Top 10 Best Push-up Bars in 2019 Reviews

Push-ups offer you an excellent way to build and exercise most of the muscles in the upper body especially when you use the best push-up bars. There are many training sessions in the gym that push-ups are part of the routine, but if you have a training DVD at home, you have to get the right equipment for the job. Before looking at the best push-up bars, it is important to know the benefit you get by doing push-ups.

Do you Need Push-up  Bars?

Are you one of those people who do push-ups on the floor? Well, it is not the ideal option since push-up bars offer you excellent training benefits. Since push-up bars raise the wrist, it reduces wrist pain and discomfort associated with doing push-ups on the floor. Push-up bars also allow you to get closer to the floor than when doing push-ups on the floor hence you achieve your goals faster.

The benefits of having push-up bars are numerous compared to when you do push-ups on the floor. My answer to the above question is that you need push-up bars.

Benefits of Push-ups to the Body

Apart from increasing your bone mass and the core strength of the body, push-up also gives you these benefits:

i)Increased Metabolism- Push-ups require most of the body muscles to be active at the same time. This activates the different muscles, therefore, increasing the body metabolism.

ii)Better Flexibility and Posture- During push-ups, the back muscles are stretched hence makes them more flexible. Better flexibility helps you prevent injuries and back pains. You also get a better posture.

iii)Cardiovascular exercising- Due to a large number of muscles that are involved while doing push-ups, the heart must pump more blood to this muscles that are in constant need of oxygen. The heart rate goes up which ensures that you have a healthy heart.

The Best Push-Up Bars in 2019

There are thousands of push bars in the market and choosing the best among the many can be challenging. We considered a hundred of the best-selling push-up bars and reviewed each individually, looking at the customer review and feedback of each push-up bar and even ordered some to break a tie. From the hundred, here are the Top 10 Best Push-up Bars in 2019 Reviews that survived the cut:

10.Ultimate Body Press Wood Bar Parallettes

Opening our list are the Ultimate Body Press Wood Bar Parallettes. The bars are an excellent choice for doing push-ups along other routines such as dips, shoot through, L-sits, planches and more. The bars are made of sturdy hardwoods which offer maximum comfort and better support for beginners.

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i)Versatile in that you can do a wide range of routines apart from push-ups.

ii)The wooden handles eliminate any form of allergic reactions common with PVC and steel handles.

iii)They are durable.


i)They are difficult to assemble.

Best Push-up Bars

9.GoFit Push-Up Bars with Foam Padded Grips

Take your push-ups to the next level with GoFit Push-Up Bars that are designed to give you nothing but the best experience. The handles give a comfortable grip for a wide range of motions during push-ups. The GoFit push-up bars are compact, and you can easily stash them in your bag when on the go. They are made of high-density PVC for maximum strength.


i)They are lightweight and compact for portability.

ii)Gives you a wide range of motion thanks to its firm grip base and handles.


i)They are made of PVC resin and can snap when overloaded.

Best Push-up Bars

8.Fuel Pureformance Push Up Bars

Fuel Pureformance Push Up Bars has a steel construction for maximum durability. The plastic caps on the base of the bars gives you maximum stability on a broad range of surfaces. The handles are covered by super comfy foam for maximum comfort during practice. The handles are bit raised to give you a broad range of motion while doing push-ups. It is designed to target muscles on the chest, shoulders and the back.


i)Lightweight for portability.

ii)Steel construction makes it durable.

iii)Elevated height for full-range push-ups.


i)The height is not ideal for short people.

Best Push-up Bars

7.Tony Horton’s PowerStands

Tony Horton’s PowerStands features a non-skid base and foam on the padding to give the confidence and the comfort to perform push-ups for long. You can do tens of pushups without feeling any form or strain on the wrists or the forearm. It is heavy duty to handle any abuse. It adds core strength and gives you well-defined chest and arm muscles.


i)Has excellent stability and is comfortable to use for long.

ii)They are heavy duty and has a robust design.

iii)Works for any fitness level.


i)A bit pricey for its quality.

Best Push-up Bars

6.The Original Lebert Fitness Equalizer

Lebert Fitness Equalizer is one of the best push-up bars in the market. It should appear near the top, but its pricing seems to be off. These push-up bars uses your body weight to workout the muscles in your arms, chest, back and even core muscles. It is versatile and has been created by a fitness trainer with all groups and fitness levels being put into consideration in the development of these push-up bars.


i)The push-up bars are of great quality.

ii)Can be used by anyone hence versatile.

iii)The handles are comfortable to use for long.


i)They are overpriced.

ii)They are small for persons with a height of more than 5’9″.

Best Push-up Bars

5.Readaeer Push up Pushup Bars Stands Handles Set for Men and Women Workout

In the fifth position is the Readaeer Push up Pushup Bars. These push-up bars gives you a better range of motion during workouts, therefore, making muscles to develop uniformly. The push-ups bars are designed to target the upper body including the triceps and chest. They have a compact design hence you can take them anywhere. The handles are padded for a comfortable and pain-free workout.

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i)Uniform development of different muscles for a well-balanced body.

ii)The various components are easy to assemble.

iii)The push-up bars have ergonomic handles.


i)Some users find the handle thin hence can be uncomfortable to use for long.

Best Push-up Bars

4.Elite Perfect Push Up Bars – Comfortable Rotating Push Up Handles

If you prefer rotating push-up bars, Elite Perfect Push-up bars are an excellent choice. The rotating stands reduce the twist of the wrist; hence you can workout for long with less fatigue. The push-up bars comes fully assembled, and you can use them straight from the box. There is a video link on the packaging on how to get the most out of this push-up bars.


i)The push-bars are of excellent quality and is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty.

ii)The rotating base reduces the strain on the wrists.

iii)Comes fully assembled and with a jumping rope.


i)The handles are not adequately padded hence you may experience some discomfort after weeks of use.

Best Push-up Bars

3.Push Up Bars – Strong Workout Stands With Comfort Grip and Ergonomic Angle with Bonus 4K eBook

If you are looking for durable push-up bars, then this are the best option. There is no weight limit on the bars which means anyone can use them no matter their weight. The base and handles can easily attach and detached for portability. The handles are designed to reduce wrist fatigue hence you do more push-ups than those you would have done on a bare floor. The handles are foam-coated for a comfortable but secure grip. You can position the stands in different angles to target different muscle groups.


i)The bars are durable.

ii)You can easily dissemble the bars for portability.

iii)Ergonomic handles for maximum push-ups with less fatigue.


i)People with small hands find the padding big.

Best Push-up Bars

2.Power Press Push Up – Complete Push Up Training System

These push-up bars consists of a set of handles and a board where you can fix the handles on different positions. This set-up makes this kit more versatile as you can get more muscles involved in the push-up exercise. The training system gives you a great way to burn calories while building your inner strength. There is even a collection of work out videos to guide you through the use of this system.


i)The board gives a great choice due to its multiple positions and angles.

ii)The board is easy to assemble and store making portable.

iii)The handles are well cushioned for maximum comfort.


i)Some push-ups positions need some form of training to perform them safely.

Best Push-up Bars

1. Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

This push bar is of premium quality and has all the qualities that you could desire in a push-up bar thus comes in the first position. The handles rotate slightly so as to increase muscle activation as you go into the lower position. The muscles in the arms, shoulders, chest, back and the abs gets worked out thus become stronger and more defined. The handles are ergonomically designed to evenly distribute weight and give you a firm grip to avoid injury on pressure points. The base firmly grips all surfaces for maximum stability.

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i)Has threads at the bottom for maximum grip and stability.

ii)The handles have an ergonomic design for safe workouts.

iii)Comes with a 21-day Navy SEAL workout chart.


i)They are a bit pricey.

Best Push-up Bars

Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Push-up Bars

Choosing the best push-up bars can be a tricky affair especially when you do not know the key features that you should put into consideration. To help you in making this process easy, here are factors that you should have in mind when in search of the push-up bars:


Your comfort is paramount hence a comfortable push-up bar is ideal for you. You will be able to perform the required number of push-ups without having blisters on sore joints. A well-padded handle which comfortably fits into your hands is desirable. Comfortable push-up bars will give you muscular and toned arms without any damage to your hands. Comfort is paramount, make it the primary consideration when buying push-up bars.


Any wobbling or feeling of being unstable is undesired when you are doing push-ups. You should go for a push-bar that gives confidence and stability. Stability is determined by the base width and the ability of the base to remain in place when doing push-ups. By going through reviews, you can quickly know if a bar is stable or not.


Push-up bars should be lightweight and easy to store so that you can take it with you wherever you go. The design of the push-up bars should make it easy to fit them into a bag so that you have the bars even you are out on vacation. Portable push-up bars ensures that you don’t break your routine when traveling.

d)Weight capacity

Some of the push-up bars are made of PVC material and therefore break when subjected to lots of weight. You should, therefore, look out for the weight rating of the push-up bars before committing yourself to buy one so as to avoid unnecessary disappointments. By exceeding the weight limit, you run the risk of breaking the bar which may result in personal injury.

The price of the push bar will determine if it fits your budget and if you are getting value for money. A higher cost indicates the likelihood of the push-up bars being of better quality, but that should not always be taken as the literally as you can still get a standard push-up bar that best suits your requirements. Consider the price of the push-up bars but don’t make it your primary consideration.

These are the best push-up bars in the market. When you find the one that suits you, take good care because getting the best is not always easy. If you found this list helpful, leave a thumbs-up so that we put more effort in our subsequent reviews.

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