Top 10 Best Portable Photo Studios in 2021 Reviews

If you are working on producing amazing photographs for any advertisement or your small business, we believe that you should own a portable photo studio. Portable photo studios are all you need in order to receive a good and smooth product advertising photos. These are the best picks of the portable photo studios in 2021 that will not disappoint your photography skills.

List of Best Portable Photo Studios in 2021

10. VILTROX Photography Studio Light Tent

VILTROX 60x60x60 cm Cube Box Black LED Lighting

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You would not need a large photo shooting room when you have this 60x60x60cm VILTROX photography studio light tent. The Double 80 LEDs light bands with 12,00 lumen is the output light which will provide enough brightness and light source to your objects. Offered with 2 pieces of background, black and white, this tent will provide a completely pure white or black background as a result of enough brightness.
You can also use various kinds of devices such as iPhone, smartphones, cameras or professional cameras to take pictures in either background without any problems. You would also spend very little time in installing as well as uninstalling it. Also, you can carry it along easily and use it for any occasion conveniently.

9. Happyjoy Portable Photo Video Lighting Studio Shooting Tent

Portable Photo Video Lighting Studio Shooting Tent

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This tent is highly recommended if you tend to do a shooting of jewelry, accessories, toys, watches, gadgets and other items as the room provided is very suitable for the type of products mentioned. With the three-door system in the front and the open window on the top, you can happily enjoy taking photos in multi-angles. This tent also possesses perfect brightness adjustability because it comes up with LEDs light system such as two 42 LEDs Light Bands, LEDs feature ultra-low heat output and energy usage, and in a plus with 3000lm led light that provides super brightness to your picture.

You can always carry it along to everywhere because the carry bag is also supplied. Moreover, 3 pieces of background, white black & orange with wrinkle resistant and water repellent, are also offered alongside with the purchase. All you need are only your two hands for the fast and easy installation.

8. Finnhomy Professional Portable Photo Studio

Finnhomy Professional Portable Photo Studio, Photo Light Studio, Photo Tent

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This portable photo studio is ideal for product photography. With it suitable size, various pure backgrounds (white, black, tan), enough brightness LEDs system, in a plus with 5500K LED bars brightness adjustability, your photo shooting will definitely meet all your needs. Available in 3 ways opening, this allows you to take pictures from many different angles.

Furthermore, the durability and easy installation of the tent ensure that the tent will not get torn off during the process of setting up. What is even special, it is easy to carry along to any places with the carry bag provided.

7. Amzdeal Light Tent Portable Light Box Photography Kit

Amzdeal Light Tent Portable Light Box Photography

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You would definitely love this portable photo studio as it comes in LEDs light strip which provides adequate soft brightness to your object without any reflection from outside. This photography kit weighs lightly which you can move it around or carry it along conveniently. Being attached via Velcro to all sides, you would have an easy time doing the setup.

Moreover, made of high-quality materials, the lightbox is also durable to use. On top of that, there are 4 colors of backdrops, black, white, green, blue, coming with the purchase as well.

6. PEROINE Portable Mini Studio

PEROINE Portable Mini Studio Foldable Photo Photography

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If you are on the way of shooting any small products such as digital products, jewelry, watches, and others, this PEROINE Portable mini studio is surely recommended. With its simple structure and lightweight feature, it is very convenient to use, set up, carry, and clean. Although it possesses only 1 LEDs light belt, it provides enough brightness and allows you to take perfect photographs.

Coming with 2 pieces of backgrounds, black and white, you can take the photo of your products professionally. This portable mini studio is absolutely helpful for small products photography.

5. Emart Table Top Photo Studio

Emart Photography 24 x 24 Inches Table Top Photo Studio

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What you would first love about this is its simple look, ordinary structure, and easy installation. You can always fold the box down quickly and tidily. Moreover, there comes a small pocket that you can hook up the lamps. Also, the LEDs light comes in a light stand structure that can be placed easily and will not fall over or move around.

Plus, it will not get hot either. This photo studio fits with any devices such as the camcorder, iPhone, smartphones, cameras or professional cameras.

4. LEPOTEC Portable Photo Studio

6 Inch Portable Photo Studio Shooting Tent

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If you are shutterbugs, artists, online sellers, and beginners, this product best suits your needs. Coming up with double SMD3528 LED Strips, 6000-6500K color temperature, and 600Lm brightness, your object will receive the adequate source of light and the picture will look amazingly great. You can also connect directly to power bank, adapter, computer to make it bright up as the USB cable is also provided.

Thanks to 4 color option of background provided (black, white, green, and red), your pictures can now look very professional and can be adjusted to different effect. More than being satisfied with photo shooting, you need not spend so much time in doing installation either.

3. Emart Upgraded 40 LED Foldable & Portable Photo Studio

Emart Upgraded 40 LED Foldable & Portable Photo Lighting Studio Shooting Tent

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When purchasing this, you would receive 2 color options for your background, one white and one black, to shoot your pictures professionally. Moreover, it is portable and lightweight which allows you to carry it on the go conveniently. Coming with a nice carry bag, you can also take it to everywhere effortlessly. On top of this, there are 2 strips of LED lights (20 LED lights each) available on top of the box which provides enough light source to your photo shooting.

As invented with a USB power cable, you can have it connected to any USB port without any problems. With a plus of tripod stand holder, you can place the different size of the smartphone there for the shooting very well.

2. AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

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If you prefer to take pictures from different angles, this portable photo studio is the best for you. Designed with front 3-door system, this enables you to shoot photos of your objects from every angle including on the top without outside reflection. Built-in LEDs light, this makes your picture looks naturally smooth with enough source of light.

Furthermore, the size is suitable enough to put various types of objects inside. With its shoulder strap, you can always carry it to everywhere conveniently. This portable photo studio is durable to use with no assembly needed.

1. LimoStudio Table Top Photo Photography Studio

LimoStudio - Best Portable Photo Studios

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This product comes up with many necessary materials that you need for your products photography. The included tripod works well for making the camera stable when taking pictures. The three backdrops provided, black blue red, do the job well in advancing reflection and professional background. With the LED light stand, it provides the great source of brightness, and it is easy to set up and does not fall over.

The photo shooting box itself functions as a great source of soft brightness that can make your photographs looks natural. In addition to that, it is lightweight, which is convenient to carry with to any other places.


All of the functions such as professional background, brightness as well as brightness justification, and camera holder, are what contribute to perfect product shooting. And, they can be found in most of the portable photo studios listed above.

It is now time for you to make the decision in purchasing one of the best portable photo studios that meets your requirements the most. Get yours soon before these photo studios run out of stock.