Top 10 Best Rearview Car Cameras Reviewed In 2021

When it comes to parking a car, even the most experienced drivers run into posts of the carb often. In longer vehicles, estimating the rear distance is even hard, and knocking other vehicles is easy. However, with modern car cameras, chances of hitting your car on objects or other cars while parking are low. Considering the cost implication of such accidents, you are better of installing a device that will be a one-off investment. The following car rear view cameras are the best:

Our Recommended Rearview Car Cameras | 2021 Reviews

10. LeeKooLuu Rear View Camera and Monitor Kit

LeeKooLuu Rear View Camera and Monitor Kit

The LeeKooLuu Back Camera is a complete system that comes with a monitor. It is convenient to install in your car without any technical assistance. It features a wide view camera that can focus anything within 135 degrees. Additionally, it has LED lights for a better view at night. You will be able to view everything on the rear end of your car on the LCD screen from the comfort of your seat. This camera is waterproof and can capture images clearly on a rainy day. This single wire camera is easy to install in most cars.

The LCD monitor is easy to mount on all areas of cars. It also connects directly to the camera for live viewing of anything behind you before making a move. More importantly, is the provision of a digital grid sensor. This sensor shows you how close your rear bumper is to any object or other hazards.

What We Like
  • Bright LCD monitor
  • Digital grid sensor
  • Adjustable focus (360 degrees)
  • Works well in most cars
Our Verdict

LeeKooLuu is a versatile rearview camera that works well in most types of cars. While reversing in your sedan, you can use it to monitor your surroundings with ease. It also works well in SUV and has a large and glare-free screen that is easy to use during the day and at night. A new one lowers the risk of crashing into objects whenever you are reversing.

9. iStrong Rear View Camera

iStrong Rear View Camera

Easy to install and operate, the iStrong Rear View Camera gets power directly from your reverse light cables. It automatically turns on every time you are reversing your car. If you want it to have a constant rearview recording, it comes with a plug to connect directly into your cigar lighter. It also comes with a multipurpose monitor that can accommodate two video inputs. When reversing your car, it prioritizes this rear input camera automatically.

The wide view angle allows you to see every obstacle behind you from one tail end to the other. At night, the LEDs attached close to the lens will give adequate illumination for your clear viewing. You can mount this camera on any rear part of your car. The mounting bracket is long and with a slot to allow flexible fitting. Its water-resistant design lasts for long.

What We Like
  • Water-resistant camera
  • Bright LED lights (onboard)
  • Plugs into cigarette lighters
  • Turns on automatically
Our Verdict

Automotive car accessories such a car seat covers and rearview cameras boost the value of cars. If you can find a dependable brand such as iStrong, for instance, reversing or monitoring the vicinity of your vehicle will be a breeze. It not only fits in most cars but also works directly from cigarette lighter ports. You do not have to rewire your car for it to work. It turns on automatically and has a dependable design (water-resistant) that will serve you well for many years.

8. TOGUARD Rear View Camera

TOGUARD Rear View Camera

The TOGUARD Rear View Camera design comes with a touch screen and a dash camera as one package. This screen will still provide you with a better rear view as your previous rear mirror. The touch screen attaches very well on your existing rear mirror handle. The reverse side of this touch screen has a forward-facing camera for viewing through the windscreen. This design will hence record both the rear and front footage at the same time and project the video on one screen.

The beauty of this wide display is that it can function as your rearview mirror with a video feed at the centre. The rear camera is waterproof and easy to install. It will give you a detailed recording of what is behind your scar and any potential hazards. Both cameras work well during the night or day and turn on automatically whenever you engage your car in park or reverse.

What We Like
  • Large display (7-inches)
  • Records rear and front footage
  • Works during the day and at night
  • Easy to install in cars
  • Touch screen display
Our Verdict

TOGUARD’s large display and clarity during the day and at night have made it sought-after worldwide. Moreover, its two in one design works well front or rear-facing. Therefore, you can use it to check the vicinity of your car while reversing. You can also use it to record through your windscreen without compromising picture quality. TOGUARD is large, durable, and has a touchscreen interface that comes in handy in vehicles.

7. AUTO-VOX Rear View Camera

AUTO-VOX Rear View Camera

Unlike other units, the AUTO-VOX Rear View Camera does not require LED lights to relay a clear rear view at night. This high definition unit comes installed with a night vision technology. Thus, it can record clear videos and under low or no light conditions. Finally, its water-resistance improves its performance on misty, foggy, or rainy days.

This camera also comes with a sturdy and easy to mount LCD screen. The screen fits and works well in most dashboards or windshields via a silicone bracket. Hence, you can always unmount it and place it in a different location. The screen is wide enough to enable you to see what is behind you quickly. Additionally, it has a digital grid to alert you on how close you are to objects. Connecting the screen does not require a technician. It is as easy as a one-wire direct installation.

What We Like
  • Clear grid (digital)
  • Single wire connection
  • Water-resistant camera
  • Clear display even at night
Our Verdict

Greying and pixilation is an issue for some rearview cameras due to their low quality. AUTO-VOX is not one of them. Set up in dashboards or windshields, it shoots quality videos during the day and night. It also has a long-lasting design (water-resistant) that works in cars via a single wire connection.

6. Esky License Plate Rear View Camera

Esky License Plate Rear View Camera

While other models come with brackets to fit on your car, the Esky License Plate Rear View Camera is a unique design. It will replace your existing rear number plate holder. Your license will perfectly fit in this stylish casing while holding the camera on the upper edge. Additionally, it has LED lights lined up on either side for clear viewing at night. Depending on your car’s height, this design allows you to tilt the lens upwards or downwards for the best angle of focus.

Unlike some models listed herein, Esky License is an outdoor mounted camera that withstands harsh elements such as dust and water. Thus, as your car ages, it will age with it without a dip in performance. Moreover, in its position, the camera has a 170-degree angle of view, which is ideal. While reversing, it lowers the risk of bumping into objects such as posts, which often damage cars. Finally, the lack of a monitor in this pack should never be an issue. It works with most DVD players.

What We Like
  • Wide-angle of view (170 degrees)
  • Works with stock displays
  • LED lights improve clarity
  • Works well on most cars
Our Verdict

With an Esky License Plate camera on your car, the risk of ramming into objects while reversing is low. It covers a wide-angle (170 degrees), which is ideal. Moreover, each camera has built-in LED lights that improve its clarity in the dark.

5. Coolwoo Car Rear View Camera

Coolwoo Car Rear View Camera

Do you want a wide view camera that delivers clear views of the vicinity of cars? The Coolwoo Car Rear View Camera has a 175 degrees angle camera that eliminates the risky blind spots of cars. Thus, it makes driving safer and less risky devoid of the environment you are driving. The unit is easy to mount and on any rear part of your car, including the license plate. It also has twelve LED lights to improve visibility at night and an outdoor-ready water-resistant design that you will like.

This unit is very compatible with your car factory DVD navigator or any other variety you may buy from the market. Connecting the screen and the camera is not a tricky task. You only need a direct RCA connector, and you are good to go. To be able to park accurately, the inbuilt distance scale line will advise you on how near hazardous objects are.

What We Like
  • Bright LED lights
  • Direct RCA connector
  • Works on most areas of cars
  • Water-resistant design (100%)
Our Verdict

Coolwoo’s wide-angle design covers a larger area than most similar rearview cameras. It is also durable (water-resistant) and designed to work well in most areas of your car. If rear coverage is your main issues, for instance, you can mount it over the rear number plate of a car. The process involves setting up a single wired connection, which is ideal.

4. NATIKA Rear View Camera

NATIKA Rear View Camera

The Nakata Rearview camera is a small-size design made of sturdy materials. It comes in a zinc alloy casing that is waterproof and resistance to harsh weather conditions such as extreme temperature. It is so small that third persons cannot identify it. Its high-definition image processor delivers video recording of images around you with high clarity.

NATIKA has night vision properties to focus and transmit well under low lighting situations. The NATIKA Rearview Camera has a wide view design without blind spots, thanks to its near-horizontal 145 degrees angle. Therefore, you can safely park your car anywhere and on tight parking lots. Installing this camera is one of the easiest things as it comes with a single connecting wire to the display unit. It will also work well with your existing stereo unit or navigation display systems.

What We Like
  • Clear night vision technology
  • Adjustable angle (145 degrees)
  • Clear navigational display
  • High-definition image processor
  • Clear stereo recordings
Our Verdict

NATIKA’s wide view angle (145 degrees) eliminates the blind spots of cars, which enable people to drive safely. It also has a clear processor (HD) that boosts image quality in all light conditions and captures clear audio. NATIKA does not break down as quickly as some cheap models do. Its aluminum case is rust and waterproof, and therefore, long-lasting.

3. Pruveeo Touch Screen Rear View Camera

Pruveeo Touch Screen Rear View Camera

Other units will have a single rearview camera with disregard of the front. The Pruveeo Touch Screen design will upgrade your driving experience. It comes with dual camera and touch screen mirror. Thus, it doubles as a mirror and a camera. It also has a full high-resolution display and a one-touch switch for switching between its full-screen mode for one camera and picture-in-picture mode for both camera display.

The front view lens is on the back cover of the screen while its rear camera records the happenings in the back of the car. Its rear lens has an all-weather case that protects it from harsh elements such as water. While installing this rear view camera, it will fit just right on your current rearview mirror. When you are not using the touch screen with your cameras, it will serve you well as an ordinary rearview mirror.

What We Like
  • Touchscreen interface
  • All-weather camera case
  • High-resolution display
  • Has a one-touch switch
Our Verdict

Pruveeo is a high-resolution rearview camera with a responsive touchscreen display. Its heavy-duty design features a simple plug-and use interface that most people can set up in cars. Set up well, Pruveeo will improve your visibility and safety.

2. Yanees Rear View Night Vision Camera

Yanees Rear View Night Vision Camera

The Yanees Rear View Night Vision Camera is a universally compatible unit. It works on all cars with factory navigation screens or market sourced DVD stereo system. This high definition unit will delight you with its super clear images at a higher resolution. Its NTSC system displays high quality and clear video recordings. The rear camera has a wide view angle of near-horizontal coverage. This ensures that you do not hit anything from behind even on the extreme edges of a car.

The reversing system has digital guidelines to assist you in parking in tight spaces. Besides, it works well during the day and at night. This unit is highly resistant against splash or the rain, and the casing is all-weather resistant for longevity. It also comes with a mounting bracket for a neat installation at any rear part of your car.

What We Like
  • High-resolution display (NTSC)
  • Has a wide-angle display
  • All-weather design (durable)
  • Water-resistant design
Our Verdict

Yanees NTSC display system is bright during the day and at night. It also has a durable (water-resistant) and all-weather design that works on all cars. Set up in a sedan, van, or SUV, you will see better while reversing during the day or at night.

1. ZEROXCLUB Wireless Rear View Camera

ZEROXCLUB Wireless Rear View Camera

ZEROXCLUB Wireless Rear View Camera has a wireless transmitter that is reliable. It includes a wide and higher resolution LCD screen for a better and clear view of everything happening behind you. You do not need to connect this rear camera to the display screen. Therefore, it is a good design for novice drivers. You will not need to interfere with your car wiring system with this installation.

The rear camera is waterproof and resistant to extreme weather conditions. Also, you can rotate it up to 36 degrees to attain your best viewing angle. Its 140 degrees viewing angle ensures you will not miss a blind spot. While reversing at night, the camera’s eighteen LEDs and infrared lights light up the camera to improve its clarity further. Finally, because ZEROXCLUB has proximity sensors, you will know when you are dangerously close to an object while reversing a car.

What We Like
  • Wide viewing angle (140 degrees)
  • Sensitive proximity sensors
  • Infrared and LED lights
  • High-resolution display
Our Verdict

The high-resolution and wide-angle design of the ZEROXCLUB wireless camera has made it sought after. They eliminate the blind spots of cars and offer drivers a better view of their vicinity, which boosts safety. It is a long-lasting item as well.

Shopping Guides for Rearview Cameras for Cars


Check the value of the lens of your rearview camera of choice before reaching for your wallet. Look for a product with a wide-angle lens. They cover a larger area to boost visibility and therefore, the safety of drivers while reversing. Cameras with lenses that are resistant to water or dust are also ideal. You can use one inside and out of your car with good results.

Ease of Use

Many drivers think the most complicated and expensive cameras are the best, which is not the case. Look for a product that you will enjoy using in a car. It should be easy to set up and have a bright display that you can read in all light setting.

Conclusion: Rear collisions are common in parking lots or garages while backing up cars. Fortunately, for a few bucks, you get a rearview camera that eliminates blind spots and boosts the safety of vehicles. Our top 10 picks work well in most cars. They are durable, easy to set up and effective during the day and night.