Top 10 Best Picture Lights Reviewed in 2021

Turn your pictures and photographs from being just mute spectators in the room to active participants who bring the room to life and contribute to the overall mood of the place. All that you would need for this are picture lights. These lights illuminate the photographs so that they come into their own and produce the desired effect.

We have handpicked for you the ten best picture lights available out there right now. They come in various sizes and different design styles. You would also find fluorescent, LED and halogen variants of these in the market.Read further to know which ones are best picture lights you can buy so that each picture in your room tells its own story.

They come in different designs, which suit different tastes. Here are a few affordable ones that work well in offices too:

Our Picks for Best Picture Lights in 2021

10. ML-Direct LED Picture Light

ML-Direct LED Picture Light

The ML-Direct LED picture Light is a modern design that will bring out the beauty of your wall hangings. It is light and designed to mount seamlessly on ceilings. This light has a standard electric plug-in and does not require you to modify your existing power sockets. Besides, it comes ready to install by screwing it straight on your ceiling. The ML-Direct LED picture light features three watts LEDs that offer superior lighting. Other than saving you on energy, they also deliver better quality lighting compared to other bulbs.

You will experience the comfort of using an infrared remote control to operate. It means you can adjust dimming from any location of your room. Besides, it allows you to change between cooler and warmer colors to give your picture or painting a better look. Additionally, you can also change the angle of lighting to eliminate reflections to your eyes.

Why We Like
  • Mounts seamlessly on ceiling
  • Infrared remote control
  • Adjustable lighting (LED)
  • Low powered (three watts)
Our Verdict

ML-Direct is a low-powered LED picture light (3 watts) for illuminating painting from the ceiling. It does not compromise the look of homes nor requires special skills to set up. Finally, its remote controlled system is convenient. It enables people to customize lighting remotely on demand.

9. Westinghouse Slimline Picture Light

Westinghouse Slimline Picture Light

The Westinghouse Slimline Picture light is a corded version with golden brass hardware. It comes with a matching mounting brass bracket for ease of installation. It is ideal for screwing on the wall or behind your picture to give a glowing effect. The bracket connects with the lamp via a swivel. This swivel allows you to turn the head to an angle that best illuminates your picture. The extension cord is long enough to connect to your power socket. Therefore, you may not require an additional socket to set up this picture light.

Additionally, this model is not prone to battery charging failures because it does not have one. This light also comes with an extra spare lamp incase the pre-installed one burns out in the future. It, therefore, eliminates inconveniences of having to shop for another one without notice. The switch for this light is also close to the plugin for ease of access.

Why We Like
  • Long-lasting bracket (brass)
  • Long power cable (with switch)
  • Has a swiveling head
  • Cool looking lighting
Our Verdict

Himalayan salt lamps boost the ambiance of homes. However, to draw interest to your wall maintaining as well, look for a Westinghouse Slimline light. Its solid brass frame is stylish and durable. You can swivel the head to direct light at all areas of the painting without damaging its structure.

8. Cocoweb Tru-Slim Picture Light

Cocoweb Tru-Slim Picture Light

Designed with style and elegance, the Cocoweb Tru-Slim Picture light will breathe life to your room. This versatile light is not only slim but also sleek. It will change the look of your room and bring out the quality of your artwork. The design uses the LED technology to deliver a super bright lighting and at the same time save on energy. Tru-slim will light up your picture and artwork with a warm yellow glow. If you like, you may also switch to either red or blue shades.

Additionally, this light has a dimming system that allows you to adjust the level of brightness. Also, the design will enable you to alter the direction of illumination to your picture. This model will run for thousands of hours without flickering. It also comes in different sizes to fit in the different size of your photos and or wall hangings.

Why We Like
  • Slim and sleek look
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Fits different-sized hangings
  • Efficient LED technology
Our Verdict

With the Cocoweb Tru-Slim, your pictures and wall hangings will look stunning especially at night. It slim and clutter-free design works well in most settings. It also has long-lasting LED bulbs (cool running) with adjustable brightness. Thus, the risk of overheating and damaging painting is low.

7. House of Troy Picture Light

House of Troy Picture Light

The House of Troy Picture light is a lightweight modern design that comes with the latest LED technology. It has antique brass hardware that is strong and durable to give it an attractive and elegant look. This light has a warm golden tinge, which brightens pictures to improve the ambience to your room. House of Troy Picture light uses incandescent bulbs of low watts to save on energy consumption.

The light comes with a sturdy bracket for mounting on the wall or on the picture. The beauty of installing it on your picture frame is that you can move them both to a different wall easily. Its design uses a polarized plug, which creates a safe connection to a nearby socket. Additionally, the tube is flexible to adjust the angle of the beam. There are also two switches for choosing different levels of brightness.

Why We Like
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Sturdy mounting bracket
  • Polarized electricity plug
  • Latest LED technology
Our Verdict

Fitted with an efficient LED bug and a polarized plug, the House of Troy is an excellent accent piece for homes. You can adjust its brightness to induce your desired effect. It is also stylish and made from solid and long-lasting brass.

6. LED Picture Lights Antique Brass Picture Light

LED Picture Lights Antique Brass Picture Light

The Cordless Antique Brass Picture light is ideal for persons without technical installation skill. Its antique brass framework is attractive and sturdy to withstand breakage. Its wireless feature makes it a simple plug and play design. Additionally, this eliminates the need for electrical cables or connections, which keeps your room looking smart and tidy. Rechargeable batteries power this light instead of using electric power. These batteries will last over a hundred hours of usage thanks to the LED technology used in this light.

The bulbs in this light generate near-zero heat and do not emit ultraviolet rays. Therefore, your wall artwork will not lose its appealing original colors due to this light. More so, the bulbs have a reputation of using less power and saving using billing costs. Included, is a remote control to allow you to switch it on and off from the comfort of your seat.

Why We Like
  • Efficient LED technology
  • Cool-running picture light
  • Does not emit UV rays
  • Battery-powered design
Our Verdict

Is your picture and or painting sensitive to heat and UV? To boost its looks without damage, you need this cool-running LED Picture Light. The antique brass used to make it is durable. It is also stylish and has an easy-to-install wireless design.

5. Westinghouse 14-Inch Picture Light

Westinghouse 14-Inch Picture Light

Are you looking for a room light that can highlight the beauty of your wall pictures, paintings, and artwork? Westinghouse’s 14-inch picture light does just that. Its brass framework has a golden look that people love. The brass hardware is robust and does not break or bend even when mishandled. The package includes an eight-foot long power cable to connect to the farthest power socket in your room.

The light’s polarized plug-in cable has a switch positioned at different points for the convenience of operation. You can power it off at the socket or using the provided power cable. The light comes with a quick to install the mounting bracket and a swivel. Thus, you can turn the light in any direction that you like to highlight your photo of painting on a wall.

Why We Like
  • Stylish golden look
  • Spacious design (14-inches)
  • Long power cable (8-feet)
  • Swivelling mounting bracket
Our Verdict

Westinghouse is a 14-inch picture light that can illuminate pictures over twice its size. Made of brass, this durable and stylish item has a swiveling mount for directional lighting.

4. BIGLIGHT Wireless Spotlight Light

BIGLIGHT Wireless Spotlight Light

If you want a multi-purpose light, the BIGLIGHT Wireless Spotlight light is ideal for your wall pictures and artwork, kitchen display, and bookshelf lighting. The light is light and relatively easy to set up. You only have to stick it easily on any clean surface, and you are ready to go. To make the mounting more comfortable, it comes with an installation kit. The kit includes hooks, screws, and loop tapes.

The lamp can swing in any direction to point to your area of focus. Besides, you can change the position of your pictures, as this light has a multi-directional head. Its super-bright LEDs are long-lasting and powered by batteries. The power consumption from lighting is minimal, and hence the batteries can last for a long duration. It also comes with the convenience of using a remote control. You may use it for turning the lighting on or off and set to its auto-off timer.

Why We Like
  • Adjustable brightness (50-100%)
  • Battery-powered design
  • Multi-purpose picture light
  • Multi-functional remote
  • Have bright LED bulbs
Our Verdict

Some wired picture lights not only cutter homes but also require a bit of skill to get to work. BIGLIGHT is different. Its battery-powered design works well in most areas of the homes. It also has an adjustable head with long-lasting LEDs that do not overheat nor damage paintings and or pictures.

3. Method Lights – Wireless Picture Light

Method Lights - Wireless Picture Light

Are you looking for a versatile light that will brighten and give life to your wall painting and artwork? The Method Picture Light will serve you just well. This design features rechargeable batteries that will illuminate up your room for long hours before recharging. It, therefore, offers you a reprieve from power blackouts when you have guests at night. Moreover, its charging cable fits most power sockets.

You do not require an electrician to install this light for you. The beauty of it all is that it mounts smartly on the ceiling. It does not obstruct wall hangings not compromise their look. The beam is strong enough to illuminate your pictures well. For your comfort, a remote control allows adjusting between warm and cool colors. It also has an automatic timer and dimming options to achieve your desired ambience.

What We Like
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Full remote control
  • Automatic timer
  • Ceiling mountable
Our Verdict

LED is the recommended lighting source for some of the best grow lights and LED grill lights because of its efficacy. It is also good for illuminating pictures or paintings because of its safety. A Method Lights offers these benefits. It mounts conveniently on walls and ceiling boards. It also has a long-lasting LED with an adjustable color temperature (11).

2. Concept 102L Remote Control Picture Light

Concept 102L Remote Control Picture Light

The Concept 102L Remote Control Picture light is a cordless design that uses LEDs to brighten your beautiful collections. Its stylish and polished metallic hardware offers elegance and guarantees you durability. Its LED bulbs offer superior lighting to pictures and rooms. The beauty of this light is that it is cool and does not emit UVs, which fade pictures.

Concept 102L is a low-powered picture light with low running costs. It has a remote control for customizing its lighting remotely. You can also dim lights with it and create a warm lounging area by adjusting colors. Concept 102L’s wireless design utilizes a rechargeable battery instead of direct electric connectivity. It hence saves you on detailed installation. You will love the coverage of this single light. It can illuminate up a three-foot square picture from a ceiling.

Why We Like
  • Customizable lighting
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Wall and ceiling mountable
  • Durable metal hardware
Our Verdict

Are you shopping for a low-powered, remote controlled picture light for your home? Check out this bronze-themed Concept 102L one. It is a stylish, durable (metal), and has bright LED bulbs that illuminate pictures without damage.

1. LUXSWAY Picture Light

LUXSWAY Picture Light

The LUXSWAY Picture Light is a classic fitting that adds spice to your interior decor. This picture light has a smoothly polished, silver, and metallic hardware that rhymes well with your wall colors. It is slim, sleek, and does not occupy much space on the wall. Therefore, it does not outshine your artwork or pictures. The bracket is easy to install and has a bubble leveler that tells if you installed it flush to the wall.

The lamp sticks out in a stylish arm from the bracket. The arm can turn from two pivot points, at the bracket and lamp head to illuminate your artworks from the best angle. This design comes with a remote control for turning it on and off. It can also adjust the level of brightness from a distance. LUXSWAY Picture Light features a timer with thirty minutes intervals. It changes the lighting from warm white, nature white and cool white modes interchangeably.

Why We Like
  • Durable metal hardware
  • Cool and white light modes
  • Pivoting light head
  • Sleek outlook (silver)
Our Verdict

LUXSWAY is a stylish (silver themed) picture light with long-lasting metal hardware. Its head rotates to offer directional lighting. It also has a portable battery-powered design.

Buying Guides for Picture Lights

Power Source

Stylish picture lights improve the outlook and ambience of homes. However, before buying one, evaluate its power source and make sure that it will satisfy your needs. Corded models, for instance, need an electrical connection to work. Therefore, if your picture is far from a power outlet, you might have a hard time setting up and using such an item. Buy a battery-powered picture light instead. Even though you change batteries occasionally, these are versatile items.


Make sure that you are getting value for your money with the picture light you are planning to buy. What is the quality of its frame? Steel and heavy-duty steel are ideal because of their style and longevity. LED bulbs are the best as well. They last long and do not fade colours nor damage pictures.


Add-ons such as remotes and or multi-color LEDs better the experience of people with picture lights. Even though they are not mandatory, buying a light with one is a good idea.

Conclusion: If your wall hangings have faded into your walls over time, you can “revive” them using picture lights. Our top 10 picks, for instance, are stylish items that work in most areas of the home. They are durable and safe for highlighting pictures and painting.