Top 10 Best Professional Hair Dryer Stands & Holders Reviews In 2021

With the hair dryer stands, they are highly important to have a heating mechanism. So that it can even warm up the air for optimum results. These stands help to rotate your hair driers in the way you want and fix it in a position that will help in the styling process. As a matter of fact, the stands should not become hold as it will result in accidents. With height adjustability as well as portability, there are several other features that must not go unnoticed. Unfortunately, most stands don’t meet these criteria and can result in fuzzy or in the worst case damaged hair.

So to uproot any confusion or clarify the air of doubt, the hair dryer stands review takes the responsibility of educating customers.

Table of the Best Hair Dryer Stands Reviews

10. Nova Professional Adjustable Hooded Floor Hair Dryer Stand with Wheels

Hair Dryer Stands

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This stand can evenly heat up the air without creating any heat spots. Thus, you have the best results in the quickest possible time. Comes with swivel hood, the portable hair dryer stand has 5 wheels that enhances the manoeuvrability. Also, the height is subjected to adjustments of any sort.

However, you can also check on its heating capabilities by letting it heat the air for around half an hour. And then choose the best way to go forward. The heating element is made from high-quality stainless steel and is highly durable. It can swiftly reach your desired temperature due to the high wattage in no time.

Other manufacturers might cut corners by equipping their dryers with a single bladed fan. This makes too much noise and can’t achieve maximum air flow. Having this model’s multiple bladed fans, you get super quiet operation. Thus, can even enjoy a good novel while drying your hair.

Key features:

  • The heating element has a rating of 1000 watts.
  • Two big dials for setting up the timer and temperature.
  • Can reach a maximum temperature of 75-degrees.
  • Set timer for a maximum of one hour.

9. Pard Hair Dryer Stand Holder – Stainless Rotation Hands-Free Hairdryer Holder with Sucker

Pard Hair Dryer Stand Holder - Stainless Rotation Hands-Free Hairdryer Holder with Sucker

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Pard has made a premium quality hair dryer stand holder which will impress you in every way. It has four major components which come together to make a brilliant and useful gadget. At the circular big base, you get a suction cup which has a powerful hold on a desktop surface with pressure difference. It works great on any desktop surface with a smooth texture.

To make this hold extra strong, the rubber base has a thickness of 6 mm. Plus, one can easily bear around the bracket of 5 to 10 kgs. Then there is an iron bracket to protect your dryer. Since it is made of iron it has super high durability and won’t get damaged very easily. You also get an elastic rope that has high elasticity.

As a matter of fact, the tensile strength to fix the blower in place and eliminate the chances of falling. The flexible stainless-steel steel tube is robust and is bendable at any angle for your custom styling needs. Moreover, due to its ingenious design, you can also get this into a compact size and pack it inside your luggage. So no matter where you travel you will always have your hair styling kit with you.

Key features:

  • Bendable stainless-steel tube has a diameter of 2cm.
  • In just four simple steps you can complete the whole installation process.
  • Certainly doesn’t require any power supply or batteries.

8. LuckIn Hands-Free Blow Hair Dryer Stand on Countertop Floor

LuckIn Hands-Free Blow Hair Dryer Stand on Countertop Floor

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The Luckln Blow dryer stand features a gooseneck that adds to the stand’s versatility. It is made out of stainless steel and one can effortlessly bend it in any direction for your need. You can also rotate it a full 360-degrees for any custom styling. The hair blow dryer stand also comes with a telescopic rod. Just press it and twist to extend or decrease the size of this stand as per your requirements.

Unlike cheaply manufactured stands it has a heavy base of 2.2 pounds that adds to the stability of this stand. Furthermore, you also get two velcro straps to fasten the handle and reduce any potential wobble

Key features:

  • Pole is made from light yet strong aluminium
  • The base is made from dense and thick plastic. So it won’t get corroded from moisture or other natural elements.
  • Has a plastic clip which can hold almost any hair dryer.

7. Skywin Hands-Free Hair Dryer Stand – Clamp Mount Hair Dryer Holder

Skywin Hands-Free Hair Dryer Stand - Clamp Mount Hair Dryer Holder

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Skywin hand dryer stand uses two strong constructed clips. This is attached to the side of any table as long as it has a thickness between 8mm and 2.5-inches. You get a flexible stand which is rotatable. And one can indeed bend at several angles. Plus, a claw-like design which holds your dryer securely.

Nevertheless, the height adjustable stand is capable of rotating at 360-degrees. Capable of carrying any heavy dryer, the professional hair dryer stand has a silicone touch. Hence, it extremely soft to touch.

Key features:

  • Simple installation steps
  • Weighs under 2 pounds
  • Clips are strong enough to even hold the dryers on the heavier side.

6. LuckIn Dryer Stand – Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Table Blow Dryer Holder

LuckIn Dryer Stand - Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Table Blow Dryer Holder

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This stand implements a metallic and heavy plastic clamp to attach itself to the table. This has a lot more stability than suction cups. Plus, it requires you to just tighten the screw for a firm grasp over the table. Having a stainless steel construction, the stand compromises of a cover that is made of POE film. In fact, it is fully environment-friendly.

However, you will never face any trouble to style your hair. The 360-degree rotation of the rod, it is durable enough to serve you for ages. It is indeed a 3rd arm for styling anytime, anywhere. Lastly, you can now groom your pets just by using this.

Key features:

  • Has a metal bracket with rubber belts.
  • Highly flexible stainless steel rod.

5. LuckIn Dryer Stand Hands – Wall Mounted Hair Styling and Drying Holder


LuckIn Dryer Stand Hands - Wall Mounted Hair Styling and Drying Holder

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The metal bracket on this dryer is really well-made and has a massive load-bearing capacity. So even if you have a bulky hair dryer, you won’t have issues since the bracket can hold it effortlessly. Has a stainless steel rod, it is bendable at extreme angles and rotated all around for directing the airflow. The base has a rubber sucker which increases the grip immensely on the surface.

Moreover, this suction cup is blessed with a 0.2-inches thickness and it enhances the absorption process. Plus, there is a fixed handle attached to the sucker. Thus, it aids in the placement of the stand on any smooth surface.

Key features:

  • Has a handle to use the suction capabilities.
  • An elastic band is attached to the iron-made bracket.
  • Stainless steel tube has a diameter of 0.8-inches.

4. LuckIn Adjustable Height Blow Dryer Stands with Sucker & Countertop

LuckIn Adjustable Height Blow Dryer Stands with Sucker & Countertop

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The suction cup design base on this dryer lets you set this stand up on any smooth surface. You are not limited to using this stand on just your table or desktop but also on your walls. The telescopic pole also allows you to extend its height from under 2 feet to almost 3 feet.

Furthermore, the hands-free hair dryer stand allows swift adjustments of height. It can set it anywhere between 22-inches to 34-inches. Also, it includes a retractable lever. Above all, the holder features strong straps for firmly holding it in the given position.

Key features:

  • Extremely light, weighing under 2 pounds.
  • The neck will rotate a full 360 degrees and bend at any angle.

3. ZENY Professional Stand Up Hair Dryer Stand for Home Salon

 ZENY Professional Stand Up Hair Dryer Stand for Home Salon

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Zeny has made a hair dryer that will suit all your needs. It has rich features so that you get the most out of your investment. The product stands on a five-legged base which has swivel caster wheels on them. So it does matter if you are using this at your home or for your salon, you can move it around anywhere. Thus, receiving the perfect hair styling and treatment.

Further, the head also has swivel function so that you can use it at your desired position. It uses a professional grade stainless steel heating element. Certainly, it is very powerful and efficiently uses 1300 watts to quickly heat up the air. It stands at a minimum height of 4 feet. Plus, the meal tube design allows you to extend it a bit more than 5 feet. Unlike other dryers, this doesn’t have high operational noise. So you can browse your phone or read a magazine in peace while getting your hair done.

Key features:

  • High mobility due to the wheeled design.
  • Weighs around 20 pounds.
  • Can reach a maximum temperature of 167-degrees Fahrenheit.

2. SudaTek Heavy Duty Foldable Hair Dryer Stand

SudaTek Heavy Duty Foldable Hair Dryer Stand

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Your pets are really active and normal hair dryer stands wouldn’t stand a chance with your furry little friends. This strong and thoughtfully made of stainless steel stand is what you need for grooming your adorable pets at home. The suction-based base doesn’t have a super high grip and is limited to the only smooth surface. This stand uses metal clamps to attach itself on one side of the table.

To your surprise, it has an iron grip with negligible chances of falling down due to instability. It has two screws with big knobs to adjust to the thickness of the table. Then you can just attach it to one side of the table and increase the grip by rotating these knobs. Just make sure to not overdo it since that might damage the threading.

Key features:

  • Weighs around 3 and a quarter pounds.
  • Use it on tables with thickness varying from quarter inches to 1⅕th inches.
  • Has a gooseneck to adjust the angle or bend at any direction.

1. BodyHealt Stand Up Hair Dryer Stand Holder with Heavy Non-Tipping Base

BodyHealt Stand Up Hair Dryer Stand Holder with Heavy Non-Tipping Base

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If your one hand is always occupied with the hair dryer, you don’t have the freedom or convenience to style your hair to your requirements. Now with this holder from BodyHealt both your hands would be free for manoeuvring your hair however you’d like to.  And give yourself that amazing look. This stand doesn’t have any compatibility issues with hair stylers of any brands. It has a bracket which acts like a claw and has a firm grip on your hair dryer.

For added stability, you get a strap which is adjustable around the handle to secure the hair dryer in place. The bracket holding your dryer has a neck connected to the pole. This neck has great flexibility and is bendable in multiple angles to adjust the airflow. Finally, you have the metal tube which can be extended from 27-inches to 39-inches. This huge extension of around feet lets you use this stand on the floor as well. So even if you don’t have a desktop with a smooth surface you won’t be having any problems.

Key features:

  • Made from high quality and durable parts for a long lifespan.
  • Weighs close to 3 pounds.
  • The rubberised base has a firm grip on the surface for extra support.

Let’s always maintain our styling game. The stands for the hair dryers are designed to provide performance as per excellence.