Top 10 Best Speaker Mounts In 2019 Reviews

Mounting a speaker requires a robust clamp, which can guarantee safety. Therefore, before buying it’s important to check the quality of your mount. Nowadays we have varieties of these gadgets designed to fit your preferred installation point. Besides being useful for hanging your speakers, they are designed to be compatible with other home appliances such as CD players, home theaters, and other media devices.

What To Consider When Buying A Speaker Mount


This is a vital consideration when you are looking for as speaker mount. It enables you to place your speaker correctly or, another device without a hassle. On the other hand, the placement significantly affects the sound quality in your room. Know whether you want a mount to install on wall or ceiling; thus you can make the right purchase.


Before buying a mount, it’s ideal to be sure it will support your speakers without getting compromised. It’s essential to get a mount which can support a variety of speakers in your house; from the smallest to the heaviest.


Today, speaker mounts are designed to be compatible with different speakers and other gadgets. This is important as it provides versatility and you don’t have installed a new one once you buy a new speaker.

10. Aeon Stands and Mounts Heavy Duty Speaker Mount, Swiveling and Tilting

Aeon Stands and Mounts Heavy Duty Speaker Mount, Swiveling and Tilting

Do you own large, small or satellite speakers and would clamp them in your house wall? Now you got the right mounting clamp. The Aeon Stands and Mounts speaker mount is all you need, and your entire house will be lovely. It is heavy-duty constructed to support heavy loads adequately; it can support up to 22 pounds. Featuring an elegant designing, the clamp is ideal and won’t compromise the decors of yours wall.

When you are mounting your speaker, angles are important to consider. This is because inclination angle determines the quality of sound you will get. Now, with this speaker mount you don’t haves to worry, it is capable of allowing you maneuver your speakers to your required angle. It allows swiveling up to 120 degrees right or left. This ensures that you can turn it to suit your relaxing position. This is further supported by the capacity of the mount to tilt up and down at 20 degrees.

The clamp is versatile allowing mounting of small, large and satellite speakers. It comes in two parts which once installed you ensures you hang your speaker. It is very secure, and the attached speaker can’t fall due to the safety screws which keeps it in position. Installing this mount on the wall is a simple task and less time-consuming. It come featuring 4 holes which ensure that they provide screw covering upon fixing the clamp on the wall.


  • It is durable and sturdy with high capacity; 22 pounds
  • Ideal for mounting different speakers
  • Secures and better speaker tilting mechanism
  • Elegant designs


  • Has high percentages of plastic construction and only available in single finish


Aeon Stands and Mounts Heavy Duty Speaker Mount is a real companion. It allows you to install speakers in all yours rooms with less effort. We can guarantee it’s reliable and vigorous.

9. Pinpoint Mounts AM30 Universal Wall Mount

Pinpoint Mounts AM30 Universal Wall Mount

Do you want music to make your home lively? Then, get a solid mount to ensure you have safe and secures speakers installation. Pinpoint Mounts AM30 universal mount makes a great deal in ensuring your speakers are perfectly hitched and configured to your ideal angles. The mount is designed to hold speaker from the back. It is ideal for speakers which come with single threading or designed with keyhole slot.

When you are installing your speaker, you don’t have to worry about the capability of this mount. It is constructed from a heavy-duty plastic capable of supporting up to 8 pounds. Further, each mount comes with a curved adapter which eases fixing of small speakers. On the other hand, the mount can be used to install home theater with a slight adjustment of the fixing screw. To enhance the security of your speakers, this mount exhibit low profile design which keeps close to the wall as possible.

Adjusting you speakers’ angle and position is simple with Pinpoint Mounts AM30. It can swivel at 90 degrees right or left. Additionally, it allows 20 degrees tilting up and down to make sure you get the best sound experience. Routing speaker wires is easy as the mount provide a routing through. Each peace comes as two pieces to enhance easy installation.


  • Can support massive speakers’ up to 8 pounds
  • It swivels allowing easy adjustment
  • Mount provides speaker wire routing through


  • They are plastics constructed: can break easily


Pinpoint Mounts AM30 speaker mount is all you want to make your installation easy. This unit is sturdy and allows you to maneuver you speakers with ease whenever you want to change the angling.

8. Mount-It! MI-SB202 Speakers Mount, Articulating, Wall or Ceiling Compatible

Mount-It! MI-SB202 Speakers Mount, Articulating, Wall or Ceiling Compatible

Mounting your speakers is now simple and less tiring. This Mount-It! MI-SB202 Speakers Mount are designed to offer versatility ii your installation. They can fit wall and ceiling installation eliminating the needs to purchase different mounts. Further, they are ideal for small a bigger speakers hence excellent for home, halls, dorm and other places.

Mounting you speaker on these mounts, give you the ability to tune at any direction or angle without altering the mount. The gadgets are designed to be movable in various direction and angles. They can rotate at three points as well as swivel hence giving you a wide range of adjustment. The mount has 340° rotation ability on the head and at the base allowing you to fine-tune your speaker adjustment until you get the best sound experience. On the other hand, they are tiltable up to 180° to ensure you get the best position even when they are fixed on the ceiling.

Construction is durable featuring weatherproof polymer to withstand and support heavy weighted speakers. They can support a payload of 7.7 pounds and are compatible with almost all small speakers. Moreover, when you are installing these mounts, they allow for smooth speaker wiring whether on wall or ceiling.


  • They come with different screws to fit various mountings
  • Highly versatile: can be fixed on wall or ceiling
  • Durably constructed from weatherproof polymer
  • Supports a broad range of speakers


  • Easy to break when tightening screws


When you want to enjoy a non-stop music at home; you need to get these Mount-It! MI-SB202 Speakers. They are sturdy and highly adjustable with articulating arm to provide an excellent sound setting.

7. WALI Clamping Bookshelf Speaker Mounting Bracket, Tilting and Swiveling

WALI Clamping Bookshelf Speaker Mounting Bracket, Tilting and Swiveling

When you want heavy-duty speaker mounts, thinks about these WALI Clamping Bookshelf Speaker Mounting Brackets. They are sturdily constructed top ensures your bookshelf-styled speakers get maximum support and safety while you enjoy great sound. Thereby, if you purchased speakers and they came without stands or mounts now you have a perfect solution.

Installing them or is simple and you won’t have to make many holes on your walls. Therefore when you opt to remove them, they will leave fewer prints. On installation, these mounts allow for tilting which is ideal to give your speakers right house orientation to deliver a blazing sound. They are capable of tilting 7.5 degrees up and down. Additionally, you can rotate them 45 degrees either on left or right. Their massive construction ensures that they can accommodate large speakers 5.3 – 11″ wide.

Once you place your speaker on top of this mount, it is held securely by the isolation pads. They are non-slipping, and non-marking to ensure they don’t cause scratches on your device. Wires management is simpler when you are using these mount. They have cord management channels with cutouts. This enables the wires to be connected to speakers from the behind. The keyhole slotted mounting plate facilitates faster installation while the larger curved bolts ensure a stable installation to the wall. The mounts are constructed from high-quality steel and have a weight capacity of 55 pounds. A limited lifetime warranty backs these speaker mounts.


  • Durable: they are steel constructed
  • Can support weighted speakers up to 55pounds
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty


  • None


WALI Clamping Bookshelf Speaker Mounting Brackets are perfect choices when you want to have as high speaker mounts. Steel constructed and high loads capacity, they are what you needs to keep your speaker entertaining you.

6. OmniMount 10.0 Speaker Mount for Wall and Ceiling Installation

OmniMount 10.0 Speaker Mount for Wall and Ceiling Installation

The OmniMount 10.0 Speaker Mount is a perfect choice if you have a light weighted speaker. It is designed to provide versatility as you can install it on your house wall or ceiling without affecting its functionality. The mount comes with flexibility due to its superior construction. The polymer designed ball control ensures that you can swivel and achieve the right speaker angle optimization. This provides you with great sound setting delivering your desired tune. At the base, the mount can rotate 360 degrees while pan can achieve 180 degrees and an overall of 30 degrees up or down.

Security and reliability are high when you are using this speaker mount. It features a combination of stainless steel, aluminum, and polymerized ball to deliver adequate strength and power. The mount is designed to support a speaker up to 10 pounds without hassle. The materials are weatherproof to allow a broad range of installation. Besides sturdy construction, you can also bet on the compatibility with various speakers from different companies. Further, installation is smooth and requires just a little time. The speakers are great tools for supporting bookshelf speakers.


  • Solidly constructed: features stainless steel and aluminum
  • Highly flexible: 360-degree rotation
  • Compatible with a range of devices


  • The ball is weak: plastics built


OmniMount 10.0 Speaker Mounts is a simple looking speaker mount but will deliver wonders. It is strong, durable and heavy-duty capable of supporting your 10 pounds speaker.

5. Pinpoint Mounts AM40 Wall Speaker Mount, 50lbs Capacity, 90° Rotating

Pinpoint Mounts AM40 Wall Speaker Mount

Do you own a large speaker without stands? Now you can mount on a wall and enjoy your soothing and blazing sound. It is carefully designed to ensure it provides excellent care to the earlier version speakers which were constructed from wood. Since those speakers are a bit bulky due to inbuilt components such as an amplifier, this mount is sturdily built to withstand their weight. To ensure you get the best sound from your speaker, the mount is designed to be flexible. It can rotate at a 90 degrees angle to either right or left. Further, it allows 7 degrees tilt up or down to allow adjustment to achieve your best sound delivery.

This clamp is crafted to offer maximum support and security to your speaker. It is enhanced with gentle side clamps which prevent the mount from causing scratches to your speaker. The clamp can accommodate a speaker measuring 5.5’’ to 11.5’’ wide and 13’’ high and 50 pounds. Installing it on your wall is a breeze, and is equipped with a decorative finish and fitting plates to cover screws. Each of the clamps is sold in pairs to allow for two speakers mounting.


  • Heavy-duty construction to support heavy weight: up to 50 pounds
  • Great designs which allow for perfect fit on wall and easy installation
  • It has an elegant finish


  • If installed high can limit adjustability due to size of speaker


Pinpoint Mounts AM40 Wall Speaker Mount gives your weighty speakers a mounting. It is firmly constructed with a sleek finish to add décor to your wall.

4. VonHaus Universal Speaker Mount Brackets Threaded Fitting, Adjustable

VonHaus Universal Speaker Mount Brackets Threaded Fitting, Adjustable

VonHaus Universal Speaker Mount is a highly engineered wall clamp to give your speaker a perfect installation. It is heavy-duty hence ideal for home, cinema and other places to keep them entertaining with unlimited music. The clamp is designed to ensure that installation takes less time while achieving maximum security for your speakers. In fact, the mounts come equipped with al installation kit including all required screws. Thereby, fitting it on the walls is a breeze.

Getting your speaker into the required angle and position isn’t a headache with this clamp. It isn’t fixed and offers adequate flexibility. It is enhanced with a tilting and swiveling technology to enable you to make the necessary adjustment. You can rotate the speaker either right or left while seeking correct sound delivery as well as up and down tilting. Though designed to be compatible with various speakers, your devices must possess a single screw to be able to fit in this mount.

While you might have doubts with others brands regarding load capacity, this one sturdily constructed. It can comfortably support as speaker weighing up to 7.7 pounds. It is safe to handle when installing since it features non-intrusive design. Further, it has a heavy-duty plastic construction which ensures that it exhibit a lightweight. The mount is suitable for small speakers with keyhole fitting.


  • The mount comes with a full installation kit
  • Sleek, non-intrusive design and lightweight construction
  • It is adjustable to achieve optimum sound delivery
  • Compatible with a broad range of speakers


  • Full plastic construction compromises the mount support capacity


This mount comes in a pair; it features heavy-duty plastic construction with a beautiful finish. The clamp is easy to install and provides adequate strength to handles your speakers. Above all, it is compatible with almost all small sized speakers. It’s a great product you can trust.

3. VideoSecu Speaker Mount Bracket, Universal, One pair

VideoSecu Speaker Mount Bracket, Universal, One pair

Could you be searching for durable and strong mounts to support your speakers? Now you have these VideoSecu Speaker Mount Brackets to eliminate all your worries. The gadgets come in a pair; this allows mounting of mores that one speaker in you room. Therefore, if you have idling speakers, you can now keep them engaged and makes your house more lively again. They are designed to offer you a heavy-duty clamping with a capacity to supports up to 10 pounds. Further, the mounts are compatible with a series of speakers bearing ¼’’ 20 threads, 4mm and 5 mm not forgetting being compatible with keyhole clamping.

All worries are eliminated when you are fitting these mounts. They are designed to allow either wall or ceiling installation depending on your favorite position. Amazingly, after installing these clamps, you won’t bother them again when you want to adjust your speaker angle or position. The mounts are designed to be adjustable. They can swivel 180 degrees at the pan, 360 degrees rotation and a tilt of 30 degrees up and down. Further, the clamps are ideal for mounting homes theater satellite speakers. Featuring metal construction, these mounts guarantee maximum support to your speakers as well as durability. Once you buy, they come accompanied with installation pack.


  • Durable and robust featuring metallic construction
  • Versatile: they can mount on wall or ceiling
  • They are black which a perfect match with most speakers


  • They are only meant for smaller speakers up to 10 pounds


Ifs you want to get a smile once you are in your house get VideoSecu Speaker Mount Bracket. They are 100% metallic constructed to provide enough strength to clamp your speakers. They are recommendable mounts, which are worth yours pennies

2. VideoSecu Side Clamping Speaker Mounting Bracket

VideoSecu Side Clamping Speaker Mounting Bracket

Give your speakers a reliable support without compromising their safety. VideoSecu Side Clamping Speaker Mounts are a perfect selection. The mounts are crafted to offer support to large speakers like the traditional ones, which were sold without stands. Featuring a sleek design and easy to install, they perfectly match with your speakers as well as perfect conformation with the wall. They are constructed from a strong material: stainless steel to ensure they provide outstanding strength and durability. The incorporated plate cover ensures upon fitting. It covers the screws hence a smooth installation and less impact on the wall.

To enhance the surrounding sound in your house, you can quickly adjust your speakers. This is possible through the ability of these mounts to be flexible. They can rotate up to 360 degrees to enable decent speakers’ orientation. Moreover, the capacity to tilt from 5.3 – 11 inches ensures you have the speaker at the right height thereby a finer sounds experience. They can support speakers with 11’’ base and 13’’ height and as heavy as 33 pounds. Once you acquire these clamping gadgets, they come with other necessary installation equipment.


  • Heavy-duty construction which guarantees durability
  • They are versatile and reliable
  • Can support much weightier speakers


  • Installation is a bit complex


If you have to install mount which will care for you speakers, don’t look further. Get these reasonably priced yet high qualities and feel the music.

1. VideoSecu Universal Satellite Speaker Mounts for Wall and Ceiling, Adjustable

VideoSecu Universal Satellite Speaker Mounts for Wall and Ceiling, Adjustable

Owning a speaker is a significant step towards achieving an excellent sound experience. However, you can’t achieve this if your speaker isn’t well mounted and correctly tilted. They are designed for supporting and supporting satellite home theaters speaker from all renowned brands. The clamps are ideal for installation on walls or ceiling hence rendering them more versatile. Their construction features a combination of polymers which are weather resistant: hence, highly durable. Dues to their sturdy construction, they can be able to support a maximum weight of 10 pounds.

Keeping your speaker oriented requires a mount with a capacity to be adjusted. VideoSecu Universal Satellite Speaker Mounts are ideal for ensuring you get the best orientation and positioning. This is possible since the clamps are multi-swiveling and tilting thus capable of turning speakers to your best sound production. The clamps are ideal for supporting speakers with one or two threaded holes and also keyhole clamping system. The set come with all fitting accessories to make installation a breeze.


  • Compatible with many speakers
  • Durable plastic construction delivers stability for a long time without sound buzzing
  • Comes with all installation components for easy fitting


  • Plastic construction is less reliable than metallic


VideoSecu Universal Satellite Speaker Mounts are great clamping tools. They provide durability as well as easy installation. Above all, they are competitively priced.


Speaker mounts are great tools though man though man peoples underestimate their work. They are designed to offer a convenient platform where you can put your speaker for maximum music experience. With these above speaker clamps, it’s now possible to get the most ideal and suitable for your room. Experience a great sound by correctly configuring your speaker to suit your room orientation. Further, these mounts are available in a variety of material and design to achieve strength and elegance. Gets you today and you will feel the music.

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