Top 10 Best Sony Xperia X Cases & Covers Reviews

Since mid this year, the Sony Xperia X has been in the headlines for some good reasons. It’s a high-grade smartphone whose usability, excellent blend of hardware and software as well as overall design, put it in the right position to be the immediate replacement for the re-known Sony Z-series. Well, its 5” HD display, rare-to-find camera, ergonomic and compact design, and the fingerprint scanner are among its distinguishing features. Get to think of a 23 MP back camera, 13 MP front camera, 3 GB RAM (Snapdragon 650) and a metal-glass body, to mention but a few of its specifications. Incredible right?

If you are thinking of getting or you already own the new Sony Xperia X, then protecting it from any form of damage as well as depreciating factors should be your main point of concern. Luckily, the shielding and maintenance concerns for the Sony Xperia X are entirely covered in this post. We review the top ten best Sony Xperia X cases and covers in 2022.  Stick with us to get a clear insight of what cases and covers are set to offer ultimate protection to the Sony Xperia X.

10. Sony Xperia X Performance Case by 32nd


This protective case package by the 32ndShop manufacturer ranks among the best accessories to use with your Sony Xperia X. It features a film screen shield element that adds on to its protective ability without reducing the display’s sensitivity. Its ability to protect the Xperia X from impact is facilitated by its sturdy construction that includes a ridged inner corners and bumper. It’s available in various color models including gel-clear, black, light blue and hot pink. With its lightweight nature and ultra-slim design, you can be sure that this case will not add any extra bulk to your phone.

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9. DWaybox Xperia X Performance Armor Case


The DWaybox is just another high-quality case whose overall construction sets it apart from the many case models for Xperia X available on the market. It comes in various color designs to suit different user preferences including gold, gray, light blue and clear, to mention but a few. In addition to being stylish, this case feels great in the hands and offers a 360-degree protection to the Sony Xperia X. It consists of a two-part construction through the use of a durable TPU and hard polycarbonate which collaborate to get your phone’s protection job done. Also featured in its making is an embedded kick-stand that facilitates hands-free and comfortable watching/viewing. The fact that this case is custom made for the Sony Xperia X allows it to fit perfectly on your phone without interfering with the phone’s controls.

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8. Terrapin Xperia X Performance Cover


The Terrapin Xperia X Performance Cover features a low profile design and is constructed from a high-grade TPU gel which gives it the power to offer bulk-free protection to the Sony Xperia X without interfering with the elegance of your expensive phone. It’s designed specifically for the Sony Xperia X smartphone so you can be sure about its excellent fit. Also featured in its construction are precise cutouts for the camera, buttons, and ports. This way, you can access the screen, camera, as well as controls with ease. With this protective case, you don’t have to worry about scratches, drops, dust or dirt that may harm your phone thanks to its ultimate protective properties. The super grip on its surface prevents slipping even on slippery surfaces.

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7. Ringke Crystal Clear Xperia X Performance / XP Case


Are you looking for a high-performance but inexpensive case for your new Sony Xperia X? Then, it’s only wise that you take a closer look at this product by the Ringke manufacturer. Its design is fantastic, while its protective ability makes it exemplary. It offers the Xperia X smartphone crystal clear protection while still improving the phone’s original look through its 2X clear coating. It’s available in various bumper colors to ensure everyone gets a product that suits his/her style in the best way. Its slim, clear, TPU bumper, which features active touch technology, is there to allow for easy access to all buttons, keys, and ports. Its protective power is on point and rare to find in other cases within its price range.

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6. EasyAcc Sony Xperia X Case


Among the top ten best Sony Xperia X cases and covers is this product by the EasyAcc Company. It’s a high-quality phone case that’s completely transparent to allow you showcase the beauty of your smartphone in the best way. It’s highly protective as it’s resistant to tear, scratches, shock, and additionally prevents the accumulation of dirt and oils on your phone. Safe one-handed phone operation is made possible by this case which comes with the TPU’s anti=slip properties. It’s constructed from a premium-quality TPU material which ensures that it lasts long while offering you the best services.

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5. Yousave Accessories Sony Xperia X Performance Case


The recently released Yousave Xperia X performance case is all you need to have a disappointment-free utilization of your Sony Xperia X. It’s an ultra-slim clear gel case designed to provide maximum protection. It’s constructed from premium-quality materials including TPU gel, which plays a significant role in providing adequate and ultimate protection from natural and unavoidable mishaps. Its discrete and low-profile appearance allows it to add more elegance to your beautiful Sony Xperia X. This case comes to let you use your hard-earned phone with utmost confidence as you will be sure of its maximum protection from scratches, scrapes, drops, knocks, and scuffs. It comes with convenient precision cut-outs for the ports, buttons, and camera for easy phone maneuverability. Also included in the purchased package is a free screen guard as well as a microfiber cleaning cloth for optimum care for your precious phone.

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4. MoKo Advanced Xperia X Performance Case


Whenever you are looking for a high-quality, durable and perfect fit protective case for your Sony Xperia X, this case model by the Moko Company should rank among your top choices. It comes with all you need to use your phone in the best way for many years with no disappointments. This case features an anti-slip sphere feel on its back that prevents the phone from slipping and falling from your hand. Its precise cutouts are there to allow easy access to controls, camera, speakers, ports as well as other features. Installing/ removing this case is ultra-easy. Its dual layer construction comprises a flexible TPU interior layer that absorbs shock from drops, as well as a strong, hard PC exterior layer which offers definition and reinforcement. A lifetime warranty is also provided by its manufacturer.

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3. Daniel’s Friend® Sony Xperia X Case


The Daniel’s friend manufacturing is pleased to bring Sony smartphones enthusiasts with this incredible case for the Xperia X. It’s made specifically for the Xperia X and won’t fit in other smartphones. It’s constructed from soft TPU and hard acrylic plastic materials which allow it to offer maximum protection to your precious device from dust, shock, fingerprints, and scratches. Through its clear back, you will always be free to showcase the beauty of your phone with no interference. Included in its making are precise cutouts for the buttons, camera and the ports. It fits perfectly on the Sony Xperia X and is easy to install/remove.

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2. TUDIA Full-Matte ARCH Sony Xperia X Case


Users of the Sony Xperia X continue to express encouraging appreciation to the making of this excellent case. Its professional construction allows it to deliver beyond its core purpose. It’s made from a high-grade TPU and thermoplastic polyurethane materials which facilitate its ability to offer maximum protection to your hard-earned smartphone. It feels great on the hands and is extremely durable thanks to its superior construction. Through its unique and particular structure, accessing the controls, buttons and ports is possible and easy thanks to its precise cutouts. The display screen of your Sony Xperia X will always be fully protected from scratches, all gratitude to the raised edges of this case.

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1. TSCASE Genuine Leather Case Cover


The TSCASE case cover for Sony Xperia X is a product whose quality is rare to find in other case models within its price range and beyond. It’s a handmade case designed from genuine high-grade leather of supple texture, silk feel, and excellent durability. Its stitching is also on point. It brings you a wallet construction style which allows you to carry your essential documents, cards and money, wallet-free. Therefore, this case is not only luxurious but also multi-functional. With its button clip, you can be sure to keep your phone’s screen protected from scratches while out of use. The clip can also function as a kickstand to provide a comfortable viewing angle. One-handed, slip-free utilization of your smartphone is facilitated by this case cover through its exclusive back spine design. Also featured are precise cutouts for the camera, ports, and buttons for easy and interference-free utilization and control of your phone.

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The top ten best Sony Xperia X cases and covers in 2022 are products which rank highly in this category. They are of the best quality, durability, and performance. Your Sony Xperia X will always be safe from any form of damage with any of the reviewed products.

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