Top 10 Best Security Camera Systems Reviewed In 2017

Is my home safe? Is my baby resting peacefully in his or her bed? If you grapple with such thoughts whenever you are at work, sleeping, and or spending time in the mall and want an excellent remedy that can allay your fears, purchasing one of the security cameras listed herein is among the best decisions you can make. Durable, affordable, and with high-powered systems that record excellent video during the day and at night, they are perfect for home surveillance. They are also very easy to install in various areas of the home and have warranties that reflect their value.

10. Funlux Mini

Even though some people mistake this Mini Funlux’s small design for a weakness, it is advanced and by far one of the best security cameras for use in both homes and commercial establishments because of its feature-rich design. With an original, for instance, you get a wireless IP surveillance camera with an ultra-wide angle (115 degrees) view that boosts its coverage. It is durable, attainable cheap in stores, and has a powerful lens that records quality 720p videos indoors and outdoors. Setup is simple. Operation is also easy while the remote access feature that it offers allows you to monitor its functionality remotely via your smartphone using its meShare app. You also get night vision; push alerts that warn you of movement around your house, a 60-day return warranty, and a lifetime technical support.

9. Funlux KS-Y84UH

To get an advanced surveillance system that will monitor your home in real time and warn you of impending threats before they present, Funlux KS-Y84UH is one of the best security cameras to buy. It has a versatile eight-channel design that offers better coverage than most comparable models. Setup is simple while the high-resolution 960H videos that it captures are detailed and permissible in court in the event of a breach. If money is a challenge, this camera retails cheap in the Amazon store. The 60-day return warranty and two-year free warranty offered reflect its high quality while the mobile and push notifications that it generates warns you whenever it detects motion.


Featuring a powerful camera system with 24 infrared (IR) LEDs bulbs that work well during the day and at night, ZOSI HD 800TVL is a commercial-grade home security system with a durable and waterproof design that works well outdoors. It has a stylish black theme that blends well in the dark at night. Its high effectiveness range (65ft/20m) is impressive while the high-grade 800TVL 3.6mm lens that it comes with is durable and manufactured to capture stunning videos that you can review on demand. You get a durable aluminum housing, BNC connector plugs for DVR and television sets, and a 3-axis stand that eases use.


As its name suggests, TENVIS JPT3815W-HD is an innovative HD-ready surveillance camera, network security, and IP camera with an advanced motion detection feature. If you are shopping for a baby monitor, this one of a kind camera not only records clear videos but also has an advanced two-way audio system for monitoring environmental noise and night vision that monitors the environment at night. Even with its advanced features, installation is simple. It pans (360 degrees), tilts (90 degrees) to offer better coverage, and supports remote viewing via Android OS, iPad, and iPhone.

6. UOKOO Security Mini IP Camera

Are you looking to ramp up the security of your home with a new security camera? For the best experience without spending a hefty sum of money, this mini IP camera by UOKOO is one of the best products in this niche. It is affordable, records high-quality 1280x720p videos, and comes with a valuable omnidirectional microphone that records clear sound. It also has a well-designed wireless adapter for transmitting data over the internet, an advanced motion detection technology that kicks in automatically, and an aesthetic white theme that not only blends well in homes but also resists stains and scratches over time. Even though this camera lacks night vision, it supports ONVIF, shoots quality auto snapshots, and supports remote viewing using tablets, smartphones, and computers.

5. ZOSI 1/3″ 1000TVL

Durable, electricity-powered, and with a professional grade 3.6mm lens, ZOSI 1/3″ 1000TVL is a sought-after security camera with 42 LED bulbs that shoot clear videos during the day and at night (via night vision). Attainable cheap in stores, the long 120-foot effective distance that it has is impressive. Its durability, ease of installation, and ease of use have made it a sought after product worldwide while its vandal and weather resistant design makes it an ideal accessory for use outdoors. ZOSI 1/3″ 1000TVL has an aesthetic black theme. The BLC compensation technology that it comes with optimizes picture quality in all lighting conditions, while the three-axis camera stand that it comes with makes it an ideal baby monitor camera.

4. Amcrest 960H

Featuring a durable and waterproof design, a long 984-foot transmission range, and night vision (65 feet), Amcrest 960H is an advanced video security system that works well outdoors. Its four-channel design is not only powerful but also designed to offer better coverage. The 500HDD that it comes with stores offers sufficient store for 30-day’s worth of videos while its superior video clarity and quality make it an ideal security camera for use in homes and offices. Buyers also appreciate its auto-activating IR LEDs (24), schedule for recordings, and remote viewing function that eases monitoring via iPad, iPhone, and Android OS smart devices.

3. D-Link DCS-932L

To monitor your house during the day and at night without hiring a security guard, D-Link DCS-932L is a cheaper and effective alternative that you should consider using. Durable, white themed, and with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter for transmitting data, this camera is professional grade. The 15-foot night vision range offered is modest, while its motion sensing and advanced sound detection technologies offered improves its performance further in all environments. D-Link DCS-932L supports remote viewing (mydlink lite app) and sends automated push alerts whenever it detects movement and or loud noise in its vicinity.

2. Nest Cam

Popular in top 10 best security camera systems reviewed in 2017, Nest Cam is a black-themed video camera with a durable and feature-rich design that captures stunning 1080p HD videos that you can stream directly to your smartphone via a stable internet connection. Installation is simple in all areas of the home. The night vision technology that it comes with offers admirable results while its one-way system of communication (talk and listen) and its ability to send SMS alerts to phones makes an ideal security camera.

1. Amcrest IPM-721S HDSeries

Top on our list, this HD series of the acclaimed Amcrest line of security camera is a versatile IP camera system, a built-in Wi-Fi adapter for transmitting data, and an impressive 720p video recording ability. Its silver body is stylish and designed to withstand everyday abuse. Its support for recording and playback of recorded videos (at 30 frames per second) is impressive while its support for FTP upload, ONVIF NVR, and Blue Iris technologies ranks it among the best in 2017.

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