Top 10 Best Rotating Climbing Tree Stands Reviews In 2019

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, a climbing tree stand is one of the most crucial gear when you plan to go out for hunting. Climbing tree stands enable hunters to be more flexible, move their strategic spots and most importantly increase their chances of hunting successfully. The most adorable aspects of these top gears include versatility, lightweight design, and easy setup. Plus, climbing tree stands do not only let hunters be off the ground in a strategic way, but they also give hunters better sight lines.

To be honest, with an array of models out there in the market, it can be very confusing to tell which model is reliable in the long-run. Fortunately, we have reviewed the Top 10 Best Climbing Tree Stands that have proved to stand the test of time. Check them out and let me know what you think.

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Table of the Best Climbing Tree Stands Reviews

10. Summit Treestands Mossy Oak Climbing Treestand –  81120 Viper SD

Climbing Tree Stands

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With a holding capacity of 300lbs, the Viper SD remains one of the top-rated Summit’s model. There are several features that make this mode count. For one, Viper SD boasts a comfortable and concealing design, the reason your hunt will always be successful. Full-body fall arrest harness system makes up for extra functionality. Despite having several prominent features, this unit is lightweight weighing only 20lbs.

Plus, a suspended foam-padded seat and a comfortable backrest are well put in place. What impresses many is the full-perimeter frame that allows both stand up and sit down configuration during hunting. The solid and sturdy front bar allows for Eau climbing. Overall, this is one of the best and most reliable climbing trees stands one can ever desire.

Special Features

  • Weight: 20lbs
  • Maximum capacity: 300lbs
  • Suspended foam-padded seat
  • The simple and quietest cable attachment system

3. Wide Flip-Top Combo Climber Climbing Tree Stand – Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf Wide Flip Top Climber Combo Climbing Tree Stand

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This is a huge improvement of the Sit & Climb among other Lone Wolf Models. Featuring a wide stance, this unit was designed to enhance the ease of climbing while seated. To allow for prompt shooting of the target and eliminate physical restriction, the padded seat is mounted at a higher position and can easily be flipped to open the way. This climbing tree stand can be used on trees with a diameter range of 9” – 19”. Moreover, it is quick, easy and simple to set up. For long comfortable seating hours, Lone Wolf Wide Flip Climber has a comfortable 14” by 12” flip-up seat. At only 21 pounds, this climber tree stand has a maximum weight limit of 350-pounds.

Special Features

  • Weighs 21 pounds
  • Weight limit: 350 pounds
  • Distinctive 3D Camo platform design
  • A 6-point fall arrest system

2. Viper Classic Self Climbing Tree Stand – Summit 81052

Summit 81052 Viper Classic Steel Self-Climbing Tree Stand

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Coming in an elegant camouflage finish, the Summer 81052 Viper Classic Tree Climbing Stand remains an iconic model among many. It is designed to create a comfortable and highly concealing hunting environment. Rugged steel construction provides enough stability and support regardless of the hunting environment. It is pretty strong, durable and highly versatile. Among the robust features include the spacious seat, the 4-point harness, lineman loops, and the sturdy steel framework. For a durable and concealing climbing tree stands, the Summit 81052 Viper Classic Self-Climbing Tree Stand makes a great choice.

Special Features

  • Comfortable dual seat foams
  • Spacious seat
  • Rugged and durable stainless steel construction
  • 4-point harness system
  • Strong and durable

1. Hunting Climbing Tree Stand – X-stand Deluxe

Hunting Climbing Tree Stand – X-stand Deluxe

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Combining an ultra-lightweight design and unparalleled portability, the X-Stand Deluxe Hunting Climbing Stand offers a lot to its users. Designed to allow you ascend to your own desired height, the X-Stand Deluxe Tree Stand features durable aluminium construction. What impresses most is the 3-part design cables run through quality aluminium extrusions.

For a comfortable hunting experience, this unit has a comfortable 21” width seat. Moreover, one can push aside the customizable seat to provide more room. When it is time to take down the tree stand, the X-Stand folds flat and can be easily stored in the included carrying bag. Other robust features of this Hunting Climbing Tree Stand include the padded armrest, seat bar, and the built-in backpack straps.

Special Features

  • Very roomy
  • Comfortable neat seat
  • Durable aluminium construction
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Folds flat for hassle-free transportation

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