Top 10 Best Shower Caps in 2019 Reviews

Shower cap is always worn to protect hair against water while swimming, bathing and diving.  It ensures appropriate bathing without any worry of wet hair. Having the best shower caps can also safeguards children’s eyes from soap and shampoo during bathing. Protecting our hair from frequent contact with water is very essential. This is because, frequent blow-dry and chemical treatment destroys hair cell while depleting natural oil. They are also known as bathing caps.

They are available in the market in various types and sizes. Its popularity has been increasing rapidly over the past years. Some are reusable while other are disposable. Consider choosing the best shower caps that last longer. Do not worry on which shower cap to go for, this article will guide on how to buy the best.

Why should you buy a shower cap?

a.To keep hair away while working

This is very important when swimming, cooking and bathing. Long hair disturbs a lot when you are swimming. When cooking, this will prevent breaks of hair from falling into your food.

b.To secure hair from water

Some hair styles especially curls and weaves are destroyed by water. Blow dry in natural hair is distorted.

c.To maintain natural oils in our hair cells

Frequent washing of hair depletes natural oils that are very essential for healthy growth of our hairs.

What are the factors to consider when buying a shower cap?

There are several factors to take into account before spending on a shower cap. They include the following;

i)Your Head Shape

Shower caps are available in different shapes to suit different head shapes. Some heads are broad with large volume of hair while other are small. Consider one of appropriate shape that serve you to satisfaction. Flexible shower caps are the most recommended. The cap should snug securely along the hairline to minimize water seeping.

ii)Size of the shower cap and the structure

Even though they are various shower cap in today’s market, not each of them are of the same size unless they are of the same brand. Choose one that is of comfortable size. A model shower cap snugs flawlessly with the hairline. This greatly help in preventing water leakage.

iii)Quality of the shower cap

Some shower caps are of excellent quality than other similar products in the market. Quality of a shower cap is highly dependent on the material use. It will also determine if the shower cap is to use once or for decades. Terry cloth wick away water elements to prevent frizzing. Commonly used materials include vinyl and PEVA materials. Most of the shower cap are fitted with elastic band. These elastic bands are of different quality. Some are too tight while other are wear to keep the shower cap in your head.

iv)Intended Purpose

Some use shower cap for bathing, swimming and sand beaching while others use to administer conditioning treatments. For chemical treatments, disposable shower caps are mostly preferred.


The chosen shower cap should be within one’s income. It should not go beyond your budget. Quality products are always expensive though outside there in the market you can get some at a better price.

Having considered the above factors, the Top 10 Best Shower Caps in 2019 Reviews are described below.

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10. VANORIG Waterproof Shower Cap

This is made from polyvinylchloride materials. PVC material ensures the shower cap is waterproof. Unlike other shower caps that leak, this product will not allow even a tone of water to seep into your hair. It is available in attractive designs to suit young growing girls who desire flowery products. Heart-shaped dots print market the product in the market. It is versatile as you can wear it while on shower, washing your face, cooking and even occasional washing of the room. It is very popular since you can purchase it in different sizes for extensive users. The gives simple and eco-friendly daily requirements for every native. The inner lining is made of biodegradable poly vinyl alcohol materials.


i)ISeller gives buyers friendly customer services.

ii)Appealing beautiful designs attract most of the consumers.

iii)Holds your hair securely from humidity and moisture.


i)Its extra-large thus unfit for some people with small heads.

Best Shower Caps

9. Mademoiselle Paisley Bath Shower Cap

Mademoiselle Paisley Bath Shower Cap is specially designed to guarantee maximum comfort. Its good-looking style attracts most of the users. It offers great hair protection against moisture. Perfect travel wear since the user can fold it into travel bag very easily. It features interior lining water resistant for securing the hair from getting wet. Additionally, exterior part is greatly waterproof hence it is perfect for shower and also swimming events. The cap is flexible to fit almost all head shapes. Its elastic edge secures the shower cap on your head. On purchase, the dealers include stunning matching pouch. Perfect for both long and short hair.


i)Leopard print makes it so attractive and appealing giving the user pride to own it.

ii)On purchase it includes a smart travel bag.


i)It looks so bulky making it inappropriate for travelling as it will occupy large storage space.

Best Shower Caps

8. Betty Dain Hipster Collection Mold Resistant Shower Cap

This product is made from durable mold resistant PEVA materials. Appropriate choice of this material ensures the cap last longer. Additionally, PEVA materials do not pollute environment. It is uniquely designed to protect against mold and mildew that causes irritation. To add, the cap is extensive to serve people with long and large hair volume. Elastic Edge fits into your hairline comfortably. Available in wide diversity of fabric patterns. This gives the user chance to choose their preferred pattern based on their personal tastes. It ensures soft and waterproof protection. Colored lace trim makes it more beautiful. This shower cap last longer. Also, it is highly resistant to corrosion.


i)It holds various hair styles including weaves, dreadlocks and natural a hair.

ii)Despite that it is made of vinyl material, no vinyl smell when brand. This is very appealing to most of the users since vinyl smell is not at all accommodative.

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i)It does not guarantee excellent performance.

Best Shower Caps

7. Blowpro The Perfect Shower Cap

Blowpro The Perfect Shower Cap is very popular in the market due to its outstanding features. It ensures maximum protection of your hair from wet or moisture. The cap is made of quality materials to last for many years. It is occasionally machine washed. It is made extra-large to fit all hair styles. Guarantees 360˚ seal protection that protects against humidity. It features wonderful band to keep away moisture as much as much as possible. This offers maximum shielding to your hairline. The cotton lining adds more defensive mechanism. It is advisable that you store the shower cap inside out after every use. Never machine dry instead dry in a humid conducive area.


i)Double waterproof layers increases it output performance.

ii)Available in the market at affordable price that do not strain your budget.

iii)No leakage likelihood.


The product is highly priced in comparison to other similar products.

Best Shower Caps

6. Betty Dain Stylish Design Mold Resistant Shower Cap

This is another stunning product from Betty Dain companies. It features nylon-made exterior for efficient protection against moisture that could in turn rescind your hair style. This material ensures the shower cap lasts longer. Its modern design is so appealing to the user and also the people around them. Available at affordable price that do not strain one’s income. Moreover, the interior lining is made of PEVA fabrics that is highly resistant to mold and mildew. It is so large to accommodate hair of different thickness and length. Like the other brand, it has elastic hem alongside with various patterns to choose from. Offers great combination of fashion, comfort and high quality.


i)Elastic band keep thick hairs safe and secure.

ii)Made from durable materials.

iii)It is worth spending on it due to its excellent quality.


i)Its pattern and rub disappears easily.

Best Shower Caps

5. Shintop Waterproof Shower Cap

This shower cap brand is specially designed for adults. You can use it comfortably in all kinds of environments. It is made of chiffon and EVA materials for prolonged durability. The upper diameter measures approximately 27 centimeters while the pullover diameter is about 11 centimeters. It is relatively comfortable for thick and longer hair. The bonnet effectively protects your hair from moisture keeping it dry always. Sewn elastic stretch are available for easy wearing on and off of the cap. It is convenient for daily use. Its spacious keep your curls intact and safe. Highly secured at edges hence no water leakages.


i)It is made from blend of polyester and satin to last longer.

ii)EVA material makes it waterproof.

iii)Sewn in stretches makes it easy to wear on and off for daily convenience.


i)It is quite expensive.

Best Shower Caps

4. Beautiful Home Waterproof Children Shower Cap

This high quality shower cap is available in blue, purple, pink, rose and red colors. Variety of color gives you a chance to choose a color of your preference. Well designed for children. It is made from strong materials including EVA together with polyester satin. Great choice these excellent materials boosts its lifespan ensuring high performance. It measures about 9 inches’ top diameter, 4-inch toe box diameter. Perfect for children between age of 2 to 10 years. EVA material makes it waterproof. On the other hand, polyester satins make its flexible and smooth. It is lightweight weighing only 28 grams.

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i)The smooth and small nature makes it perfect for children with tender skin.

ii)It is highly water resistant.


i)Limited only for children.

Best Shower Caps

3. Magic X-Large Elastic Band Shower Cap

Magic X-Large Elastic Band Shower Cap has flexible band that keeps your hair securely. It is large to house large volume of hair. The material used is highly comfortable, water resistant and flexible. Hot pink color makes it feminine thus perfect choice for every woman in the streets. Suitable for bathing purposes and deep chemical conditioning after using shampoo to treat it.


i)It is very easy wear it on and off.

ii)The product is of great quality.


i)Limited use since it is cannot accommodate large hair volume.

Best Shower Caps

2. Dream Deluxe Satin Lined Shower Cap

Dream Deluxe Satin Lined Shower Cap is one of the best shower caps available. They are so elegant to own one. Suitable to maintain hair style regardless where it is natural, crotchets, weaves or by use of the machine. It is so large to accommodate large volume of hair. The use can adjust the fitness to suit it requirements. It is made for biodegradable materials contributing to minimal pollution to the environments. Materials include EVA that safeguards your hair from mildew attacks. Perfect choice for travel wear alongside flat and curling irons with a blow dryer. Satin lining protects all hairstyles. The cap extends its functionality to protect from hair loss and unwanted breakage.


i)Unique satin hairline protects the hairline.

ii)Made from durable materials to last longer.


i)The assigned price is not worth the quality of this product.

Best Shower Caps

1. Eslite Waterproof Shower Caps for Women

This shower shape is specifically designed for women with extensive hair. It features double waterproof lining for great performance. Modern design makes its look so elegant and adorable. The top diameter measures around 10.5 inches while elastic diameter is about 4.8 when compressed. It is mostly used for bathing purpose based on the fact that it is highly water resistant. Its welcoming color is so soft therefore comfortable to all users. It holds safely against water contact short, thing and long hair. This cool shower cap features a double layers to keep your hair dry always. It very easy to wear on and off.


i)It looks so elegant and attractive.

ii)It is a bit cheap.


i)Some of the users feels uncomfortable with the rolled edges.

Best Shower Caps

Shower caps are a great way to keep your hair dry when taking a bath or swimming. This list has compiled the best and I hope you found one that suits you. If you would wish another product to be reviewed and included, please comment below.

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