Top 10 Best Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattresses of 2022 – Reviews

Looking for a good mattress can be quite a struggle if you don’t know precisely what to look for. For more than 70 years now, Serta has been developing some of the most comfortable mattresses on the market, a fact that is reflected by their undeniable popularity worldwide. The reason why their mattresses are being held in such high esteem is due to the unique combination of value and comfort you can expect them to offer, almost to the point where no other brand even comes close. Even among them, however, some mattresses are definitely better than others, not to mention how different they can be from one another. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattresses money can buy.

Best Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattresses Reviews 2022

10Serta Perfect Sleeper Bristol Way Supreme

queenNumerous items can guarantee you comfort, but only Serta perfect queen sized sleeper actually lives up to the standards. Besides its characteristic CXD foam-a firm, soft and supportive foam that cradles your body for boosted pressure to give comfort, it is also equipped with a Memory foam(Cool Twist Gel) that is designed to offer balanced overnight temperature by getting rid of the heat off your body. This NSF (National Sleep Foundation) certified mattress is also boosted by innerspring support coupled by reinforced edge that offers sufficient back support and undeterred sleep time through its unremitting coil design to offer more stability and durability. Moreover, with its characteristic Pillow-Fill, Fire-Blocker, and Soft Foam material, it offers an added upholstery layer to soothe individuals after plush feeling and boosted cushioning devoid of compromising on support. This mattress comes with an accompanying 10-year warranty and besides exhibiting admirable ventilation devoid of foul chemical odors; it is a durable and superior quality mattress.

9Serta Northlight Plush Low Profile Mattress


queenSecond in line is Northlight Plush Low Profile Mattress which similar to the previous is boosted with XD comfort foam for better support and improved pressure relieve due to its capacity to perfectly cradle your body. It also boasts Memory foam (Twist Gel memory) designed to rid your body of heat and provide even sleeping temperature. It is further equipped with an exclusive coil support system (Flex 704) that optimizes both comfort and support. Although it is not a soft type of mattress, it relieves back pains, boosts airflow and is a cost efficient option for anyone looking for a comfortable undeterred sleeping experience.

8Serta Roswell Firm Mattress


queenThis particular mattress brings a combination of 3 exclusive technologies with its Micro-Support Smart-Surface that provides proper comfort, support and still ensuring an even sleeping temperature. It is further enhanced with a gel Memory Foam (Cool Twist) designed to rid heat off your body. Certified by the NSF, this top mattress features an Innerspring (Free-flex) coupled with support for its edge as provided for by Foam Encasement feature that ensures no sagging or edge falling off. Even with it being a significantly heavy mattress that poses problems when being moved, this comfortable, odor-free noiseless mattress is a wonderful fit that helps you avert more than 5 sleeping problems.

7Serta Pearce Pillow Top Mattress

National Sleep Foundation

queenSerta Pearce Pillow Top Mattress comes equipped with a Free-Flex Innerspring provision characterized by Total-Edge and subsequent Foam Encasement (Custom Support). Its exclusive Smart-Surface boosted with standard Micro-Support Gel blends together 3 technologies for enhanced comfort and support while still ensuring you have an even sleeping temperature. Officially an NSF certified mattress, it helps alleviate and avert 5 sleep problems. Moreover, with its distinguished memory foam (Cool Twist Gel) it gets rid of the heat off your body and offers a comfortable sleep time. Although innerspring mattresses have a tendency to eventually sag, the assortment of features associated with this mattress make it a comfortable, soft and durable alternative of the highly-priced mattresses such as Tempur-Pedic and Serta iComfort.

6Serta Pearce Plush Mattress


queenSimilar to the other Serta mattresses we talked about so far, Serta Pearce Plush Mattress comes equipped with an exclusive gel-enhanced memory foam ( Cool Twist Gel) hat not only rids your body of heat but also provides even sleeping temperature. It comes with a separately packaged box spring and aside from its limited 10-year warranty, it is also NSF certified. Moreover, it comprises individually wrapped Duo-Core coils with a dual-stage exclusive design that provides sufficient and consistent back support and comfort. Despite coming in with just a single firmness level, it is a durable, firm, comfortable and supportive mattress that offers you just the right sinking when sitting or sleeping.

5Serta Perfect Sleeper Queen Air Bed


queenInflate and deflate your mattress in the easiest and fastest of manners with the Perfect Serta sleeper mattress. How? It comes equipped with an adjustable pump and an additional auto-deflate provision. It is an 18-inch bed (high raised) and is accompanied by a queen size standard sheet not to forget a storage bag that can accommodate a 500lb maximum weight provision. The Airbed is characterized by a headboard and a subsequent IBEAM construction that guarantees optimum comfort and tailored firmness setting. Although this firmness setting has been associated with creating a significantly rigid sleeping surface that is fairly stiff for comfortable sleep, this mattress works wonders in accommodating your body contour and providing a comfortable surface for undisturbed overnight sleep.

4Serta Northlight Firm Mattress

National Sleep Foundation

queenSerta Northlight Firm Mattress is a gel-enhanced mattress owing to its Cool Twist Memory gel foam for proper and even sleeping temperature. This NSF certified comes with a separate box spring and a Free-Flex Innerspring characterized by Custom Support and Total-Edge Foam Encasement that averts sagging and edge falling off. Although it offers an ideal balance between firm support and soft sleep surface, how long it holds on before sagging is uncertain to some degree, which unfortunately works negatively on its unscathed repute. Even so, it is by far one of the best mattresses out there.

3Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite


queenThis particular mattress is designed to reduce tossing and turning by employing a cool action gel memory foam which encourages proper back support and alignment, offering an impressive standard of comfort in the process. It also employs a quilt layer that involves a fiber & pillow-soft foam construction which is intended to enhance your relaxation by allowing your body to literally sink into it in a relaxing fashion. At the same time, it benefits from an upholstery layer with a Serta comfort foam inner panel along with a support system to ensure an utmost impeccable standard of comfort.

2Serta Perfect Sleeper Super Pillow Top Mattress


queenThe Serta Perfect Sleeper Super Pillow Top Mattress is characterized by an exclusive Smart-surface and Serta Fiber (Fire-blocker) which both offer even sleeping temperature and an ensuing pressure-relieving and comfortable experience. Moreover, it is equipped with the typical Serta gel-infused memory foam (Cool Twist) to rid your body of heat giving you an evenly set sleeping temperature. The mattress additionally features a Free Flex 814 innerspring harmonized by Custom Support. It is packed with amazing features such a typical Insulator pad, Anti-Microbial Body Loft Fiber and a 1-inch Pillow-Soft Serta Foam not to forget XDTM Serta comfort foam. It comes with an accompanying limited warranty of 20 years and a separately packaged box spring. Although not ideal for back sleepers owing to its firmness and marred with creaking noise complaints, it remains a wonderful, comfortable and durable mattress that is free of denting and sagging.

1Serta 14-inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress

National Sleep Foundation

queenThis high-end mattress enjoys an exclusive gel-enhanced liquid design that facilitates an even sleeping temperature by regulating your body temperature during the night. Furthermore, this NSF certified mattress is the best solution when it comes to offering consistent comfort and apt back support. We say this because it comes equipped with individually wrapped Duo-Core coils for added comfort and stability.

Moreover, it not only helps you avert tossing and turning during overnight sleep but also gets rid of sagging and denting incidences. Although there are some who might complain about its firmness as a con, the fact that this highly breathable mattress comes accompanied by a 10-year warranty should speak volumes about its effectiveness when it comes to alleviating sleeping woes.

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