Top 10 Best Smoothie Blenders In 2021 Reviews

Any cooking or kitchen enthusiast understands that a smoothie blender ranks among the basic kitchen appliances. With a blender, grinding and blitzing your various ingredients becomes quite easy. It will take you only a few minutes to prepare anything you desire. You can always present excellent foods to your loved ones including milkshakes, smoothies as well as sauces and soups. Other than easing and accelerating your kitchen operations, a blender also spices up your cooking skills. You will always present excellent foods to your friends and family. If you wish to have the best from a smoothie blender, then you must be willing to conduct a thorough analysis of the available models on the market. A good blender should be durable and power efficient. In this post, we come in to make your smoothie blender selection easy and accurate. We present you with the top ten best smoothie blenders in 2021 reviews.

Our aim is to narrow the selection pool by filtering the best products for you. Read on to find out which product suits your kitchen, budget, and other personal preferences in the best way.

10. Vremi Professional Kitchen Blender for Smoothies

Well-blended smoothies make the best breakfast for families. Again, people enjoy taking blended drinks after a busy day at work. If you wish to have true taste of blended drinks and smoothies, then you should consider purchasing this blender by Vremi Company. It’s a heavy duty professional blender featuring a 1400 watt motor and four stainless steel blades. Its expert precision consists of a variable dial that allows total speed control. It has a sufficient capacity of 8 cups and has a liquid measurement feature for added convenience. The non-slip feet on its base ensure maximum stability of this blender. On this product, are specific buttons for ice crushing, smoothie, as well as pulse modes which make it easy to operate. Its stylish finish makes it attractive when placed on the kitchen top.

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9. Oster Pro 1200 Plus Blender

Oster Pro

The OsterPro 1200 Plus is a blender model that comes to let you blitz almost everything. It’s a product that has all it takes to make delicious and fresh foods like smoothies. It also features a food processor attachment which has excellent dicing and slicing ability. The motor used in this product is powerful to allow you blend through greens, ice, as well as frozen vegetables with ease. It brings you a smart setting control system to allow you program it as per your blending preference or depending on what you are making. Its extra broad blade incorporates dual direction technology for fast and efficient spinning thus allowing mixing of any foods. Its broad base allows smooth flow of food to the blade section for uniform blending.

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8. KitchenAid KSB1570SL 5-Speed Blender

KitchenAid KSB1570SL

This is just another smoothie blender that offers its enthusiasts unique performance and an exclusive, elegant design. It features an Intelli-speed motor control which senses the addition of content and regulates the blending speed to blend all the ingredients uniformly. The pulse mode functions with any speed to facilitate staggered blending. Its ice crushing component pulses at various intervals to facilitate optimal results in breaking the ice. Its robust blending is moderated by the steel-reinforced coupler which facilitates direct power transfer right from the motor to the spinning blades. Its soft press start component ignites the motor to initiate at a low speed. This way all the ingredients are pulled to the blades. Later, the speed of the blades increases to tear the ingredients into fine, evenly blended results. You will love preparing smoothies with this blender.

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7. Ninja Professional Blender 1000 (BL610)

Ninja Professional Blender

Right from its overall design, you can tell that this blender model is made for high-performance, durability and maximum convenience to its users. The Ninja Pro Blender brings you a sleek outer finish design which adds elegance to your kitchen. Its outstanding performance is driven by its 100-watt, heavy duty motor. The included Ninja Total blending and crushing blades are there to let you break your ice, blend several ingredients, and conduct pureeing through the precise, accessible controls. Its jar has a convenient capacity to let you make drinks or smoothies for a good number of people. You can be sure that your health will remain on the safe side with the use of this product as all its constituents are BPA free. Cleaning this blender is easy as all its parts are dishwasher safe.

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6. Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender

Oster 6812-001 Core

The dedication of the Oster Company to satisfying their esteem enthusiasts is evident in the making of this smoothie blender. The Oster 6812-001 blender is an exclusive product not only in its design but also in performance and durability. It features a sleek modern finish that makes it attractive. Its performance is also on point as it comes with a powerful motor. The power produced by the motor is more than enough to whip and blend fruits into delicious smoothies, mixing dry and frozen margaritas, among other functions. With its sixteen-speed settings, you can be sure to get perfect results within a few seconds. Again, you are free to set the blender to operate on either low or high power. Its blades come from stainless steel and are razor-sharp to facilitate crushing of stubborn ice. Its all-metal drive construction design, from the motor to the blades, promotes the high-performance and durability of this blender.

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5. Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201)

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse

Do you yearn to live a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and delicious foods? Then, this smoothie blender will help you turn your desires into reality. It’s a combination of Ninja blade technology, processor bowl, easy-to-utilize attachments as well as blending cups. Within it is a 550-watt pulse technology which provides steady, even blending and processing of various ingredients to end up with excellent smoothies and other foods. Its capabilities include grinding ice into snow, blending vegetables and whole fruits into juice and also kneading the dough while preparing pizza. With this smoothie blender in your kitchen, you will always enjoy a variety of natural drinks and foods with easy preparation.

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4. Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender

Oster Reverse Crush

If you are looking for an actual precision appliance, then this smoothie blender by Oster is for you. It is a powerful blender that comes to let you make anything from the comfort of your kitchen. It features a 600-watt motor with reverse technology. The engine works by alternating the blades to draw the food or ice to the base for consistent smooth blending. It comes with a razor-sharp blade that works effectively in chopping food evenly to create the best results within a few seconds. This blender has a seven-speed system combined with low and high options to give you total precise control over the blending process. You are free to blend as many ingredients using this blender including nuts and vegetables. It’s dishwasher-safe, has a 6-cup capacity, and its glass pitcher improves your blending and makes pouring of the results easy.

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3. Nutri Ninja Pro (BL456)

Nutri Ninja Pro

SharkNinja is the manufacturer behind the science and the making of this high-performance smoothie blender. If you love having delicious and evenly blended natural drinks and smoothies, then it’s only wise that you add this blender to your shopping cart. It features a 900-watt Pro motor which drives all the blending processes efficiently and effectively. It’s ideal for crushing skins, seeds, stems, as well as ice to achieve an even, smooth consistency in the end products. It boasts the power to extract nutrients and vitamins from various ingredients thus makes its users healthy. As an added advantage, the purchased package also includes a 75-recipe book, two seals and sip lids, as well as 24 oz. & 18 oz, to go cups.

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2. Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

Magic Bullet

The thousands of positive reviews that this smoothie blender continues to receive on the market from its happy users are a clear sign that it delivers beyond its core purpose. It’s a portable blender thanks to its lightweight nature and compact design. This blender is also easy to use and is very efficient in its operations. Blitzing multiple ingredients to achieve smooth, delicious smoothies is no job to this appliance. It comes with a high-torque, 600-watt motor which ensures the job is done perfectly. The featured blender power collaborates with the patented blade construction design as well as the cyclonic action to extract all the essential nutrients from the ingredients helping you present healthy meals to your loved ones and friends. You will get the best service from this durable and power efficient blender.

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1. Ninja Master Prep (QB900B) – Best of Smoothie Blenders in 2021

Ninja Master Prep - Smoothie Blenders

Begin to be in full control of your blending and cooking processes with this amazing blender. Just like its title suggests, this product is a real ninja. It has the power to crush ice and other ingredients into fine constituents within a few seconds. You can also use it to blend frozen fruits and vegetables into smooth, creamy smoothies. The included ergonomic and interchangeable 400-watt power pod functions by switching quickly between the non-slip pitcher and chopper bowl, thus helps in keeping the blending process steady, smooth and clean. To add on to its reliability, this blender comes with storage lids that assist in keeping food fresh and clean. Again, all its detachable constituents are dishwasher safe.

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The top ten best smoothie blenders in 2021 are made to meet and exceed high-performance and safety standards. They are also easy to operate. If you wish to have the best smoothies and other blended drinks, then you can rely on any of the products that rank among the top ten. Keep in mind that the best smoothie blender offers high-performance, incredible results, durability and power efficiency. Go for the best product and make your kitchen lively.