Top 10 Best Soccer Bags in 2019 Reviews

Are you looking for the best soccer bags in the market? Mostly when we go for soccer, we need something to carry most of our items. Having a bag is important, but in this case, you need to buy a bag that is specifically made for soccer, not just any bag. Soccer bags are so important since it helps you organize all your stuff needed during a soccer match and may be when practicing. Soccer bags are designed in a way that it can hold your soccer ball, water bottle, shin guards and other football accessories.

The Best Soccer Bags in 2019

It’s important to carry your soccer accessories in the right bag, as it will make you more organized and avoid the instance of losing the small items. Soccer bags have been made to be ergonomic hence less back strain and fatigue as compared to carrying soccer items using a bag not meant for them. To help you in choosing the best soccer bags, we have prepared this list of the Top 10 Best Soccer Bags in 2019 Reviews.

10.Defender Soccer Ball Bag: Designed By Coaches for Coaches

Defender Soccer Ball Bag built for football coaches. It is made of heavy duty nylon to give you maximum durability. The padded straps make it easy to carry with utmost comfort. It has a lot of storage and can carry up to 15 size-5 balls. The bottom is made of a waterproof material to keep the bag dry under all conditions. If you are planning to carry lots of balls around, this is the ideal bag for you.


i)The bag has lots of storage space and can accommodate 15 soccer balls.

ii)It is durable and lightweight.


i)A bit costly but a great bag for coaches who carry lots of equipment.

9.ProGear Soccer Backpack w/Ball Pocket

ProGear Soccer Backpack w/Ball Pocket is big enough to keep your ball, shoes and any other football gear. It keeps all your personal items in a convenient manner. This bag is durable, versatile and adjustable considering that it’s made of nylon. The bag has mesh external pockets and a zippered closure. This bag is not only recommended as a soccer bag but can be used for school, traveling and great outdoors activities.


i)Comprises of multiple pockets for easy organization of soccer gear and accessories.

ii)Has a zippered internal compartment to keep your items safe.

iii)Adjustable shoulder straps to fit users preferences.


i)Does not fit a size 5 soccer ball.

Best Soccer Bags

8.Vizari Sport Solano Backpack

The Vizari Sports Solano Backpack is a sturdy backpack with a sizeable main compartment and well-ventilated side cargo pockets. It has an Inner IPOD pocket with headphone cable access, and looped zipper pulls to ease access. Comfortability of this bag is enhanced by the padded straps which also make it easy to carry.

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i)Has large main compartment backpack

ii)Well ventilated side cargo pockets

iii)The bag fits a size-5 ball well.


i)The ball carrier fitted inside cuts down on the internal volume of the pack, leaving barely enough room for cleats, water bottle, socks and goalie gloves.

Best Soccer Bags

7.Soccer Bag With Ball Holder Pocket

Soccer Bag With Ball Holder Pocket has been designed in a way that it is lightweight, hence giving a better carrying experience as compared to heavy bags. It’s made using superior heat stitched construction that out beats competitors. The material used is a top grade waterproof rip-proof PXD material that ensures durability. It is an excellent choice for any football enthusiast.


i)Has well-ventilated compartment.

ii)Made of ultra-thick cotton padded drawstring which prevents from digging into your shoulders.

iii)Main ball holder compartment lining is waterproof and easily washable.


i)Small if you wish to carry many items.

Best Soccer Bags

6.Sports Athletic Backpack w/ Pocket for Team Soccer Ball, Basketball, Volleyball

Sports Athletic Backpack w/ Pocket for Team Soccer Ball has two expandable sides mesh pockets to be used for large water bottles. It also has two side pockets deep enough in size with a zip top. The bag’s organizer features 2 pen holders, large Velcro flap pocket, and a zippered mesh pocket.  The carry handle at the top makes this bag the perfect choice for you.


i)Soccer backpack has a ball compartment and also a side mesh pockets-just the right size for shin guards.

ii)Soccer bag comes with a headphone exit port & cell phone holder on the shoulder strap.


i) A little smaller hence may not fit someone with lots of gear.

Best Soccer Bags

5.Hard Work Sports Backpack For Basketball, Soccer, Football

Hard Work Sports Backpack is an all-round bag that allows you fit stuff like sports jerseys, shoes, and other sports gear. It comes with padded straps which give these bag ultra-comfort and makes it easy to carry. This bag is lightweight and is durable.


i)Has a large main compartment to fit a soccer ball and other sports gear.

ii)It is a multisport backpack – Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Football.


i)It is a bit bulky.

Best Soccer Bags

4.Franklin Sports Deluxe Soccer Sack

Franklin Sports Deluxe Soccer Sack was designed with a smart ball-carrying system and large storage compartment, meaning you can carry everything from sin pads and cleats as well as an inflated ball to the pitch. The soccer bag is the perfect choice for you when going for practice or even games. The technology used is Smart ball carry system that hides when not in use. Zipped flap with headphone port provides extra storage as well as making it easy to find required items.


i)Has a smart ball-carrying system and large storage space for other equipment.

i)It includes a headphone port so you can listen to your pump-up song on the way to the game.

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i)You can’t adjust the drawstring straps.

Best Soccer Bags


UNDER ARMOUR UASB-SBP Striker features a heat gear ergonomic shoulder straps, heat gear padded back panel as well as water-repellent UA to keep your valuables dry in case you place your bag down in the field. It is big enough to fit all your soccer jerseys, cleats, and other accessories.


i)Made of HeatGear ergonomic shoulder straps and padded back for extra comfort when carrying.

ii)It is durable and lightweight.

iii)It is affordable considering it is quality.


i)Lacks many compartments hence makes it difficult to organize several items.

Best Soccer Bags

2.Vizari Taranto Backpack with Mat

Vizari Taranto Backpack with Mat features a mesh front pockets tat holds a size 5 ball. It has side pockets to hold additional items and water bottles. The straps are well ventilated and padded for maximum comfort. The unique fold-out mat can give the player a surface to sit on or place the soccer gear in case the pitch is wet or when on a dirty surface.


i)The bag has padded shoulder straps and looped zippered pulls.

ii)Unique fold out mat for player convenience on wet or dirty surfaces.


i)When the ball is placed inside, it takes most of the space hence you are left a little space to fit other items.

Best Soccer Bags

1.adidas Stadium Team Backpack

Adidas Stadium Team Backpack is the best choice for soccer bags. It features a ventilated freshPAK cleat compartment keeps your cleats separate from your gear, and the extra padded shoulder straps help in bearing weight with ultimate comfort. The bottom is waterproof helping you keep the accessories safe while in a wet pitch. It is the ultimate bag for soccer players.


i)Bottom front pocket features a zippered ball pocket that doubles as a laundry pocket

ii)Has 1 interior zip pocket and 3 exterior pockets to hold many items.


The bag’s price is a bit high for the size.

Best Soccer Bags

Buying guide of soccer bags

Before making the decision to buy a soccer bag, these are the questions you are supposed to have in mind that will help you in making the best decision when it comes to buying soccer bags.

How do I find the right soccer bag?

There are so many varieties of soccer bags for all your soccer needs, style, and budget. To find the right one, these are the factors you should consider to get the best soccer bag.

a)Body type– A good soccer bags should fit your body and build so as to prevent back strain and muscle fatigue.

b)The frequency of use– If you are going to use a soccer bag on a daily basis you need one which is strong and made of durable material. If you use a soccer bag occasionally, choose one of average quality as it is much cheaper.

c)Personal likes– you should put into consideration your personal preference such as color, print, styles, and designs. It is up to you to make a decision on which soccer bag best suits your taste, after all, you can get a bag featuring different colors and styles.

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What are the typical parts of a soccer bag?

Apart from understanding the size, type and color it’s good to know the parts of a soccer bags because they play a role in whether a bag meets your requirements.

1.Back Panel- gives the bag its structure and also it is the part that rests on your back. Comfort is critical in choosing a soccer bag; a padded or vented foam back panel helps reduce heat, keep your back dry and comfortable hence reduces fatigue

2.Shoulder Straps-rest on the shoulders, it carries most of the weight of the bag. A padded shoulder strap will mean more comfort if you are carrying items of sizeable weight.

3.Waist / Hip Belt-pulls shoulder strap close and keep in place so as to reduce strain on back and shoulders.

4.Sternum Straps-holds and organizes small items hence prevent them from getting lost or being forgotten.

How do you find the right backpack to fit your body type?

It’s important to adjust your bag properly to fit and make adjustments in the following areas so that you can get a perfect fit.

a)Hip Belt – These should fit well around your waist when clipped together.

b)Shoulder Straps – These should be tightened enough so that the point where the straps meet the pack is just below the large bone at the base of your neck, at the top where your shoulders meet. The bottom of your pack should be pulled up to just above your hips, and should not droop past this point

c.Sternum Straps – Fasten these to keep the shoulder straps in place. These should not restrict your breathing

What materials are backpacks made from?

The material that a bag is made of has an effect on the weight, durability and abrasion resistance and most importantly price. Study a variety of bags in the market and make an informed decision based on the above guide as well as what best suits you. Access the bag glossary or the bag description and look at what the material offers you.

How does your personal preference, style, and aesthetics affect your soccer bag decision?

Prints, styles, and colors affect one’s choice of the bags; hence it is up to you to choose what appeals to you.


These are the best soccer bags in the market and it always our pleasure to give you unbiased reviews. We have put all the effort to add a soccer bag to this list to cover all the possible usage scenarios. We welcome any feedback that will help us even improve further. Happy shopping!

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