Top 10 Best Skateboarding Hardware in 2019 Reviews

Skateboarding hardware is popularly known as mounting hardware. Choosing the Best Skateboarding Hardware translates to comfortable training. You might wonder what they are. Like other hardware’s, they are used to connect skateboards trucks to its deck. A skateboard requires a total of four lock nuts and four bolts. Most hardware’s are available in a set of 8 though you can access the parts differently. The screws can be Allen-headed or Phillips-headed. Choosing the right skateboard is not an easy task. You have to spend several hours of research so as to get Best Skateboarding Hardware. Though there are various factors to consider, type of the skateboard will determine the hardware you are to purchase.

How to select the appropriate Skateboard Hardware

Skateboarding Hardware is of different sizes. The length of screw you intend to buy depends on the style of skate deck. Also, Best Skateboarding Hardware has different bolts of diverse colors. The durability of pins depends on how much you use the skateboard. Additionally, quality of materials will determine the extent of its resistivity. Anytime you observe a striped bolt that is the best signal that it’s time to have new hardware. If you practice skating, daily, choose the hardware’s from durable materials. They will never disappoint you. The only challenge is lasting equipment are more expensive than regular hardwares. Some Best Skateboarding Hardware requires risers while others do not, but that is not a big deal. Here is the standard skateboard hardware size.

•    0.875 to 1-inch hardware –they do not need hardwares.

•    1 to 1.125 inches hardware – they are compatible with 0.125-inch risers.

•    1.25 inches hardware – 0.25 risers are consistent with this hardwares.

•    1.5 inches hardware – they use 0.5 risers.

Choosing the correct Skateboard Deck

There many parts of the Best Skateboarding Hardwares. Of all these parts, Skateboard Deck is critical of all.  Skateboard Deck is plane board surface for skating. They are two skateboards, longboard decks, and small board decks. Shortboard decks are suitable for street and vert skating. The size, width, and shape of the deck will determine the quality of skating performance.

•    Compatibility

Hardware’s have specific shape and designs. They fit particular deck and trucks. To ensure you access the right hardware, consult manufacturers. If you have wrong ones, take them to the hardware dealers to ensure to buy exact things.

•    Availability

The hardware’s should be readily available in the market. Do not think of hardware that is not easy to access. Sometimes you can buy some parts today, and next time you miss them for replacement.

•    The cost

The Best Skateboarding Hardware should be accessible at an affordable price that does not strain one’s income. Prices range from manufacturer to manufacturer. Just but one that you can afford and never compromise the quality.

•    Ease of use

Best Skateboarding Hardware should be easy to install and uninstall during replacement. Some screws are hard to remove to an extend you might end up damaging the skateboard itself.

•    Quality

Skating is prone to accidents. Minimize these accidents buy choosing the Best Skateboarding Hardware. They might seem expensive but very useful. Needless to say, the cost of treating one’s health is many times expensive than the cost a good skateboarding hardware. Quality depends on the materials utilized by the manufacturers.

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10.Tera 8Pcs Skateboard Mounting Hexagon Hardware

This is another skateboard hardware that offers you everything you need. The Tera 8Pcs of 29mm/1.1in Skateboard Mounting Hexagon Hardware Screws Replacement Kit Gold can fit in any of your skateboard or longboards. For many skateboard applications, 1 inch is a standard length while for longboard is 1 1/8 inches. This product has been designed specially to mount the trucks on deck. It is manufactured of a long-lasting carbon steel to maintain is strong enough. The screw nut has a rubber pad for a stable fix. Its length measures about 29mm and weighs approximately 70g. The hard screws are Hexagon type. Additionally, this product is inexpensive hence many customers can afford to buy it.


1.    Combining carbon and steel results in strong hardware.

2.    Equipped with rubber covering offer more stability.


1.    It may work for a long skateboard but not advisable.

Best Skateboarding Hardware

9.Everland 1.25″ Hardware Screws

The Everland 1.25″ Hardware Screws is one of the Best Skateboarding Hardware that you should consider purchasing today. It comes in 10 colors for you to choose your favorite. This product will not disappoint you if you buy it since it lasts for a long time. The product will help you a lot when it is in your hands. This new set has large wheels of 76mm with the Turbo Abec7 bearings that can fit any longboard and skateboard cruiser needs. The product has been reviewed positively by the customers. It is also available at a cheaper price. It keeps the trucks tight and secure. Therefore, if you are searching for a product with these features, then this is a product for you.


1.    The hardware is cheap for everyone.

2.    The company delivers the screws with short time.


1.    They are smaller than standard screws.

Best Skateboarding Hardware

8.Thunder Hardware Phillips Skateboard Red Bolts

This product is one of the top best skateboard hardware that offers you a high-quality. It is also inexpensive hence value your money which makes it very suitable for you. The 1″ Phillips Screws for Skateboards last for a very long time. Hence you should trust it. With this product in your hands, you will never regret at all buying it. Many customers have commented positively about this product because of its good quality. It features 1-inch long hardware screws and comes with sets of 8 nuts and bolts. It also comes in two colors for to choose your favorite which makes many users fall in love with it. The product also features the standard Phillips head and works excellent for skateboards.


1.    It is one of the tough skateboards highly resistant to corrosion.

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2.    Set of 8 bolts and eight nuts.


1.    You have to be sure about the size of the board when ordering the hardware.

Best Skateboarding Hardware

7.Bones Skateboarding Hardware

This product is one of the top-ranked skateboard hardware for you to use as it offers you the best use. With this item, you are sure of a comfortable use without any disappointment whatsoever. It has received a lot of positive reviews from many users. It is, therefore, good for you to know all the information about this skateboard hardware before purchasing it. This Bones 7/8 inch hardware can fit your perfect use. The product is also inexpensive and is readily available on the market today. It is popularly known to offer you the best service and has been engineered to last long.


1.    Easy to use and install.

2.    Bolts have white heads for easy accessibility.


1.    They are quite expensive.

Best Skateboarding Hardware

6.Everland Skateboard Hardware Screws Set

This is one of the best skateboard hardware that is recommended for you to use since it offers you the best service that you need. This is a high-quality product that does not disappoint you if you buy it.  It comes in a set of eight screws and has a length of 1 inch. The product also delivers in multiple colors for you to choose your favorite color and has a stylish design. This 1″ Skateboard Hardware Screws Set also last for a long time. It is also affordable for you to buy it.


1.    These hardware’s looks attractive.

2.    Available in different colors for to choose of one of your favorite.


1.    The paint chip off easily.

Best Skateboarding Hardware

5.INDEPENDENT Genuine Parts Phillips Hardware

Independent is one of the leading manufacturers in skateboards industry. They produce the Best Skateboarding Hardware that offer excellent performance. This item is their 1 inch Phillips head hardware. The products weigh 0.6 ounces. They are more of gun metal black. Their sizes are standard for riding without spacers. The nuts feature a standard lock. It is quite simple to install it on a new board. The heads have a nice little Independent logo that is cool to touch. The product is best for anyone looking for new skate parts. This item is great, and it is very reliable. Additionally, the product is available at an affordable price.


1.    Independent are well known for to produce quality hardware at a reasonable price.

2.    No need for spacers.

3.    Metallic construction guarantees durability.


1.    You cannot get them easily.

Best Skateboarding Hardware

4.Mini-Logo Skateboard Hardware 1″ inch

This skateboard hardware is one of the best skateboard equipment in the market currently. This hardware set is affordable. It can also be extracted quickly and replaced using a screwdriver. It comes with a set of 10 nuts and ten bolts per pack. Bones 1-Inch Skateboard Mounting Hardware is made of a high-quality steel for it to last for an extended period. The product can be your best friend after you use it. It has been loved by many users as it has received a lot of positive reviews. Therefore, you are sure that you will not become disappointed after purchasing this skateboard hardware set.

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1.    Anti-rust paint so that the user can wash the skateboard without the nut forming rust.

2.    Delivers excellent performance.


1.    They are short for long skateboards.

Best Skateboarding Hardware

3.Bones 1-Inch Skateboard Mounting Hardware

The Bones 1-Inch Skateboard Mounting Hardware does many tricks of skate on your skateboard so that it can wear down the hardware quicker. The set is quite cheaper, and you can easily extract and replace with the screwdriver. With this product, you will not get disappointed if you buy it as will offer you the best service that you need. It perfectly suits your needs. It has the white head of bolts which helps spot foot placements and look very nice. It has also been equipped to mount the trucks on the deck. The package also has set of 8.


1.    Set of 8 hardware.

2.    White heads ease tracing of the foot placement.


1.    Measuring the length skateboard is so tiresome.

Best Skateboarding Hardware

2.Everland 1.5″ Skateboard Hardware Screws

The Everland 1.5″ Skateboard Hardware Screws comes in so many colors that you will love hence you do not have to worry about anything going the wrong way with this product. It is considered one of the best skateboard hardware on the market today. It is high-quality, and hence you are assured of happiness when you purchase it since you can use for a long time. The large hardware screws are 1.5 inches and come in a set of 8 nuts and bolts and variety of various colors. It also features standard Phillips head and perfectly works for the skateboard. If you realize that your screws are becoming rusty or look stripped, then you should try this new set. Moreover, the hardware sets are not expensive and can be extracted easily and replace with a screwdriver. The product also is durable.


1.    Available in different attractive colors for more customization.

2.    Compatible with all skateboards.


1.    It does not fit all skateboards.

Best Skateboarding Hardware

1.Blank 1 Inch Color Skateboard Mounting Hardware Screws Bolts

This is another one of the Best Skateboarding Hardware that you have been looking for a quite a long period. With this product, you are guaranteed no regrets after you purchase it today. The skateboard mounting hardware screws and bolts can fit you. It also comes in multiple colors for you to choose the color that you need to use on your skateboarding. Order this product today, and you will get your favorite color. Due to its best quality, you are sure no disappointments in purchasing the set. It comes in a set of eight and features Phillips’ head. Additionally, this product is inexpensive and last for a long time.


1.    Its attractive color blends well with that of the skateboard.

2.    The hardware provides outstanding between the truck and the deck.


1.    They do no last.

Best Skateboarding Hardware

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