Top 10 Best Smart Glasses Reviewed In 2019

Are you into action movies? Enthusiasts like me will confess they’ve seen characters in the movies wearing glasses deemed to give them special virtual capabilities. Maybe you shrugged your should thinking ‘that is a movie anyway.’ Smart glasses are a reality, and you get to choose from the different brands in the market. Besides, they have numerous applications in various settings including businesses for security and monitoring, navigation and hospitals. The visually impaired to are not left behind in this cutting edge technology.

What makes smart glasses unique? You wear smart glasses like the usual ones, but this time, these are computerized. As such, they can improve the quality of what you see with your naked eyes termed as augmented reality (AR). Imagine owning glasses that can work as a standalone device running mobile apps. Besides, it is possible to synchronize with computers and mobiles phone for communication. Even more, you can surf the internet by only giving natural language commands. Smart glasses have almost all the features of a smartphone.

Key Factors To Consider When Shopping For Smart Glasses


If you want glasses for use in an environment with farmable materials, you would need those with explosion protection. Besides, polarized lenses protect your eyes against harmful rays such as UV rays.

Augmenting the Real World

It should capture still images, video, and audio in a clear manner

User Friendliness

Let’s assume you work in an industry where you have to come into contact with dangerous substances. In that case, you would look for glasses that are voice-enabled for communication and surfing meaning it’s hands-free.

Remote Functionality

The feature allows you to synchronize with other devices for data retrieval and real-time sharing without cables.

It can be a daunting undertaking to go testing different brands of smart glasses for an excellent choice. After intensive research, we compiled a list of the best brands of smart glasses in the market currently.

10. CPHEVOS-Bluetooth-Polarized-Handsfree


Looking for nice, smart glasses that won’t disappoint? Get these stylish black-themed smart glasses. They are worth your attention for they feature a hands-free mechanism. That means regardless of your daily activities and location; it eliminates the need for touch. You only need to use your voice to issue commands you get to achieve your will. CPHEVOS can support both the Android and IOS operating systems.

It comes with a reachable battery with a 55mAh capacity. It takes you at most 70 minutes to get it fully recharged. Even more, it has a power on, power off capabilities ensuring that you can conserve power when not in use. To shut it down or power on, you only need to press the push button located in the middle for three seconds. You will note either see the blue light (off) and both blue and red lights (on).

The glasses are Bluetooth version 4.0 enabled and can support all Bluetooth music systems in your house. Since it comes with a Bluetooth and stereo headsets, you can play your favorite music non-stop and make calls for 8 hours before the battery gets low. Besides, you can connect it with other third- party equipment through a USB cable. Worried about the impact of the rays on your health and the visibility? No need to worry. It features lenses that use polarization technology hence preventing dizziness and ensuring clarity. Besides, the lenses can eliminate harmful UV rays from reaching your eyes.

The texture of the construction and adjustable holds make it a comfortable choice. Polyurethane is the material used in making the glasses making them lightweight. Thus, you are comfortable wherever you use them. Furthermore, they only weigh 23.66g making them a highly safe choice for cyclists and runners. It features a protective film that which has two layers in the package. However, you need to remove one when using them.


  • Hands-free
  • Long lasting battery (55 hours standby and 8 hours on calls and music)
  • Lightweight and comfortable (PU material)
  • Supports both Android and IOS
  • Protective film
  • Fast charge
  • Power on, power off push button to conserve power


  • Heads bigger than normal may find it uncomfortable wearing the regular size

9. ICE-Theia-Glares-Wearable-Glasses


Would you like to record HD videos using glasses? ICE-Theia will enable you to do just that. By pressing a button, you can take crystal-clear images and record super quality videos using this piece of equipment. As such, it is time to forget that camera or even your phone that my take ages to retrieve, focus and capture. Besides, you only need to see and press the button right away such that it eliminates any misses common when using the traditional camera or even your phone. Did I mention that you can do this secretly without alerting your target? What’s more, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you can replace with a lens of your choice.

How about if you could entertain yourself while on the move? Theia features 8GB of internal storage allowing you to store your favorite music that you can enjoy using the headset accompanying the glasses. That means you no longer have to drain your cell phone to listen to the music. How cool is that? Theia comes with a wireless capability allowing you to connect and play music from any Bluetooth enabled third party device.

Some smart glasses will require a mobile app to use a particular feature. That means you have to get your smartphone and open that app so you can synchronize them. Using Theia, that problem will be non-existent as you only need to press the button on the frame to access the feature.

Moreover, you can use Theia smart glasses for safe driving. Many a time we feel drowsy as we drive which can expose us to accidents. You only need to switch on the ‘drive safe technology’ button and enter the tilt angle. It will guide to your destination safely.

It can be annoying when in the middle of an important task, your phone rings. You don’t have to halt whatever you were doing to reach for your phone. Being Bluetooth enabled, you can receive your call like a boss with your mobile in the pocket. Besides, you will still listen to your music as you going on with your chores or when exercising.


  • Records HD videos and captures high- quality images with the touch of a button
  • Access to phone without the need for an app
  • Drive safe technology
  • Flashlight for visibility
  • Internal storage
  • Supports headsets and US cable
  • Bluetooth for calls and music


  • No support for external microSD but has 8GB internal storage which we think is a lot

8. Epson-Moverio-BT-200-Smart-Glasses


This US edition smart glasses use the high projection technology. They are common in the medical application, entertainment and manufacturing industries. If you are familiar with how binoculars function, then you have a glimpse of these smart glasses. While other brands may have the lens interconnected, Epson lenses are independent each having its display with the field of vision projected into the surroundings.

Also, with BT-200 glasses, you will have the opportunity to view objects two times their size as it has a large HD canvas. That is because it has 2x of virtual screen size. Even more, even some more expensive brands do not offer such. They are Bluetooth enabled, meaning you can connect with other devices like computers and smartphones. To access certain features of the Android phone, you need an app installed so you can perform certain tasks on synchronizing.

Other functions that make the camera stand out is the ability to record high definition videos. It tracks the motion best for runner and has a rear camera so as to support reality applications. And don’t forget you can do that without ever needing a traditional camera or a smartphone. That allows you take pictures and videos secretly without raising a brow.

Accompanying the glasses is an AC adapter for use in charging the battery, and US cable so you can connect to other devices. Besides, it has an earphone with a microphone. It comes with a touch pad control unit that runs powered by Android 4.0


  • 2x virtual screen size allows you view HD pictures and videos double the size
  • Independent lenses
  • Bluetooth enabled for wireless function
  • Rear camera to record pictures and videos
  • Earphones


  • Has a touch control unit but most prefer one that is entirely hands-free

7. Vuzix-M100-Smart-Glasses-Grey


A hands-free mechanism is a capability that every informed consumer looks for when shopping for a smart glass. One you’ve worn it, you don’t need an extra controlling device. You just issue voice commands and whatever task you want to get executed. And Vuzix is not left behind on that front.

The smart glass looks more or less like a smartphone going by the features and the capabilities devoid of a cellular radio. With an Android processor of its own, audio support, HD camera and wireless connectivity and more, you will agree that it is a mini-smartphone. Besides making calls and sending text messages, you can also use it to post to social media. Also, easily find products online by scanning products barcode.

For ease of connectivity with other third party devices such as an Android device, it is Bluetooth version 4.0 enabled. Moreover, you may have installed WIFI at your home or happen to be at building with open WIFI Then you can connect wirelessly to the WIFI through Bluetooth and surf the net. Moreover, it has a GPS tracking system allows you work with apps on the smartphone to notify you the current location for situational awareness.

Even more, you the image quality will wow you thanks to the 5-megapixel camera. Besides, it allows to you to record high definition videos of 1080p. Worth noting, also, is that M100 has internal storage that allows you to store your videos and images. Did I mention that the memory is expandable up to 32GB? That allows you to record and capture as many events as you explore the nature or even in a work setting. You have also have the option of watching them live or even retrieve to watch later.


  • Execute almost all functions of a smartphone
  • Expandable storage memory
  • Compatible with smartphones
  • GPS tracking
  • HD camera to record high definition videos
  • Bluetooth enabled for wifi connection and compatibility with other devices


  • A few complain about the apps not working with M100, but updated versions are highly responsive

6. Google Glass Explorer Edition XE–C 2.0

 Google Glass Explorer Edition XE–C 2.0

No doubt you are familiar with Google, being a giant search engine. Well, among the numerous products they have one of them is the great Google glass. You are assured that with version 2.0, you have the latest smart glass by the company. Google glasses are highly lightweight since they come with titanium frames. You get to choose a frame split style that from the four available options so the glasses can stand out. Get to choose one frame style among split, thin, curved, and bold. Besides, they come in different colors such that you can choose your preference.

Also, the package comes with a mono earbud so you can listen to the music, make calls, and video. Moreover, glass is just like a computer worn on your head. You can take pictures, go to social media, read new and even helps you in navigating.

Besides, it comes with a charging station to help you recharge after usage. If you have eye problems, you can replace the non-prescription lenses with your preferred choice upon visiting the doctor. To keep your glasses safe, it comes with 2 protective cases. Also, some are used to wiping their glasses with a toilet paper. However, the packaging comes with an official lens cloth to prevent damage to the sensitive lenses. Also in the packaging is a screwdriver to adjust the glasses so they can work as expected.


  • Protective casing
  • All accessories
  • Lightweight
  • Bluetooth support
  • Compatible with third party devices


  • Google glass mobile app is only compatible with Android. However, it is possible to use cloud storage and sync data online

5. CHEMION – Unique Bluetooth LED Glasses

CHEMION - Unique Bluetooth LED Glasses

Shopping for glasses that can feature drawing and animation capabilities, you cannot afford to ignore Chemion. Besides, for lovers of the dark places, you have a perfect piece of glass for you right here. These are Bluetooth-enabled LED glasses that are highly unique. It is in these glasses that you will experience endless fun by experimenting things. Besides, it boosts your creativity. The Bluetooth capability allows you to connect with an app (Chemion) so as to customize your messages. By customizing we mean you can apply various tweaks your message so they can stand out.

The app functions in a unique way. It allows to create text, animation or drawing on the app. From there, you sync it to the LED light grid. That way it lights up the glasses giving it a fantastic look in the dark. Are you are a party animal? Then you cannot miss this. Break away from the norm and stir debate by leaving your colleagues amazed. That is not all. The glasses come with a graphic equalizer that captures the sounds and music in the vicinity. Chemion glasses will then display bars of light in tandem with the music such like a typical equalizer. Partying has never been this enjoyable.

Other features that make Chemion a fantastic option is the wireless Bluetooth version 4.0. Besides, it has a 1.5V lithium battery that can last you up to eight hours when fully charged. It is LED enabled (210 units) and works the app works on Android and IOS platforms.


  • LED giving it lighting uniqueness
  • Unique display of messages, animation and drawings
  • One year warranty
  • Bluetooth enabled for compatibility with other devices


  • Those with large heads may need to cautious when getting the right size. Except there, the glasses are superb

4. 3M-Protective-Eyewear-13407-00000-5-Photochromatic


Smart glasses have revolutionized the safety world and have many applications. Do you undertake tasks such as sawing, chiseling, and grinding? Then you might need to protect your eyes. Statistics show that 2 in every 5 workers got eye injuries for failure to use protective gear when working. However, the manufacturer recommends that you seek direction from the supervisor. That way, you can know when to use them or not. More sophisticated hazards would require safety equipment such as Goggles and even face shields.

The lenses are highly reactive to the light in that they either lighten or darken as the outdoor conditions change. And the transition happens very fast taking less than 20 minutes. As such, you don’t need to trouble yourself buying or even carrying glasses for different conditions. The glasses are exclusive for workplace use and as directed by the manufacturer.


  • Versatile (many application)
  • Ability to transition according to the light condition automatically
  • Safe


  • Use limited to a work environment

3. Forestfish-Bluetooth-Sunglasses-Smartphone-Polarized


Here come versatile glasses that you can trust in your everyday activities. With Forestfish Bluetooth, you can engage in all manner of escapades including sports, cycling, partying and more. While in your pastime, the glasses will allow you record HD videos as it features an inbuilt 720p video recorder. Besides, it will give you super bright images as it comes with a 5MP camera.

Also, it has a Bluetooth functionality that allows to answer calls without the need to touch your phone. Even if you are in your car driving, the Bluetooth allows you to record videos and even play your best music from the car stereo wirelessly. Most glasses are compatible with many devices but in this case, that is sorted. Connect it with IOS, Android, Blackberry, iPad and any other device provided it is Bluetooth enabled. The capacity of the inbuilt storage capacity is 8GB. And if you feel that is not enough, you are free to expand it to 32GB. What’s more, you can record videos for three hours non-stop. However, the battery can take 128 hours on standby.

The weight of these handy glasses is nothing to worry as Swiss Grilamid TR90 is the material used in the construction of the frame. That renders them highly lightweight and comfortable. Also, it comes with polarized lenses for the protection of the eyes from anti-glare and UV rays. As such, the anti-glare feature will keep you focused while the eyes cannot suffer any damages when cycling, or even mountain climbing.


  • Applicable in almost any setting
  • Bluetooth enabled to for smartphone capabilities.
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • High-quality video camera
  • Safe (polarized lenses protecting against glare and UV rays)


  • Video files tend to be very large and commensurate with the time. However, the video and sound quality is superb

2. WONFAST-Bluetooth-Sunglasses


Get these glasses and transform the manner in which view the world. The hands-free mechanism makes these glass one of the best in the market. That means you can use them wherever you are regardless of the activity. After all, you only need to issue voice commands, and the instructions are executed right away.

You don’t need to worry about not identify your callers as the glass come with a reporting number feature. Also, it comes with a headset through which you can listen to the audios. You also get to enjoy yourself by playing music as the Wonfast glass are Bluetooth enabled running on version 4.1. What’s more, it can support numerous devices powered by diverse OS platforms including IOS, Android, and Blackberry. You can pair up to 8 cell phones at a go for communication. Also, it has a lithium rechargeable battery and a USB cable for charging.

It might happen that you are playing music and there is an incoming call. The music does not stop you from picking the call. The glasses switch automatically quit the music and switch directly to the call. And once the call disconnects, the music continues to play. Even more, the glasses have previous/next song control and have a button to increase or reduce the volume.

Your eyes health is important. The lenses are polarized to block the UV rays from reaching the eyes. Also, polarizing the lenses will help you not to glare. Also located on the frame of the glasses is Hi-FI earphones. To make sure that you are comfortable, they are adjustable for up to 270 degrees.


  • Hands-free mechanism
  • Bluetooth enabled, can make calls, play music
  • Compatible with different devices
  • Audio play and volume control buttons


  • Cannot record videos but can play music and use your phone hands-free

1. Samsung-SSG-5150GB-3D-Active-Glasses


As the title goes, these Samsung SGG glasses will allow you to view object and images in 3 dimensions. Samsung is a leading brand in the manufacture of electronics and a closer look at your house may confirm that. And that is why these glasses have received numerous positive customer reviews. That means you will see even better than when using naked eyes. The glasses are lightweight weighing only 0.3 ounces to ensure that you feel comfortable wearing them.

To make sure you don’t miss any moment, it comes with two batteries. Each of the CR1620 Batteries can store power for up to 70 hours when in use. You will not find such long lasting batteries anywhere else. Being a Samsung glass, it is compatible with several of the Samsung TV series such as D, F, and H among others. Also, since they work in full HD, they work with several other brands apart from Samsung. For example, they are shown to function properly with Panasonic TV and Epson Home Cinema.


  • Long lasting batteries
  • Compatible with most Samsung TV and even other brands
  • 3D support
  • Supports HD videos and images
  • Lightweight for maximum comfort


  • No phone support


The smart glasses have taken the world by surprise. Who would have predicted that it would be possible to surf, listen to music, record and store images and videos in HD and receive calls using glass? Experience the world of virtual with our top choices of the smart glasses in the market. We are sure you will like them.

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