Top 10 Best Portable Electric Ceramic Heaters Reviews In 2019

Keeping your room warm and cozy during winter is really a tiresome job. Most of the room heaters are expensive and consume a great amount of electricity. With the help of the electric ceramic heaters, you can easily get rid of this problem. The heaters are inexpensive and they are highly efficient in terms of saving energy. Plus, these heaters are safe to use and they keep your room warm without any trouble.

However, the task of selecting and buying a heater in this market is not an easy task. Hence, we have prepared this list of best quality ceramic heaters; so that you do not have to go through any trouble. Go through the list below; select the one that suits you most and keeps your room warm as well as comfortable.

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Table of the Best Electric Ceramic Heaters

10. Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

Ceramic Heaters

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Offering a heating power of 1500W, the Ladki heater drives the cold away and makes sure that you get the desired warmth in your room. The best thing about this heater is that the thermostat allows you to control the temperature as per your requirement. Otherwise, you can choose from three pre-set temperature settings of high heat, low heat and fan only to maintain the desired temperature in your room. It also has Automatic overheat protection for overheating thus assuring you about safety.

Key features

  • 1500 Watt heating capacity.
  • Easy to use and safe controls.
  • Portable heater allowing you to heat any room you want.
  • Adjustable thermostat allows you to set the desired temperature or to choose from three pre-set temperature settings.

3. Honeywell HCE840B Black Genius Ceramic Heater

Honeywell HCE840B Heat Genius Ceramic Heater

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This is a genius ceramic heater which comes with a multitude of features and safety functionalities. This multi-directional heater provides a heat output of 1500 Watts and it is perfect for all kinds of rooms. Manufactured from high-quality heat-resistant plastics, this heater is really durable. It also uses a special 2-hour auto-shutoff heat phase timer to prevent the heater from overheating.

Key Features

  • Has six different modes for greater comfort.
  • Perfect for all kinds of rooms.
  • Comes with 2-hour auto-shutoff heat phase timer to provide protection against overheating.
  • Quiet functioning to provide peace of mind.

2. Bovado USA 166648 Personal Ceramic Space Heater

Bovado USA 166648 Ceramic Space Heater

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The Bovado USA ceramic space heater is a multipurpose as well as a portable appliance that helps to warm your surroundings easily at any time you want. This compact lightweight heater distributes heat efficiently with the help of a fan. And it offers different fan settings and an adjustable thermostat to help you set the temperature as per your comfort level.

Key Features

  • Easy to operate with the help of dialled controls.
  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Uses PTC ceramic heating element to provide safe heating.
  • Reduces the heating costs greatly.

1. Lasko 6462 Full-Circle Ceramic Heater with Remote

Lasko 6462 Full Circle Ceramic Heater with Remote

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This heater from Lasko is undoubtedly the best one you can choose. Thus, it is worthy enough to sit atop our list. The best thing about the heater is that it distributes the heat in all directions with the help of its full-circle sweep technology. Furthermore, it is also easy to control the heater with the help of the remote that it comes with. Plus, the heater is equipped with an adjustable thermostat and has a maximum heating power of 1500W that enables you to heat a room instantly.

Key features

  • Has a maximum heating power of 1500W.
  • Distributes the heat in full circle with the help of its 360-degree full circle sweep functionality.
  • Portable, easy to clean and highly effective.

Thus, a reliable ceramic heater is going to create a soothing environment and you can relax even during chilling winters. Without further ado, welcome any of these heaters to your home.

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