Top 10 Best Projector Mounts Reviewed in 2021

Projectors are delicate devices that need careful handling. They are most likely to get faulty when barged or if they fall accidentally. If you have a training room or a projection space that you use often, you may consider mounting your projector. In so doing, you will not only safeguard its longevity but also save time adjusting focus every time you are presenting. Using a projector mount that best fits your component and room is your ultimate solution. This hardware comes in different styles to offer you flexibility and adjustability. We have hence reviewed the best the market provides, highlighting their key features.

List of the Best Projector Mounts in 2021

10. Henxlco Universal Extendable Projector Mount

Henxlco Universal Extendable Projector Mount

The Henxlco Universal Extendable Projector Mount has a spider mounting plate with a four-hole pattern. Therefore, you can mount any projector, which can fit in this combination or a minimum three-hole. Additionally, the arm distance between the smallest and the largest hole is adjustable to accommodate projectors of different sizes and models in the market. The Henxlco Universal Extendable Projector Mount is has a sturdy design made from high-quality steel. This material is resistant to rust and does not bend when loaded with a bulky projector.

Its wall bracket is suitable for a wall as well as a ceiling or truss installation. Besides, the mounting plate connects with the adjustable and removable extension arm to suit your projection needs. This mount has an aesthetic gloss black finishing that is neutral to your interior décor. It is easy to install this unit as it comes with uniform screws and nuts.

What We Like
  • Fits 3/4-hole projectors
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Removable extension arm
  • Stylish gloss black finish
Our Verdict

Henxlco Universal is a heavy-duty projector mount made of steel. It fits four and three-hole projectors and has an adjustable design that works well in movie centers, homes, and schools.

9. Cheetah APMEB Projector Mount

Cheetah APMEB Projector Mount

Are you looking for a reliable projector mount for personal and or commercial use? The Cheetah APMEB Projector Mount meets this threshold. Its steel frame (painted black) lasts for many years. The frame is rust-resistant, easy to set up, and has a flexible design with arms that fit most projectors. Whether you have a three or four-hole model, you will benefit from this item.

You can adjust this projector mount up to 27-inches. It comes with a metal fastener for security and a cable for added security. Finally, you can hide wires on the projector through its stamped-out ceiling plate and the hollow extension pipes.

What We Like
  • Adjustable to 27-inches
  • Long-lasting steel frame
  • Rust-resistant projector mount
  • Clutter-free cable system
Our Verdict

The Cheetah APMEB projector mount has a versatile design that works well in most areas of homes and offices. It is a long-lasting product as well, which is resistant to staining and or rust. Each new one comes ready to use with most types of projectors.

8. Suptek Universal Projector Mount

Suptek Universal Projector Mount

The Suptek Universal Projector Mount is compatible with most projectors in the market due to its highly flexible mounting plate. It allows you to position the mounting holes from different angles. Additionally, the plate connects with the arm via a pivot to let you install it on a flat or sloppy ceiling and the wall. This hardware accommodates both low-profile mountings without the use of extension arm to hang a few inches from the ceiling.

If you have a higher ceiling or prefer a wall installation, you will like the extendable arm of this projector mount. It improves the placement of projectors in most areas of the home. Moreover, made from cold-rolled steel, you are getting a solid mount that does not rust over time. Thus, it will last for many years under all-weather conditions. The adapter plate is adjustable and can tilt up and down or rotate fully to suit your viewing position.

What We Like
  • Adjustable adapter plate
  • Cold rolled steel frame
  • Flexible mounting plate
  • Low profile mountings
  • Adjustable mounting system
Our Verdict

As its name suggests, Suptek is a universal projector mount that works well in homes and offices. It has a durable frame (rolled steel) that is resistant to corrosion and rust over the years. You can also set it up on ceilings or walls of your rooms issue-free.

7. Elitech Short Throw Projector Mount

Elitech Short Throw Projector Mount

While most brands mount to ceiling, the Elitech Short Throw Projector Mount works the best on walls. Therefore, if you have a high ceiling or one made of a weak material, this is the best projector mount to use. Fit for short-throw projectors, it has a telescoping arm that extends to over 50 inches. The arm also has a standard hole configuration, which fits most projectors. Finally, its robust steel frame does not bend nor warp under load.

Besides extending the horizontal distance, its flexible plate allows you to adjust the tilt up or down and rotate at 360 degrees. Additionally, this mount comes with an easy to install process. As a wall mount, it is also easy to shift to a different surface. Unlike other models, it comes in different colors to choose from. Hence, your interior décor will get a perfect blend.

What We Like
  • Rotates (360 degrees)
  • Adjustable (50-inches)
  • Wall-mountable design
  • Weather and stress-resistant
Our Verdict

The Elitech Short Throw Projector Mount stands out from its competitors in terms of versatility. It not only mounts securely to walls but also fits most brands of projectors. It also has an adjustable frame with a rotating mount made of stainless steel.

6. VIVO Extending Ceiling Projector Mount

VIVO Extending Ceiling Projector Mount

Hang your projector safely and securely using the VIVO Extending Ceiling Projector Mount. It is a sturdy steel mounting made purely from high-grade stainless steel and can support a weight of 30lbs. Its wide mounting hole spacing allows the installation of small and medium-sized projectors. The installation process is easy with the quick release knobs.

Additionally, the package comes with necessary hardware tools to fix both the mount and projector to the ceiling. This design features an extendable arm. You can adjust the telescopic height to up to twenty-three inches below a flat ceiling. Thus, it is convenient for use in various rooms with varying ceiling heights. You will love the user-friendliness and flexibility of this gear. You can fully adjust the mount in all angles by swiveling and rotating until to arrive at your best viewing angle.

What We Like
  • Extendable arm
  • Swivels/rotates
  • Telescoping height
  • Supports 30 pounds
  • Easy to install
Our Verdict

VIVO is a telescoping projector mount that supports up to 30 pounds. Its steel frame is robust and has rotating arms for better placement of projectors. It is also easy to install on most types of ceiling boards found in offices and homes using standard tools.

5. Amer Mounts Projector Mount

Amer Mounts Projector Mount

The Amer mounts Projector Mount is a unique design with a drop extension and cable management that eliminate clutter in offices and homes. The reinforced ceiling plate has several mounting points for ease of adjustments and alignments. It also has cutouts for two standard outlets to mount additional electronic equipment. The universal design allows you to mount both small and large projectors. This is possible by using three or four arms by merely rotating the arms under the spider plate.

For huge projectors, the extension arms come in handy to reach up to 15 inches. This mount is lightweight but can support projectors weighing 30lbs. Its cast aluminum construction provides a heat-dissipating platform suitable for A-V projectors. The flexible head allows you to align your projector to achieve the best view. It consists of a 180 degrees pitch and yaw as well as 360 degrees rotation with a lockdown.

What We Like
  • Reinforced ceiling plate
  • Built-in cable management
  • Rotating mount (360 degrees)
  • Supports up to 30 pounds
  • Adjustable arms (15 inches)
Our Verdict

Amer Mounts supports most projectors weighing up to 30 pounds. Its steel frame is durable, while the rotating mount on offer (360-degrees) eases the placement of projectors. You can move it up/down or spin in 360 degrees to improve your viewing angle. Thus, it is good for presentation or entertaining at home.

4. Peerless Precision Projector Mount

Peerless Precision Projector Mount

If looking for a wall mount that has a large capacity, the only design that will come in your list is the Peerless Precision Projector Mount. It comes with a universal spider plate that is of high quality and can support a large projector of up to 50lbs. It also features a quick-release mechanism for ease of removing your projector from the mount. Molded with high-quality material and a rust-resistant coating, this product will last for long as well as maintain the aesthetic of your ceiling.

The patent-pending gear allows you to tilt and rotate your projector freely using knobs and for precise control of vertical and horizontal image alignment. This mount comes with integrated cable management to allow smart cabling and to hide them from eyesight. Its pre-assembled design makes it easy to install and flush mount your projector.

What We Like
  • Cable management
  • Patent-pending gears
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Supports 50 pounds
  • Universal spider plate
Our Verdict

The Peerless Precision comes pre-assembled and ready to use. Thus, if you are setting up an entertainment room or a projector in your office’s boardroom, a new one will serve you well. Its in-built cable management eliminates clutter in offices and homes. You are also getting a durable mount that supports up to 50 pounds.

3. QualGear PRB Mount Projector

QualGear PRB Mount Projector

The Quilter PRB Mount Projector is a universal brand that installs from your ceiling and adapts perfectly to most projectors in the market. The design comes with mounting holes ranging between 6-16 inches to allow mounting of small to medium-sized projectors. The cold-steel material is heavy gauge and not easy to bend and can support a weight capacity of 30lbs. More so, expect this hardware to resist misuse and to last for a long time.

It also comes with a white and black finishing that blends well with ceiling, wall, or other interior decors. This flush mount is low profile and allows you to hang your projector only six inches from the ceiling. Besides being sturdy, it boasts of being able to accommodate multi mix adjustments. You can pitch, roll, tilt, or rotate your projector conveniently to achieve a clear view.

What We Like
  • Supports up to 30 pounds
  • Cold-rolled steel frame
  • Mounts on walls and ceilings
  • Adjustable (6-16 inches)
  • Pitches, tilts, and rolls
Our Verdict

Do you have a 30-pound mid-sized projector that you are planning to hang on your ceiling or wall? QualGear PRB not only supports 30 pounds but also rolls and tilts without losing its structural integrity. It is easy to install and adjusts to 16-inches.

2. QualGear Pro-AV Projector Mount

QualGear Pro-AV Projector Mount

The QualGear Pro-AV Projector Mount has all the necessary properties you need in any mounting. It features a multi-surface mount that allows compatibility and installation on a sloppy, vaulted flat or cathedral ceiling. Additionally, you can as well install it on a truss beam of either concrete, wood, or metal in rooms that do not have a ceiling. It also has a durable steel frame that supports projectors weighing up to 70 pounds.

QualGear Pro-AV features a threaded pipe system where you can add or remove connector pipes of varying lengths to suit your suspension level. The same tubes are hollow to integrate the cable management system and keep off wires from dangling from the ceiling. You need not worry about this mount ruining your interior decor. This is because the mount comes in glossy shades of black and grey to blend with your wall and ceiling.

What We Like
  • Threaded pipe system
  • Durable steel tubes (hollow)
  • Supports up to 70 pounds
  • Works on wood and concrete
Our Verdict

Designed to support up to 70 pounds, QualGear Pro-AV is one of the toughest projectors on our list. The hollow steel tube used to make it is light yet durable. Moreover, because it works well on concrete, wood, and metal, the stand works well in most spaces.

1. VIVO Universal Ceiling Projector Mount

VIVO Universal Ceiling Projector Mount

The VIVO Universal Ceiling Projector Mount is a sturdy product made from high-quality steel and with strong hinges to carry a load of 30 pounds. This universal design comes with universal mounting points. Hence, it is compatible with a variety of projectors available in the market. For ease of installation, the package comes with all the tools you require.

VIVO Universal has user-friendly adjustments for a better view. It offers you the option of rotating your projector full circle in any direction in the room. You may also swivel and tilt it, hence allowing you to achieve a precise viewing angle. It also comes with aesthetic features that align with your interior decor. The low-profile mounting steel is white and glossy to blend with your ceiling and walls. Finally, it is extendable and can hang comfortably at six inches from the ceiling for top-end projection.

What We Like
  • Precise viewing angle
  • User-friendly adjustments
  • Supports 30 pounds
  • Durable steel frame
  • Decent size (six inches)
  • Universal mounting
Our Verdict

VIVO supports up to 30 pounds at heights of up to six inches. It is durable (steel) and has a stable mounting that you can adjust to for precise viewing. Its universal mounting fits all projectors.

How to Choose the Best Projector Mounts

Weight Limit

How much weight can your projector mount of choice support while in use? If your projector weighs 60 pounds, buying a mount that supports up to 30 pounds might be a bad idea. The risk of such a product snapping and ruing your projector is high, which is a bummer. For the best results, look for a product that can support the projector in your possession. If you have a 60-pound projector, a mount that supports 60+ pounds works better.


Projector mounts endure a lot of abuse in offices and homes. Thus, while ordering one, choose a brand that lasts for long. Steel is ideal because of its superior strength. However, thick plastic also works well, especially if you have a mid-size projector.


Is the projector that you are planning to buy a stationary or adjustable model? Both are ideal. However, for a custom viewing experience, opt for a product with an adjustable frame or arms. Such projector mounts are also suitable for entertaining at home.


Avoid the complicated projector mounts that require a complex set up to work. For the best results, look for a projector mount that you can set up and operate effortlessly at home or your office. If possible, buy a pre-assembled model that is ready to use.

Conclusion: Projector mounts are beneficial in numerous ways. First, they improve the placement of projectors while presenting or entertaining. Most models also have wall or ceiling-mountable designs that save space in homes and offices. If you are shopping for one, our recommended brands offer value for money. They are durable, compatible with most projectors, and have customizable designs that work seamlessly in most settings.