Top 10 Best Pop Up Tents Reviewed in 2019

A camping trip without one of the best pop up tent lacks the very melody of its own tune. A great quality and convenient pop up tent is perhaps the very first gear you need for a memorable camping trip. You will easily set yours up, since they feature easy yet functional designs for effortless use. There’s neither need to strain to find the direction nor wondering about the positions of stakes. You simply unfold the tent’s pre-assembled cords and poles and the tent is erect in a matter of minutes. Taking the tents down is another fun activity. They also provide you great shelter, although most pop-up models do not accommodate bigger numbers of persons.

Yet, what makes pop-up tents the most popular tent type for camping is their lightweight materials. Because of this, they are the most easily portable above all other tent designs. That is, of course, in addition to their ease of use. As such, most campers are glad to buy pop-up tents since they will only take them very short time to work on. You therefore have great time left to enjoy your camping moment without the stress of a cumbersome tent.

Understanding the Unique Camp-Worthy Pop Up Tent Designs

Although aforementioned, let’s further explore into what makes pop-up tents more convenient for camping than most other models. The most noteworthy highlight banks on their structures and designs. In that regard, these qualities distinguish pop-up tents as the most camp-worthy option:

  • First of all, lightweight materials, frames and poles constitute pop-up tents. However, you should not misinterpret lightweight for weakness. Although lightweight, they are very durable. They are made of select high quality materials so that you can easily carry them. Yet, you will enjoy their great value as you use them for many camping seasons.
  • Because of their snap setup designs, you don’t waste your valuable camping time and energy when erecting the tent. And as you wind up your camping adventure, you again waste no time. You can be out on your way home as soon as possible since the tent is incredibly easy taking down.
  • You might not always give a keener thought to all the creativity involved in designing this type of tent. However, you can appreciate that pop-up tents are a product of novel engineering in modern camping. Due to the dedication that went into their making, you can enjoy quality and efficient pop-up tents for camping today. And yet, there are still affordable models out there.

For such easy but also stable structures, you have reduced uncertainly and stress associated with camping tent setup. Since you can get set your pop-up tent ready in record short time, you are therefore more relaxed to enjoy the scenic outdoor moment.

Tips for Choosing the Best Pop Up Tent

Not all people will find the same pop-up tent model as their favorite. Depending on the number of persons using the tent, not every tent model will suit your demands. Personal preferences may also affect your choice. As such, here are some fundamental factors you ought to consider when shopping for your best pop up tent:


One vital factor you should consider when deciding on the right pop up tent to buy is the number of users. Different tents feature different sizes. You therefore ought to choose that which conveniently accommodates your team. For instance, you will get it wrong to buy a 2-person tent for a group of 5 campers. As such, be mindful of the number of persons you are going out so as to select a tent that offers ample space for all.


Safety should be a top imperative to prioritize in anything you use. When you want to determine the safety of your tent, you should first consider your preferred campsite terrain. You may choose any model when your campsite is flat. However, you should carefully choose one with stable base for it to remain erect and safe throughout the camping period.


You will find that nearly all models of pop-up tents are easily portable, although some maybe a little bulky. While not forgetting quality, choose a tent that won’t wear you down on your way. You may then lose the anticipation you need to keep for an enjoyable trip. However, do not sacrifice quality for portability, since the former can be more important.


No matter the cost of your favorite pop-up tent, you should always know that quality is the most key. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a low quality model when you can get another one of higher quality at a lower cost. As such, do not let price determine the quality of your tent, but let the quality determine the price.


You don’t want to invest in something that lasts only a few days. Durable items provide long term service, and users appreciate the value the get. Your choice tent should therefore feature durable components that can withstand outdoor weather without quick wear. As such, ensure the metal bars are strong, as well as the tent’s canopy materials. A tent model made of fade-resistant materials also makes a great pick.

Toward that end, the products featured in the following reviews constitute only the 10 best pop up tents. We have meticulously researched to ensure that you get the best value deals available on the market. As you read through the end, so discover your favorite tent and therefore confidently secure a trustworthy camping shelter.

10. Sunba 3-Person Youth Pop Up Tent

Sunba 3-Person Youth Pop-Up Tent

Youthful camping enthusiasts have a reason to celebrate their spirited wild adventures. This is because of the availability of the Sunba Youth pop-up tent, a very portable and also popular travel accessory. Ideal for youth, it offers a spacious design for accommodating up to three occupants conveniently. It provides fully automated function, thus making setup quite a breeze.

Moreover, it features bug-proof ventilation to not only ensure proper ventilation but also eliminate the risk of harmful bug-bites. It incorporates water-proof materials that are also tear resistant. Furthermore, you enjoy a whopping 90% protection from the UV, thus your skin remains safe through hot summers. Eight strong metal ground stakes and four sturdy ropes make the tent assuredly stable.


  • Very portable
  • Automated fun setup, take down
  • Waterproof and bug-proof materials
  • 90% UV protection
  • Stable and durable


  • Only for three campers

Whether you are going to a hot tropical or rainy wet climate campsite, you got not to fear. An original Sunba Youth pop-up tent has got you covered, therefore making your camping experience memorable. It is stable and durable, yet very easy to use and carry.

9. Quechua 3-Man XL AIR III Camping Tent

Quechua 3-Man XL AIR III Camping Tent

Although Quechua XL AIR III is among the most expensive models here, it delivers more than it costs. First of all, it is simple to open, close, and incredibly attractive. Moreover, its large D-shaped door lets you enter and come out of the tent seamlessly. It is also has a waterproof protection for successive four hours of rain, even when under high downpour. In addition, this tent’s exterior material provides protection to your skin against the UV rays damage. It offers convenient space for 3 persons.


  • Simple opening and taking down
  • Very attractive
  • High downpour water resistant
  • Seamless access door
  • UV protection for your skin safety


  • Expensive
  • For just 3 occupants

Besides the cost, you will find everything else XL AIR III is of incredible value. As such, any three-man campers who need foolproof shelter while out in the wild can consider adding the dollar. Because of its premium service, this pop-up tent will amaze you with risk-free shelter, whether it’s hot or rainy.

8. Winterial 2-Person Instant Pop Up Tent

Winterial 2-Person Instant Pop-Up Tent

Another easy to set up as well as collapse model, the Winterial 2-person instant pop-up tent is a great camping accessory. It is indeed ideal for your camping trip and one of the simplest to use for anyone. As such, even novice campers will be absolutely comfortable with this product since it effortless sets up. You can set your camp in a matter of seconds, since Winterial unfolds as you bring it out of the bag. Also, it folds down in four simple steps, becoming very compact for easy portability.

Besides camping, it also makes a great backyard or beach tent. Featuring durable 190T premium polyester fabric, this tent offers spacious room for 2 sleeping pads. As such, a small family or group of campers will find it quite suitable. A large door and 2 windows ensure easy access and proper ventilation and lighting respectively. Durable quality fiberglass poles and hook ensures stability, while an included handy carry bag improves portability.


  • Highly portable with shoulder strap carry bag
  • Easy access and ventilation
  • Durable and stable
  • Fun set up in seconds
  • Easily collapsible


  • Provides limited 2-person space

However with small room convenient for two persons, Winterial instant pop-up tent seldom fails your expectations. Especially relevant for camping partners, this tent will always be a great choice that offers you the best shelter you need while out in the wild.

7. theNorthblu 2-Person Pop Up Tent

theNorthblu 2-Person Pop-Up Tent

Camping experience simply gets better when you bring along theNORTHblu. It is surely an ultimate, 2-person design among the best pop up tents for your memorable adventure. No longer will you have to put up with tedious tent setup process that involves poles. theNorthblu features unique revolutionary design that retracts out of the bag while conforming itself into a perfectly complete tent. You use no tent poles. It is also easy to fold up for compact carry bag convenience and portability.

Moreover, you don’t need any ground tarp with this tent, which is another beauty of having theNorthblu for your camping trip. One large entrance door allows easy access, while its mosquito net saves you the harmful bug bites. Three ventilation holes and an inner side bag offer proper aeration and item storage, respectively. Additionally, due to its 1000mm canopy material, you are assured of protection from unexpected showers.


  • Quick and effortless auto setup
  • No poles design for added convenience
  • 1000mm water column shelter for assured rain protection
  • Easy fold up and portability
  • Easy access and proper ventilation
  • Bug-proof


  • Accommodates only 2 persons
  • Floor may get wet during heavy down pour

Give yourself a new camping treat by enjoying the convenience of theNORTHblu. When there are no heavy storms and rain, you will be safe with this pop-up tent throughout your adventure. You won’t tire carrying it to and from the site, and you’ll love its ease and convenience of use.



Reputed for its premium-grade products, Gazelle Outdoors is a global leader in making outdoor adventure accessories. For instance, its pop-up tents provide excellent comfort and protection to campers. This one is therefore one of the best pop up tents you can trust if you want a stress-free camping experience. It is an orange-themed, fold-back model that hardly fails the expectation of any camper or hiker. In it, you have an automated instant pop-up tent. As such, you can set it up in one easy fast motion.

The tent includes round firm fiberglass poles for stable erection, yet they are very durable for easy portability. Two large D-shaped doors not only ensure easy access but also feature great zippers for both privacy and safety. Most of all, the durable polyester cover is water and tear resistant, keeping you safe from rains. High winds can’t topple your tent due to Hogan hook stakes that ensure enhanced stability.


  • Spacious enough for three persons
  • Durable and waterproof cover
  • Effortless automated set up
  • Light for easy portability
  • Durable and tear resistant
  • Easy access 2 D-doors
  • Stable Hogan hoot stakes


  • Orange theme may not impress all campers

Go out with the Gazelle’s and be safe from the weather while savoring your night’s sleep from your campsite. This is a great shelter that ranks among the best pop-up tents today. You don’t get tired when setting it up or taking it down, for it provides automated system for effortless use. You will conveniently live in this tent, thanks to the two-door access among other great highlights.

5. TSWA Automatic Camping Tent

TSWA Automatic Camping Tent

TSWA offers you a highly valuable camping accessory for your ideal protection against the sun or water. It is an automatic pop-up tent with a difference. Because of its big dome-shape design, this tent provides a roomy interior for comfortable accommodation for 3 to 4 individuals. Its green-themed premium polyester material blends easily in outdoors. Moreover, the included organizer and also interior pockets provide ideal storage for cell phones and other small items. You further are protected against the harmful UV rays by the UPF 30+ coating. Insect screens ensure bug-free camp sleeping peace, while zippered double doors provide both privacy and safety.


  • Spacious room for 3 to 4 persons
  • Automatic pop-up system for effortless setup
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Green-themed material blends in outdoors well
  • Interior organizer and pockets included
  • Zippered doors for privacy
  • Waterproof materials


  • May not resist heavy downpour

As long as you go camping in a season when only light showers may fall, you are good to go with the TSWA. Everything else you need from a pop-up tent you get from this automatic setup model. It accommodates a family comfortably, or a four-fold friends group.

4. Survival Hax Camping Tent

Survival Hax Camping Tent

If you have been using several camping tent types without the desired results, try the Survival Hax pop-up and feel the difference. Instead of sacrificing comfort and safety with a poorly designed tent, choose this well-crafted model for greater, safer outdoor experience. It features a multi-functional design that is not only durable but also portable. You can bring it anywhere you choose to camp, or even hike. Its roomy interior can accommodate 2 to 4 persons comfortably, while the automated pop-up system is very effective. As such, this alleviates the hassle of assembling your tent manually.

When you arrive at your campsite, just throw the tent in the air. It will be erect in a moment. It further features durable 190D oxford fabric that holds up very well against the weather. Other highlights are water-resistant floor for better comfort and safety, while convenient front and back doors allow seamless access.


  • Spacious enough for up to 4 persons
  • Multi-functional design is durable yet portable
  • Large front and back access doors
  • Hassle-free automatic pop-up system
  • Water resistant cover and floor
  • Lightweight for easy portability


  • Only available in blue

You cannot get better than when camping with the Survival Hax pop-up tent. Even when the weather is becoming unfriendly, you will survive it with a smile under this well-covered shelter. As such, you should buy this tent if you want a mess-free, memorable experience in your next camping adventure.

3. FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Tent

FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Tent

With FiveJoy, four to five persons can enjoy their camping trip comfortably. It is one of the high ranking best pop up tents you can rely on today. FiveJoy has solved the problem of shelter families face while on camping trips. Since it is lightweight, carrying it is nearly free fun. On the other hand, its design allows hassle-free set-up.

The free-standing design also keeps you comfortably covered even when the weather is inclement. The waterproof PU-coated polyester material that makes the tent’s cover is also resistant to UV rays. Consequently, this protects your skin from the harm of scorching sun. Other add-ons, like hand loops, mesh windows, and storage pockets, make the FiveJoy the camping tent to be proud of.


  • Simple, automatic setup
  • Ideal for family or four-fold camping shelter
  • Fast fold and highly portable
  • Strong and lasting parts and materials
  • Water and UV resistant


  • Extreme rains and winds may trouble
  • Not so backpacker friendly

Any family or four-fold group of campers will appreciate the FiveJoy Pop-Up tent. You don’t have to worry about limited sleeping room in your next wild adventure with family or friends. Just acquire your FiveJoy, and your trip will be memorable, perhaps five times more exciting.

2. Lucky Bums Camp Tent

Lucky Bums Camp Tent

Kids also deserve the best when it comes to pop-up tents. Especially relevant for children, the Lucky Bums is an ideal choice for any event, camping or otherwise. That it is not only lightweight but also collapsible and compact, setup is fun while portability is a breeze. Even when each elephant has to carry its trunk, kids will easily bear this tent to the campsite. Of course, they will be happy to have their own customized tent to play in over the trip. Moreover, it is also good for parents who want to privacy, since kids will be sleeping in separate shelter. Luck Bums comes in 4 different color styles and also two camo prints.


  • It is kid’s favorite
  • Very portable
  • Simple to set up, fully collapsible
  • Available in different color options
  • Provides parents privacy
  • Backed by limited lifetime warranty
  • Convenient anywhere


  • Only convenient for kids

When you take along your kids for a camping adventure yet you still mind your privacy, Lucky Bums will serve your pride. You can therefore take your adult tent and include this kid’s pop up tent. Moreover, the kids will be proud to have their own place to play freely in, undeterred by parents’ supervision. It is a great consideration when you want to let your children grow in confidence. As such, outdoor camping cannot get better for that matter, and Lucky Bums is the ideal companion then.

1. Coleman Pop Up Tent

Coleman Pop-Up Tent

Coleman is a leader among the top brands in camping gear. Evidently so, the Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent tops our list of the best pop up tents reviews. It is a high-rated, premium product that any couple or friends can trust when camping or hiking. You can effortlessly carry it anywhere due to its lightweight but also fold-flat design. In record one minute, you can be over setting it up.

Furthermore, its ventilated mesh windows keep you well supplied with air while in it. The mesh also ensures no bugs invade to trouble your calm rest and joyful moment inside. Due to a sturdy and well-balanced construction, this tent is durable and stable. It does neither break apart nor blow up with the wind. As such, your camping moments will be without disruptions and thus memorable.


  • Tops among the best
  • Made of reliable materials
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Ventilated and bug-proof
  • Stable and durable


  • Made for just two users

The most popular in its competition, the Coleman 2-Person pop-up tent offers incredible shelter convenience for campers. Due to its durability, stability, ease of use, among other premium highlights, you can confidently adventure the wild. For its great value, you peacefully enjoy your camping trip, making it as memorable as it gets with the Coleman’s.


Pop-up camping tents provide incredible benefits since the campers have mini homes for shelter while in the wild. Such accessories are ideal for family or a small group of friends. They offer convenience for mini bathrooms, kitchens, and also safe sleeping enclosures. Whether you adventure the outdoors often or you are just a seasonal camper, pop-up tents will always come in handy. From the best pop up tents reviewed above, choose the model that best meets your demands and tastes.

Your pick should provide ample room for your team. In addition, you get UV protection during hot weathers, and also rain protection if it pours at your campsite. Harmful insects won’t find your skin, yet you will enjoy ample aeration inside these tents. Most noteworthy, you save the cost of gaudy lodgings while giving you the comforts and privacy of a home.

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