Top 10 Best Rearview Mirror Radar Detectors In 2022 Reviews

Do you agree with me that your safety comes first? Talking about safety, I don’t mean when reversing and parking only. If you are not new to driving, then you must have faced some confrontation with the cops for speeding. Maybe you were shocked when you were pulled over at that hotspot, and they mentioned your exact moving speed. How the hell did they know! But with the technological advancement, there is a way to fool them around and rarely get caught. That is, if you play your cards right, you will never be issued with the speeding ticket that makes everybody scratch their heads.

Police have gadgets they use to measure the speed at which your car is moving called radars guns. So as not to land in trouble, you need a gadget that sniffs the radar guns from a distance. That way, you can lower your speed and adjust your speed. Radar detector is the savior. With it, you can be sure; it is time to relax now and drive with more confidence. And the best part; the traffic cops will not issue the dreaded speeding ticket. You will know in advance if your next spots have cops monitoring the speed and act accordingly.

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Features To Consider When Shopping For a Radar Detector

Discussed briefly are a few consideration when shopping for a rearview mirror radar detector:

  • GPS Support: With a GPS enabled radar gun detector, you know your direction and the traveling speed. What’s more, GPS allows the detectors to change the sensitivity depending on the location (city and highway mode). Besides, a GPS detector recalls the threat areas and notifies you when approaching.
  • Smartphone Compatibility: Radar detectors nowadays come with their own apps meant to be a platform where the community can share their danger areas. As such, you will always receive alerts through the app whenever you approach such vicinities.
  • Type: Radar detectors come in three different types; coded, codeless and remote-mounted. When you have a coded detector, it allows you to mount on the windshield or mirror. A cordless radar detector lets you transfer to another vehicle.
  • Instant-on-Protection: There are many types of radar guns. Practically, an instant-on radar gun will always get you when pointed at you right way. However, in a situation where the cop points at another vehicle, if your radar detector has a sensitive K-band, then you can receive a warning right away.
  • Digital Voice Alerts: Whether you are reversing when parking or there a radar gun is in use, quality radar detectors not only alert you via video display but also by giving sound alerts. You don’t need to remove your eyes from the road.
  • Laser Detection: To ensure that you are super-alert, a 360-laser detector is an excellent option. It will detect laser pulses from all sides.
  • VG2, Spectre Protection: The traffic authorities have taken more stringent measures and they are now employing detector detectors (RDD). In this case, the cops are now able to detect if you have a radar detector. You need a radar detector that can offer protection against VG2 and Spectre for invisibility.
  • City Mode: In the city, numerous false alerts result from automatic door locks and such. Excellent detectors have a mechanism of lowering the false alerts.

The market is awash with rearview mirror detectors. Following that, it can be a real hassle and waste of time to go testing all the brands. To make your shopping easy, we decided to make it our responsibility and set out to compare the various options available on the market.

Escort Passport S55 Radar /Laser Detector

There is no doubt; Escort Passport S55 found its way into the list of the top quality radar and laser detectors on the market. Escort S55 is designed to detect and alert you from a distance of the K-band and Ka-band radars. Ka-band radars can comfortably determine the speed of a moving vehicle within a range of 200-300 feet. Passport S55 allows you to get alerts from ¼ to ½ miles away from where the radar gun is in use. That allows you much sufficient time to adjust your speed to avoid being caught.

You already know it is almost impossible to protect yourself against instant-on radars regardless of the detector you use. That means that if it happens that the cop switches the radar on and instantly aims at you, they will read your speed even before you have received an alert. Luckily, a more sensitive detector like Escort S55 has instant-on protection. However, your safety is only guaranteed when the cops aim the radar at a motorist in front of you. That way, you will receive a notification right away so you can act accordingly. By doing that, your speed will not be taken. Besides, you can have enough time to mute the detector so you are not apprehended for using a detector in case it is illegal.

In busy streets particularly in cities, you normally get lots of false alerts emanating from automatic door locks and the likes. That is if you are using a detector that is highly sensitive but has no mechanism for automatically reducing the false alerts. When the false alarms are not controlled, they can become a disadvantage by exposing you to dangers of great magnitude. Passport S55 features AutoSensitivity that makes it intelligent enough to distinguish real threat from the fake ones. And the best part; it has a city mode that enables it to automatically switch from the high mode to the city mode by adjusting the sensitivity. That is in a bid to lower the irritating false alerts.

Escort Passport S55 Radar /Laser Detector

Sometimes, you might be unlucky to find several cops with each having a radar gun, your chances of getting a speeding ticket quadruple as you are more exposed. You need very sensitive radar that can detect signals from different locations. Passport S55 features a mechanism named ExpertMeter that can detect 4 signals at ago. As such, you will rarely get caught as by looking at the display; you will see the signals explicitly.

What’s more, the manufacturer has established a ticket protection network named Escort Live. Through this, all those who have radar detectors by Escort Passport S55 can share and learn about the routes that pose the greatest threats. By getting access to the local speed limit data, you can then approach such areas with caution. That means lowering your speed and even switching off the detectors where they are not allowed.

Finally, PassPort S55 features the Mute and AutoMute functions where you lower volume of the detector upon reaching certain areas. That helps to avoid getting caught using a detector and also to lower the volume of the audio alert, which can be quite annoying.

Carsun Screen Rearview Reverse Parking

Looking for a camera system that records in HD? Carsun screen rearview reverse parking does that and more. This system is designed with the primary goal being to assist you in safe parking and reversing. It has a high-resolution wide-angle lens which rotates 180 degrees and offers you a remarkable viewing angle of 170 degrees. The lens allows you to record in HD both in the front and the rear. You can automatically record every moment in 720P and 1080P and a resolution of 720 from the rear at a frequency of 30FPS. That happens once you enter your car and automatically.

Featuring is a 5 inch IPS display that shows a preview of the recording. With the dual-channel mechanism, recording happens from both the front and rear cameras. That way, you can keep tabs with the all the happenings either from behind the front. As a result, you can know when there is motorist driving dangerously. Besides, you keep alert of any accidents that may have happened so you can take the necessary precautions. By staying alerts of all traffic happenings, you can never be a victim of circumstances as you will rarely be involved in accidents.

What’s more, parking and reversing will now be safer. There is no danger of bumping into other motorists. That is because you can rely on the rear-facing camera as a monitor for safe reversing. Also, it comes with an in-built microphone and speaker capabilities.

Your safety is enhanced further by G-sensor featured on this camera system. This G-sensor requires ignition, motion orcrash to detect and start recording. And you don’t need to do anything. It starts recording automatically when the triggers are available. Parking is usually hard as it requires you to be extra cautious otherwise you crash into other vehicles in the parking. You don’t need to get somebody to guide you when parking. With Carsun parking system, parking becomes a breeze as it allows you to watch what is happening behind without needing to look outside. That means that you will always be safe

Carsun Screen Rearview Reverse Parking

Even more, this system is in such a way that it allows you to switch off when not in use to conserve energy. Besides, that also happens automatically immediately you switch off the engine. You have the control over the recording by using the off/ on buttons. Also, you the video are overwritten whenever there is no more space which means that you will never miss a moment.

The manufacturer of Carsun Screen packing system believes in its quality. That’s it comes backed by a 30 days money-back guarantee. On top of that is an 18 months warranty

Docooler Rainbow Parking Radar Rearview Mirror

If you want a perfect replacement for your current rearview mirror, then Docooler rainbow is an excellent option. It features is a 4-sensor system that renders this parking system a very sensitive unit. Due to its high sensitivity, it allow for long rage detection so you can be more alert. When the sensors detect objects from a distance in a parking arena, you receive an alert. As such, you can slow down or put change your course to avert an accident.

Whenever, the sensors detect that there is an obstacle, the system produces an alert in the form of sound signal. And the sound increases with the reduction in the distances between the vehicle and the obstacle. Cases where children have been run into by their own parents in car parking are common. With Docooler, you are sure of the safety of the family members. Besides, at no given time will you pay for damages that you could avoid for accidentally hitting other vehicles in the parking

Docooler Rainbow Parking Radar Rearview Mirror

Even more, it features a dual CPU and a processor which enable long-distance coverage. That means they can detect from a long distance when compared to other systems. It detects objects ranging between 0-2.5 m. A LED display allows you to read the distance in meters. In case of danger, it shows multiple lights so you can instantly stop before damage occurs.

Accompanying the camera system is an installation manual which makes installation a breeze. Besides, for those who are sharp, you may not even require the manual to do it as it is plug and play

Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Radar/Laser

If you value your safety, then investing in a good detector is not a choice but a requirement. And that is mainly the case when it comes to protection against radar guns used by the cop to measure your speed. The last you thing you would like to think about is being issued with the expensive speeding ticket.

Beltronics RX65 is a detector that will shield you from the laser and radar bands. Since it has attracted a high rating and positive review, you can be sure it is a quality product worth your focus.

Beltronics RX65 has a quick-release feature and also a travel case that allows you to use it in different vehicles. As such, you are always secure. Besides, for those who own more than one car, you don’t need to incur a lot purchasing another detector

Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Radar/Laser

RX65 is designed to provide protection from K-band, Ka-band, and Ku-band radars. What’s more, you will remain alerted of any laser bands that very detectors offer. As a result, at no given time will you be caught by the cops for speeding because this detector sniffs them from far.

Besides, you are also protected from the dangerous instant-on radar thanks to the inbuilt advanced radar AutoScan. Even more, false alerts will no longer be a problem as it filters any fake alerts. If you understand the danger of false alerts, then you might need to invest in Beltronics RX65. Also, whenever a threat is detected, you will receive both the visual and audio alerts.

Featuring are easy to use options and controls that allow you to adjust the brightness based on the time it is. The ultra-bright display gives you a clear view during the day. You can switch to the night mode so you can see clearly

Cobra SPX 7800BT, Radar/Laser Detector

Cobra SPX 7800BT has gained a reputation for over 30 years thanks to the high-performance detectors under its name. SPX 7800BT is a new on the market and has excellent features that set it apart from the competition. It comes as a single package combining a laser, radar and camera features. That means that this is new version is better, by far when compared to the older ones.

This unit comes with a cool design but smaller in size than the competitor. It has a wide detection range thanks to the fast, nice circuitry element only present in this new model. As such, you can receive the alert super fast so you can adjust the volume right away. What’s more, in instances where there is a threat of instant on radar, you are protected. That is because the wide detection range ensures that you receive an alert when the radar is pointed at a vehicle infront.

While most of the detectors will warn whenever radar is detected, there is no criterion of determining the type of signal it is. SPX 7800BT features a color OLED display which allows you to determine the kind signal detected. Besides, the display lets you know the current mode of the detector

Cobra SPX 7800BT, Radar/Laser Detector

As noted above, Smartphone Compatibility is one of the elements to look for in a detector. There is the Cobra iRadar App that is compatible with the detector. Through the app, you enter a community of members who use the same detector. The membership can share the various threats they may have faced in certain locations. That way, when approaching such vicinities, you be alerted to stays extra vigilant.

The new version of the iRadar app features power driver tools. There is a rotating map that has an auto-zoom feature so you can view a great extent of the highway ahead. The clarity and efficiency will depend on your moving speed. As such, you can adjust your speed right away to avoid confrontation with the cops

AUTO-VOX Video Inputs 4.3• Rearview Mirror camera system

Auto-Vox is a camera system that integrates a dash cam, anti-dazzling mirror, and car reverse system. Because all those functions come as a single package, it does not occupy much space in your vehicle. Besides, it saves you the money you would need to buy each unit with a unique functionality.

What’s more, for those who are concerned about colors, it matches that of the body of your car. That gives it an attractive uniform color such that very few can pinpoint any foreign gadgets the car. Auto-Vox will clear all doubts about the quality of the equipment as it gives your car an original look.

You need balanced brightness to have a clear front and rear view. Auto-Vox features a LCD 4.3′ displays whose brightness is adjustable. That prevents dazzling either during the daytime or night. With that, you will have a clear view of what is happening on either side.

What’s more, has 5MP camera which ensures that your videos are of the best quality. Besides, it offers a 170 degrees viewing angle allowing you to record videos at different angles.

AUTO-VOX Video Inputs 4.3• Rearview Mirror camera system

When an accident happens, most of the times, you will hear cases whereby videos can no longer be traced. Knowing how videos can be a good source of evidence, you cannot afford to take it for granted.

Auto-Vox features a G-sensor, which in case a collision is detected, the already recorded files are locked automatically. That way, you can still retrieve them later and track how and what the cause of the accident was. Even more, Auto-Vox has dual video input capabilities that ensure that it automatically starts to show images when reversing for your safety

KDLINKS R100 Anti-Glare Rearview Mirror Cam

KDLINKS R100 is both serves both as a front and rear camera. It allows you to record videos in HD. The rear camera has a resolution of 1080P high enough for a super quality video. What’s more, it provides 140 degrees viewing degrees meaning that you record videos at various angles. One cool thing is that it start recording automatically without the need to press any button.

Featuring is an anti-glare display that lets you keep tabs with the happening without stressing your eyes. The mirror comes in a cool design and offers a 5-inch display. That display is enough to track every moment. And you don’t need to worry about insufficient space for your videos that to the ready to use 16GB micro SD card. You will find most camera systems with a video display with only an internal memory that limits you regarding space. That is not the case with KDLINKS R100. You can upgrade the 16GB SD card to 64/128GB to accommodate as many videos as possible.

Even more, you no longer need to worry about turning off your camera system manually. That is because R100 has an Auto-off mechanism which ensures that it turns off 5 minutes of car inactivity. So yours is to park your car and leave immediately without caring about the system as it will turn down by itself.

R100 takes the safety of your car to another level. Whether you have an important meeting or any other affair that forces you to leave it behind, you are sorted. The camera system is active such that in case there is any slight movement, vibration or crash in the vicinity, it starts recording automatically. The recording happens for a moment and then it sleeps until the next trigger. You can then watch your videos as they are safety recorded and saved.

In a crash or an accident, without the proper camera system, you may never come to know the cause because you may never recover the videos. R100 features a G-sensor that locks the videos recorded safely whenever an accident is recorded. The advantage is that you might lose crucial evidence in such a scenario which may make a lawsuit difficult to pursue

KDLINKS R100 Anti-Glare Rearview Mirror Cam

Also, featuring R100 camera system are 6-glass lenses and wide dynamic range video system that offer super quality display. That ensures high accuracy levels particularly when parking to avoid any crashes and damages. Finally and also important is that this camera system feature an 800mAh battery that is long lasting letting you record your videos without fail.

The manufacturer backs this unit with 1-year warranty. Also, you can be sure to get an excellent customer support team that will be ready to address any of your problems

Valentine One Radar Detector

You cannot afford to gamble with your safety. By depending on less effective radars detectors, your safety faces a threat. You need a unit that will guarantee your security when driving to have the peace of mind and avoid additional charges from speed tickets.

Valentine one has a reputation for being a highly performing and sensitive detector on the market. Several features set it apart from the crowd.

Valentine one features multiple radar antennas. There are forward facing antenna and a rear facing antenna. This is a huge distinguishing feature not found in many other radar detectors. For your information, the only other radar detector with two antennas is Bel STI Driver. Contrary to Valentine one detector, both antennas face forward in Bel STi Driver.

The forward and the rear facing antennas in Valentine one radar detector renders it superior to other options on the market. You can identify the band type together with the strength of the radar signal. What’s more, not every detector allows you to determine the direction of the signal. Valentine one lets you know the direction from which the signal is coming from both the front and the rear.

Even more, you are sure of laser protection as Valentine one has over the years been among leading on that front. This is a huge stride from the standard radar detectors that only protect against the X-band signals. With a standard detector, your security is a threat as you will always be caught off-guard. You need a strong detector like Valentine one which is designed to sniff the laser pulses from a distance and alert you in advance

Valentine One Radar Detector

On most occasion, the advancement in technology rendering most equipment obsolete. And that can happen too fast even in a year. That can be a huge blow to those who buy expensive equipment like a radar detector. For one, it would be a waste of your precious time because of the time spent searching for it. Secondly, and certainly the most painful would be spending cash only for it to be declared not fit and secure for use. That is far from the state of the matter when it comes to Valentine one because it is designed such that it’ll never be declared obsolete.

Valentine one detectors first entered the market in 1992. And looking closely, you will note that those that appeared earlier resemble the current versions. How possible is that? Every time a new version of Valentine one is introduced, you are free to return your older one so it can receive software and hardware upgrade. Please note that charges may apply when upgrading. As such, you don’t need to incur much getting a new unit because Valentine one has you in mind. Yes. You can experience the pleasure of using a single radar detector for the rest of your life without going back to the market

Escort RedLine 0100025-1 Radar Detector

Brought to you by the Escort team of experts is RedLine 0100025-1 radar detector. It is one of the ultra-sensitive radar/laser detectors on the market at the moment. Redline is designed to detect X-bands, K-band, and Ka-band signals. What’s more, RedLine is not complete without the digital signal processing (DSP) which makes it perfect for long distance detection. Featuring is an AutoMode, reduces the false alerts which may prove to be a threat particularly when in the city. Also, the highway mode helps to increase the sensitivity for maximum performance.

In some states, you will face the law for using a radar detector. In such a scenario, you need a detector with a shield against the radar detector detectors (RDD). Redline comes to your rescue as it features Beltronics’ TotalShield RF technology which makes it undetectable. Even if the cops employ the VG2 and Spectre technologies which are very sophisticated, you are freed from all the threats.

Undoubtedly, an alert from the radar detector is a good thing because it is a sign that you are faced with a threat. However, most detectors have no way of lowering the sound automatically after that first-time warning. That continuous high volume can be irritating to the ears. Don’t worry as Redline comes with an AutoMute and Mute feature which reduce the volume of the alert automatically while at the same time keeping you alert.

Aside from keeping tabs with threats from radar guns, your safety becomes a priority with Redline radar detector. Featuring is a Safety Warning System (SWS) that plays additional roles. SWS employs the use of K-band radar signal such that you receive alerts on any ongoing road construction and maintenance. Among other benefits, you will also be notified of any hazards from the weather and highway zone advisories. Besides, if there are slow or fast moving vehicles, you will receive the messages. All of these, you can view on the C5 where they are clearly displayed to a tune of over 60 messages

Escort RedLine 0100025-1 Radar Detector

Don’t miss out on Redline detector. Besides, the excellent features, this detector is super easy to use. Why is that? Featuring is a SmartPlug power cord that allows you control this detector right in your palms. With the Mute and AutoMute features on the cord, you don’t need to reach the detector when you want to silence the alerts. What’s more, you can customize up to 8 features thanks to the simple preference settings. What’s more, it is very simple to install with a simple mounting system.

There is no doubt about the quality of RedLine radar detector. It’s backed by a one-year limited warranty. Besides, you will get a service plan spanning 2 years. Also, accompanying this unit is a manual that makes the installation a breeze

Escort Passport 9500IX Radar/Laser Detector

Topping the list is the list of the best 10 rearview mirror radars detectors is this super intelligent and highly convenient radar detector, Escort Passport 9500IX. Probably you’ve used other detectors that have proven to be a total disappointment. Following your experience with the gadgets, you concluded they do not work. If there is an effective detector, then it is Escort Passport 9500IX. Many cool features render this radar detector an excellent choice for all those who value their safety.

Radar guns vary depending on the frequency bands under which they operate. You will find X-band, K-band, Ka-band, and Ku-band with the frequency increasing towards the X-Ka bands and measured in GHz. Now some radar detectors are efficient in detecting X-band which is the easiest due to the low frequency and high power output.

Your detector in such a scenario will alert you of the threat 2-4 miles away. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a strong detect that not only detects the X-band radars but also K and Ka-band radars. No every detector has such capabilities. But you don’t have to risk your safety. That’s why you need a radar detector like Escort Passport 9500IX which can operate at all those frequencies.

Escort 9500IX gives you audio and visual alerts. Featuring a blue LED display, you can identify the band and even the strength. It doesn’t matter the number of signals are hitting you. Pass 9500IX gives priority to the greatest threat regardless of the strength. For instance, take an X-band signal from the grocery store and K-band from a radar gun from across the street. The K-band from a radar gun takes the priority because it is a huge threat.

While you can still use a standard detector to know the threat you might be facing. There is still no way you can know your direction and your speed. Besides, the conventional detectors are not that strong and may take the time to alert you which is a threat to your security. Being GPS-enabled, your safety is a top priority with Escort Passport 9500IX. Using the same satellites used for GPS navigation, you will know your exact location. As you move toward the potential threat, you will receive audio and visual alerts so you can regulate your speed.

You need to be careful on the radar detector purchase. A proper detector should have a mechanism which lowers the number of false alerts common with all detectors. Passport 9500IX has a high mode and city modes. On the highway mode, the sensitivity is high for the best performance. The city mode is best suited to busy streets. Automatic door openers and home motion sensors and business alarm systems are all treated as threats by the detectors. This might put you in more dangers as opposed to protecting you as should be. That is because you can’t distinguish the real threat from the fake signals

Escort Passport 9500IX Radar/Laser Detector

Passport 9500IX has a Truelock filter (GPS-powered). Upon discovering a false alert, you only need to press the mute button 3 times. Passport 9500IX will note not only the frequency but also the GPS location in its memory. In the future, you will not receive the alerts anymore when in the same vicinities. If you are worried about an actual threat happening at the same point in the future, you are wrong. Anytime the detector sniffs a new frequency at the same point, you will receive a threat alert and you will have plenty of time to deal with it.

Red light cameras, speed cameras and speed traps can be a real threat even when equipped with a radar detector. With a standard detector, it is almost impossible to identify a red light camera. When passing an intersection illegally, the photograph of your car is taken you will only find a ticket emailed to you. Unlike others, 9500IX has intelligent design recognizes any red light camera from afar and alerts you either through an audio or visually.

Passport 9500 features a ‘Mark’ button which you press and this detector will tell you the kind of warning to assign. Next time you approach the exact location, this detect will alert you depending on your speed


Radar detectors will not only help you avoid the speeding tickets but also contribute t your safety when reversing and parking. As noted above, you can see the various features that detectors play in alerting you of any dangers either rear or front. Secure yourself one of the above the radar detector, relax and drive with more confidence.

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