Top 10 Best Professional Dog Nail Clippers Reviews In 2021

Every dog owner knows the struggle involved in clipping the nails of their pets. Try to take them to the vet or try to clip it just at your home, the hard times they provide their owners with is real. Thus, dog nail clippers are what you need. Instead of having great sharpness, it will assure the utmost security. Further, it will prevent your pets from getting sudden cuts. The grip of these clippers is also amazing.

Apart from having numerous praiseworthy features, there are some factors that might satisfy your needs. So, the detailed information given below is here to solve all your queries.

Table of the Best Dog Nail Clippers Reviews

10. BOSHEL Professional Dog Nail Clippers & Trimmer at Home Grooming

Dog Nail Clippers

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You know the dog who gives you that look when you pull out the nail clippers and for all the justified reasons. It isn’t usually an enjoyable experience for either you or your dog. But all of that can change with this nail clipper. Boshel makes one of the best pet nail clippers in the market and is trusted by thousands as a reliable as well as a trustworthy brand. It is need of study and strong stainless steel which leads to a quick and painless trim for your furry friend.

Furthermore, it has a safety protector which you can adjust so that you don’t accidentally cut too deep and bear the sight of your loved pet bleed. Even if your dog gets startled and suddenly jerks his claw, it would be kept at a safe limit by that safety protector. The handle grip is made of superior quality materials so that it doesn’t slip from your hand and gives you immense control to cut your dog’s nails however you want.

As a bonus, you even get a nail file for your dog which fits right inside the handle. So you don’t have to lose it or search for it every time you decide to trim your dog’s nail.

Key features:

  • Stainless steel blades have a thickness of 3.5 mm.
  • The dog nail clipper with a guard has a handle with an ergonomic design.
  • Blades are sharp enough to do the job with a single cut.

9. Gonicc Pet Grooming Nail Clippers and Trimmer at Home

Gonicc Pet Grooming Nail Clippers and Trimmer at Home

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Professionals are baffled by how good these nail clippers from Gonicc are and can’t recommend them enough. Equipped with extremely sharp as well as premium quality stainless steel blades, these nail clippers allow you to give your dog’s nail a nice and clean cut. But with sharpness comes great responsibility since if in the hands of children they might accidentally injure themselves and others around them. So to tackle that problem Gonicc has even integrated a useful feature which prevents young kids from unlocking it.

Moreover, cheap clippers don’t have a way for you to stop accidental situations like cutting too short, sometimes to the point of bleeding. This heavy-duty dog nail clipper has a safety blade which prevents that sort of situation so that your dog can maintain that adorable funny look on his face.

Key features:

  • Incredible lifetime warranty period.
  • The package comes with a card for after-sales service.
  • Nail file has a smart storage option inside the handle.

8. Epica Professional Pet Nail Clipper for Large Dogs

Epica Professional Pet Nail Clipper for Large Dogs

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If you have multiple dogs in your household, then the Epica clippers are a great choice. It is suited for both medium-sized as well as a large breed of dogs. You and your dogs will have a hassle-free and smooth experience with these clippers which are even hit among professionals. This clipper also comes with an incredible safety feature. There is a lever near the head which allows you to lock or unlock the clipper easily. Just keep the lever up and your children wouldn’t be able to open it up and play around with it.

To unlock it, simply squeeze the handle and bring the lever down. As soon as the clipper is unlocked and free to move you will see that it is spring loaded. This gives you a lot of control over the tension and helps you to cut your dog’s nail more easily. Moreover, each time you cut your dog’s nail it pops open automatically and you don’t have to use any additional force. This saves you a lot of time and also relieves you from hand fatigue.

The dog nail clipper handle has an amazing design with grooves that go well with the contours of your palm and fingers providing a quality grip

Key features:

  • Rubber coat on the handle makes it slip resistant.
  • Stainless steel blades are razor sharp.
  • Doesn’t need a lot of grip strength for use.

7. Simply Pet Nail Clippers – Stainless Steel Claw Cutters for Dogs

Simply Pet Nail Clippers - Stainless Steel Claw Cutters for Dogs

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Clippers from Simply Pets Online have a plier type of action which gives you maximum force with minimal effort. You get thick stainless steel blades which are very high-quality and have at least 3 millimetres of thickness. Due to that high quality the blades have immense durability and will maintain the sharpness for quite a long time. Three decades of experience has led the brand through many trial and errors to bring out an extremely polished and near perfect product.

Furthermore, the ergonomic and comfortable handle gives you a supreme grip over the clipper and lets you delicately trim the nails of your cuddly friend. If you have any experience with cheap dog nail clippers, then you would know that they can injure your dog due to a slight shake or disturbance. To solve that problem, it comes with a blade guard that acts as a check on the blades to not cut too much.

Key features:

  • One of the lightest clippers in the market, weighing at 1.44 ounces.
  • Lifetime warranty period.
  • Can be used on cats too.

6. GoPets Professional Nail Clippers for Large Dogs and Cats

GoPets Professional Nail Clippers for Large Dogs and Cats

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GoPets brings you an affordable solution for your weekly or monthly pet grooming needs. The uniqueness of this product lies in its angled blades which allow you to properly see what you are cutting. You also support a good cause by buying this since a portion of the profits is donated to animal charities.

Further, it has an ergonomic design along with easy to lock angled blades that aids in smooth cutting experience. Plus, the handle is generously coated with non-slip material to ensure a firm grip.

Key features:

  • Stop guard blocks overcutting.
  • Blades are 2 mm thick.

5. Resco Original Deluxe Dog and Cat Nail & Claw Clippers

Resco Original Deluxe Dog and Cat Nail & Claw Clippers

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Resco has uniquely designed their clippers to standout and function more effectively than its competitors. The dog nail clipper blade replacement process is very easy. Getting the blade out and replacing it is easy enough as it requires just one hand. Push the lever in the middle to bring the blade out and just replace them with similar ease.

Offering deluxe grips, it has a premium coat that also adds to the performance level as well as comfort. Plus, this Guillotine-style trimmer has a long-lasting steel construction.

Key features:

  • Has a lifetime warranty.
  • Different replaceable blades can be used for cats and dogs.
  • Powder coated.

4. Trim-Pet Dog Nail Clippers for Small, Medium and Large Dogs

Trim-Pet Dog Nail Clippers for Small, Medium and Large Dogs

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You get a set of amazing nail clippers and filers that are hard to come by at such a bargain. They have large oversized handles which give you grip like never before and blades that cut clean with their razor sharpness.

Having a firm grip of the handle, it is perfect for dogs of every size. As a matter of fact, the spring guard featuring anti-pinch telescoping is present to keep the hands of the users safe. Now do regular trimming to groom your pets.

Key features:

  • Seamless control due to spring action.
  • Steel has been tempered for longevity.

3. Dog Nail Clippers & Dog Nail Trimmer and Toenail Clippers

Dog Nail Clippers & Dog Nail Trimmer and Toenail Clippers

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You have tried a lot of nail clippers but none of them seems to work perfectly and always brings that miserable look on your dog’s face. With the OmegaPet dog nail clippers, you can easily get a hassle-free solution that won’t bring an awkward silence between you and your dog. Premium quality stainless steel blades have unbelievable sharpness that lets you cut with swift and efficient strokes. So quick and painless that your dog won’t even notice.

Plus, it has a safety guard made of heavy duty material which prevents any mishaps and cutting into the vein. The handle is shaped to fit right into your hand so that you can use the clipper comfortably in any way from various angles. Since it is a sharp object, you should keep it away from children and as an additional layer of safety, it has a slider switch which locks the clipper. To take care of the pesky sharp edges that might be left after cutting, you get a nail file for smoothening purposes.

Key features:

  • Nail filer has a compact storage space in the handle.
  • Suitable for medium to large breeds.
  • Weighs a bit over five and a half pounds.

2. Allstar Innovations PetiCare Nail Clipper for Cats and Dogs

Allstar Innovations PetiCare Nail Clipper for Cats and Dogs

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The Peticare Illuminated nail clipper from Allstar Innovations isn’t anything short of a revolutionising product. This pain-free nail clip lets you actually see what you are doing. Your dog’s nails have an internal vein which will bleed if you are not careful enough. Also, it has a 5x magnifying lens that gives you a more detailed view and also highlights the vein area with a LED light. The magnifying lens also acts as a nail trapper. It catches all the waste and saves you from a messy and potentially unhygienic situation.

Plus, the LED light also has three different settings for off, on and when you press the trigger. The light combined with the magnification feature really helps you if you have a dog with dark and hard to see nails.

Key features:

  • Quick and precise cuts.
  • Battery compartment for light is in the upper handlebar making it compact yet functional.
  • Blades can be easily replaced without the help of a professional.

1. Pro-Pet Dog Nail Clippers Trimmer with Nail File for Grooming Large and Small Dogs

Pro-Pet Dog Nail Clippers Trimmer with Nail File for Grooming Large and Small Dogs

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Even if you are new to dog grooming you won’t have any trouble with this nail clipper from Pro Pet Works. It has everything that you would expect from a good clipper. Sharp blades, heavy-duty materials and ease of use are few of the signature features that you get with this top-notch clipper.

With the detailed instruction, it comes with even veterans would be astonished by your nail cutting skills. Being product having stainless steel razor blades, it also includes safety guard.

Key features:

  • As sharp as it gets for smooth and safe use.
  • Long soft and high grip handles make the task effortless.
  • Spring loaded design reduces fatigue.

Give your pets a painless grooming experience. The pet nail clippers will just provide them with the right treatment.