Top 10 Best Replacement Grill Grates & Grids in 2021 Reviews

Grilling is a healthy way of cooking food in homes and hotels. To grill, bake, or barbecue like a pro, you will need the best grill (charcoal or gas). You also need a replaceable grill grate, as it will determine the quality of the food you prepare at home or in your hotel. With constant use, grill grates wear down over time. Others rust, corrode or lose their, non-stick ability after weeks or months of use. If you have such an item that you are planning to replace, here are a few best brands to order:

List of the Best Replacement Grill Grates & Grids

10. LANEJOY Barbecue Grill Grate

LANEJOY Barbecue Grill Grate

The LANEJOY Barbecue Grill Grate is an excellent barbeque mesh made of high-quality solid rods that are resistant to corrosion. Its rust-free quality makes this grid durable under all weather conditions. Its lack of chemical ingredients and other coating makes it safer for preparing food. The thick rods are strong enough to resist warping when you are cooking massive meals. It also distributes heat evenly on your meals.

The rods also run close to each other to allow you to cook all sizes of food. This versatile grid grate has more uses besides barbequing. You can use it as a baking or cooling rack. The design also features smooth and round corner finishing. Additionally, the welding on this mesh is on the spot, flat and without burr. This makes it easy and safe to clean with your bare hands is strong to handle more food and last long.

What We Like
  • Versatile grill grate
  • Long-lasting metal rods
  • Resists corrosion and rust
  • Smooth and rounded corners
Our Verdict

LANEJOY is a rust-resistant metal grate with rounded corners and a versatile design that plays many roles at home. It is good for cooking. It is also suitable for baking and cooling and resists corrosion and rust.

9. Onlyfire Barbecue Grid Cooking Grate

Onlyfire Barbecue Grid Cooking Grate

Are you looking for a large grid grate for your grill? The Onlyfire Barbecue Grid Cooking Grate is a perfect fit for a more than a foot diameter grill. This grid is made of stainless steel and will last for a long time even when exposed to moist outdoor weather for long. Its lack of a chemical coating is perfect for securing food safety.

Your food will not stick on this mesh. The construction work on this make is sturdy and durable. This grid will hence last for a long time. The finishing is stylish, smooth, and allows you to clean it up quickly. This design features a hinged lift-up section for adding charcoal or any other fuel speedily and safely. The round shape of this grate makes it is straightforward to install on your round dome grill.

What We Like
  • Fits and works in most dome grills
  • Long-lasting design (stainless steel)
  • Food-safe design (no chemical coat)
  • Spacious design (15.7×23.2-inches)
Our Verdict

Onlyfire’s non-stick structure is perfect for grilling and barbecuing most types of food. It is spacious (15.7×23.2-inches) and made from non-coated stainless steel, which does not compromise the value of food.

8. Charcoal Grill Cooking Replacement Grate

Charcoal Grill Cooking Replacement Grate

Replacing your old and rusting grate with the Charcoal Grill Cooking grate is ideal for many reasons. Its stainless steel grid does not rust nor compromises the taste of food while in use. It works well on charcoal and electric grills and has smooth edges, which improve its safety. The mesh also has strong welds, which do not warp when loaded with food. It will not injure your hands while cooking or scrubbing it. Its rust-free property will ensure it will last for a long time than your current grate.

Besides, your food will prepare well without rusty metal patches or contaminating your food. This grate is nonstick, hence making the cooking of meat easier and cleaning it much more comfortable. The heavy-duty grate is heat resistant, thus allowing the use of charcoal for slow and high heat searing. This replacement grate is ideal for outdoor barbeque adventure due to its portable size.

What We Like
  • Stainless steel grid
  • Heat-resistant welds
  • Safe for cooking most food
  • Portable (good for outdoor barbecuing)
Our Verdict

Charcoal Grill is a heavy-duty stainless steel grill grate for indoor and outdoor grilling. This durable, 100% food-safe product works well in most dome grills. It also has heavy-duty welds that are resistant to heat.

7. Utheer 7637 Cooking Grid Grate

Utheer 7637 Cooking Grid Grate

Make your steaks more juicer and have beautiful sear marks with the Utheer 7637 Cooking Grid Grate. This cooking grate will maintain the original taste of your food. Carefully made with heavy porcelain-coated cast iron, this grate will last a lifetime making barbeque every day. The porcelain coating also ensures even distribution of heat across the entire surface for even cooking.

Additionally, porcelain is a quality food-grade material and does not contaminate your food on direct contact. Your food will not also stick on this type of grate. Hence, cleaning it is much easier than for other metallic grates. You can easily wipe oils and food remains with a brush or with a paper towel or wet cloth. This grate is sturdy and can handle a lot of cooking at once without bending. You may store this grate in any room irrespective of humidity content.

What We Like
  • Heavy-duty cast iron
  • Porcelain-coated grill
  • Easy to clean (wipeable)
  • Distributes heat evenly
Our Verdict

Utheer 7637 is a fully coated (porcelain) cast iron grate that is safe for cooking most foods. It is 100% non-stick, distributes heat evenly for faster cooking, and has a wipeable surface that you can clean easily after use.

6. Onlyfire Grill Expander Cooking Grate

Onlyfire Grill Expander Cooking Grate

The Onlyfire Grill Expander cooking grate will bring a new experience in your outdoor barbeque kitchen. This model comes in a high-quality standard and stainless steel metal. Its rustproof welding will withstand most outdoor conditions. Therefore, it is durable and cooks clean food that is free of rusty elements. It also guarantees that your food is not in contamination with oxidized iron for your healthy living.

The design fits perfectly well on your old grill grate with its slotted feet. It, therefore, creates an additional cooking surface area on top of the existing one. This feature also allows you to cook your meat and vegetables away from too much heat. Hence, it will ensure your food retains its natural taste. It does not even let your food to stick on it while cooking, thus making it easy to wipe or clean immediately after use.

What We Like
  • Rust-resistant cooking grate
  • Spacious cooking area
  • Easy to clean (wipeable)
  • Long-lasting welds (heavy-duty)
Our Verdict

Onlyfire is a heavy-duty stainless steel grate with a spacious cooking area. If you prepare large meals for your family members or want a dependable grate that will serve you for long, it is the best. Its cooking surface is non-stick and wipeable after use, which is very convenient.

5. Dracarys Cast Iron Grate Grids

Dracarys Cast Iron Grate Grids

Dracarys Cast Iron grate is a heavy-duty grate made of high-density cast iron. It is strong enough to resist higher temperatures and long hours of barbequing compared to regular grids. It will also withstand heavier foods and will not warp under high pressure. Its close welding allows you to cook even smaller slices of food without falling into the fire. The nature of this cast iron ensures even distribution of heat along the grate surface for searing meat. It further holds heat much longer than steel and cooks your meat faster without having to turn it often.

Additionally, your family and friends will love the beautiful markings it leaves on your steaks. Its standard size will fit most medium-sized grills perfectly well. The seasoned cast iron provides a non-stick surface. You can easily brush clean the surface in a few minutes. This sturdy grate will last for a long time thanks to its high-quality cast iron.

What We Like
  • Seasoned cast iron grate
  • Fits all medium-sized grills
  • Fits smaller sizes of food
  • Grates are easy to clean
Our Verdict

You can cook meats and sear vegetables on a Dracarys with excellent results. It fits most mid-sized grills that people have at home. It also distributes heat well for faster cooking and has a wipe-to-clean design that is easy to maintain after use. Therefore, if you have a rusted grill grate that you are planning to replace, this is a better option. It is a heavy-duty kitchen accessory, which comes ready to use off the shelf.

4. Onlyfire Porcelain-Enamel Grill Grid

Onlyfire Porcelain-Enamel Grill Grid

The Onlyfire Porcelain-Enamel Grill Grid is an original replacement model and comes in a pair. Its standard size will fit perfectly in several grill models to give them a new look. Its design features porcelain and enamel-coated rods, which do not rust or corrode when exposed to water. Unlike other bare steel or cast-iron bars, this grate observes higher healthy standards. This coating does not allow any rust or metallic elements to contaminate your food.

Additionally, it allows even distribution of heat across the grid hence prevents your food from burning. It further enables heat retention from your burner for longer. It will produce fantastic sear marks like a pro chef. Its specialized welds (rectangular) have ladders that improve the elegance of seared foods. The bars are narrow and therefore enable people to sear, bake, or roast small volumes of food without falling through.

What We Like
  • Special rectangular welds
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Non-stick porcelain coat
  • Rust/corrosion resistant
Our Verdict

Unlike bare cast iron and steel grates that rust over time, Onlyfire has a protective porcelain coat that improves the experience of people. The material protects the grates from corroding or rusting over time. It also boosts the efficacy of its design and eases its maintenance after use. Brush off solid debris and wipe it with a damp cloth to clear residues.

3. KAMaster BBQ Charcoal Fire Grate

KAMaster BBQ Charcoal Fire Grate

The KAMaster BBQ Charcoal Fire grate is a bottom grate to hold charcoal well without clogging. This grate is of heavy-duty stainless steel to resist high temperatures from burning charcoal. The bars are thick and therefore take ages to wear out. The welding of this charcoal grate is professional, while its finely finished edges are safe to handle.

The spaces allow more air to flow from below to the burning charcoal than your cast iron grate. It will enable the charcoal to burn efficiently and much faster while maintaining high grill temperatures. It also allows for quicker response when adjusting the temperatures of your grill. This grate does not clog with ash and therefore does not require frequent cleaning. It also lasts longer than standard porcelain grates.

What We Like
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Edges are safe to handle
  • Naturally BPA-free parts
  • Easy to use and or clean
Our Verdict

Are you looking for a charcoal grate that you can use every day without issues? KAMaster never clogs with ash while barbecuing. It is also easy to clean and safe for cooking most foods due to its BPA-free design. Finally, because the KAMaster fire grate withstands high temperatures in grills, it works well in professional settings such as hotels/restaurants.

2. Hisencn Cast Iron Cooking Grid

Hisencn Cast Iron Cooking Grid

Make your family and friends a delicious barbeque with the Hisencn Cast Iron Cooking Grid. This package comes with three grates that you can be aligned together depending on the size of your grill. The heavy-duty cast iron used to make this grate is durable. It accommodates the cooking of more food in your grill. Its thick rods are resistant to warping and high temperatures. It also ensures an equal distribution of heat for even cooking. Your food will cook without burning with this model.

Hisencn is good for preparing all types of foods due to its professional construction and rod spacing. The welding is on the spot, flat and without sharp edges. This make is pure cast iron and has no additional coating. Thus, it will not contaminate your food. It is also more comfortable to clean with a barbeque brush without losing its nonstick ability.

What We Like
  • Lacks sharp or irritant edges
  • Withstands high temperatures
  • Long-lasting cast iron (pure)
  • Three grates in one package
  • Distributes heat evenly over food
Our Verdict

Hisencn is a long-lasting cast iron cooking grate that can withstand the high temperatures of most cooking grills. It is a food-safe product (BPA or chemical-free). It also fits most grills and comes as a package of three grill-grates, without the irritant edges found on some cheap brands. While cooking or cleaning, therefore, you can handle this grate safely.

1. QuliMetal Round Cooking Grate

QuliMetal Round Cooking Grate

The QuliMetal Round Cooking Grate is a robust design and with a standard size that will fit well in most grills. The hardware is of high-quality stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion. It will hence last longer than your regular grids. The solid rods are smooth and welded without leaving sharp edges for your safety. This quality material does not allow your food to stick on it. It is therefore effortless to clean with a piece of wet clothing.

This sturdy and carefully woven grate is also resistant to warping when loaded with food. It can also accommodate all types of foods from meat slices to vegetable. It will cook your steak nicely, leaving beautiful sear marks. Adding more briquettes is much more comfortable with this design. This is because of a hinged section that you can open easily. On the opposite side, there is a one-inch hole for easy installation of additional accessories.

What We Like
  • Warp resistant (metal)
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Lacks sharp of rugged edges
  • Durable hinged design
Our Verdict

With a QuliMetal cooking grate at home, grilling meats and vegetables will not be an issue for you. It chemical-free design is safe for cooking most types of food. It is also durable and has a low maintenance design that you can clean effortlessly after use. If you grill foods or barbecue often, you should consider ordering one for your home today.

How to Choose the Best Grill Grate and Grid


Many people select the first good looking grill grate or grid that they come across online or offline. Such decisions lead to disappointments, considering the number of fake products available online. To get a grid or tray that will serve you well for long, check the type and or quality of the material used to make it. Is it stainless steel or cast iron? Both materials are durable. They are also non-stick and lack elements that might lower the quality of your food over time. However, stainless steel is easier to clean, especially if you can find a grate with a porcelain coat.


To cook different types of food for parties or daily consumption, we use different types of grills. Make sure your grate of choice is compatible with the model in your possession for the best results. Check its size. Will the grate or grid fit and work well in your grill? Buying a 200 square inch grid for a 100 square inch grill is a poor decision.


While cooking, you should expect food juices and oils to drip onto and stain your cooking grid over time. Thus, to prevent the growth of bacteria, look for a grate that you can clean easily. Wipeable brands, for instance, are convenient, especially if you cook meats often. Non-stick models not only cook delicious foods but are easy to clean as well.

Conclusion: Are you looking for a new grill grate or grid that you for barbecuing of day-to-day cooking at home? We have some bestsellers herein, which will improve how you prepare meals for your family members. They are safe for grilling, searing, and baking foods. Moreover, the heavy-duty materials used to make them are not only durable but also safe to use.