Top 10 Best Pomades For Thick Hair in 2019 Reviews

Pomades help our hair looks attractive, shiny and sleek while boosting your natural hair growth. Hair conditioners and shampoo increases the performance of the pomades. They are various pomades for thick hair in the global market. Each pomade works best for a particular type of hair style. Medium-hold pomades are best for long thick hairs while texturing pomade shapes short hair well. High-consistent pomades are best for frizzed hair to guarantee firm hold. Best pomades for thick hair are very versatile hair products that not only shapes the style but also add volume to normal hair. The major difference between various types of pomade is the scent and quality of the hold the leave behind. The chosen pomades should be easy to clean.

Types of Pomades

a)Oil-Based Pomade

Oil pomades contain petroleum and mineral-based oil components. As the name suggest this type is insoluble in water. It has simple ingredients. They are relatively cheap over water-based. Furthermore, it last longer saving on the cost that could be incurred while purchasing the same product on a weekly basis. It is available in different forms ranging from low to high shine together with limited hold to great hold. Usually, they do not dry so that you can use restyle the hair. Apart from mentioned benefits, oil-based pomade has some drawbacks too. It is a bit tiresome to clean and also the fact some users dislike the greasy nature.

b)Water-Based Pomade

The chief component of this type is water. This implies that product is highly soluble in water. It is very easy to wash clean.  The pomade is not affected by weather make it ideal for all weather conditions except raining seasons. It gives the user full control over the style of hair preferred. Water-based pomades offers a wide range of holds from very minimal to great super strong hold. It does not grease. Although it dries out easily, the product stays firm in your hair for longer hours. It is a bit expensive.

What factors should you consider when buying pomades

While choosing a pomade, two main factors should be considered. These factors are consistency and thickness. Thick pomade is very waxy substance. It gives excellent thick hold. On the other hand, thin pomades resemble gel-like substance. Considering the above factors, each of the pomades has its advantages and disadvantages. Just to mention a few is that while using the thick pomade, the user has full control over the appearance of the hair, unlike thin pomades. The quality of the hold is directly proportional to the thickness of the pomade you are using.

Ensure that the pomade for thick hair you are to invest on has the following essential characteristics;

i)Excellent hold- it is advisable to go for a hair product that has great hold relative to the overall thickness.

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ii)Prodigious Shine – most of the water-based pomades have shines when compared with other similar products. Shine signifies the general quality of the hair pomade.

Having done thorough research, we have come up this list of the Top 10 Best Pomades For Thick Hair in 2019 Reviews to guide you as shop for pomades

10. Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 3.5oz

This pomade is water-soluble which suits various styles. It can be easily washed out without leaving any residue.  It has a firm hold and gives the correct amount of shine that cannot dry out. Its scent is that of light coconut and vanilla. This product has it all and is best for a kind of a man with a particular style in mind such as slick-back style and side parts.


i)It retains the excellent natural feel all the day.

ii)The pomade features super hold for various hair styles.

iii)It has a vanilla smell that is appealing to most of the people.


i)For some hair, it feels a bit brittle to hold.

Best Pomades For Thick Hair

9. Layrite Super Hold Pomade

This pomade is the best water based pomade as it can hold strongly on hair like wax and washes out smoothly like gel. This product is simple to wash out as compared to the wax which is difficult. It also provides you great shine and strong pleasant vanilla scent which makes many ladies like it. Even applying a small amount of this product, it enables your dry hair hold in place for quite a long time, looks soft and do not flake. This product is one of the most affordable water based pomades. It was developed to take the place of the wax.


i)It is easy to wash because it is water-based.

ii)Stress-free to wash out the pomade by use of general purpose shampoo.


i)People with long thick have to use large amount of this product

Best Pomades For Thick Hair

8. American Crew Hair Styling Pomade

This pomade gives great care for hair. It makes use of the distinct formula to give a strong hold for a long time at the same time easy to wash out just like gel. It gives light shine and has a mild, pleasant smell. This product is water-based with medium-hold which means that hair cannot get stiff for the whole day and you can re-style it. It also gets out quickly with no residue left which is a great advantage. It gives great shine, and it is good for the messy hairstyle. The scent it has is mellow aroma like which is not feminine at the same time, not so much masculine. The price of this pomade is affordable.


i)Using this pomade allows the user to re-style the as many times as she wishes.

ii)Its sweet aroma makes perfect for both men and women.


i)Highly priced but is of great quality

Best Pomades For Thick Hair

7. Suavecito Firme Hold Pomade

This pomade is designed with a unique light pleasant smell which is greatly admired by both men and women. It keeps your hair strongly just like wax does. Works best on both modern and old-school hairstyles. This product is water soluble hence washes out easily like gel.  Works best with slick-back and pompadour hairstyle. It will do you great job especially if you have got curly hair.

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i)No worry of unwanted greasing in your hair.

ii)It gives your hair lasting and ultimate hold.

iii)Extraordinary textures to your hair.


i)Offers gel-like setting which might be difficult to re-style using your fingers.

Best Pomades For Thick Hair

6. Ouidad by Clear Control Pomade

This product can be used by both genders. By combining proteins holding polymers with the water-soluble aid help to remove stiffness feeling common to those products for styling. It is light and comes packed together with containers. This pomade does not make your hair stiff but defines curls. It is best for men’s hair and the short hair styles. This product has humectants which are used to calm frizzy, fly-away hair. You only need to apply a small amount of it, and you will get great luster and defines perfect curl pattern. It is well suited for all types of hair, mostly wavy and curly. It is free of sulfates, GMOs, and synthetic dyes.


i)It is very easy to use.

ii)The lightweight nature guarantees that this pomade is non-greasy.


i)A bit expensive.

Best Pomades For Thick Hair

5. Imperial Barber Products Classic Pomade

This is one of the best pomades for thick hair on the market. The imperial barber pomade is water-based and works best with any hair especially the thick hair. It gives strong hold which depends on the amount of water on the hair of the user and gives a mild scent. The product is easily washed out simply by rinsing it.  Its unique formula makes it have strong holding ability when applied with dry hair and light holding power when used with wet hair. It can be restyled all the time when added with water. The product has a medium shine and works with most types of hair and is best for slick-backs hairstyle and long hair.Even when your hair becomes wet when it rains, it will just become normal when it dries out.


i)The watermelon-like smell attracts most of the user.

ii)Only small amount is required to last throughout the day.


i)The fragrance last for a very short period.

Best Pomades For Thick Hair

4. Baxter of California Clay Pomade

This type of men’s hair wax is made in such a way that it offers strong hold to your hair whenever you apply it.  This wax makes it possible to separate and molds various styles you require.  This product is safe since it is made from natural ingredients such as clay and beeswax. Its texturing formula allows you manipulate your hair looks for increased styling versatility.

The pomades gives you strong and pliable hold to your hair with no shine. The usage of this product is easy, you simply rub a little amount of pomade on your palm and then apply it on either wet or dry hair. When you apply it on wet hair, it gives it great finish and applying it on dry hair provide less definition and look more of natural matte. Apply more of this product to improve its hold ability and style. To attain great results, use this product with Baxter of California Daily Protein Shampoo and Daily Moisturizing Conditioner.

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i)It is free from paraben hence safe to use.

ii)It gives desirable results for various styles.


i)It has a thick consistency which makes it a bit hard to apply

Best Pomades For Thick Hair

3. ORIBE Rough Luxury Soft Molding Paste

This is an ultra-pliable moldable wax which slips smoothly through hair before it can take hold for texture, definition, and shine. It gives soft shine, medium hold and flexible control. You use it by just rubbing between palms then apply it on your wet or dry hair. It enables you style with ease. The pomade offers a soft touch both to short cuts and long layers at the same.


i)Small quantity keeps your hair neat all throughout the day.

ii)Very easy to clean up.


i)The pomade is a bit costly

Best Pomades For Thick Hair

2. Lockhart’s Hair Groom Pomade

This product is a unique styling cream and is kept in conditioner to make your hair healthy and cleanses it. It adds a great shine topper. You use it by applying a small portion to previous day buildup of pomade for refreshing purpose hence it allows you to style your hair with no need of using more. It is rich in vitamin oils for strengthening and cleansing of your hair. Its ingredients are natural without chemical which includes coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil and beeswax. This product is one of the best for hair groom.


i)Contains coconut oil that protects against heat.

ii)Petrolatum that is present makes your hair soft so that you can make just comb.


i)It is oil-based hence may feel greasy during application

Best Pomades For Thick Hair

1. Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy Pomade

When you use this product, it is going to take you far more than you expected. It works best for those who have short hair. If you need flexible styling with no stiffness try using this product and you are guaranteed a big smile. The pomade’s pliable formula gives great memory and control. You need to use this product and allow it to stay in place for as much time as you want. It causes separation and the texture that is good in removing your previous appearance and gives you best one. Its usage is simple; you just apply a small amount to wet or dry hair.


i)The smell is pleasant to the user and people around.

ii)Guarantee a strong hold that the lasts longer.


i)It is expensive due to its high quality

Best Pomades For Thick Hair

Pomades make your hair to be smoother and shinier hence you should only buy the best. You should not chance with low-quality pomades as it will mess your hair up. This list of the best pomades for thick hair has been thoroughly researched, and you can confidently buy any product on the list without any fear.

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