Top 10 Best Smelly Foot / Shoe Powders & Odor Sprays Reviews In 2021

Smelly Foot And Shoe Powders – Personal hygiene is very important. It is evident that individuals may have their footwear throughout the whole day. While this is not a concern, it is important to note that it may end up developing an odour after a hard day’s work. This is due to the activities that will lead to sweating. To prevent this, it is recommended that you invest in a foot and shoe powder. This will keep you fresh and it will get rid of any odours.

The market is flooded with several of these products and it is important that you work with the best to ensure that you meet your needs and preferences. Because it can be time-consuming and be tiring having to go through hundreds of products trying to find the best. The following are the best foot and shoe powders reviews to guide you in finding the best product to settle for.

Table of the  Best Smelly Foot And Shoe Powders Reviews

10. Gold Bond Medicated Foot Powder

Shoe Powders

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This foot powder serves its purpose by relieving an itch, absorbs moisture, as well as controls and minimizes on foot order as well as any odour-causing bacteria. In addition, it cools and soothes irritated skin. This leaves your feet protected and through the day. Save yourself from embarrassing moments where you cannot remove your shoes in public from foul smell. Simply apply on dry feet and you are good to go.


9. Gold Bond No Mess Spray Powder Fresh 7 oz.

Gold Bond No Mess Spray Powder Fresh

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As a foot and shoe spray, you do not have to worry about creating a mess. Its key ingredient is aloe, which features both preventive as well as curative properties. The packaging also allows you to carry it around thus enhancing convenience. It leaves a mild and great scent that is great to have. This product is, therefore, an efficient and functional foot spray.

8. Foot Spray for Shoes and Smelly Feet

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You no longer have to worry about stinky shoes and socks. This foot spray works by eliminating the bacteria that causes foot odour. Its key ingredients are tea tree oil and peppermint. These natural ingredients also ensure that they do not irritate you or cause you any harm. You can also use it as a foot moisturizer of which it hydrates your skin. In this, it leaves your feet skin healthy as it gets rid of dry skin. This versatile nature makes it an ideal product for many.

7. Odor-Eaters Foot Spray Powder 4 Oz

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If you are having problems with smelly feet, this will come in handy as a solution. It also ensures that you do not experience wetness. In this, it absorbs excessive sweat so that it leaves you dry. When using it, you do not have to worry about creating a mess. It is fast and efficient to use so you can be on your way in no time. In addition, it will help prevent athletes’ foot.


6. FOOT SENSE All Natural Smelly Foot & Shoe Powders

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Eliminate odour when you are out and about with this foot powder. It is great for use with sports lovers despite their strenuous tasks. To ensure that it leaves you safe and healthy, it also eliminates any bacteria that may cause odour or other infections. In addition, it provides the solution to other skin fold concerns. It is affordable and just a little will protect you a long way.

5. Squeaky Cheeks – All Natural Foot Powder

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This foot powder is versatile as it will not only get rid of odour but it will also prevent the occurrence of blisters, rash, as well as chafing. In the event you were already suffering from these ailments, it will help to relieve the pain associated with them. While it eliminates odour, it will also reduce foot sweat, which can be uncomfortable. To help ensure your safety, this product is talcum free, which is associated with causing cancer.

4. Kiwi Fresh Force Shoe Freshener Aerosol

Kiwi Fresh Force Shoe Freshener Aerosol

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This product is ideal for use with any type of shoes be it sneakers or leather shoes. It will protect you from odour as well as get rid of it. It is easy to use and it will guarantee full-time protection. This is because you will be inserting the Fresh Force into your shoe. The spray will, therefore, control any odour through the entire day effectively to ensure your feet remain fresh.

3. Tinactin Athletes Foot Powder Spray


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This foot spray is not only easy to use but also convenient. It serves the purpose of getting rid of the odour, relieving itching, as well as absorbing moisture, which if not attended to may increase the foul smell. It is also created to prevent the growth of fungi especially for individuals who stay around wet areas. In addition, it is noted to treat as well as prevent athlete’s foot, which is as a result of its anti-fungal nature.


2. Dr. Scholl’s Soothing Foot Powder

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When purchasing this foot powder, it comes in a pack of four. Its key objective is to ensure that your feet remain dry, comfortable, as well as free from odour. Once you apply it, you will notice a cooling effect that keeps you feeling fresh and comfortable. Foot odour can embarrass you if you do not attend to it. By using this foot powder, it will absorb wetness, which if left unattended to may lead to athlete’s foot. It is safe for use so right about anyone can use it.

1. Gold Bond Body Powder Medicated 1oz Travel Size

Gold Bond Body Powder Medicated

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This foot powder is recommended for use to help prevent as well as cure some feet ailments. Applying it prevents skin discomfort. In addition, it will ensure that you stay cool by absorbing sweat, which can be messy and uncomfortable. Its ingredients contribute towards ensuring it is functional. Zinc oxide is responsible for soothing and protecting your skin. Menthol controls and stops any itching thus acting as a relief. For individuals suffering from athlete’s foot prefer it, as it fights this condition.