Top 10 Best Projector Mounts in 2021 Reviews

Having a home theater is a great way to entertain family and friends. You get to screen your favorite movies, watch special concert without the hassle of going to the theater or concert hall. To make sure your projector cast the right view, you need one of the top 10 best projector mounts in 2021 on your side.

These projector mounts hold enough weight to make sure your projector is safe while letting you position the projector at almost any angle you need. With their up to universal fit, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty matching the mount to your projector.

To get the finest views, the best angles and the most fun, you have to use the best projector mounts. Using the best provides you with the best results. And has you entertaining your friends and relatives for hours.

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List of Best Projector Mounts Reviews 2021

10. Mount-It! Projector Mount

10. Mount-It! Projector Mount Wall Mount Universal Adjustable Design with Extendable Length

With this projector mount’s universal design, you can fit basically any projector to its holding arms. All you have to do is match the arms to the holes on your projector and then tighten the screws. 4 adjustable arms make it all work for you.

Even though the mount is made from aluminum, it will still hold enough weight to keep your projector safe. The aluminum made mount can hold up to 33 pounds and remain lightweight for easy maneuvering.

Plus, the adjustable wall mount provides you with approx. 10 to 13 inches of room. It also gives you a 360-degree spin with up to 15 degrees of tilt. You can position your projector in the best place possible and take away the glare issue. All the hardware you need to attach it to both the wall and your projector is included.

9. QualGear Projector Ceiling Mount

9. QualGear QG-PM-002-WHT-S Projector Ceiling Mount Accessory

Using a ceiling mount gives you lots of placement options. If one section of your ceiling doesn’t work, another will. This low-profile projector mount shouldn’t detract from your room’s décor or become an eyesore. The white color helps keep it hidden from view.

After you finished the easy installation chore, you can get 360-degree rotation, up to 90 degrees of tilt and +/-15 degrees of angle movement. You should be able to conquer any viewing issues with those features.

Plus, you can attach this mount to either a wood ceiling or a concrete one. The choice is yours to make. Just keep in mind that the mount will only hold about 29 pounds of weight. While it will work with most projectors on the market, it is not a universal fit. Make sure the mount is compatible with your projector.

8. Suptek White Universal Projector Ceiling Mount

8. Suptek White Universal Projector Ceiling Mount Bracket Fits Flat or Sloped Ceiling Height Adjustable with Extendable Length

Along with being a universal projector mount, you have options in how you will install it. Those options depend on the style of your ceiling. This mount will work on regular and sloped ceilings. Plus, it is compatible with mounting to your walls. Your home, your choice.

Also, it works with those projectors that have mounting holes less than 12” apart. Your projector must also weigh under 30 pounds or this mount won’t hold it. The metal construction materials are designed to be rust resistant as well.

After installation, you can adjust the mount between 25 degrees, rotate it 360 degrees and get up to a 21-degree angle. These features make sure your viewing experience is second to none. The installation kit is included with your purchase. Just double check your projector to make sure it fits this ceiling mount.

7. QualGear Pro Ceiling Adapter Projector Mount

7. QualGear Pro-AV QG-KIT-CA-3IN-B Single Joist Ceiling Adapter

This decorative black ceiling projector mount will add a touch of class to your room’s décor. It looks professional and should be strong enough to handle holding your projector with ease. As long as your projector weighs 70 pounds or less.

Plus, its installation versatility allows you to install this projector mount on regular ceilings, vaulted ones, drop ceilings and trusses. You get to fit the mount to your living situation. After you install this projector mount, you should be able to hook up your projector with ease,

Before you start showing movies, you can tilt, roll and rotate the mount to find that perfect display position. Then if there is any trouble the quick release system lets go of your projector without hesitation. The threaded system allows you to adjust the length of the mount depending on your ceiling’s style and height.

6. QualGear Universal Projector Ceiling Mount

6. QualGear QG-PM-002-BLK Universal Projector Ceiling Mount, Black

Long or short, there is an extension that will meet and overcome your ceiling situation. You get to choose between a flush mount or an adjustable mount system. Both brackets are included with your purchase. The adjustable mount extends between 17 and 25 inches approx.

Plus, with both options, you get a cable management system to make sure your cables are not hanging around waiting to be pulled. Then the adjustable arms work on those projectors that have between 1 and 17-inch mounting holes. The projector mount will hold up to 30 pounds approx.

As with other projector mounts, you get to pitch, roll and rotation flexibility. These allow you to position your projector just right. The pre-sorted hardware makes the installation go a lot quicker. In addition to this, you can attach the mount to a variety of surfaces including brick.

5. VIVO Universal Extending White Ceiling Projector Mount

5. VIVO Universal Extending White Ceiling Projector Mount

High ceilings are not a problem. You just need to go with hat projector mount that comes with a lengthy extension pipe. This projector mount gives you between 15 and 23 inches of telescoping capability Your high ceilings should have met their match with this unit.

In addition to this, the universal mount works with most projectors whose mounting holes measure between 2 and 12 ½ inches in length. Also, this projector mount will hold up to 30 pounds as well.

After installing the mount, you can fine-tune your viewing position by using the tilt, rotate and angle features. These features give you enough room to make sure your viewing is not bothered by glare or other issues. If there is ever a problem, the quick release system makes sure the projector mount lets g of your projector quickly.

4. VIVO Universal Adjustable White Ceiling Projector Mount

4. VIVO Universal Adjustable White Ceiling Projector

To make sure this universal projector mount works with your projector, you need to have mounting holes that are 12 ½ inches in length or less. Any further apart and you will need a different mount to attach to your projector.

Also, the low-profile design keeps your projector close to your ceiling. This keeps the projector out of harm’s way while providing you with cable management options. Plus, with its 15-degree swivel, 15-degree tilt and 360-degree rotation you can find your viewing sweet spot in no time.

In addition to those features, this projector mount will handle those projectors that weigh up to 30 pounds. With its quick release system, you can fix any issue that arises after installation fast and easily. Its steel construction means that it has the strength and durability to last you a long time.

3. Cheetah Mounts Universal Projector Ceiling Mount

3. Cheetah Mounts APMEB Universal Projector Ceiling Mount Includes

Having a choice is always a good thing. This projector mount gives you lots of choices. For example, you can use the flush mount or add inches by using one of the two included extension bars.

Or you can use the default longer holding arms or choose to switch them out for the smaller version. That choice depends on your projector and its mounting holes. Plus, there are more choices. You also get a bracket option that allows you to attach the mount to slanted ceilings.

How you set up this mount is all up to you and your living situation. Of course, you get the standard features like rotation, tilt and angle options to help you set up the perfect projection position. Also, a metal tether line holds your projector in place and keeps it from falling.

2. QualGear Universal Ceiling Mount

2. QualGear PRB-717-WHT Universal Ceiling Mount Projector Accessory

Made from heavy gauge steel, you know that you are getting a strong projector mount for your home theater. This mount will hold up to 30 pounds with ease. Plus, it will work with those projectors that have mounting holes spaced between 6 and 16 inches apart

As with the other projector mounts on this list, this mount comes with 360 degrees of rotation, up to 20 degrees roll and up to 30 degrees of pitch. Finding that perfect viewing spot should not be that difficult. The flush mount keeps you from bumping your head on the projector.

Also, the quick release system is a snap on and snap off design. This makes installation and disassembly easy and fast. You should be able to attach this projector mount to a variety of ceiling surfaces. Just check your owner’s manual.

1. VideoSecu LCD DLP Projector Vaulted Ceiling Mount

1. VideoSecu LCD DLP Projector Vaulted Ceiling Mount Bracket with Adjustable Extension Pole

Vaulted ceilings are not a problem. Neither are flat ceilings when this projector mount is on the job. You can either flush mount it or use the extension bar to get more space from your ceiling. The telescoping pole reaches between 18 & 27 inches approx.

Also, the no-slip adjustment system makes realigning the mount a snap. It is an easy release system that locks into almost any position. Plus, the steel construction makes sure that this mount will hold up to 44 pounds of weight with ease.

In addition to all of this, you get the hardware to attach the mount to your ceiling and your projector to the mount included with your purchase. Just be aware that the mounting holes on your projector cannot be more than 12 ½ inches apart. If they are don’t worry. You can purchase an extender to make the mount fit properly.

The benefits of using a projector mount

Like most products on the market today, using one of the top 10 best projector mounts in 2021 comes with its share of advantages. These advantages make your home life a lot more fun and let you do things your way.

Here are a few of these benefits:

  • Protects your projector- projector mounts keep your expensive viewing equipment out of harm’s way and hopefully safe from a lot of bumps
  • Easy installation- you do not have to be a master mechanic to install these mounts or attach your projector to them. A few minutes of your time and the projector should be ready for viewing.
  • Saves space- elevating your projector saves you much-needed table or shelf space. You can use that extra space for your home movies or books or whatever
  • Adds to your projector’s lifespan- because it is out of harm’s way, your projector can last longer and give you more hours of viewing pleasure
  • Watch your favorite shows- you can watch your favorite movies, concerts or specials your way. At home without the annoying crowd around you.
  • Saves you money- you do not have to pay admission fees, pay for parking or gas, or even pay for high priced snacks. You can save a lot of money watching your favorite shows at home
  • No interruptions- no one will walk in front of you blocking your view of the screen. The only thing you have to worry about is a power failure
  • Keeps family safe- once you install the projector mount and your projector, you know where your family will be. At home watching movies, etc.

Having a home theater in your house has its advantages as you can see. Then when you use one of the top 10 best projector mounts in 2021, you can enjoy those advantages for many years to come. The best projector mounts keep your projector safe and extend its life.

This fact means that your family will be scheduling more time at home than ever before. These little accessories make a great contribution to quality family time. That makes them worth every penny you spent on getting the best one for your home theater situation.

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