Top 10 Best Snow-brushes & Ice Scrapers in 2021 Reviews

Don’t be left out of your car as heaps of snow are covering your ride! Even before winter comes, make sure that you’re ready with quality snow brushes and ice scrapers so that you can at least clear your mirrors or windshield from snowy ice. There are many designs available out there when it comes to these great winter tools that are necessary for every car owner.

To make selecting the right tool easier, here are some quick list of the features to look out for:

  • Durable brush tips or scrapers: The brush and scrapers should be strong enough to be able to wipe off the snowy ice but should also be gentle enough not to scratch your windshield and other fragile surfaces.
  • Convenient storage length: You should also be able to store the item in your car without much hassle, and thus, small-sized ones are great to purchase.
  • Long enough to cover entire windshield: This doesn’t really conflict with the previous discussion. Many short snowbrushes can be extended so that you can conveniently reach the other side of the windshield.

Best Snow-brushes & Ice Scrapers in 2021:

Now to further shortlist your choices, we listed the 10 best products you can consider.

10.  Dart Seasonal Products CB99

Dart Seasonal Products CB99
When it comes to snow removal, the longer the better. This is exactly what you will get with the Dart Seasonal Products CB99 snow brush, with its 62-inch telescopic handle. With this nifty tool, you don’t need to move around your vehicle to get the job done. Stay on one side and simply use your extendable snow brush to clear snow off your vehicle.

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9.  Hopkins 886-PKUS

Hopkins 886-PKUS
The best snow removal tool should be versatile and durable. The Hopkins 886-PKUS definitely fits the bill. It has a patented dual-purpose design with a snow brush on one end, and an ice scraper on the other. With a 31-inch long handle, you can easily remove snow from hard-to-reach areas. Made of high-quality material, you’ll get great value for your money with the Hopkins 886-PKUS.

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8.  Hopkins 533

Hopkins 533
Designed to be tough on snow, but soft on your hands. The Hopkins 533 has a flagged bristle brush and an unbreakable ice scraper that takes care of snow and ice, and a foam grip for comfortable handling. With a wider brush head, you can remove a good deal of snow for every brush stroke. You basically get the job done without spending a lot of time in one area. Quick and easy does it.

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7.  OXO Twister

OXO Twister
When it comes to design, the OXO Twister snow brush has a distinct edge. Its brush head rotates 90 degrees, so you can easily push snow off your vehicle. It has feathered bristles to protect your car finish from scratches or scuff marks, and a soft, comfortable grip handle for easy handling. The pole extends up to 11 inches more for extended reach. The OXO Twister snow brush makes snow removal an easy task.

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6.  Snow Joe SJBLZD


If you want great value for your money, get the Snow Joe SJBLZD snow broom with an ice breaker. Unlike other snow removal tools, this one has a patented dual-purpose design for easy and convenient management of ice and snow. Push heavy, wet snow off your vehicle with the non-abrasive head. Clear ice build-up with the built-in scraper. Get the job done with the Snow Joe SJBLZD.

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5.  Hopkins 14039

As windshield snow brush goes, Hopkins 14039 boasts of a well-thought-out design. Its 50-inch curved pole makes it easy to clean one end of the windshield to the next. No need to switch places with that kind of coverage. It has a built-in ice scraper to break the ice and a pivoting brush sweep that penetrates, pushes and sweeps through frost and snow. Hopkins 14039 will also transform into a sturdy snow broom with just a push of a button.

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4.  Hopkins 999CT

Hopkins 999CT
Built with the highest quality, and sold at an economical price point, Hopkins 999CT is one snow brush every household must have. Featuring 5 rows of bristles, strong scraper blade, and built-in to blade ice chipper, you get more for the price of one. Extendable hand grip and pole style handle make using Hopkins 999CT convenient and easy.

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3.  Hopkins 2610XM

Hopkins 2610XM
Do you want to feel more power in your hands when removing snow with a broom? Use the heavy duty Hopkins 2610XM super extender snow broom. Heavy duty comes in the form of a steel handle, extra-wide blade with a convenient squeegee, and powerful ice chipper. This snow broom extends your reach of up to 52 inches, ideal for working on trucks and SUVs. Break the ice and remove them with ease with the Hopkins 2610XM.

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2.  Hopkins 532

Hopkins 532
As if removing snow isn’t hard enough, your hands could take a beating with a snow removal tool that has a hard handle. But With Hopkins 532 snow brush with foam grips, you can scrape off as much snow as you want, without feeling the burn on your hands. The combination of a comfort foam grip and curved handle makes the brush comfortable and easy to use. Developed by a company known for providing lightweight solutions, you can bet handling the snow brush would be easy on your hands. Thick bristles and unbreakable scraper blade complete this functional masterpiece.

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1.  Sno Brum Original Snow Removal Tool with Telescoping Handle – Best of Snowbrushes and Ice Scrapers in 2021

Best Snowbrushes and Ice Scrapers
Just when you think snow removal tools are all the same, something better comes along. The Snow Brum has a head made of high-grade durable foam and cross-linked polyethylene that will remove snow without leaving scratches or scuff marks on your car, or any surface for that matter. It’s extendable telescoping handle lets you reach a distance of up to 46 inches, perfect for use with minivans and SUVs were reaching across the windshield can be challenging. The 17x 6-inch foam head offers more coverage for quicker and easier snow removal.

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Choose the best product with the quality, design, and price that will best suit your needs. In any case, you must have at least a single snowbrush with you in your car just in case you suddenly need to take off the snowy ice from your precious ride.