Top 10 Best SlingBox Alternatives Reviewed In 2019

We are assuming that you are here primarily because you want to take your TV entertainment to a whole new level. We are certain that you are in the search for the best Slingbox alternative. Well, relax: For we are about to take you through the entire Slingbox buying process.

Our thorough and exhaustive research have led us to identify the top 10 best Slingbox alternatives in 2019. Before presenting you with reviews of the top ranking products in this category, we find it wise to help you familiarize with these devices in the best way.

“Slingbox: This is a device that links to a TV to facilitate remote streaming of TV shows, movies and other media contents from the modern technological devices like tablets via an internet connection. ”

Why Buy a SlingBox?

A sling box is economical for those with large homes. It’s wise to own a single sling box rather than equipping every room in your home with a TV. A sling box is also convenient and easy to utilize.

Despite the fact that sling boxes are manufactured by only one manufacturer, identifying the best one for your home could still be an uphill task. Fret not. The tips below will help you pick the best sling box that suits your preferences appropriately. Be keen!

Factors to Consider When Buying a SlingBox

  • What’s your budget?: Planning is winning. Before anything else, deciding how much you are willing to spend without compromising your financial plans is crucial. With your spending estimate in mind, narrowing your options becomes easy. Again, your budget will help you pick a sling box with only the necessary features. You will evade going for the ultra-costly models with features that you will, most probably, never utilize.
  • Ease of installation: A sling box is probably the easiest device to install. However, a sling box that comes with a precise and straightforward start guide should be preferred.

If you are planning to purchase the 500 model, ensure that the manufacturer provides an HDMI cable.

We have done all that’s in our power to help you select the best sling boxes in 2019. Below are in-depth reviews of the top ranking sling box alternatives in 2019.

10. Sling Media SlingCatcher SC100-100 Universal Media Player

Sling Media SlingCatcher SC100-100 Universal Media Player

If you desire to take your TV entertainment to greater heights, then considering the Sling Media SlingCatcher SC100-100 Universal Media Player could work magic for you;

It works by connecting to your TV to let you stream HD digital content from the sling box, the internet, computer or the computer. For the best experience, use a high-quality PC. The minimum PC requirements include 3.0GHz Pentium M / Pentium IV or 1.6GHz Intel Core due CPU running Vista or Windows XP 32-bit. The Mac OS and 64-bit Windows Vista are not currently in support.

It features an on-screen interface and supports remote control for easy access to TV entertainment. With this device, you can:

  • Access your sling box on any TV from anywhere in the world
  • Project your favorite Internet videos from a PC to the TV
  • Watch personal media by connecting a USB hard drive to the sling box

Upon purchase, the package comes with:

  • A sling catcher set-top box
  • 1 Ethernet cable
  • 1 AC adapter
  • User guide
  • 1 AV cable (composite)


  • No monthly fees
  • Flexible and unlimited media player for TV entertainment
  • Simple access via remote control
  • Works with HD and standard definition TVs


  • No wireless communication capability. Therefore, whenever you want to utilize this device on a WIFI network, you will need to create a wireless access point or bridge. After that, you can now connect the sling catcher to it through an Ethernet LAN cable.


It is an amazing device to own. It will let you watch your TV programs and movies from any TV around your home or anywhere in the world. It also offers HD as well as SD display which is great.

9. Vulkano Flow Mobile Device

Vulkano Flow Mobile Device

It is just another great video place shifting device. Beyond performance, the Vulkano Flow Mobile Device is reasonably priced ranking under $100. It comes to let you control and watch your home Television from any place via WIFI or 3G internet connections on a PC. Therefore, whenever you go back to college, travel, or just move away from home for whatever reason, this device will help you catch your favorite TV shows and movies with ease.

You can also access TV entertainment from any configured television in any place around your home; bedroom, by the pool, to mention but a few.

Apart from watching, you can also record TV shows on your Mac’s hard drive or PC. Again, you can quick forward, rewind or delay live or the recorded TV entertainment. This unit is easy to set up and use. Support for remote control makes access to TV entertainment as easy as pie.


Support for;

  • Remote watching and monitoring of TV programs and movies over 3G or WI-FI
  • Recording of TV shows on Mac hard drive or PC
  • Rewinding, delaying or quick forwarding recorded or live TV shows
  • Remote control
  • Easy setup


  • The Vulkano Flow Manufacturing, unlike Sling, offers no website access functionality.


Despite offering a superb experience as compared to the actual Slingbox, the Vulkano Flow Mobile Device provides a great recording and streaming features at an undisputable price.

8. Belkin @TV Plus

Belkin @TV Plus

Belkin is a re-known sling box alternatives manufacturer. The Belkin @TV Plus comes to let you watch the live or recorded TV shows on the modern mobile devices. With this device, you won’t have to miss your favorite TV programs while traveling as you can now watch them anywhere via your tablet or smartphone. It works over 4G, 3G, or Wi-Fi. It supports watching anything recorded on the DVR as well as the mobile devices for off-internet entertainment.

Even more, the Belkin @TV Plus turns your tablet or smartphone into an incredible TV remote. Through swipe surf, you can now scroll with minimal effort through the available channels. Again, you only need a simple tap to record your favorite shows and movies. Installing the Belkin @TV Plus takes only a few minutes as the setup is pretty straightforward. This product features a reasonable price tag. Anyone can purchase it.


  • Free @TV app for tablets available for download on Google Play or iTunes
  • Works on Wi-Fi- Eliminates the need to buy the highly-priced Wi-Fi connectors or using an Ethernet link
  • Supports recording onto cell phones-You will never miss your favorite TV shows even while you are held up
  • Easy-to-follow channel guide- Swipe Surf allows for rapid, instinctive analysis of the available channels


  • The video definition is wanting. It offers only the standard definition. However, we still find its display tremendous for its price.


With the Belkin @TV Plus comes to let you watch live TV or record DVR content from various devices at a throwaway price. You will love its performance as well as the affordable price. It’s a great sling box alternative to purchasing.

7. TiVo Stream 411

TiVo Stream 411

The TiVo Stream gadget comes to improve the flexibility of your television entertainment by allowing you to stream your favorite shows to any mobile device(s) around your home or access your TV wirelessly while you travel.

With this accessory, you can now catch the exciting cooking show or game at the office, kitchen, or any other place. It works by connecting to a Wi-Fi router and functions with an application to stream live as well as recorded content to an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone to let you watch from any location.

Even more, you can now download programs to an i-Device to watch whenever you are away from home. It will let you download and stream any non-copy protected programs. It supports up to 3 concurrent streams from one DVR.

To utilize the TiVo Stream in the best way, you will need one or more TiVo Premiere series DVR, One or more iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad devices running iOS 5.1+, Free TiVo App for iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad and A MoCA or wired Ethernet connection between home network and DVR


  • Supports streaming and downloading programs from the TiVo Premiere DVR to an iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone.
  • High video streaming quality
  • Allows for up to concurrent streams from one DVR


  • Can only download and stream non-copy protected content


Anyone with a premiere DVR can reap tremendous benefits from the TiVo stream. However, the demand for extra hardware as well as the copy protection limitations makes this device hard to own and maintain. It works extremely well after installation as no added monthly fees.

6. Full HD Slingbox 350 Sling Media Streamer

Full HD Slingbox 350 Sling Media Streamer

It is an exemplary way to watch your TV plus DVR content from anywhere. It streams TV and DVR to your tablet, phone and computer. It provides for real-time streaming from your favorite TV services. This sling box is manufacturer refurbished, hence no wear. It enables the recording of TV making you exert complete control on your entertainment.

It is flexible for scheduling DVR recordings at full HD, anytime, anywhere. It comes with a 90-day sling media warranty for streaming TV shows on your Mac, tablet, TV and smartphone. The unique accessories that associate this Slingbox include:

  • Two, 3-conductor RCA cables
  • A network cable
  • Transformer cable

This Slingbox is supported by the best TV caster which includes; Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku and much more.


  • It has original accessories plus a warranty assuring you of the best quality
  • Uses a connecting device such as Apple or Roku to look for programs smoothly.
  • It has HD imaging resolution
  • It is utterly easy to set up, comes with composite video cables for ease in streaming videos.
  • Highly improved built-in infrared for better transmission of videos via a remote control


  • It requires high-speed internet Connecting device for watching media with up to 1080p HD


For a personalized Home entertainment, choose this Slingbox, it gives you the best experience as you will have access to all your favorite channels from anywhere remotely on connected computers. It is both an investment in entertainment and a place-shifting streaming device.

5. From Sling Media, Slingbox 500

From Sling Media, Slingbox 500

Delivers all around the world, on nearly all devices, this is technology in the making. It connects via Wi-Fi to your TV and set top box and now connects to your laptop, tablet, PC, MAC, and phone. It has excellent picture quality at 1080p HD.

Has an HDMI TV interface for live program discovery, also enabling sorting of applications via YouTube Web Gallery and saving of your favorite trending topics. With a reliable internet connection, you will view your favorite games, TV shows and music from anywhere around the globe.

The intermission of watching from various places delivers high-quality imaging and does not compromise the resolution offered by the sling connection. Slingbox works perfectly with multiple routers making it easy to use over long distances. The HDMI quality for watching soccer is excellent; therefore the best option for viewing your favorites sports games.


  • Exerts 100% control for you while connecting to TV shows via an internet connection
  • Has native built-in Wi-Fi therefore the Slingbox can be wireless while connecting to a Router
  • The system automatically upgrades itself to the latest version while installing


  • This technology comes at a steep price for the best user experience out there


This Slingbox is worth every penny. With the flexibility, it allows for TV access from around the globe. It’s a staple entertainment accessory.

4. HDHomeRun Silicon Dust HDTV Prime Cable

HDHomeRun Silicon Dust HDTV Prime Cable

For a cost effective way to watch live T.V, HDHomeRun connects over the Wi-Fi connecting up to 3 storage devices be it your phone, tablet or computer. It makes it possible to record, pause and watch at the same time when working with the HDHomeRun DVR. This sling box enables you to cut your subscription to the least possible channels since it accesses Cable Card Premium subscriptions.

It eliminates the regular cable box by connecting to your Local Home Network (LAN) to watch live HD T.V and also connects to a wired network, for example; 802.11 AC Router to enable real-time TV watching. It’s straightforward to set up the DVR service making it possible to schedule streaming time while keeping the rest of the family entertained.


  • Works on Wi-Fi and Ethernet recording programs from all over the world
  • Expandable tuners to accommodate multiple HDHomeRun devices
  • It can run three channels simultaneously
  • Easy to install
  • The interface is flawless and works well with established channels app


  • It’s difficult to reassign accounts when buying a used HDHomeRun Device. It’s, therefore, advisable to buy a new one


HDHomeRun is a great device to cut on TV costs since it eliminates the need for multiple set-top boxes around the house. Choose this Sling Box to gain the best user experience. This product meets the buyers’ expectations, will put a smile on your face.

3. 4K UHD Roku 4 (4400R) Media Streaming Player

4K UHD Roku 4 (4400R) Media Streaming Player

From Roku 4, this sling box offers an exclusive experience for TV entertainment. Streaming over 2500 channels, one can search all services via a click as they are created equal. From HBO, YouTube to Netflix; Roku 4 works like a mini computer for streaming your favorite media. The search panel allows for both free channels and options for subscribing to new TV channels.

It comes with: an advanced remote that allows for voice search, a remote control finder to help find your misplaced remote by pressing a button and a headphone jack. Voice search provides for comprehensive results to your TV shows. With a fascinating quality of pictures, at 4 X HD resolutions, the clarity is intriguing.


  • Works with nearly all TV connected via HDMI
  • State-of-the-art 1080p HD streaming, 720p for HD TVs and compatible for all 4K TVs
  • Maximum resolution for HD TVs and Ultra HD


  • The fast-forward option may be tricky to use, but it requires practice to master the art


This device is the best all over the streaming box. You are sure to move from one service to the other without losing the previous service providers. Roku 4 is cheap, has a wide selection of content; you will love it.

2. Roku 2 Streaming Media Player (4210R)

Roku 2 Streaming Media Player (4210R)

Ranking in the re-known Roku family is the Roku 2 Streaming Media Player (4210R), a great value sling box alternative. The Roku 2 features a great lineup of better specifications than its predecessor. It brings you all the necessary streaming features at an affordable price.

It’s a compact, puck-shaped streamer. It offers over 2000 channels for download and a varying degree of paid content, specificity, and exciting shows. It comes with a USB 2.0 port as well as four slots for HDMI, Ethernet, power and microSD. This unit features an integrated dual-band Wi-Fi compatible with a/b/g/n. However, it works great with the wired Ethernet for streaming.

After filling the internal storage, you will be free to utilize a micro-SD to store more channels thanks to the featured micro-SD card slot. Also, an improved processor allows this product perform better than its predecessor. Its streaming staples are all front and center. In the USA, you get to enjoy Amazon Instant video, HBO Go, Netflix, Vimeo, Google Play Store, among others. In the UK, you will see BBC iPlayer, Netflix, 4oD, ITV, Sky’s Now TV, as well as Demand 5.

Audio apps accessible in both the US and UK include Radio, Spotify, Vevo, and Tunein. Even more, the cord cutters living in the US enjoy access to the Sling TV which is a great cable TV alternative. The Roku 2 Streaming Media Player (4210R) provides a clear and crisp stream. Generall, Roku 2 provides much more vast content.

You are also free to customize the order of the home screen as well as the contents. The Roku 2 Streaming Media Player (4210R) is unbelievably easy to setup. You only need to plug the unit into a wall electricity outlet, run a compatible HDMI cable to the TV and you are ready to start watching your favorite channels.


  • Plenty of high-quality content
  • Fast processor
  • Platform agnostic


  • No mic or headphone jack


Bringing you an unlimited pool of streaming content and driven by an all-improved processor, the Roku 2 Streaming Media Player (4210R) is always a great choice for those looking to take their streaming entertainment to new levels.

1. Amazon Fire TV, Streaming Media Player

Amazon Fire TV, Streaming Media Player

Joining the home entertainment technologies for content streaming, Amazon Fire TV works by plugging into the HDMI port of your TV hence accessing your subscriptions, movies, TV shows to mention but a few. You will get to relish 6800+ apps, 250,000+ TV episodes, and games via a high-quality 1080p stream.

It comes with an optional voice support, dual-antenna Wi-Fi, dual band and a zealous VideoCore4 PU. With a cheap monthly subscription, this is the easiest way to game, share photos, listen to music and watch your favorite shows. Fire TV mirrors your tablet and phone applications, freeing your screen for better use. With a subscription to top show on CBS All Access, you can watch TV without a satellite connection or cable.

Other unique features include:

  • 2 GB Memory
  • True to the end graphics engine
  • 75% higher processing power
  • Expansive storage up to 200GB
  • 8GB worth of storage
  • Alexa voice remote for instant search results by adopting to your choice of words and your mode of speech.


  • Does not buffer before and while streaming live shows online
  • Provides for quick instant results to your search since it has an advanced processor
  • Has Expandable memory storage option though a micro SD card
  • Prime members get limitless access to original TV episodes and videos at no extra charges.


  • Requires high-speed internet up to 10mbps for HD streaming


This is the best streaming media player on the market. It is constructed for durability and designed to meet all your needs. It never buffers and provides instant results, and if you are a prime member, you will be able to access limitless original TV episodes/videos at no extra charges.


With absolute simplicity, Slingboxes are taking over the home entertainment technologies. Offering control over TV content and provision of thousands of media to choose from, Slingboxes provide flexibility for all TV, games, and music lovers. Though quality may vary with the connection speed, sling boxes are the next generations’ staple. This technology is easy to interact with, doesn’t require advanced knowledge proficiency and maximizes on the customer technology relationship. The Slingbox is for you as an information junkie, frequent traveler that requires staying connected, the sports fan, and college student. For a simplified life, fly the Slingbox off the shelves today.

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