Top 10 Best Picture Lights Reviewed in 2019

Take a quick glance at the walls and maybe the ceiling in your room. Mostly likely you have some photographs, paintings, and artwork. You did not do all that work just for the sake of doing. The primary goal was to bring a distinct mood to the occupants or even your visitors. But do you think you’ve achieved what you intended when they are hardly visible?

You can bring the room to life by using picture lights to highlight them, embellish and create that mood. Whether it is the oil paintings, acrylic paintings, or movie poster in a frame, they all need some lighting so they can give an impressive look to the room. No doubt, poor illumination makes your room lack life and remains dull despite spending cash on room decoration. Do you want to make your room look attractive? We set out to conduct research on the best picture lights to embellish and adorn your artwork, paintings, and framed photos.

Factors To Consider When Buying Picture Lights

Briefly discussed below are the leading factors to consider next time you go shopping for a picture light;

  • Size: Go for the picture light that is half the size the image itself excluding the frame. Alternatively, you can choose one that is half the size of the width of the frame. However, there are instances when you select lighting equal the size of the picture.
  • Type of lights: You can choose between fluorescent and LED tubes. Multiple money-burning halogens are also other options.
  • Style: The three most common styles are contemporary, classic and slimline. Each of these options will produce distinct appearance and impact.
  • Positioning: The eye level is the usually the center of the picture and as such, you have consider that before buying your picture light. Between the fixture and artwork should be a 30 percent lighting angle to prevent glare.
  • Daylight and UV Radiation: The harmful effects of ultraviolet rays are known to everyone, and you should position your paintings and artwork putting the sunlight into consideration.
  • Color: The most obvious criteria for choosing color is to get one that resembles that of the frame. Alternatively, you can get one that matches the room décor or scheme. The most common colors are black, gold, silver, and brass.

That brings us to the list of the top ten picture lights that will instantly transform the look of your room;

10. ML Direct Picture Accent Control Lighting

ML Direct Picture Accent Control Lighting

This modern style energy-efficient picture light will transform the look of your room. No need to worry about assembling as it only needs screwing on any of your existing fixtures. Also, you will not incur an extra cost on new sockets and switches because it works perfectly with the standard existing ones. Besides, it comes fully installed to make your work easy. Also, it is lightweight to ensure that you don’t struggle to screw to the ceiling.

It features 6, 3-watts energy-saving LEDs that are super-bright. The quality of light it produces is comparable to the 100-watt incandescent bulb but requires less power for that kind of output. For an average of 3 hours usage per day, the LEDs have a long lifespan of 50,000 hours. That means you will be purchasing long life picture light.

ML direct picture light is infrared remote-operated and can allow you do your tweaks from any point in your room. Using the remote, you can dim your light. Also, the remote will allow you to adjust the color temperature to give your picture and artwork giving it a golden yellow look. Besides, you can change how the light beam shines on the artwork or picture by adjusting the angle.


  • Allows dimming
  • Adjustable
  • Remote controlled
  • LED bulbs
  • Comes assembled ready for installation
  • Works with existing standard socket and switches
  • No need for batteries


  • Relatively costly but works as expected

9. Tech Lighting 700JOSPLB Joshua Picture Light

Tech Lighting 700JOSPLB Joshua Picture Light

Tech Lighting promises you a fabulous modern style that lives up the mood in your room. Designed in a manner that it cannot obstruct the item on display, Joshua collection guarantees you maximum illumination. Besides, the positioning eliminates any possibility of glare. For proper optimum results, you need to choose a bulb that will ensure the light beam is focused entirely on your artwork or picture.

You are free to choose between the frame and the wall when mounting your picture light. Since it allows you to change the bulb and the lens at will, you use different bulb sizes and types to light any area size you want. The area you can light can range from 4sq inches to 4sq feet. Tech lighting picture light is powered by electricity, and it comes with a plug-in so you can connect to power. The plug-in has a 10′ cord fitted with an in-line switch for turning on or off. Besides, the cord has a plug-in 12V, 60watt transformer.

Also, the picture light has a dimmable mechanism to allow you either reduce or increase the light intensity. For meeting the quality and safety standards, the picture light is listed with ETL.


  • Powered by electricity
  • No need for batteries
  • Features a plug-in transformer
  • Allows you to replace the bulb and the lens
  • Can light a relatively large area


  • Many customers think that it demands patience to connect everything together. However, everything about the tech light picture light is a snap

8. Cocoweb SLED11MB Tru-Slim LED Picture Light

Cocoweb SLED11MB Tru-Slim LED Picture Light

Designed with finesse, Cocoweb combines elegance and style to offer your room a fabulous look. This picture light comes in a slim, versatile, yet a sleek design that you are sure will enhance the look of your room. Tru-slim uses the current LED technology to provide a super-bright light while at the same time saving on energy. Besides, the LEDs shine a warm yellow light to the artwork with a temperature of 2700K comparable to that of the sun. The LED will last you for over 50, 000 hours. Therefore, Cocoweb is a lifetime artwork light. The LEDs have a color rendering index (CRI) of over ninety making them emphasize the colors such as blue, yellow and red.

Tru-slim picture light provides an adorable shade perfect for your artwork, photographs, and pictures. Under the beautiful light, your objective on display will come back to life to give your house a fabulous look.

Probably you would like to know the size of the object Tru-slim would illuminate. The picture light comes in different sizes to illuminate almost all size of your artwork. Additionally, the picture light has a dimming mechanism that allows you to scale the brightness. Besides, it is adjustable letting you concentrate the light where you want.

Cocoweb comes with an electric cord since it is powered by electricity. One you switch on, it lights instantly and requires no warm bulb time. Traditional picture lights emit lots of additional heat and even the dreaded UV rays. With Cocoweb art lights are cool and you don’t have to worry about your artwork getting damaged by heat. Besides, the effects of UV rays will be unheard of with these quality picture lights.


  • No batteries needed
  • Sleek and unique design
  • Works on LEDs
  • Adjustable and dimmable
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t emit heat and harmful UV rays
  • Versatile since it comes in different sizes


  • It works best with metal frame. Some don’t like it on a wooden frame

7. House of Troy A14-71 Advent Picture Light

House of Troy A14-71 Advent Picture Light

House of Troy picture light comes with antique brass theme giving it an elegant and attractive look. It is lightweight weighing only 1.8 pounds. Besides, the light comes in a modern style assuring you the latest technology. Also, the warm lighting on the pictures and paintings guarantees you a gold ambiance shade to your room. The shades of the lights are metallic which makes it highly sturdy.

Moreover, the picture light uses 110 watts incandescent bulbs. You can mount it either directly to the brick or the back of the picture. However, connecting to the picture is easier compared to the wall as you only need to attach the light bracket to the back of the picture. That enables you to move the picture anywhere you want on the wall without necessarily having to move the light.

Electricity powers this picture light. It has a cord that has a polarized plug-in that you can connect to the socket for it to work. Furthermore, the light is adjustable allowing you to position it the way you want. When buying, the packaging comes with two lights.


  • Elegant antique brass theme gives it a fantastic look
  • No need for batteries
  • Easy to mount (on the wall or back of the picture)
  • Adjustable


  • Uses incandescent bulbs instead of LED

6. Method ML200 Wireless Picture Lighting

Method ML200 Wireless Picture Lighting

Do you want to bring your artwork, paintings, and photos to life? Consider this wireless Method ML200 picture light. Made of metal and plastic materials, ML200 is sturdy enough to last long. It comes with a long-lasting battery pack and a charger that allows you to recharge ones it goes low on power. The long-lasting lithium metal battery has a capacity of 12V and lasts you 250 hours before demanding more charge. Did I mention that you don’t need a ladder to remove your battery so it can charge? The battery packs come with an extension that allows you to charge comfortably.

Since this compact picture light does not require any wiring, you can be sure the installation will take minutes. You don’t need to have entered any electricity class or even to hire one to get it fixed to the ceiling.

The fact that you fix to the roof means that it will not obstruct the visibility of the beautiful frame like the brass and bronze lights do. Besides, it allows you to adjust the barrel so you can focus the light where you prefer. The highly efficient and long-running battery powers the 6 super-bright LED providing even the most minor details of the of the target object. What’s more, you don’t need to replace the LED within a single day of use. They are highly durable lasting you approximately 50,000 hours.

A remote control accompanies the package and helps to control the full light temperature. You can change from cool to warm so as to enhance certain colors. Besides, you can adjust the lighting depending on application by using the timer and dimmer buttons on the remote. The timer allows you to achieve particular change automatically after say 3 hours. Besides, you can auto-turn off the lights when you feel you can conserve energy.


  • Remote control for timing and automation
  • Wireless and rechargeable, easy to charge
  • High-quality lithium battery lasting 250 hours on charge
  • Easy to install
  • Rechargeable Sturdy material (metal and plastic)
  • Durable LEDs
  • Super-bright


  • Some think it costly but you are sure you will get quality for your money

5. Concept 102L Cordless Control-Undertones

Concept 102L Cordless Control-Undertones

This cordless LED powered light picture features in the best 10 for various reasons. It is among the brands that offer superior lighting to illuminate your artwork, photos, and paintings. Metal is the material used to make sure that you get a reliable product. Being wireless, it comes with a remote control to allow you to easily control everything from the palm of your hands including dimming the lighting. Also, the remote allows you to control multiple lights eliminating the need to get every picture light a remote.

Besides, it features quality twelve 0.8 watts for each Led that produce no heat or even the UV rays harmful to the artwork and mostly you. The LED emits a warm white color temperature and disperses the light giving your artwork a warm and a bright look. Standard usage ranges between 4-5 hours per day. So the 4 batteries can last you up to 150 hours. Since the LEDs have their life span approximated to be 50,000 hours, you can see that the probability that you will replace them is slim.

Being cordless, it requires 4 D size batteries that keep power for over 100 hours for each lighting. Installing the battery is pretty simple since the use a ‘drop-in’ feature. The picture light is designed for use on pictures 3-feet wide and below. Concept 102L-Cordless features a wall/frame mounting design that you will find simple.

It comes with a product warranty of 90 days.


  • Remote controlled
  • Wireless (works on battery)
  • Easy to install
  • Does not emit harmful UV rays
  • Sturdy (Metallic material)
  • Easy to put and long-lasting batteries
  • LED bulbs (12)
  • 90-days warranty


  • Not that lightweight, but you are sure it will serve its intended purpose

4. LED-Control-Picture-Cordless-Antique


For non-technicians, this picture light is your best bet. It is wireless making installation simple for just anybody. You don’t deserve to deal with the messy hanging codes in your house that come with some picture lights. Besides, not need to get an electrician to drill the wall and fit wires for you. The LED bulb are energy saving and emit evenly distributed and bright light to give your batteries a long life.

No doubt about the quality of the design used in making this picture light. It is top quality compared to other brands that purport to perform the same function. The LED bulbs last for up to 50,000 hours. Besides, LED bulbs do not emit UV rays harmful to the artwork or the occupants. What’s more, you can easily mount it at the back of the frame or the wall to illuminate your pictures and artwork. The frame of the picture light is made of steel making it enough to withstand any breakage.

Accompanying the picture light is a remote control that comes with a 4-stage dimming feature. The remote allows you to turn on or off at your leisure. The 4 ‘D’ batteries can last you up to 100 hours on standard usage with each taking approximately 12 hours. This picture light will even surpass your expectations.


  • Remote controlled
  • Long lasting batteries (4, ‘D’ batteries)
  • Uses high-quality LED bulbs
  • No harmful UV rays
  • Energy saving LED capabilities
  • Simple installation
  • Can turn on or off using the remote


  • Can’t provide sufficient lighting to extra large pictures or artwork, but does an excellent job on standard one

3. Westinghouse Picture Light Bulb-Antbrs

Westinghouse Picture Light Bulb-Antbrs

Here comes a coded electric picture light that has received great reviews from the customers. It is made of brass and is antique brass themed. To make it work perfectly, it features a plug-in that you will just connect to the power source. Westinghouse works best when mounted on the picture frame and you can adjust it the way you like.

To control the light, it comes with a swivel that moves about a quarter of an inch. By doing so, you can adjust the lighting on the photograph or artwork to fit your preferences. You can decide to concentrate the light on a small area or move it up to 6 inches. Besides, once you have purchased the picture light, other the one bulb it comes with, there is a replacement 25 watts bulb. That prevents any inconvenience when the original bulb decides its days are over.


  • A pre-installed lump and a spare replacement bulb
  • Swivel allows you to control the lighting
  • Has a plug and can work providing there is power
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use (swivel)


  • The switch is too close to the plugin which may not be a nice feature for some. However, the product is top-quality

2. Westinghouse Lighting-75053 14-Inch-Picture

Westinghouse Lighting-75053 14-Inch-Picture

Westhouse lighting-75053 will help you not only to highlight your photos, artwork, and paintings but also to beautify your home. The antique brass-theme gives it an outstanding look that transforms the looks of your house. Upon purchasing this, it has all the things you need to have it installed and operating within a short time.

The accompaniments include a cord 8-foot long, an on/off switch, and a polarized plug-in all positioned differently along the cord. The fact that they use no batteries eliminates the possibility of ever having to replace them if they get spoilt What’s more, it has a mounting hardware that allows you to install quickly. The light comes with two T6, 15 watts frost bulb. Also, your safety is crucial. This light is among the few listed for meeting the ETL/CETL safety standards.

Adjustability is an important aspect when it comes to picture lights. This light will allow you to focus the light as you want by adjusting the head and shade. Although 14’, the light can illuminate 30’ area.


  • Comes with two frost bulbs
  • Adjustable
  • Comes with a replacement batteries
  • Doesn’t require batteries
  • Features a mounting hardware making it easy to install
  • On/off capability
  • Listed with ETL and CETL for safety standards
  • Antique brass makes give the house a fantastic look


  • It has no dimming capabilities. However, you can get an accessory to fix it up pretty fast.

1. Rite-Lite-LPL601XLDBZRC-Battery-Operated


On top of the list is the traditional style Rite-Lite-LPL601XLDBZRC picture light. You can use it to highlight your artwork and pictures. Better yet, if you want to let focus the attention on your academic performance documents such as degrees and diploma, this light is the best option. A battery powers this superb light. That eliminates the need to have the annoying cords hanging all over which may even distract the attention from the target item. Worse still, cords are likely to obscure the intended object which beats the logic why the picture or artwork is there. Besides, that feature makes it simple to install. To further make mounting simple and to remove the battery with ease, it comes with a screw market.

Also, it has quality and long-lasting energy saving LEDs allowing you to use for long without recharging. The LED features 70 lumens of light and displays 3000K color temperature. Moreover, that helps to extend the battery life as you don’t need to recharge it after a short duration. Another remarkable feature of this picture light that makes it highly rated is the dimming switch. That helps you to control how it lights.

You don’t have to agonize over storage. It has a folding neck that allows compact storage. Besides, it features adjustable light heads allowing you to focus the light in whichever direction you want. What’s more, the packaging comes with a very convenient remote with an on/off button. With the highly sensitive remote, you can turn the light on or off from the comfort of your seat. Not to mention that you can embed the remote somewhere on the wall so you can use it like the regular light switch. This picture light is best for home and office use.


  • Easy to install
  • Remote controlled
  • Powered by batteries (Non-corded)
  • Energy-saving LEDs
  • Super-bright


  • May not light large display objects sufficiently, but perfect for standard-sized pictures and artwork


Wall oil paintings, photographs, and artwork cannot stand-out without picture lights. Picture lights play a significant role in highlighting all that you have kept on display. Also, you will agree that a room decorated with artwork and photographs embedded looks appealing. But picture lights not only bring out the intended mood but also make the room more attractive. Use the guiding factors to know your preferences. Read the reviews and choose one or more that impress you. Make that choice now.

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