Top 10 Best Rain Gauge In 2019 Reviews

The best rain gauge should give accurate rainfall measurements. Modernized ones should show the temperature of surrounding and time too. It is a very important gadget for your garden so as to provide adequate care to the lawn among other groups as it will indicate the level of rainfall so that you will decide if irrigation is required or not. Rainfall is determined by measuring the amount of precipitation in the surrounding environment. They are available in different sizes based on the amount of rain you expect to measure.

The amount of rainfall measured will tell whether the rain is heavy or light. Regular rainfall measurements help in the forecasting rain either for forthcoming or future weather seasons. It is usually advisable to purchase a rain gauge that keeps rainfall history for future referencing. It should have an in-built alarm that alert whenever the rain starts raining. Also, this alarm should caution in cases where the rainfall is too low.

Due to advanced technology, some rain gauge that empties themselves when full have been designed for more convenience. A rain gauge is used to measure the cumulative amount of precipitation at a specific location for a particular time.

What factors affect the accuracy of Rain Gauge?

Various factors affect the quality of rain gauge measurements. It includes the following:

a) Landscape

Landscape refer to the natural features within an area. These include valleys, mountains, and trees. Rain gauge should be placed in such a way that the readings would not be affected these features. For example, in case you place your rain gauge near trees, it will collect rainfall from trees which will result in fault results. In mountainous areas, mounting a rain gauge is not easy, it can fall unnecessarily.

b) Buildings

Building structures collect water in their roofs. If it happens that you will place you rain gauge near, it will collect water from building rather that from the environment. When making analysis, you will be evaluating the wrong observation.

c) Vegetation

This vegetation includes lawns, forested areas and also large farms. Rain gauge should be placed 2 feet’s above the ground to avoid the amount of water splashing into the gauge. Vegetation can be useful to counterattack the strong winds that could, in turn, divert precipitation in one direction.

d) Placement of the Rain Gauge

Appropriate placement is necessary so as to guarantee that the rain sensor measurements are more precise representing the actual rain measurements. The suitable site for placing rain gauge is in an open field protected from the wind in all directions such as an inner courtyard. It should be away from external objects such as trees. The distance should be twice the height of the objects. It should also be positioned relatively to the ground- no lower than 2 feet.

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Before deciding which rain gauge to purchase, consider its construction regarding design and materials used to construct it. You should also take into account the intended purpose.  Choose one that will serve your needs to satisfaction. It should last longer and of excellent quality. Results obtained should be as accurate as possible.

Which are the best rain gauges?

Bearing in mind the above factors and expectation of the rain gauge, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Rain Gauge in 2019 Reviews. These rain gauges are:

10. Oregon Scientific RGR126 Rain Gauge

Oregon Scientific RGR126 Rain Gauge is controlled by use of wireless remote. It is strong enough to measure the rainfall continuously giving very accurate results. Rainfall measurements are recorded in inches and millimeters. It measures both indoor and outdoor temperature. Furthermore, this gauge features an automatic self-emptying cup makes it deliver accurate and reliable readings. Wireless transmitter varies up to 300-feet for specified rain gauge and a hundred feet for thermometer readings. It includes 10-day storage memory for future analysis of the rainfall readings. You can monitor weather patterns at a given specified time.


i)They dealers offer quick and reliable customer services which include replacement parts that readily available.

ii)The rain gauge features a wireless transmitter that conveys information very fast.


i)Despite the fact that it does not have a temperature sensor, this rain gauge delivers excellent performance.

Best Rain Gauge

9. AcuRite 00899 Deluxe Wireless Rain Gauge

AcuRite 00899 Deluxe Wireless Rain Gauge provides very accurate rainfall measurements. These readings are very reliable. It features large LCD screen for easy reading of the recorded data.The rain gauge incorporates a storage system to keep history for analysis which helps to foresee any chances of flooding that is likely to occur. It has an outdoor transmitter to convey information to other devices wirelessly every 16 seconds. Moreover, this device includes a calendar, flood watch-alarm, and a clock. Its robust construction ensures that is highly resistant to weather corrosion, therefore, it last longer. It is sold out by reputable dealers who provide guarantee one year warranty.


i)It is very easy to install.

ii)Simple maintenance, configure and cleaning procedures.


i)Sometimes it hard to connect receiver and sender.

Best Rain Gauge

8. Luster Leaf 1640 Rainfall Gauge

This rain gauge is unique as it has calibration in both centimeters and inches. It has a stand so that it rests in the garden. You can adjust its length depending on your preferred length. Its stake is made of metal that is highly resistant to corrosion. The plastic holder is available so accumulate a large volume of the precipitate. Its vinyl coating makes it attractive to the users. The cylinder lifts up to ease dumping of the collected water when the rain gauge is full. Also, this cylinder is made of polystyrene to counterattacks shattering. It is very easy to assemble and mount.


i)The gauge can be dissembled into various parts for easy storage.

ii)Materials used are lightweight making the device more portable.


i)It is of high quality though quite expensive.

Best Rain Gauge

7. Stratus RG202 Long Term Professional Rain and Snow Gauge

Are you looking for accurate rain gauge? Stratus RG202 Long Term Professional Rain and Snow Gauge gives you relatively precise readings. It is made of excellent long lasting materials that withstand harsh climatic conditions. These materials include durable UV polycarbonate. Additionally, this rain gauge does not corrode nor fade hence retain its original appearance for quite sometimes. This rain gauge not only measures the rainfall must also snow rate, hail, and sleet. It is very to clean and maintain. Capable of recording up to 11 inches of precipitation. It is equipped a funnel that collects the raindrops alongside 1-inch tube for measuring the collected precipitate. Detachable cylinder makes cleaning very easy.

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i)Hard plastic casing makes it suitable for rain, snow and hail measurements.

ii)It features larger cylinder to collect a large volume of raindrops.


i)Markings of the rain gauge fade with time especially when you expose to water.

Best Rain Gauge

6. La Crosse Technology 705-109 Waterfall Rain Gauge

La Crosse Technology 705-109 Waterfall Rain Gauge is one of the popular rain gauges in the market. It is available at a reasonable price that does not strain your personal resources. The gauge measures backyard rainfall using extra-large digits ensuring precise readings. It is very flexible so that you can mount on the fence, deck and also any other convenient place. Mounting screws are packed together with the gauge on purchase. No worry on how to empty the gauge. Cleaning and maintenance are very easy. It measures up to 6 inches of rain. Large display screen makes reading very clear and easy to interpret. Durable plastic casing extends its protection. Its construction include red floating rain level for accurate rainfall readings.


i)Large scale makes the readings very clearer.

ii)It features clever design that is easy to use and also maintains.


i)Parts made of styrene plastic breaks off easily.

Best Rain Gauge

5. Conant Custom VRG7 Brass Jeffersonian Float-and-Lever Rain Gauge

Conant Custom VRG7 Brass Jeffersonian Float-and-Lever Rain Gauge is made of brass alloy, stainless steel, and glass to last longer. It makes use of float alongside lever to quantify up to 5 inches rainfall. It is calibrated with fifth-inch increments. On purchase, it includes wooden stake that is pressure treated for mounting the gauge on the ground. On the other hand, hanger bolt is used to mount the rain gauge on the deck or any other favorable locations. It looks so attractive having unique decorative printing. Historic finish matches well with landscape color. It measures 42 by 13 inches. It is lightweight weighing around 2019 grams.


i)This rain gauge is very accurate giving reliable, precise reading, especially for high quantity rains.

ii)Readily available in the market at reasonable price.


i)Sometimes it is very tedious to read small volume of rain drops.

Best Rain Gauge

4. Springfield Rain Gauge Spike

Springfield Rain Gauge Spike features a unique design that is very easy to operate across all yard. Good choice of strong materials makes the gauge resistant to corrosion hence lasts longer. You can mount on a post or in the spike. It is green to match the vegetation color. This makes it perfect choice for outdoor rainfall tracking. To add, this rain gauge is lightweight. It extends its functionality so that you can use it to measure temperature at a given time. Its display features magnifying lenses for easy reading. It measures approximately 11 inches by 3 inches. Measure accurately 6 inches of rainfall with this reliable device.

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i)A quality rain gauge at an affordable price, hence ideal for those with limited budget.

ii)Its cylinder is well calibrated with clear large numbers that are easy to read.


i)Steps provided in the instruction manual are not clearly illustrated.

Best Rain Gauge

3. World’s Coolest Rain Gauge

As the name suggest, this rain gauge is readily available in the global market. Its measuring tube made of blue polycarbonate is strong enough so that it will not bend interfering with rainfall measurements. This rain gauge is 24 inches tall while measuring 5.5-inch rainfall. Its manufacturing company is based in the USA due to advanced technology in the area. The flute is made of copper to collect rain drops. It works under the principle of Archimedean water displacement principle. It is so practical and fun using this rain gauge. The gauge is calibrated with large numbers to improve visibility. The parts of this rain gauge are easily separable to make its transportation from one place to the other very easy.


i)Handcrafted in the USA to last longer.

ii)Metallic copper construction guarantees that this device is durable.

iii)It can be separated into various parts hence portable from place to the other.


i)With time, its external parts wear off after working for many years.

Best Rain Gauge

2. SYS Wireless Rain Meter Thermometer and Rain Gauge

This wireless rain gauge is reliable for both outdoor and indoor forecasting. Its operation is based on barometric pressure changes. This device features single transmitter for sharing information wirelessly with other weather stations. Capable of transmitting over a distance of 80 meters when measurements in being done in an open field. In-built LED backlight improves its performance. Further, this rain gauge measures humidity and pressure. It makes use of alkaline batteries that last for more than 12 months. Temperature readings ranges from -40°C to +65°C. Includes an Uninterrupted calendar. It can be mounted on the wall or left hanging free.


i)Has a unique design featuring LED backlight for better performance.

ii)Alkaline batteries last longer for more than 12 months.


i)The price of the rain gauge is a bit high

Best Rain Gauge

1. OutdoorHome Rain Gauge 6” Deluxe Heavy Duty Professional Rain Gauge

It is well designed for outdoor tracking of rainfall such as in the garden and yard. The gauge is easy to read and interpret the recordings. Good choice of robust materials to last longer. Having this rain gauge there is no need to worry about crack and any of discoloration. They are also frost resistant. The scale features elevated graduations having large numbers for extra large numbers for interpretable accurate rainfall measurements. Available in the market at affordable price. Can be used by backyard watcher, professional gardener, and farmer. It is very easy to install by simply attaching it to the post, slide, rail, deck among suitable other places. It measures rainfall in both inches and millimeters.


i)Simple steps are required for proper installation.

ii)Good choice of materials makes it frost resistant.


i)Its only designed for outdoor use.

Best Rain Gauge

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