingers while driving in summer as the breathability keeps a constant airflow and it features an anti-slip sweatband to give a firm grip even when on a long distant drive. Also, just to add, this cover is stylish, thus adding to the overall look of your car. You will love everything about it.


  • Universal steering wheel cover
  • Features a super comfortable, breathable and anti-slip sweatband to give you a better grip for proper control of your car
  • It is made of durable and very soft PU leather material
  • It is stylish
  • Comes with a needle and a thread and the holes are pre-drilled


  • Some buyers noted that they used a little too much time to complete the stitching, but the end result was deserving. To make your work easier, read the instructions first or watch a YOUTUBE video before commencing on your sewing.


For the price, this is the best, perfectly fitting and made of most durable material steering wheel cover you will ever own. Just a few minutes of sewing gives you the best cover ever. You will love its breathability, softness and overall comfort.

4. SEG Direct Microfiber Leather Universal Auto Car 15” Car Steering Wheel Cover- Black & Beige

SEG Direct Microfiber Leather Universal Auto Car 15” Car Steering Wheel Cover- Black & Beige

SEG Direct has been manufacturing steering wheel covers for a long time now, and the main reason for surviving and standing out in this highly competitive industry is their dedication to making only the best covers with high-quality materials while advancing their manufacturing techniques time after time to the better. The medium sized Microfiber Leather Universal Auto Car 15” Car Steering Wheel Cover is one of their various covers that tops the list of their many covers.

First, before purchasing this cover, ensure that you are sure about the right size for your steering wheel and if not, the manufacturer is always available to help. After this, you will enjoy the transformation in your driving experience as the cover is super breathable so even when driving in hot weather, you won’t have to deal with sweaty palms all which affect your grip thus control.

The cover is also soft padded thus giving you a massaging feeling as you drive which ensures that your hands are totally protected even when on long distance driving or when driving on harsh terrains. The soft cover also helps in eliminating and avoiding friction between your hands and the steering wheel which might result in painful blisters after hours of driving. Also, the cover being heat resistant makes it ideal for use in hot seasons, and we all know how bad it gets when you have to drive with a hot steering wheel. It is also cold resistant to ensure that your hands will not freeze during winter which adds to a better grip and more control and it is also wear-resistant for durability.


  • Super breathable steering wheel for better comfort
  • It is soft padded
  • Features a contour shape and a massaging design
  • The cover is heat resistant, wear resistant and cold resistant
  • The cover gives you a great grip thus more control while driving for increased safety
  • Made of all eco-friendly and healthy materials


  • It is made for medium sized steering wheels


This is the only best-priced steering wheel cover that does not pose potential health problems to its users because it made using all eco-friendly and healthy materials. It is also totally breathable to avoid sweaty palms while driving and heat, cold and wear resistant all which makes it a good cover to invest in.

3. Superior 58-0500B Steering Wheel Cover, Sports Grip, Size “C.”

Superior 58-0500B Steering Wheel Cover, Sports Grip

Superior 58-0500B gives you a chance to experience the original sports grip, and the best part is that it is unbelievably inexpensive. In fact, if you are in the category of people who judge the quality of a product by its price tag, you will easily dismiss this cover as a poor quality not knowing what you are missing on. It is a lace cover thus gives a snug fit which is uncountable times better than the regular slip on covers you see all over.

Most people have complained about having a hard time putting them on, but once you learn the trick, which is knowing the perfect size for your vehicle, you will never wish for any other cover. The cover features a super thick material which adds more comfort making you enjoy every bit of your journey despite the changes in weather or terrain. It also adds to the general look of your car because the cover is nicely designed with a great finish and it is available in different colours to give you a chance just to get the one that works best for you.


  • Very thick material that offers total comfort
  • It’s a sporty looking steering wheel cover buy super clean
  • It has tying cords that give a better fit and feel
  • Goes on easily and looks nice
  • It gives an original sport grip
  • It’s lace up cover for a snug fit


  • Some buyers had a hard time finding the best fitting size for their cars, but all you should know is your steering wheel’s size first.


This is lace up cover with an original sports grip more comfort and protection. No matter how long you have it on your steering wheel, the day you will take it off, your steering wheel will be in a perfect condition. It also enables you to enjoy your driving wherever, whenever.

2. Bell Automotive 22-1-53212-1 Steering Wheel Cover, Universal, Baja Blanket Cover

Bell Automotive 22-1-53212-1 Steering Wheel Cover, Universal, Baja Blanket Cover

Forget about the feeling of rubber-grip around your steering wheel. Bell Automotive took the steering wheel covers’ game a notch higher by changing not just the look but also the feel of a steering wheel cover. It seems like every manufacturer is just producing the same thing but giving it a different description, but with Bell Automotive, you won’t need an expert to tell you that you are getting a unique and high-quality product.

First, the 22-1-53212-1 steering wheel cover is universal which means that you won’t have to go through the hassle of measuring the size of your steering wheel to get a fitting cover. The universal fitting feature is also of great advantage to people who own two or more cars because they can just use this one cover in all their cars.

Second, it provides total comfort while in use as it is made from super soft material featuring the traditional poncho weave design. The weaving design eliminates the common and disturbing feeling of overlapping stitches found in most steering wheel covers. With the Beja Steering Wheel cover, you will never feel any difference when driving in cold or hot environments because it gives your hands a constant feeling through its comfortable and protective surface.


  • It’s a universal steering wheel cover
  • Easy to install
  • It’s fashionable and features a classic look
  • Super comfortable and offers the highest performance
  • Provides total protection to your steering wheel
  • It is made by the reputable manufacturer, Bell Automotive


  • Some buyers found it hard to put it on the steering wheel, but with a little help, it is doable


This is a universal steering wheel cover that’s easy to install and adds more than comfort to your driving. It makes your car look classier and shows that you have a sense of fashion while also making your steering wheel stand out from all the popular covers you find around.

1. Pilot Automotive SW-101 Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Pilot Automotive SW-101 Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover

When it comes to driving, a good grip and the right reflexes are necessary in order to drive smoothly. To help with the same, good control of the steering wheel is required, which also needs a layer of protection to help with better grip and comfort. Made from high grade and genuine padded leather, the steering covers from the Pilot Automotive SW-101 series are a driver’s best friend and a steering wheel’s best accessory.

A correct fit for all the standard wheels varying in sizes within the range of 14.5”-15.5”, this steering wheel is designed to fit in elegantly with the interiors of any car, be it super luxury or normal ones. The cover grace has more to it, as it provides a good grip too. Resistant to dirt and dust, the cover increases the area on which drivers can place their hands without having the fear of it slipping off, thanks to the non-slipping backing. The cover can be pulled over the wheel or put on easily, making it easy for installation. The inimalistic yet rich look of this cover added with it’s a comfort and easy use makes it worth a purchase.


  • Good quality leather
  • Fit for all standard wheels
  • Easy use and installation
  • Good grip


  • Few users have mentioned that it is bulky
  • The stitches are not sometimes upto the mark, so they can come out


For the look and the comfort, the cover is a good choice. But when it comes to long term use, one might want to think carefully, especially if sewing is considered to be a time consuming process.

Conclusion: Well, if you are reading this conclusion then am sure you know the importance of getting a steering wheel cover, factors you should consider before buying one, and the top 10 best steering wheel covers reviewed in 2021, and we hope that it will be easy to get your first/next best cover.