Top 10 Best Solar Water Heaters Reviewed In 2019

One of the cheapest and renewable resource available for heating water in homes or in any other property is the solar water heater. Replacing the electric or the existing water heater in your home with a solar water heater can go a long way in reducing the total energy cost.

However the market for solar water heaters is diverse which makes it difficult to determine which one will work best for you. The following is a review of the top 10 best solar water heaters in 2019 that you can consider.

10. Cirrex Water Heater Systems

AO Smith SUN-80 Residential Solar Water Heater

Cirrex by AO Smith solar offers a complete solar water heating system making it easy for contractors to give solutions to residential clients. This solar water heater can draw up to 70% of power from solar sources which reduces water heating costs significantly.

It comes with an 80 or 120 gallon tank which allows contractors to outfit homes with a tank that fits their water use and space needs. Also, one, two or three panel systems are available which means that availability of space is not a major consideration for homeowners looking to buy this solar water heater system.

9. Rheem’s SolPak Solar and Gas Water Heating System

Rheem RSG75-40BP SolPak Gas Assist Solar 75-Gallon Natural Gas

Rheem’s SolPak solar water heater with a gas assist offers a capacity of 75 gallons and a backup connection to heat source which helps to keep the hot water flowing even when there is no solar energy. Its single tank design takes less space making it a perfect choice for homeowners with limited space.

This system includes a collector, controller, mixing valve with glycol solution, tank, a thermal expansion kit and a multispeed pump. If you want a customized installation, you can purchase a sensor wire and tit mount kits at an extra cost.

8. Duda Solar Water Heater Collector

Duda Solar Water Heater Collector

Duda solar water heater system is an efficient and active solar heating system, its solar collection tubes are evacuated which allows them to retain most of the heat. Once the water is heated, it is stored in the tank, this way it loses heat slowly especially during winter.

For fast delivery of hot water, you should place the tank in a central location close to where you want it to be dispensed.

Duda solar water heaters come in different sizes and they are SRCC certified. The system comes with a tank whose capacity ranges from 100L-800 L and solar water collector, long series of tubes where water is stored and heated, they start from a series of 15 tubes-120 tubes depending on the size you want.

Duda solar water heater is a reliable and efficient system with a well thought layout.

7. SunChaser Integrated 40 Gallon

Sunchaser 20-tube Solar Hot Water Heater:collector Vacuum Tube

This solar water heater uses passive technology to get hot water to a residence without relying on grid power. A system of interconnected tubes push the hot water to the tank eventually delivering hot water to a home of 4-6 people living in a warm, sunny climate.

6. Stiebel Eltron SBB Plus

Stiebel Eltron SBB 300 S Solar Water Heater, Single Heat Exchanger - 80.6 Gallons: 305 Liters

This solar water heater has a double heat exchanges, a capacity that ranges form 80-162 gallons and a working pressure of 150 psi across all the models.

Also, Stiebel Eltron SBB Plus comes in three models, the 300, 400 and 600. The maximum temperature, water pressure and the design is the same in all models which means that you enjoy the same result regardless of the size you purchase.

The 300 has a storage capacity of 80.6 with an upper heater exchange volume of 1.9 gallons. Being the smallest size, it is ideal for homes with limited space.

5. Blujay Separated Pressurized Solar Water Heater

TK-SC6 Electronic Solar Water Heater Controller 110v AC for Solar Systems

This solar water heater is designed with a solar collector, storage tank, controller and a workstation. It also comes with installation hardware which means that you do not have to worry about purchasing the installation pieces.

Blujay Separated Pressurized Solar Water Heater is affordable, its 52 gallon tank can serve a household of 3-4 people comfortably.

4. Complete 2 Panel Hybrid Solar Water Heater Kit

Complete 2 Panel Hybrid Solar Water Heater Kit

This solar water heating kit allows you to install the 2 panel solar water heater system very quickly by simply threading the panels together.

You no longer need to have the external connections, each panel weighs about 12lbs and its size is 24″ by 24″ but it can still provide you with enough hot water.
However this system cannot work with Marathon nonmetallic water heaters and it is not freeze protected.

3. EZ-37 Solar Water Heater Panels

EZ-37 Solar Water Heater Panel

This solar water heater system is easy to thread together. The fittings for interconnections are built-in the panel. For a fast installation, just thread them together. It is lightweight and the kits are easily available with all the components you need for installation.

2. Rheem SolPak Electric

Rheem Solar Water Heater 300 Liters

Rheem SolPak Electric uses slim solar panels, tanks and other accessories to directly heat the water using sun’s energy. It is 25 per cent efficient and it helps to save from 15-40 per cent of utility bills

1. SW-38 Solar Water Heater Panels


This is the perfect solar water heater for a small residential. It is easy to install, lightweight and it uses standard 3/8″ compression fittings which are available in most hardware store.

This solar water heater is tough and durable and very much affordable; it costs less per square foot than most of the other solar water heater panels.

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