Top 10 Best Professional Chef Knives in 2021

Do you have many difficulties in choosing a good professional chef knife because the previous knives make you stereotype the next one? We are aware of this common problem, and we have tried hard to look for you the best professional chef knives.

The ten knives have some similar and different characters, and it is up to you to decide which one fits you the most. We hope you enjoy reading the qualities of each chef knife below.

List of Best Professional Chef Knives in 2021

10 Allezola Professional Chef’s Knife

10. Allezola Professional 7.5 Inch Chef's Knife, German High Carbon Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives

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Are you looking for a professional chef knife for your daily grand meal? Allezola professional Chef’s Knife could be the knife of your favorite for a number of reasons. The blade resists rust, and it is hard. Therefore, it is strong and has high performance. Additionally, its origin is from Solingen, the most famous region of knives production in Germany. Furthermore, the handle is tested extensively so that it can secure your convenience while you grip it.

What’s more, the knife is designed for different modes of using including chopping, dicing, slicing, etc. Lastly, the length is 7.5”. Therefore, it is great to have the knife in your home kitchen. What are you looking for? Better get it so that it can help you to master your cooking skills.

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9 Imarku Pro Kitchen

9. Imarku Pro Kitchen 8 inch Chefs Knife High Carbon Stainless Steel Sharp Knives Ergonomic Equipment

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The ninth place goes to Imarku Pro Kitchen. The knife comes with several qualities. The blade is made of stainless steel. The stainless steel is the type of high carbon chemical. As a result, the knife is strong and hard so that it can function in full performance. Additionally, you can use the knife in different modes. This includes cutting, dicing, slicing, etc. Furthermore, the handle is made of Pakka. The material guarantees the knife to be convenient for use, strong and stable.

What’s more, the blade is super sharp. The sharpness is the outcome of the last German engineering technology. The bald can also resist tarnishing. Lastly, the blade won’t be tarnished or faded despite years of usage because of the application of the latest technology with this model.

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8 Multipurpose Stainless-Steel Chef Knife

8. 8-Inch Multipurpose Stainless Steel Chef Knife with ABS Handle by Utopia Kitchen

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Do you still hesitate to choose the best knife? There are many options left in place including Multipurpose Stainless-Steel Chef Knife. The model has many great advantages that you will admire. First, the knife’s length is eight inches, a good length for a professional knife. The blade is made of stainless steel. It can resist rustiness and tarnishes. Moreover, the knife is designed to cut with ease.

What’s more, the model comes with a handle for convenience. In addition, Multipurpose Stainless-Steel Chef Knife can be washed in the dishwasher, and the quality is still guaranteed. Lastly, the thickness of the blade is 2.5mm. As a result, it is strong to cut any pieces of food for your cooking.

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7 CUTTING 8 Inch Chef Knife

7. CUTTING 8 Inch Chef Knife ~ Best Value ~ Imagine Your Japanese High Carbon Steel Cooking Knive Slicing Thru Veggies And Meat Like Butter as You’re Chopping, Carving & Impressing Your Friends

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Are you looking for another option so that it could give you more information of how the best professional chef knife should look like? This model which comes as the seventh-best knife could give what you want. Cutting 8 Inch Chef Knife has many great advantages. The blade is made of JIS SUS420J2 stainless steel. The stainless steel is composed of carbon blend. Additionally, the blade is super sharp; thus, you can use the knife to cut any pieces of food you like. The knife is also durable because of the mentioned qualities. Furthermore, the knife is made twice stronger than normal knife while it is also resilient. What’s more, the knife is stable; as a result, slicing or cutting isn’t difficult anymore.

Even though, the knife is strong; it is also light. Therefore, it is very convenient to use. Lastly, you can use the knife in different modes from slicing to mincing. All these great qualities are combined into Cutting 8 Inch Chef Knife. Better get it now so that you can doublecheck what we told.

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6. ZELITE INFINITY Chef Knife 8 inch - Alpha-Royal Series - Best Quality Japanese AUS10 Super Steel 67 Layer Damascus - Razor Sharp, Superb Edge Retention, Stain & Corrosion Resistant Chefs Knives

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Do you still hesitate to choose your preferable knife? Then, you might consider Zelite Infinity. It is one of the best quality of professional chef knife for several reasons. The knife is handsomely designed with its style, unique from typical professional chef knife. Additionally, the knife is also resistant. Furthermore, the blade won’t be stick with any pieces of meat while performing. It also resists rustiness.

What’s more, the blade comes in the length of eight inches. In addition, the handle is rounded; as a result, it creates convenience while using and stability. Not only that, the blade is super sharp that it can perform well with any types of food. Lastly, the knife comes with a lifetime warranty. These are all great. You should not hesitate anymore.

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5 Mac Knife Professional

5. Mac Knife Professional Hollow Edge Chef's Knife, 8-Inch

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Mac Knife Professional is also one of the best professional chef knives in 2021. The knife has many great advantages that we will highlight. The blade’s thickness is 2.5mm. As a result, it is super strong to slice any pieces of meat. Furthermore, the dimples that come along the blade prevent food from being stick with the knife. We believe you hate sticky food the most when cooking. Additionally, the knife is lightweight while the length is 12.63 inches; this must be a good length.

What’s more, the handle is made of Pakka wood. Hence, it is convenient while using the knife. Lastly, the knife is made of Japan. You are also aware that Japan holds the fame on producing good quality of knives.

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4 Victorinox Fibrox

4. Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife, 8-Inch Chef's FFP

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Are you still looking for the best-matching knife for your home kitchen? Here is another option. The fourth-best professional chef knife goes to Victorinox Fibrox. Like other knives in our review, this model also has several advantages on its own. The knife can be used in different modes ranging from chopping to dicing. The knife’s blade is also shaped like razor since it is tested with a laser to ensure the quality. The knife edge will also ensure the high performance and durability of the model.

Furthermore, Victorinox Fibrox is produced by experts from Switzerland. The production of the knife has been since 1884.  Lastly, the knife has a lifetime warranty. We know that you won’t need a warranty if you get it. You will fall in love with its performance and durability.

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3 Dalstrong

3. DALSTRONG Chef Knife - Gladiator Series - German HC Steel

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Dalstrong Professional Chef Knife is recommended as the top-third professional chef knife for several reasons. The knife is applied to the latest technology. Additionally, it is also designed with high quality of craftsmanship. It is also made of a material of high performance. Furthermore, the blade is as sharp as a razor since it is made of Germany steel composed of high carbon. The product also resists stain.

What’s more, the design is so amazing that it won a design award. The handle is made of Pakka wood to makes sure you have comfort while chopping pieces of food. Plus, the blade is tempered so that its hardness can be improved. Lastly, do not forget to get it because you will love it at first sight.

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2 Soufull

2. Professional Chef Knife, Soufull 8 inch Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife-Razor Sharp Durable Blade,Well Balanced Ergonomic Pakka Wood Handle,Multipurpose Top Chef's Knife with Gift Box

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The second-best professional chef knife goes to Soufull. We believe you will be satisfied with it for a number of reasons. The knife is made of good material. The blade is made of Japanese steel. It is super sharp with such hardness. Furthermore, the stainless steel composes of high carbon as well. Additionally, the knife is durable while remains high quality throughout the time.

What’s more, the handle is made of Pakka Wood so that it is comfortable while using. You can also balance your slicing performance easily with its stable character. Lastly, Soufull professional chef knife is designed for multi-purpose of using ranging from slice to chop. We believe you will enjoy your cooking experience with Soufull.

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1 ZYLISS Control Chef Knife

1. ZYLISS Control Chefs Knife Set - Professional Kitchen Cutlery Knives - Premium German Steel, 2-Piece

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The top professional chef knife goes to ZYLISS Control Chefs Knife. It deserves the best place for many good reasons. The knife is designed for a different mode of usage including chopping and dicing. Furthermore, the touchpoints are designed for safety purpose while the user is comfortable to use the knife. In addition, the blade is designed for the anti-bacterial purpose.

What’s more, it is made of German steel. The steel is of high quality because it resists rustiness and is durable. Lastly, Zyliss comes with a lifetime warranty. Get it, and we believe you will use it for years.

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What criteria should you consider for choosing the best quality of professional chef knife? It should be the material, sharpness, durability, convenience, and whether the knife matches you or not. Additionally, you can compare the qualities with each other so that you can know how to weight the best option for the rest.

The qualities are mostly described in each product, and we hope you have noticed all of them. We hope that you choose the best one so that you can enjoy your cooking experience.