Top 10 Best Sleep Masks in 2019 Reviews

A good night sleep can change the way you carry out your daily chores. You will have more concentration, give more output and make fewer mistakes. The number of electronics in our bedrooms have been increasing over the years, and all of them have some form of lighting that may deny you sleep. One way to get rid of light is by choosing the best sleep masks that creates a virtual dark room. It is the most economical way of improving sleep.

A sleep mask comfortably fits around your head and covers your eyes while sleeping. While it may feel uncomfortable at first, you will get used to it and start appreciating the benefits it brings.

What are the benefits of wearing a sleep mask?

i)Higher levels of Melatonin– A study by BioMed Central Ltd in 2010 ascertained that people who wore sleep masks had higher levels of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone. It greatly helps people who can’t sleep due to loud noise and bright light. Darkness signals the body to produce this melatonin hormone which results in more regular sleeping cycles.

ii)Affordability- Compared to billions of dollars spent in seeing consultants and getting treatment for lack of sleep, sleep masks enables you to achieve the same by paying only a fraction. There is no need to visit a doctor when the solution for your sleeping problems is just a click away.

iii)Increased Rapid Eye Movement- It is estimated that an adult spends about 20 percent of her/his sleep in REM. REM is the period that we have dreams. People who don’t sleep well have shorter REM than those who have a deep sleep. REM is important as it allows one to unwind by think through situations fast. Wearing a mask enables you to spend more time in REM.

Apart from people who have sleeping problems, eye masks are important for individuals who travel or those who work at night and sleep at day time. It gives you a sense of darkness for a better sleep. Though you may find it difficult to wear a sleep mask, give it a few tries, and you will start appreciating it.

What factors should you consider when buying a sleep mask?

a)The light-blocking capabilities-The primary purpose of a sleep mask is to block light. Darkness stimulates the body to produce melatonin, a hormone responsible for sleep. You may need to add a mask to an already dark room to block light from the edges of a curtain. A small amount of light can be enough to deny you sleep. Choose a sleep mask that creates a virtual sleep mask. The fit and fabric significantly influence the ability of the mask to block light. A large mask eliminates the possibility of light creeping in from the edges.

b)Perfect fit- You should go for a mask that allows you to adjust the fit so that you can control the amount of pressure on your face. Most sleep masks come with a Velcro or buckle straps to enable you to adjust it. A perfect fitting sleep mask ensures that there is no light escaping in areas such as the nose.

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c)Eye cavities- The presence of eyes in the mask allows for REM and prevents smudging of the eye makeup. You need a mask that lets you blink when you open your eyes which lets you rest peacefully at night.

d)Fabric and Feel- Sleep masks comes in a variety of materials including cotton, satin, memory foam and silk. You should choose a sleep mask that conforms to your face and maintains the body temperature. When buying a sleep mask consider comfort, allergies, temperature and how easy to wash and maintain the mask.

Other factors to consider include the availability of ear plugs to block out noise which also contributes to the lack of sleep.

By considering the factors above, we set out to choose the Top 10 Best Sleep Masks in 2019 Reviews that have all the qualities that are important. We examined each mask to determine whether it is suitable for a side sleeper, a back sleeper, or stomach sleeper.  They are:

10. Dream Essentials Escape Luxury Sleep Mask

Dream Essentials Escape Luxury Sleep Mask is made of soft and cotton which makes it exceptionally soft. It has an eye cavity to allow for free movement of the eye in REM. The mask is thick, and it conforms to the face especially the nose to block light. The mask’s material is breathable and durable. The mask remains effective even after several washes. It acts as an eye pillow who sleep flat on the stomach.


i) The eye cavity allows for REM and prevents smudging of the eye cream.

ii)It is comfortable and breathable



i)The strap is thin thus you need to get additional ear plugs to block sound.

Best Sleep Masks

9. USpicy Eye Mask Sleeping Mask

At a weight of 0.57 oz, USpicy Eye Mask Sleeping Mask is lightweight and conforms to your facial contours without pressure. The inside of the eye mask is concave-shaped to allow you to blink freely without the lashes tangling. The Velcro straps allow you to have a customized fit without applying pressure on the ears. Fold the ultra-flexible sleep mask in half and fit it in your pocket to take sleep wherever you go. Apart from blocking light, USpicy Eye Mask Sleeping Mask stimulates the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep.


i)The sleep mask is lightweight and portable

ii)It allows Rapid Eye Movement during sleep without smudging eye makeup

iii)The strap is adjustable for customized fit


i)The Velcro straps can entangle your hair

Best Sleep Masks

8. Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Mask

Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Mask comes in 12 variants of motif giving a wide choice of stylish sleep masks to choose. It is ideal for people who put more detail in fashion. The light blocking capabilities maybe not top notch but it still does the job by conforming to your face to fill any gaps that may let light to your eyes. The inside of the sleep mask has eye spaces to allow for REM and avoid smudging of the eye creams. This mask is an excellent choice for people who want to take a nap when traveling.


i)The sleep mask is stylish and fashionable

ii)It is soft and flexible to conform to your face for maximum blocking of light

iii)The mask allows for Rapid Eye Movement

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i)The sleep mask is a bit pricey due to its stylish design

Best Sleep Masks

7. Living Pure – Luxury Sleep Mask

Living Pure – Luxury Sleep Mask ensures that you sleep fast and you stay asleep for long. It is a lightweight mask that has nylon exterior and a memory foam interior for maximum comfort. The cavities on the inner side of the sleep mask allow you to blink without fear of the eye makeup getting smudged. It has Velcro straps that can fit 16 to 23 inches circumference. You can use the mask during the night, while traveling, or just catching a nap at daytime. The mask has excellent light blocking capabilities that stimulate production of melatonin.


i)The mask is portable and lightweight

ii)It has cavities to allow for REM and smudge-free operation

iii)The interior memory foam makes the mask more comfortable


i)The mask could have better breathability performance was it made from cotton instead of nylon

Best Sleep Masks

6. Imak Sleep Mask-Best Sleep Masks for Side Sleepers

Imak Sleep Mask is one of the best sleep masks in the market. It blocks light efficiently thanks to its solid design. It also gives a remedy for migraines with its ergoBeads that massage the upper part of your eyes. The molds excellently fit around the eyes making it comfortable to wear throughout the night. For best results in dealing with migraines, we recommend that you wrap it in a power towel and place it in a freezer. Use warm water and mild soap to wash this sleep mask. The weight of the mask makes you feel asleep in the shortest time.


i)The sleep mask is comfortable and provides relive for migraines

ii)Acts as an eye pillow in the stomach sleep position

iii)It is thick and blocks out most of the light.


i)The strap is thin and flimsy which makes a bit uncomfortable

ii)The mask slides down when worn sitting down hence may not be ideal for those traveling.

Best Sleep Masks

5. Lewis N. Clark Sleep Mask

Lewis N. Clark Sleep Mask offers a peaceful sleep whether you are at home or traveling. The mask is made of 15D rip-stop nylon that is breathable and lightweight which ensures a comfortable and cool sleep. The cotton padding on the inner side of the mask relieves any pressure off the eyes. The buckle strap is elastic allowing for a customizable fit for people of different head sizes. Lewis N. Clark Sleep Mask blocks light whether you are at a hotel, airplane or your bed. The mask can be used by people with irregular sleeping patterns or by people who want an ideal mediation space.


i)The mask is comfortable and breathable.

ii)It is available in different colors and fabrics

iii)It is easily washable

iv)The mask is affordable and portable


i)It does not have eye cups for ideal REM

Best Sleep Masks

4. Sleep Master Sleep Mask

Sleep Master is a premium sleep mask that incorporates light-blocking and soundproofing capabilities. It is designed for people who have difficulties sleeping and those who may wish to sleep during the day or while traveling. The sleeping mask’s material is soft and breathable which makes it comfortable to be worn for many hours. It is adjustable hence fits different head sizes. Unlike conventional head masks that only cover the eyes, Sleep Master sleeping mask covers the eyes and ears hence eliminates the need for ear plugs. The mask remains effective for long even after repeated washes thanks to its high quality, hypoallergenic material.

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i)It is ideal for different sleeping position

ii)Effective sound and light-blocking capabilities

iii)It is hand washable


i)It is pricey compared to other sleep masks

ii)It can be slippery when Velcro straps are not tight.

Best Sleep Masks

3. Dream Zone- Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask

Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask is made of a blend of cotton and silk which makes it soft and comfortable. The fabric is durable and breathable for a peaceful night sleep. The lavender scent gives you a therapeutic aromatherapy that is relaxing and enables you to fall asleep faster. The fabric is composed of layers that blocks light effectively by creating a virtual dark room. Earth Therapeutic sleep mask has Velcro straps that keep it in place throughout the night. The straps are adjustable and can be even used by 7-year olds.


i)The lavender gives you an aromatherapy relaxation.

ii)Mask blocks light efficiently for a great night sleep

iii)It is an affordable sleep mask


i)Some people do not like the lavender scent though it is mild.

Best Sleep Masks

2. Bedtime Bliss Contoured Sleep Mask

This one of the best eye masks in the market due to high light-blocking capabilities. The straps give you a perfect way of adjusting the mask’s tightness. Being contoured, it blocks more light without having to be bulky. The mask features a cup-like design on the area covering the eyes allowing REM without the eyelids brushing mask. If you have an eye cream, you can sleep without worry of getting it smudged. The mask comes with ear plugs that are easy to fit so that you can a peaceful night sleep.


i)The mask is durable and easy to maintain

ii)The mask has a compact which allows you to take it on those business trips

iii)It is comfortable, and you can wear it throughout the night without feeling a pinch.


i)Pug-nosed users may find the mask uncomfortable. If you are a side, get the right size to avoid problems.

Best Sleep Masks

1. Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask – Most Comfortable Eye Mask

If comfort is your major consideration in buying a sleeping mask, Alaska Bear Mask is an excellent choice for you. It has a big and wide design that ensures that all light is blocked. It is made of 100 percent mulberry silk which gives it its unique softness. You will not notice that it is even on your face. The sleeping mask has a high light-blocking percentage. The mask is small and fits your handbag, and you can take it with you while traveling. The material used is hypoallergenic making it ideal for people with sensitive skin.


i)The mask is made of mulberry silk which makes it soft and comfortable

ii)Its large size ensures light is completely blocked out for a peaceful sleep

iii)It is suitable for any sleeping position

iv)It is affordable


i)A bit pricey

Best Sleep Masks

Choose one of these best sleep masks, and I can assure you that your sleep will never be the same again. You will have more peaceful nights filled will nice dreams. Whether you want to use them in your bedroom or taking them away on your trip, this sleep masks got you covered.

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