Top 10 Best Portable Power Banks In 2019

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Do you own a smartphone a tablet and or any other smart device that you use to travel often? Are you tired of the constant battery problems that you grapple with during long haul flights or trips?

Instead of purchasing an additional battery and or two or more smartphones to stay connected, purchasing a portable power bank is a practical solution that you should consider for several reasons.

Compared to buying several battery packs of phones, portable power banks are affordable. The quality battery packs that they draw power from are durable, keep phones powered for long, and have fast, safe, and smart charging technologies that do not damage phones in any way.

They are also easy to use, have light and portable designs, and simple and easy to use systems that save people valuable time.

If you have save a few dollars to spend on an original model, the top 10 best portable chargers to purchase include:

10. FYC-LA Portable Cell Phone Charger

FYC-LA Portable Cell Phone Charger

Considered among the best travel accessories for individuals with smart devices such as cell phone and tablets, FYC-LA is a feature rich cell phone charger with a light and portable design that is perfect for travel.

The sleek aluminum used to make its casing is light, durable, and has a fade-resistant finish that also resists dents and scratches during transit.

The 3000mAh rechargeable battery pack that it comes with is professional-grade, while its affordability and compatibility with both iOS and Android smartphones make it an ideal accessory for individuals that depend on their gadgets for communication, work, and even socializing.

When you are at school, work, or in a social party, therefore, you will not miss an emergency because of a flat battery. FYC-LA has a high-speed charging system.

It also has overcharge protection for safety, one-year replacement warranty, and a durable carrying case.

9. Samsung I8520 Halo

Samsung I8520 Halo

Samsung I8520 Halo is a single USB output external battery pack with a light and portable construction that does not weigh down users in transit.

Its compact and well-engineered design is durable. The 3000mAh battery pack that it comes with is also durable, rechargeable, and has a well-engineered system that not only resists the memory effect, but also offers up to two full recharges to standard Android and iOS smart phones.

This is impressive, considering its size and price. Even though Samsung I8520 Halo has a single USB output port and micro USB cable, its high speed-charging technology works faster than standard USB systems.

The plethora of safety features (over charge and over current protection, for instance) that it comes with protect your phone from damage, while its ability to fit in pockets and small bags benefits individuals that travel often. You get a one-year warranty for it.

8. Anker Astro Pro2

Anker Astro Pro2

As its name suggests, Anker Astro Pro2 is a professional-grade phone and laptop external battery charger with a powerful 20000mAh lithium ion battery that offers around nine full cycles for most smartphone brands and one full charge for laptops.

When working or exploring the Internet, therefore, you do not have to worry about your phone and or computer running out of charge even in the event of a blackout.

Anker Astro Pro2 comes tested to withstand up to 500 recharge cycles over its life.

It also has a versatile dual charging port design (1 USB 5V / 2.1A and 1 DC 12V / 4A, 16V / 3.5A port), a stylish aluminum body that resists scratches and corrosion, and four LED indicator lights that reflect its status.

Anker offers an 18-month worry-free guarantee for an original Astro Pro2 portable external charger.

7. Poweradd Slim2

Poweradd Slim2

Poweradd Slim2 is an ultra-portable 5000mAh external battery charge with an aesthetic blue theme that boosts its overall value.

It is durable, features a stylish and pocket-sized design that works well for individuals of al cadres, and has a well-engineered electrical and mechanical system that offers users value without costing them a fortune.

The grade-A lithium polymer cells that it comes with, for instance, is durable, rechargeable, and does not burn nor explodes as some poorly built ones.

The premium microchips on offer boost safety and functionality, while its ability to offer two full charges for an iPhone and three for a Samsung Galaxy S4 make it an ideal travel accessory for heavy-duty smartphone users.

You also get a smart LED system that reflects its capacity and charging status, a quick charging technology that lowers charging time, and a 24-months industry-leading replacement warranty.

6. ZILU Smart Power Basic

ZILU Smart Power Basic

Offering approximately 4400mAh of charge, ZILU Smart Power Basic is a high-performance external battery pack perfect for recharging iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and a plethora of other smartphone brands.

It is durable, has a stylish black theme, and a safe and rechargeable battery pack that does not develop the memory effect over the years.

For those that travel a lot, this charger has a compact and highly portable design that fits comfortably in pockets and in small handbags.

Its well-wired circuitry is professional-grade, while the nine levels of protection that it offers prevent your smartphone from damage when in use.

You do not have to worry about your smartphone overcharging and exploding when charging.

Other attributes that have made it a sought after product are its high-energy conversion rate (93%), low heat generation, and the high-speed mini USB charging port that it comes with.

5. Jackery Mini Portable Charger

Jackery Mini Portable Charger

By far one of the most trusted products in this niche, this mini portable charger by Jackery is a high-performance accessory that has gained critical acclaim in top 10 best portable power banks in 2019 for several reasons.

For those that travel often, for instance, its compact, portable, and impact resistant design is a major. The high-speed charging technology on offer cuts down charging time significantly, while its compatibility with phones and other smart accessories benefits individuals of cadres.

As most high-grade models, the 3350mAh battery pack it comes with is durable, rechargeable, and offers up to two full charges, while the safety features protect your devices from overcharging or short-circuiting.

You also get a stylish silver theme, indicator lights, and over 500 full recharge cycles.

4. EasyAcc Classic

EasyAcc Classic

Designed for heavy-duty charging, EasyAcc Classic is a 10,000mAh external battery pack with a stylish black and orange themed casing, a universal design that works well with smartphones and tablets, and premium battery cells that do not overheat nor compromise the safety of devices in any way.

If you have a few dollars to spend, this power bank is affordable.

Its light and compact design is super portable, while its ability to offers up to six full charges for iPhone and four charges for the Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones works well for heavy phone users.

You also get several functional safety features, dual USB outputs that allow you to recharge two devices at the same time, and a rugged and impact-resistant design perfect for use outdoors.

3. Jackery Giant+ K104ATGH

Jackery Giant+ K104ATGH

Perfect for recharging both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Jackery Giant+ K104ATGH is a large dual USB portable charger with a striking orange theme that is easy to locate in the dark.

It is durable, works well with several brands of smart devices, and has a durable 12000mAh lithium-ion battery pack that stays productive for over 500 recharge cycles.

Weighing only 10.4 ounces, this accessory is portable.

The high efficiency circuit board and built in LED lights that individuals get boost its productivity further, while its functional security features (overcharge, over-discharge, and over-voltage protection, for instance) offers protect your phone from damage whilst charging.

You get an 18 months warranty for an original model.

2. Poweradd Pilot X1

Poweradd Pilot X1

By choosing Poweradd Pilot X1, you get a durable and portable power charged with a premium aluminum case and premium LG battery cells that offer value over the years.

It is affordable, white-themed, and has a well-wired circuitry that offers value for years, and rechargeable 5200mAh cells that supports up to 500 charge cycles.

If phone safety is a concern, this power bank has innovative safety technologies that keep phones safe.

The two full charge cycles it offers is impressive, while the 24-months warranty and premium circuitry offered reflect the value of product that individuals receive.

You will never regret purchasing an original Poweradd Pilot X1

1. EC Technology 2nd Gen

EC Technology 2nd Gen

The second generation of the liked EC Technology line of power banks tops our list of the top 10 best portable power banks in 2019.

It is durable, has three high-speed US outputs for charging two smart devices at the same time, and a rechargeable 22400mAh battery pack that not only lasts longer than comparable models, but also offers over six full charge cycles to most standard smart phones.

Even with its high capacity, this charger is surprisingly compact and portable.

It also recharges fast, has four integrated LED indicators that reflect its charge and charging status, and an intelligent safety system that protects your smartphone from overcharging, over-discharging, and or heating up when in use.

Buy an original for the best experience.

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