Top 10 Best Portable Hotspots in 2019

Infinitely few people would want to have to buy separate wireless coverage for each of their devices, whether wired or mobile. Purchasing one connection to the carrier’s network would be much preferable – a network that you can travel with and connect any of your devices whenever needed. Wide-area networks (3G & 4G) are getting better and faster at reaching even inside buildings.

For that reason, consumers are likely to cancel cable DSL service and rely entirely on a single multipurpose wireless connection. We wouldn’t say we’re there yet, but users can now make use of a mobile hotspot to provide Internet access to multiple, different mobile devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and e-readers. Portable hotspots vary from public ones. The latter are routers which accept open connections.

A portable hotspot makes use of a cellular network to connect to the Internet. Then, it creates a Wi-Fi hotspot which can connect any Wi-Fi enabled device(s) within approximately 30 feet. Portable hotspots often come in two different forms: built into smartphones or as free-standing devices. But, unlike the free-standing ones, the smartphone-inbuilt ones have proven somewhat unreliable.

What Benefits Do You Get to Enjoy?

Mobile hotspots have proven ideal for travel. Also, they’ll be of considerable interest in offering you emergency Internet access in the case where your primary provider has run out of commission. A quality portable hotspot will help you connect multiple, different devices, ensuring that you remain connected. You’d especially require a portable hotspot in case you spend time away from your home more often than at home. It’ll help ensure that you’ve got access to the Internet everywhere you go.

Top 10 Best Portable Hotspots

You’ll come across numerous, different mobile hotspots on the market. And, you ought to realize that not all hotspots (or their data plans) are equal. For instance, some will require prepayment while others will demand that you sign a contract. Below, we share the top 10 best portable hotspots in 2019 reviews. We feature the best models you could obtain from the market today. We’ve taken both the total cost and features of each model into key consideration.

10.  Keep-Go Lifetime Wi-Fi Hotspot, plus 1GB Credit


We’d highly recommend the Keep-Go Lifetime Wi-Fi Hotspot for travelers that routinely venture overseas. Certainly, you’d not want the hassle of seeking new rental hotspots for every trip. This particular hotspot comes along with an Internet SIM card preloaded with 1GB. You’ll just need to top up the SIM card whenever you require more data than usual.

The Keep-Go Lifetime Hotspot is able to connect ten devices at a go. In addition to that, you’ll enjoy an impressive 6-hour battery life. This model works in more than 60 countries, including ones in Asia, America, and Europe. Since you can keep the original SIM card in your phone, you’ll be able to make and receive voice calls on your usual phone number whenever you’re abroad.
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9.  Freedom-Pop Novatel Mi-Fi 500, 4G & 3G


The Freedom-Pop, upon its launch, rapidly grew popular due to its completely free Internet. The Novatel Mi-Fi 500, in particular, offers 500MB for free every month. Also, you’ll appreciate their affordable pricing in case you require more MBs than the regular ones. We must acknowledge that their plans are unbelievably lowly priced. But, you’ll notice that other fees are involved as well, especially if you intend to roll over data each month.

For some time now, a debate has been consistent over the firm’s ‘active service fee.’ Users argue that that’s a monthly charge which ought to be excluded. But, they remain loyal to this hotspot for its impressing performance. The battery lasts remarkably long, with the speeds being incredibly fast. However, note that not everyone will find the free trial reliable enough. So, you’ll need to select a plan which fits your needs.
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8.  Verizon Wireless Jetpack MHS291L 4G LTE, Global-Ready


A high number of reviewers have praised Verizon’s MHS291L Jetpack model. It’s a pocket-sized device which rides 4G LTE network and supports dual-band wireless N. Verizon’s network is reputed as broadly available and quite reliable. Expect download speeds ranging between 5 and 12 Mbps. The upload speeds typically range between 2 and 5 Mbps.

The device features an LCD screen which will display info about your data usage. Yes, it isn’t the only Jetpack version available. But, it’s among the most adored. With this model, you’ll be able to connect up to ten devices at a go. Its battery will last 15 hours before needing to be recharged. Even, it supports HD video streaming, inbuilt GPS geo-location, and USB tethering.
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7.  Verizon Wireless Mi-Fi Jetpack 6620L, 4G LTE


It was released quite some time back. Since then, other advanced models have been developed. So, it might not be the best today. But, the 6620L packs a punch enough to be much more than an excellent option. It offers an impressive in-use battery life of up to twenty hours. Besides that, it’ll support 15 connected devices at a go. You can use this Jetpack version to charge phones, as well as other USB-powered devices. The Verizon Wireless Mi-Fi 6620L supports both 4G & 3G. This portable hotspot, looking at its price, is undeniably worth consideration.
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6.  AT&T Unite-Pro Wi-Fi Hotspot, 4G LTE


It’d be true to say that some of Verizon’s latest performers have overtaken this model. It was among the most favored options upon its debut back in 2015.  However, it hasn’t been overtaken to a level which would render it obsolete. If you’re an AT&T fan, you’ll want to try out this portable hotspot. It’s just a beast! It retails for quite an affordable price. You can acquire it at an even lower price in case you go for a 2-year contract with AT&T.

Also, you can add this hotspot to a Mobile Share plan in case you’re an AT&T customer. This powerful device will last you up to 16 hours concerning battery life. Aside from that, it’ll be able to support 15 devices at a go. Considering that the model supports both 4G & 3G, THE Unite-Pro certainly deserves prior consideration!
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5.  Huawei E5330Bs-2 3G 21-Mbps Mobile Hotspot, White


It’s among the world’s most compact portable hotspots. This 21-mbps hotspot is designed to bear a small size which will fit in your palm comfortably. Its one-key design blends practicality with elegance to give you portable network, but in style. You’ll appreciate how long this hotspot’s 1500-mAH rechargeable battery will last. Also, the device is compatible with multiple, different OSs, including Windows 7, Vista, XP, Linux, and Mac OS.
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4.  Verizon Mi-Fi Jetpack 4620L, 4G LTE


With this unit, you’ll enjoy Internet access from up to ten devices at a go. Besides that, it supports Wireless-N, among many other impressive features. It’s a small router which offers a long battery life. You’ll get a longer battery life with a double-capacity battery. However, that isn’t included in the package. But, you can obtain it from select stores as an accessory.

Although this Verizon Jetpack version comes with relatively costlier data plans, it’s an excellent companion, especially for business travelers. You’ll love its fast connection and the well thought out set of features. Overall, this model scores well when it comes down to design and performance.
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3.  AT&T Unite Go-Phone, No Annual Contract


It’s a NETGEAR product. That’s a reputable, well-established brand when it comes down to this technology. The AT&T Unite Go-Phone Prepaid Hotspot would be ideal for individuals who’re seeking a device that supports ten Wi-Fi devices. It’s an incredibly fantastic option for social gatherings, as well as business functions. Its relatively large touchscreen interface is definite to amaze you!

Also, you’ll find the intuitive controls, 10-hour battery life, and easy setup particularly impressive. But, some users assert that the data plans are a bit costly when compared to most other models. On the upside, they acknowledge that the device offers excellent value for the money!
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2.  Overdrive Pro 3G & 4G Mobile Hotspot by Virgin Mobile, No Contract


Virgin Mobile, for some time now, has been among the underdogs when it comes to mobile devices. On the contrary, this particular handy hotspot makes Virgin Mobile a real contender. This prepaid hotspot, boasting a decent battery life and a Micro SD-Card slot, is worth consideration. It offers excellent, unlimited 4G data connection.

You’ll particularly love the fact that there aren’t any overage charges or activation fees. It allows the user to use five devices at a go. On the downside, its small display might not appeal to some users. But, the multiple benefits it offers make it a much better option when compared to most other units. You need to give this unit a try!
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1.  T-Mobile Hotspot, 4G

t-mobile - Best Portable Hotspots in 2019

The T-Mobile Portable Hotspot is suitable for both personal and business use. It boasts a fantastic 4G signal. Among the reasons which enable this model to top this list is the exceptional design. It features a sleek, yet ergonomic design. Carrying this device in your hand will be joyous. Besides, it comes included with a Micro SD-Card slot.

You’ll also get to enjoy an incredible 5-hour battery life. The only downside with the T-Mobile Portable Hotspot is that it connects five devices at a time. Most other models in this list are capable of doing ten. But, you’ll love the flexibility with the available pricing plans. This model, with a 21-Mbps peak download speed, would be a remarkable bargain.
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You need not make use of another person’s wide-open Wi-Fi to acquire access to top-speed Internet on the go. Plenty of top notch 3G & 4G portable hotspots will get that task done. Besides that, it costs neither an arm nor a leg. Whenever you’re on the road, the above mobile hotspots will contribute significantly towards keeping you connected. They’ll help make your life much easier! Make your selection, basing it on your particular needs and preferences. Good luck!

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