Top 10 Best Portable Scanners in 2020

Yes, it’s vividly clear that paper’s on its way out. However, it’s yet to go. Documents which were produced before this digital age fill offices all around the globe. Offices are filled with memos and other crucial documents. Scanning these documents need not be an intimidating task. It matters little whether you’ve got a room full of files or merely want to upload receipts to balance your budget. A portable scanner would be your best bet! In fact, good portable scanners are incredibly affordable. In addition to that, they reach places where your printer wouldn’t.

What makes a good portable scanner?

A good portable scanner will scan dozens of documents at a go and send them to your personal computer as searchable PDFs. Needless to say, it’s vital that you assess your particular needs and preferences before deciding which model will serve those purposes right.

We’ve been able to evaluate the market and scoured through the different models available on the market today. As a result, we’ve been able to formulate this guide, featuring the top 10 best portable scanners in 2020 reviews. Make use of these handy reviews to help you implement a wise purchasing decision. Read on and find out which portable scanner would best suit your needs.

Top 10 Best Portable Scanners in 2020:

10.  MSRM iScan Wand Image & Document Scanner, 8GB Micro SD


This portable scanner will accompany you as your best friend. We’d highly recommend this battery-powered unit for artists and scholars who’re looking to achieve up to 900×900 dpi reproduction of textbooks, photos, etc. You can charge this model through USB. It’s a lightweight device whose size is similar to that of a rolled-up magazine. As such, you can easily fit the scanner in your bag or scanner. It’ll be able to scan to cloud technology or into searchable PDFs.

Since it’s handheld, it might not be suitable for scanning large quantities of documents. It’ll take care of each document individually. On the upside, its portability, high image quality, and ease of use render it a precision tool which you can take with you whenever you’re on the road. It’s undeniable that the device is worth the price.

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9.  VUPOINT Magic InstaScan PDS-ST420-VP Portable Scanner, Handheld


The VUPOINT Magic InstaScan PDS-ST420-VP is a light and portable scanner which boasts a convenient, handheld design which you can use nearly anywhere. This premium model features a unique auto-feed technology which orients a document accurately and initiates the scanning process automatically. That contributes significantly towards saving you valuable time.

We must agree that its print speed is particularly impressive. Besides, this scanner offers a fantastic 900-dpi optical resolution which helps generate top-quality, business-grade scans. With the inbuilt micro SD card, there won’t be any need for a computer, which is often the case with traditional desktop scanners. Four AA batteries are all you require to create high-grade JPEG and PDF scans.

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8.  Visioneer Road-Warrior Lite Document Scanner


This model would be ideal for scanning handwritten notes, receipts, documents, as well as nosiness cards. It’s a handheld, portable, and versatile scanner which boasts a long-lasting aesthetic plastic construction. The Visioneer Road-Warrior Lite, which is reasonably priced, is perfect for use both in office and outdoor environments.

It makes use of a novel scanning technology that’s sensor-based. In turn, it’s able to create searchable multipage PDF files. The RW-Lite is USB-powered and is thus perfect for professional and personal use. It comes along with an AC adapter which is safety-certified. You can make use of this AC adapter to recharge the unit whenever its battery charge is low.

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7.  Fujitsu SCANSNAP S1100i Portable Scanner


The Fujitsu S1100i features a powerful 600-dpi sensor. That’s able to create searchable multipage PDF files which you can then share with colleagues or friends via the Internet. This device is a reasonably priced, USB-powered scanner which works well with Windows and Macintosh computers.

You’re definite to praise how space-efficient it is. It’s designed to scan images and documents measuring 1-34 inches. Fujitsu designed this scanner with a durable, plastic construction which neither scratches nor loses its functionality with time. Its versatile design can stick 2-page spreads into one scanned document.

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6.  TaoTronics Mobile Document Scanner, Handheld


Here’s a handheld, 900-dpi model which boasts the ability to scan receipts, images, and documents directly to an SD-Card. Maybe, you don’t own a laptop or dislike carrying heavy machines while working out in the field. If so, you’ll want to consider the TaoTronics Mobile Document Scanner. This durable unit can produce stunning JPEG and PDF files.

You’ll love its black theme as it blends extremely well in both home and office environments. Apart from ease of use and durability, most people opt for it as a favorite option for the incorporated OCR software which buyers acquire. You’ll be able to edit and convert documents, without compromising on the quality.

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5.  Epson WorkForce DS-30 Image & Document Scanner


As we’ve reviewed most portable scanners herein, the WorkForce DS-30 is a well-designed image & document scanner. You’ll especially love its simple-to-use, handheld design. It works quite reliably via USB. This durable scanner can scan credit cards, business cards, and business documents to the cloud. The excellent travel-friendly design is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

The entire unit weighs in at a lightweight one pound. Also, you’ll obtain an incredible 600-dpi resolution. Aside from that, you’ll get more exciting features like text enhancement and auto-size detection. You’ll find an included document management suite which you can make use of to create editable and searchable PDF/A and PDF scans.

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4.  VUPOINT Magic Wand Scanner


The VUPOINT Solutions Portable Scanner is a 32GB-capacity, handheld device. Its design makes use a colored, contact image sensor to produce both colored and monochromatic image and document scans. Also, the scanner features an adjustable resolution, ranging from 300×300-dpi to 600×600-dpi. This particular model doesn’t require any computer connections to work. The results are compact JPEG files. You can then opt to share those files with your friends or colleagues via the Internet.

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3.  Brother DS-620 Color Page Scanner


It’s among the highest-rated portable scanners available on the market. The Brother DS-620 is extremely lightweight, weighing in just at one pound. It’s a simple-to-use handheld scanner which features a fast, colored image sensor. It comes incorporated with e-PaperPort 12-SE Windows software which allows for efficient scan management.

This model, as well, is USB-powered. That makes it a top-ranking portable scanner when it comes down to convenience. Besides all that, Macintosh owners also have the opportunity to take advantage of this little beast. It retails for quite an affordable price across several reputable online outlets.

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2.  Doxie Go W-Fi, with Amazing Software & Rechargeable Battery


The Go Wi-Fi is the flagship model of Doxie’s widely reputed line of this kind of scanners. It’s an entirely portable scanner that’s so light that it’ll easily fit in your backpack. Still yet, it’s so powerful that it’ll serve efficiently as a full-time desktop scanner. Thanks to the Wi-Fi capability, you’ll be able to go right from paper to your PC or Mac within seconds. You won’t require using any cables or wires.

Unlike most other wireless scanners, the Go Wi-Fi is quite portable. It’s just approximately two inches tall and less than one foot long. This product’s real magic lies in the utility and technology. It’ll enable you to scan virtually everything, from receipts to business cards. For 1 Minute It can scans 10 pages of A4 paper.

It’s able to hold over 1,500 scans at a go. It’ll hold even more when you insert an SD card. That granted, you’ll be able to upload scans even without your computer present. An innovative, integrated technology worth mentioning is the ABBYY OCR which recognizes text in any scanned PDF. You’ll thus be able to search through your documents for files or keywords. It’s a truly fantastic model to own. You’d never regret such a purchase!

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1.  Fujitsu SCANSNAP S1300i Document Scanner

Best Portable Scanners in 2020

Perhaps, you’ve got filing cabinets with numerous double-sided documents which need to be digitized. Then, you can save yourself tons of hassles by just investing in this dual-sided scanner. Although the SCANSNAP S1300i is a bit bulky for a portable scanner, it’s just the perfect tool for the task. It’s a well-built machine, weighing in at a relatively heavy 5 pounds. However, this device justifies all the extra weight with quality scanning and different functionality.

You can scan your documents in color, monochrome, or grayscale at 12 double-sided pages in each minute. It won’t matter whether you’re scanning handwritten notes, medical files, or receipts. The S1300i has color detection and auto size, cropping out the empty room for a perfect size and quality scan. In addition to that, it offers a broad array of cloud options, including Google Docs, One Drive, Evernote, and more!

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Portable scanners are often designed for business executives who regularly scan lots of documents. They’re a valuable tool for anyone who’s seeking a simple, clutter-free scanner which can also be used on the road. They prove to be handy in multiple, different ways. For instance, their simple, handheld design is relatively easy to use and durable. Also, they offer a scanning technology that’s both power-efficient and fast.

Besides lowering electricity costs, portable scanners help people to stay productive whenever out in the field. If you intend to purchase a mobile scanner, the above reviews will be of considerable help. They’ll enable you to make a wise purchasing decision and obtain an original, top-performance scanner. Good Luck!

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