Top 10 Best Skateboard Wheels in 2019

Just like a car, skateboard needs wheel replacement from time to time due to wear and tear. Getting the best skateboard wheels ensures that your ride is smooth and safe even in places with gravel. This guide will help you to know how to go about when it comes to buying of skateboard wheels.

Most skateboard wheels are made of polyurethane. This is because these materials are durable and resistant to corrosion. Skateboards wheels are available in different colors.  Each type of wheels is compatible with a specific skateboard. It should correspond to the skateboard regarding style and size.

Finding the suitable skateboards is not an easy due to the availability of many brands each having its specification. Skateboards wheels are specifically designed to ensure enjoyable riding in specific riding surface.

What factors should you consider when buying skateboard wheels?

a) Materials used to make the skateboard wheel

Most of the skateboards wheels available in today’s market are made of polyurethane materials. This material is a hard complex material that guarantees the wheel last longer. Polyurethane has been in use way back from the 1970s. Processing companies for this type of materials have greatly improved the quality of the material to suit the growing needs of skateboards field. The materials are highly resistant to any form of corrosion making is suitable for wide applications. To add, the wheels made of this material is available at affordable price.

b) Diameter

Diameter is used to quantify the size of the skateboard wheel. It is measured in millimeters. Smaller diameter wheels mean that the skateboard is also small. Most of the diameters range from 50 to 75mm. Larger wheels are easy to ride at faster speed. On the other hand, smaller wheels are suitable for a slower ride. Furthermore, the diameter of the wheel determines the turn ratio and acceleration.

c) Durometer value of the wheel

Durometer is used to measure the hardness of the wheel. They are various types of durometers. Most of the companies use a scale durometers. This a scale is a 100-point scale. The higher the number in the scale the harder the wheel. Some manufacturers though few uses b scale durometer to quantify the hardness of the wheel. Choose a skateboard wheel with more precise and wider hardness assortment. 78a to 87a scale range imply that the wheel is soft. The range between 88a-95a means that the wheel is quite harder. On the other hand, 96a-99a represents wheels with excellent grip and appropriate speed. This range is great for beginners. Some wheels have their hardness exceeding 101a+ while those that are hard have their durometer b scale ranges from 83b-84b.

d) Contact Patch

This is the measure of every skateboard performance. It is determined by measuring the area in contact it the riding surface. For larger wheels, the contact patch is also large. Usually, the contact patch is directly proportional to the size of the skateboard. Large contact patch guarantees even distribution of the weight. This results in comfortable riding. Contact patch is essential in reducing wheel urethane compression.

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Apart from the factors mentioned above other such as maintenance, reliability, and cost of the wheel should consider. Wheels gradually wear off with time especially if you’re riding on rough surfaces. Maintenance of the wheel depends on how often do we skate and the hardness of the wheel.

To help you narrow down from the thousands of options available, we have prepared this list of the Top 10 Best Skateboard Wheels in 2019. This is the ultimate guide to buying skateboard wheels.

10.Penny 59mm Skateboard Wheels

This skateboard is very popular in today’s market due to its outstanding features. It is engineered from various alloys such as plastics, composites, and distributors. This excellent combination of materials results in durable wheels that last for decades of years.  It is available in 14 different colors. They are highly portable so that you can carry to exchange while you are on an adventure. It features penny hanger truck. Most prominently, this skateboard has unified appeal in comparison to other similar products in global market. It is compatible with most of the skateboards. Available in both compact and transparent options. The presence of resisting chips and nicks guarantees a smoother ride.


i)They are cool, so it is worth buying.

ii)The wheels offer faster-riding speed.


i)They are quite expensive.

Best Skateboard Wheels

9.Supafly Set of 4 LED Light-up Skateboard Wheels

This skateboard wheel features 8 Phoenix Bearings. It is equipped with LED Light-up that illuminated during the night. This feature makes the wheel suitable for night adventure giving the user chance to skate even at a place where it is not well illuminated. Additionally, LED lights eliminate the need for the rechargeable batteries. It features an excellent quality ABEC-7 for better performance. This skateboard wheel is available at an affordable price that does not strain one’s income. The wheel measures approximately 60mm by 45mm. It is made from of polyurethane to last longer. Good choice of this material ensures smooth and comfortable riding. Magnets spin along the truck powering the LED lights.


i)The wheels are uniquely constructed to last for years.

ii)Its assigned price harmonize with the quality of the price.


i)The LED light will wear out with time.

Best Skateboard Wheels

8.UGIN Classic The Wolf Series Skateboard Wheels

UGIN Classic The Wolf Series Skateboard Wheels is made of durable polyurethane to last longer. It features SHR-95A hardness. It looks so stunning and stylish. The skateboard wheels are available in two dimensions about 52 by 30 is very light weight for easy riding weight 190grams. Perfect for rough riding surfaces including asphalt road among others. It is uniquely designed to satisfy customer’s needs. On purchase, the pack includes 4 set wolf wheels alongside a package bag. It incorporates cold infusion technique so as to make the wheels more compact and corrosion free. It is available at affordable price. In case you receive the wrong products, the company will be responsible for the loss, and they give guaranteed warranty.

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i)It is made of outstanding polyurethane materials to last longer.

ii)Has a stylish and attractive design


i)They are relatively skinny.

Best Skateboard Wheels

7.Tiger Boards 59mm Skateboard Wheels

Tiger Boards Skateboard Wheels measures around 59 millimeters. They offer a smooth ride. Moreover, the wheels are of 78a hardness. On purchase, the dealers give out in 2 packs so as to allow the user to modify the skateboard easily. Bearings are sold out separately. These tiger wheels are available in many colors giving the user chance to choose their preferred colors. They are well designed to work well with Tiger skateboards though they can be modified for other brands of similar size. It features compact separable Abec7 bearings. These type of bearing ensures the skateboard delivers great performance. These wheels guarantee a comfortable ride on various surfaces.


i)Adequate size for cruising.

ii)It is soft for rolling along the pebbles.


i)It is large hence maybe be a bit challenging to navigate

Best Skateboard Wheels

6.Bones Wheels 100’s #9 Skateboard Wheels

As the name suggests, these skateboard wheels are made from bones having 100A durometer urethane. It is printed on the outside so that it looks so beautiful. This aspect improves the over appearance of the skateboard making the riding more comfortable. Additionally, the wheels are manufactured in Santa Barbara, CA due to the availability of resources. Various physical and engineering properties in each bone formulae give outstanding urethane which makes suitable for wide skating applications. They are sold out by reputable companies that offer friendly customer services. They are readily available in the market at affordable prices. It is of high quality made from durable materials.


i)It is available at an affordable price, yet it is of great quality.

ii)They are sold out in a variety of colors thus best gift for children.


i)They seem so rough when they bought but get smoother after some time

Best Skateboard Wheels

5.Orangatang in Heat 75mm Skateboard Wheels

This skateboard measures 56mm by 75mm. They are well engineered to provide excellent speed, pumping, and strong carving. The wheels are very advantageous in that they can skate even if they are broken. The corners of the wheels are sharp to provide excellent grip which prevents slipping off. This lip allows the rider to control the speed for better maneuverability. The inner side is rippled to ensure broadminded energy return. They are sold out in three sets.  Its hardness is about 80a. It has wide contact patch for better skating stability.


i)It grips firmly on the surface when one wishes to address other attentions while riding.

ii)It allows the skater to have maximum momentum control over its movement.


i)You cannot ride along banks and pools.

Best Skateboard Wheels

4.Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels

Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels measures 60 millimeters alongside with 78a durometer hardness. This wheel can be used to ensure a comfortable ride in various skating surfaces. They are available in a set of 4 wheels which improves the convenience of the users. It provides excellent performance. They are ideal for cruising. Available at affordable prices that do not strain the family income. The skater has maximum control. Further, the wheels are sine-wave shapes for faster riding. They are versatile so that you can use it in both wet, smooth and rough terrains.

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i)Perfect for outdoor activities such as hill sloping.

ii)Consistently smoother over the cracks and pumps.


i)Some of the people especially grownups dislike because it looks like a baby’s toy.

Best Skateboard Wheels

3.Rimable LED Light UP Skateboard Wheels

Rimable LED Light UP Skateboard Wheels measures approximately 59 by 45mm which offers convenient contact latch for comfortable skating. The wheels light up while you are riding which makes skating more enjoyable. You can control the consistency of the light depending on the color illumination preference. Multi-colored light up looks so awesome especially for teens and young children. These type of skateboard wheels features bearing that spin at a faster speed hence faster movement. Available in two versions.  They are readily available at reasonable price. It is of excellent quality, therefore, it last longer.


i)It combines both the traction and sliding features.

ii)Works for longer distance especially over the pebbles without wearing off.


i)It is a bit expensive in comparison with other similar products

Best Skateboard Wheels

2.Powell Rat Bones Blue Skate Wheels

Powell Rat Bones Blue Skate Wheels are a perfect choice for vert skating and cruising. It features durometer of 90a that is appropriate hardness for faster and smooth riding. Measures 60 millimeters in length. These wheels are perfect for beginners in skating field since the skater has maximum control over skating. It is compatible with older style decks skateboards. They are very cheap hence ideal for those with a limited budget. The skateboard wheels give enjoyable riding, especially on the smooth surface. It is constructed from natural formulae to last longer. Also, these natural materials result in soft wheels.


i)It offers excellent performance due to its super hard and robust nature.

ii)It is large to provide wide contact patch so that it rolls along the along the pumps easily.


i)Not suitable for city streets and also sidewalks.

Best Skateboard Wheels

1.Spitfire Classic Series High Performance Skateboard Wheel

Spitfire Classic Series High Performance Skateboard Wheel features genuine 99 durometer hardness. The wheel’s manufacturer is based in the USA due to advanced technology. It is well engineered to last longer. Good choice of materials makes it highly resistant from corrosion. They are perfectly shaped. They are not too skinny nor too wide. Its construction minimizes constraining molds. They ensure faster and smooth skating over long distances.


i)Its 60mm size makes it suitable for cruising.
ii)It is highly corrosion resistant.


i)The skateboard wheel is a bit costly

Best Skateboard Wheels

To ensure safety and high performance, regularly replace your skateboard’s wheels. Skate tools help in replacement of wheels. After removing the old wheels, new best skateboard wheels slide over the axle until they are firmly fixed. Re-screw the nuts firmly.

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