Top 10 Best Skateboards in 2021 Reviews

The skateboarding culture did not start yesterday. It’s a practice that has been endorsed by people all over the globe for many years. People engage in skateboarding for various reasons. Some take it as a mild sport ideal for going about their leisure time, while others take skateboarding as a profession where they engage in extreme competitions. Learning to ride on a skateboard is not only a fantastic experience but also a unique one which is left out to the aggressive and daring individuals. Today hundreds, if not thousands, of skateboard brands have come up. Each brand features a unique construction material and design which results in varying quality. Again, skateboard brands suit different uses. There are those designed for extreme and heavy-duty use, while others are ideal for only the mild and smooth riding. Below, we review the top ten best skateboards in 2021.

Our primary aim is to simplify and ease your selection regarding skateboards. Our selection criterion analyzed the quality, durability, and the recommended use of a particular skateboard brand before ranking it among the best.

Read on to identify the brand that suits your projections and needs in the perfect way.

10. SCSK8 Pro Skateboard

SCSK8 Pro Skateboard

Are you a professional in skateboarding? Could you be looking for a source of motivation throughout your gaming sessions? Then, purchasing this skateboard model by the SCSK8 Company will be a wise decision. With this skateboard, you will always feel the urge to practice thanks to its excellent construction, easy maneuverability, as well as its attractive finish. It comes fully pre-assembled in the USA thus ready to ride. Its 52-mm wheels play a significant role in cushioning any occurring impact throughout the skateboarding sessions to ensure the rider is comfortable and safe. It also features Abec 7” bearings which play their role in reducing friction effectively. This skateboard’s deck is strong and durable thanks to the high-grade materials used in its construction. It’s available in a wide variety of finishes and colors including pink, The natural, white, astro zombie, killer tomato, and much more.

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9. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Skateboard

Powell Golden

Riding on this skateboard in the Company of your squad will be among the best moments in your life. It’s a skateboard whose overall design makes it ideal for both beginners as well as riders in the advanced level. It ranks among the inexpensive skateboard models on the market so far. For your safety, this skateboard features hand-cast polyurethane, high-rebound wheels which provide excellent grip and roll. Its grippy top deck measures 7. 625 inches in width, a size enough to accommodate your two feet comfortably. Its bottom is colorfully screen-printed with a golden dragonfly picture which makes this skateboard attractive.

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8. The Boss Board – Complete 22″ Vintage Skateboard

The Boss Board

Being a boss should not be restricted to only the office setting. The Boss Board Company has set out to bring your bossy and leading character right to the streets. This skateboard model from them is winning the hearts of many through its stylish, quality and durable construction. It comes ready to ride from the box as it’s preassembled by the manufacturer. Its compact street design makes it suitable for carrying in a small bag or storing in a simple locker at school. It features various incredible vintage color finishes including dragon, bunny, superman, revolution, and stealth. Its sturdy plastic deck combines with its super smooth 59mm wheels, the robust aluminum trucks, and the featured ABEC7 bearings, to facilitate safe and smooth riding. It weighs only 4 pounds.

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7. Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

Krown Rookie

For many years, the Krown Company has been doing all that’s in their ability to provide high-quality and durable skateboards to the skateboarding enthusiasts across the globe. If you are looking for a high-grade skateboard, then you can stake your few dollars on this exclusive skateboard model by them. It’s a skateboard designed with all the specifications necessary for professional skateboarding as well as utilization at the entry level. Its affordable price tag makes it accessible even to those operating on strict budgets. Despite being affordable, this skateboard features a resilient and robust construction which makes it ideal for heavy-duty operations. It brings you high-grade wheel bearings and a maple deck which facilitate easy maneuverability on the paths as well as ultra-safety. No assembly is necessary after purchase as it comes fully assembled.

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6. Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard

Punisher Cherry

The Punisher Skateboards Company brings you this exclusive skateboard model. It’s a complete product that features an active board whose Canadian maple deck measures 31”*7. 5”. It features a mild concave deck profile that facilitates superior and safe control while you perform some tricks, make unique turns, or ride at high speeds. This skateboard also comes with polyurethane cushions, PE riser pads, and ABEC-5 high-speed wheel bearings for added safety and easy maneuverability. The featured Punisher Skateboard logo and an attractive cherry blossom artwork make this skateboard elegant and stylish. Its sturdy PU ivory wheels measure 54*36 mm. No assembly is needed after purchase as it comes fully pre-assembled by the manufacturer.

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5. Rimable Complete 22″ Skateboard

Rimable Complete

The professional construction combined with the creative and magnificent artwork in the making of this skateboard model facilitates its ranking among the most loved skateboard brands on the market so far. Many fall for its appearance while others are carried away by its construction design. If you weigh 90 KGs or less, then you will be lucky to experience the power of this skateboard. It measures 22 inches long and 6 inches wide. Its deck comes from high-grade, fresh materials which make it comfortable to use, durable, and ideal for heavy-duty utilization. The included thick aluminum trucks are a plus to the quality and durability of this skateboard. Its ultra-smooth PU wheels fitted with the ABEC-7 high-speed bearings facilitate smooth riding on this skateboard. It’s also available in various color finishes.

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4. High Bounce Complete 22″ Skateboard

High Bounce

If you frequently interact with skateboarding professionals, then you might have come across one with the High bounce skateboard cruiser. A ground jet is a better name for this priceless skateboard. Right from its design, one can tell that this skateboard is exclusive in all aspects. For one, it features a unique streamlined construction design which is a plus to its speed. Its wide wheels which are made from a premium grade plastic facilitate smooth riding and have the ability to resist high impact. Its aluminum axle is of the best quality thus, an addition to its durability and ability to withstand shock. It has the power to support a weight of up to 85 KGs. It measures 22*6*4 inches. It’s available in a broad range of finishes including black, blue, purple, pink, jelly bean, green and much more.

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3. KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

KPC Pro Skateboard

Among the inexpensive but quality skateboard brands is this product by the KPC Company. It’s an expertly developed skateboard with all you need to realize your prowess in skateboarding. It suits utilization by professional skateboarding enthusiasts as well as the newbies. Its simplicity is construction makes it easy to maneuver, store or transport from place to place. You will love its stylish finish which makes it elegant and ideal for those who love being attractive. Its solid construction from high-grade materials makes it durable and ideal for heavy-duty utilization. It has the power to withstand extreme impact and accommodate large weights. Its wheels are durable and well aligned for ultra-stability. You don’t have to own assembly tools as this product comes fully assembled. Just get it from the box and begin to skate immediately. Its deck measures 7. 5*31 inches.

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2. Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard

Penny Graphic

Your love for skateboarding will be rejuvenated and reignited with the purchase of this skateboard model. It ranks among the high-quality skateboards that feature simple but elegant construction designs. Its deck comes from a high-grade maple and measures 22 inches in length. This skateboard features 59 mm sturdy wheels developed by the Penny Company. Its overall construction makes it stable and gives it the ability to withstand high-impact on the roads. Whether you need to attend some lectures at school or need to perform some stunts on the streets, this skateboard will meet your needs in style. Its compact design allows it to fit in your locker or bag. Enjoy skateboarding with this fantastic product.

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1. Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Quest Skateboards

The quality of this skateboard model by the Quest Company is the primary reason why it continues to receive great love and attention on the market. It features a longboard construction design, with a 44-inch board manufactured from artisan bamboo and a multi-ply hardwood maple. Within its construction are also 7-inch rugged aluminum trucks which add on to its functionality, durability, and allow for heavy-duty utilization. Its 70 mm durable PU wheels promote the resistivity of this skateboard to high-impact. A kicktail is included to facilitate smooth acceleration. It’s available in a variety of color finishes including green, purple, and black. This skateboard model is ideal for professional use.

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If you need to experience the power of skateboarding, then you need to purchase the best skateboard model from a re-known manufacturer. We have played our role by bringing you the top ten best skateboard brands in 2021 reviews. You only need to take the next simple step of selecting your preferred product from this list. Go for the best product. All the featured skateboard models have all it takes to perform well in the skateboard fields.
All the best!