Top 10 Best Quality USB Car Chargers In 2019 Reviews

USB car chargers are commonly used in our daily life. They are available in different ports depending on the mode of connection and also appearance of the connected device. USB car chargers are used charge phones, iPhones and tablets as we are traveling. It is also connected as source media for enjoying music. They are very versatile as on USB charges many types of smart phones. Here are the top 10 best quality USB car chargers in 2019 for you.

10. iClever USB Car Charger

This iClever USB Car Charger has a LED indicator that confirms whether USB charger is properly connected. It has dual USB ports, 2A port is used for charging iPads and other Apple devices and the 1A port is for charging android mobile phones, tablets and other small devices. It is portable. It has an input voltage of 12-24V and output voltage of DC 5V.

Best Quality USB Car Chargers

9. JETech USB Car Charger

JETech USB Car Charger model is available in black compatible with most modern devices. It has 2 USB ports and voltage input of DC 12-24V and output voltages of DC 1.5A/2A. It guarantees your devices of protection against over-heat, over-current, and over-charging. This dual port USB Car Charger charges your devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, PDAs and Mobile Phones. It has a simple, small and elegant design thus portable. It provides maximum charging speed to devices.

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Best Quality USB Car Chargers

8. Anker 5-Port USB Car Charger

The model is quite affordable. They come with an exclusive power IQ technology that enables your device to deliver the fastest charging speed. Its speed is up to 2.4 amperes per port and 8 amperes overall. It can be used to charge variety of devices at the same time due to presence of five ports. It gives you a higher performance and it is reliable.

Best Quality USB Car Chargers


7. ACE USB Car Charger

This is a universal car charger that charges a wide variety of electronic including tablets, smartphones and music players. Has got high charging efficiency of over 85%. It comes with two USB ports which are 2.4A and 1A which charges your device at a fast speed. It has a LED display that produces a blue light to show that the car charger is powered. LED only light up when charger in good working condition. Its input Voltage is 10.5 V-18 V for DC. The output is, minimum of 5.0 V and a Maximum of 5.3 V, and is Fully Rated 3.4 Amperes, 17 W. It allows for direct cigarette lighter connection. It safely protects your devices from overheating.

Best Quality USB Car Chargers

6. Omaker 3 USB Car Charger

This charger is available in different types with interesting features. It is 3 port 6.6A/33W USB charger. It can charge a tablet or smartphone at a great speed. It has a soft internal LED power indicator that notifies you on connection status. It is equipped with an intelligent technology that identifies each devices attached and provides a high recharge power which your device gets adapted to. Intelligent circuit design protects your device against over-heating, over-currents, and short circuits. Also stops charging when your phone is fully charged. It is fire proof. Has an anti-oxidation aluminum pull tab.

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Best Quality USB Car Chargers


5. Maxboost 2-Port USB Car Charger

This USB car charger has a 24W/4.8A rating. It charges most of electronic devices, which include Galaxy, iPod, Blackberry, Digital Cameras and Mobile Phones. It has a compact design that enhances portability. Its input voltage is 12-24V while the output is a DC 5V 4.8A. Has got double injected frame having polycarbonate inner layer coupled with the flexible external molding of TPU to give a soft feel. Intelligent circuit design protects your device against short circuiting, over-heating, over-currents and over-charging. Its 2 USB ports identify your mobile devices quickly therefore provides an optimal charging efficiency.

Best Quality USB Car Chargers



4. Zeimax MICRO Car Charger

It has one port rated 2.1A for charging tablets and another which is rated 1A which is used to charge smartphones. It comes with various colors and therefore this allows you to choose a color that blends with your current decor. It is easy to use and compact well with most of the devices.

Best Quality USB Car Chargers


3. EleckeyTM USB Car Charger

It’s a dual USB car charger. It’s a fast charging car charger with a maximum of 2.1A. This car charger allows you to charge various electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and music players. It has an attractive design with brushed aluminum finish and a circular blue LED. It is reliable and safe. It protects your devices against overheating, over current, and overcharging. Charging will stop automatically when device battery is full.

Best Quality USB Car Chargers

2. Kedsum USB Car Charger

This is a high quality that comes loaded with multiple ports each having protection doors. This functional feature protects the device from dust and other particles including smoke. It works well with most smartphones, IPad and tablets such as Samsung, Apple and LG. 3 USB ports provide an output of 7 Amps altogether. It has an LED voltmeter that displays the voltage of the battery source.

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Best Quality USB Car Chargers

1. AmazonBasics USB Car Charger

It has two USB ports. It has a 20 watt power that charges two devices simultaneously. It has a LED light. It is compatible with various electronic devices such as Apple and most Android phones. Available in the market at affordable price.

Best Quality USB Car Chargers

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